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View Tree for Elizabeth KerrElizabeth Kerr (b. 1733)

Elizabeth Kerr (daughter of James Kerr, Sr. and Rowen Spear) was born 1733 in Glasgow, Scotland. She married Andrew Smith, Sr. on 09 December 1752 in Arbroath, Angus, Scotland.

 Includes NotesNotes for Elizabeth Kerr:
Continued Notes from Andrew Smith's page:

17 October, 1795, William Brackin, yeoman of Orange to AndrewSmith of same, for the natural love and affection which he bearethAndrew Smith and for better maintenence and livelihood, 63 acres 3-1/2ch beginning at Jacob Gravenses Garrison's line...up StoneyCreek...signed William Brackin; witness William Brackin, Jr., WilliamKillon. Proved November Term, 1795. Bk 5, p. 312 (This suggests thatson-in-law Andrew Smith did not own property in Orange Co. before1795. Perhaps this is the reason why there were not three AndrewSmiths listed for any one year from 1785-1791.) Young Andrew and hiswife Hannah may have been living elsewhere.)
11 November, 1795, Andrew Smith of Orange to Lewis Dishing ofsame, 100 pounds, 189 acres on waters of Deep Creek adjacent JamesDuke, Armous King, Wm Robb. (Tract granted by N.C. to Andrew Smith).Signed Andrew x Smith, proved August Term 1801. Bk 9, p. 332 (Notethat Andrew's 189 acres was granted by N.C. in 1785. Is it possiblethat it was for service in the Revolution in Pennsylvania where anAndrew Smith served?)
22 December, 1795, Jess Thomas & Eleanor his wife of Orange toAndrew Smith of
same, 66 1/2 acres on Stoney Creek bounded by Brackin...Proved MayTerm, 1796, Bk 5, p. 450 (Which Andrew Smith is this? Is young Andrewbuying more land or is his father moving to be closer to the Brackinsand his son?)
20 November 1801, Andrew Smith of Orange to James Warick of same,150 dollars, 65 1/2 acres West side of Stoney Creek, bounded by thelands of Brackin and Boyle...proved August Term, 1804, Bk 9, p. 214.(This must be the land that Andrew Smith bought from Jess Thomas in1795, minus 1 acre).
16 March, 1804, Andrew Smith of Orange to Jacob Garrison, 220dollars, 63 acres and 3 1/2 ch, beginning at Jacob Garrison'sline...up Stoney Creek...proved November Term, 1805. Deed Bk 12, p. 78(This is the land that William Brackin gave his son-in-law, AndrewSmith in 1795).
1800 census of Orange Co., N.C. Unfortunately, this census isorganized in a loosely alphabetical way rather than geographically.All the surnames beginning with "s" are listed together, yet theSmiths are interspersed as though it had been written as the districtscame in. There were two Andrew Smiths listed, but one was misspelledas "Andrene". Andrene was listed beside Robert, John and WilliamSmith, the same names as those who owned land on Back Creek in OrangeCounty. This Andrew's numbers were: 11101-00101. Andrew and his wifewere over 45. This is consistent with what is known of Back CreekAndrew Smith from his descendent Ann Guthrie, except that one of hisdaughters must have been living elsewhere. The numbers for the theother Andrew were: 11110-03010. This must be young Andrew and HannahBrackin, both 26-44. If they were 21 or so when they married in 1781,they would have been born c. 1760. Their oldest child was a boy inthe 16-25 group, probably born c. 1782.
What happened to Andreus/Andrew and Sarah? Did they die between1795 when their 189 acres was sold and this 1800 census or did theymove elsewhere. They would have been about 65 in 1795. No probaterecord has been found for Andrew and there were no female heads ofhousehold in 1800. If Andrew had no land at the time of his death, itis possible that there was no probate record.

Source: Kerr Family History Project, 1993
Compliler Frank Kerr McDaniel
This source from family record "The Kerr Family" by John Whitfield Kerr, the great-great uncle of F.K. McDaniel.

b. ~1731/32 Scotland
m. Andrew Smith of Orange County, NC

"Note:RK Evans found that Andrew Smith had deeds to 2 tracts of land on Stoney Creek, NC in 1795. This area approx 10-15 mi west of land owned by James Kerr.
We know Elizabeth was the 1st and only child of James & his 1st wife (name unknown) who died a few days after the birth."

Andrew Smith Notes Continued:

1810 Orange County, NC Census

1810 S530 SMITH D. M-252 041 154 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH E. M-252 041 131 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH H. M-252 041 133 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH J. M-252 041 141 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH J. sr. M-252 041 160 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH Jack M-252 041 118 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH James M-252 041 127 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH Jo. M-252 041 176 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH John M-252 041 119 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH John B. c. M-252 041 127 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH John P. M-252 041 121 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH John S. c. M-252 041 127 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH Joseph M-252 041 132 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH Leonard M-252 041 133 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH Phill M-252 041 136 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH R. sr. M-252 041 147 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH Reuben S. M-252 041 126 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH Richard Sr. M-252 041 118 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH Robert M-252 041 173 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH Samuel Of J. M-252 041 135 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH Samuel R. M-252 041 112 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH Sarah M-252 041 121 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH Sarah S. c. M-252 041 126 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH Stephen M-252 041 174 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH Tobias M-252 041 132 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH W. s. M-252 041 155 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH William M-252 041 116 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH William M-252 041 149 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH William L. M-252 041 113 NdRcd
1810 S530 SMITH H. M-252 041 131 NdRcd

Orange County, NC Tythable List -- 1755
Note: No Andrew Smith listed. No Smith listed.

ORANGE COUNTY, NC - CENSUS - Early Tax Records, 1755-1779
Date SNDX L Name F Name NARS StR Pg# Family Grp
1779 S530 SMITH Adam 1 N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1779 S530 SMITH Adam 3 N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1779 S530 SMITH Adan 2 N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1779 S530 SMITH Andrew N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1772 S530 SMITH David N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1755 S530 SMITH Edward N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1779 S530 SMITH Frederick N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1755 S530 SMITH George N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1779 S530 SMITH Henry N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1779 S530 SMITH Jeremiah N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1755 S530 SMITH John N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1779 S530 SMITH John N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1779 S530 SMITH Joseph N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1779 S530 SMITH Joshua N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1755 S530 SMITH Luke N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1779 S530 SMITH Reuben N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1779 S530 SMITH Robert N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1755 S530 SMITH Thomas N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1779 S530 SMITH Thomas N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1779 S530 SMITH Tobias N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll
1779 S530 SMITH William N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll

Orange County NC - MARRIAGES - Marriage Bonds R - Z, Indexed by Groom
Smith, Alexander Margaret Thompson 8 Mar. 1860 James Gill
Smith, Alfred M. P. Missellier 15 July 1862 W. P. Oldham
Smith, Alvan Sally Isley 11 July 1838 Austin Isley
Smith, Anderson Elizabeth Syke 21 June 1831 W. A. Parish
Smith, Anderson Nancy Horner 4 May 1842 Wilson Hofner
Smith, Andrew Hannah Bracken 16 Nov. 1781 James Bracken
Smith, Andrew Mary Johnston 5 Jan. 1813 John Johnston
Smith, Arnold Lugene Patterson 31 Jan. 1863 A. J. Pickard
Smith, Bryant C. Prixcilla Johnston 22 May 1848 H. Mangum
Smith, Cuckner Margaret Paine 25 Feb. 1786 John Hubank
Smith, C. C. Mary Jones 18 Feb. 1842 A. Parks
Smith, C. C. Louisa Brewer 7 Aug. 1865 --- ---
Smith, Calvin Tempey Watson 19 Sept. 1842 Thos. Hayes
Smith, Calvin Susan McCrackin 16 Jan. 1847 Calvin Smith
Smith, Carney Louisa Brewer 7 Aug. 1865 D. C. McDade
Smith, Charles Sally Dix 13 Apr. 1847 Ingram Moheeson
Smith, Charles Candis Hopkins 1 Dec. 1865 Lorinzo Hopkins
Smith, Charles C. Marrha Daniel 6 June 1830 Henderson Fowler
Smith, Charles C. Eliza C. Pickett 21 Sept. 1860 James McAdams
Smith, Chesley Mary Ann Glosson 14 May 1825 Thos. Clancy
Smith, David Sarah Blalcock 23 Mar. 1786 Stephen Kirk
Smith, David Peggy Shofner 31 Jan. 1803 Adam Smith
Smith, David Sally Roach 10 Jan. 1817 Ephraim Kates
Smith, Edward Milly Crutchfield 9 Apr. 1847 Wm. Bishop
Smith, Elisha Nancy Strayhorn 9 Feb. 1809 James Whitted
Smith, Frederick Elizabeth Dyrfield 12 Mar. 1800 Wm. Brooks
Smith, Joseph Sarah Ann Redding 11 Dec. 1847 Bedford Hurdle
Smith, Leonard Julia A. Pickett 27 Jan. 1849 John Paul
Smith, Leonard T. Catherine Wilkerson 24 July 1861 James Pickett
Smith, Lucean C. Julia R. Cheek 15 May 1861 Wm. Watson
Smith, Murphey Frances Cheek 13 Mar. 1857 Jno. Johnston
Smith, Peter Dolley Johnston 6 Apr. 1784 Samuel Whitesides
Smith, Peter Margaret Powell 13 Nov. 1795 Thos. Watts
Smith, Phillips Eve Coble 14 Jan. 1811 Nich. Smith
Smith, Reuben Margaret Allen 14 Apr. 1815 J. Taylor
Smith, Reuben Rebecca Jones 23 Aug. 1825 Jno. Coreathers
Smith, Reuben F. Mary Jane Smith 9 Sept. 1851 P. Nelson
Smith, Robert Elizabeth McMunn 5 Apr. 1797 Wm. McMunn
Smith, Robert H. Ellenor Taylor 6 Feb. 1850 S. A. Smith
Smith, Robert Elizabeth Kerson 21 Mar. 1815 --- ---
Smith, Samuel Elizabeth Spier 29 Dec. 1831 Eras. Bullock
Smith, Simon Sally Hale 26 Aug. 1806 Major Downs
Smith, Simon Tempy Smith 4 Aug. 1866 H. B. Guntrie
Smith, Thomas Elizabeth Harney 11 Mar. 1810 James Loyd
Smith, Thomas Nancy Haley 31 May 1828 Samuel Hulet
Smith, Thomas Francis Lashley 12 Mar. 1840 Wm. Crawford
Smith, Thomas Nancy Jones 16 Feb. 1861 M. W. Moore
Smith, Gabriel Sidney Christopher 5 Dec. 1838 Phillips Burch
Smith, George Nancy Weakes 19 Dec. 1795 Reuben Smith
Smith, George Catherine Waggoner 21 Jan. 1828 Daniel Waggoner
Smith, George R. Anne Duncan 9 July 1841 L. D. Pickard
Smith, H. P. C. H. Barbee 15 May 1862 Haziel Smith
Smith, Hazell Elizabeth Freeland 17 Jan. 1859 -- ---
Smith, Hosey Polly Wittey 10 June 1811 John Cate
Smith, Hosea C. Anne Rhue 23 Aug. 1855 Wm. McCauley
Smith, James Lucy Harris 2 Jan. 1813 Edward Harris
Smith, James A. Mary S. Horn 27 Dec. 1855 James Wilkison
Smith, James H. Louisa Horton 29 Oct. 1836 Willie Horner
Smith, James L. Delilah F. Hatch 2 oct. 1867 --- -----
Smith, James M. Emily McCullock 9 Nov. 1842 James Moore
Smith, James Anne Boone 2 July 1796 Jacob Boon
Smith, John Susannah Smith 6 Apr. 1784 Samuel Whitesides
Smith, John Nancy Branan 14 Aug. 1786 saml. Allen
Smith, John Elisabeth Bradford 22 Mar. 1793 Thos. Smith
Smith, John Peggy Patterson 4 May 1803 Hugh Mulhollan
Smith, John Peggy Smith 14 Sept. 1812 Wm. Wilkison
Smith, John Catey Wrightsell 27 Feb. 1826 Leonard Smith
Smith, John Catherine Ray 28 Nov. 1838 And. Porterfield
Smith, John Missuriania Vestal 21 Nov. 1842 Abram Lineberry
Smith, John Susan Stagg 14 Dec.1863 John McCown
Smith, John Bathenia Williams 15 Oct. 1865 Henry Ellis
Smith, John Elizabeth Hatchell 15 June 1866 Richard King
Smith, John H. Elizabeth Moore 8 Jan. 1847 Wm. Moore
Smith, John M. Elizabeth Currie 22 Apr. 1850 Wm. Woodward
Smith, Joseph Hannah Clark 6 Aug. 1809 Carns Tinnin
Smith, Joseph Susannah Compton 15 Sept. 1815 Wm. Smith
Smith, Joseph Sally McDaniel 4 Jan. 1817 Lacy Lloyd
Smith, Westly Eliza Collins 17 July 1839 Hanry Cheek
Smith, William Ruth Carter 9 June 1783 John Pinnington
Smith, William Lettis Holloway 25 Nov. 1788 Reuben Smith
Smith, William Lucy Fossett 4 June 1799 Wm. Palmer
Smith, William Tabitha Cates 15 Dec. 1800 Nath. McLemore
Smith, William Anne Hastings 16 Apr. 1813 James Smith
Smith, William Polly Coble 4 Jan. 1814 John Coble
Smith, William Elizabeth Jones 17 Oct. 1826 Thomas Dodson
Smith, William Martha McDaniel 18 Nov. 1828 James Child
Smith, William Mary Mulhollan 16 Dec. 1830 Thomas Smith
Smith, William Temperance Hart 9 Mar. 1837 P. Nelson
Smith, William Elizabeth Denson 28 Sept. 1850 W. H. Thompson
Smith, William Martha Smith 30 Jan. 1837 James Hopkins
Smith, William J. Rachel Murray 25 Nov. 1847 C. Benson
Smith, William M. Catherine Christie 18 Sept. 1852 Mimick Mather
Smith, Willie Nancy Robertson 16 Oct. 1804 Daniel Robertson
Smith, Willie J. Martha J. Ray 1 June 1860 Anderson Tolar
Smith, Willis Mary Jones 18 June 1830 W. A. Parish

ORANGE COUNTY, NC - WILLS - Probate Records, Shearer and Smith Surnames
This file was contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by:
Lynda Smith
Family History Center microfilm # 2069217
Probate records of Orange County NC, Shearer-Smith, Sidney.

Contributor's Note: These are loose records which were in folders bearing the
name of the deceased. Some had very little information while others gave very
important genealogical information. The dates ranged from 1792 to l900 and
the names of deceased were alphabetical. My interest was only in the Shearers
and the Smiths, so I have nothing on the names in between. Names beginning A-
Sh-- and those after Smith, Sidney are on several other microfilms which can
be ordered from the FHC. I have written a synopsis of the most important info
on the Shearers and Smiths.

File of Jacob Shearer, l833--Andrew Shearer, guardian for Gidean, Leah,
Rachel, Hanah, Simeon, Michael, and Mary Ann Shearer. Andrew Shearer,
guardian of Delphina Shearer.

File of Margaret Shearer, l847, Henry Trollinger, adm (no further info)

File of Adam Smith, l8ll, Executor (not clear) either James or Farmer Smith.
Bond: Isaac Holt, Duncan Farmer and William Kirkland. Debt due the estate:
Tobias Smith, Peter Smith, et al. Total assets:L2528.9.7

File of Alexander Smith, l792, Bond: William T. Lewis, John Riley and John
Taylor (no other information).

File of Andrew H. Smith, l865, May term. Emily C. Smith, widow. Petition of
Emily C. Smith, James C. Smith and William A. Smith (wife and sons). Andrew
H. died intestate. Mentions land on waters of Evo? River adjoining Jackson
Murphy and Jas. W. James. At the estate sale items were bought by Chandler
Smith et al. In l871 the heirs (not named) of Andrew H. Smith sue Freeman
Walker, administrator.

File of Calvin E. Smith, l886, Samuel Smith, adm (son). Calvin had siblings
John W., Nancy, Eliza and Alexander Smith per a suit: John W. Smith et al vs
Samuel Smith

File of Charles G. Smith, l857, Aquilla Jones, adm. (No further information)

File of Delia Smith, l855- At the sale items were bought by Sidney Smith,
Frank Smith, Dr. F. Smith, Mary Smith et al. (Frank and Dr. F. seem to be the
same person). Debts owed by Martin Smith, et al.

File of Elizabeth Smith, l830. Inventory includes 1 slave. Items bought by
Sally Smith and Wm Smith, et al.

File of Dr. Francis J. Smith, l877, widow is Mary R. Frank died intestate.

File of Frank Smith, l900, Sale items bought by Newlin Smith, et al.

File of George Smith, l842, Wesley and David Smith mentioned.

File of George Smith, l898 (No information).

File of I. S. Smith, l849, widow, Mrs. Delia. Children: Mary, Francis J. and

File of James Smith, l840, widow Lucy W. Died about 28 Oct. Land on Bach
Creek, 639 acres. Daughter Sarah Smith. Debts owed by Gabriel B. Smith, and
Thomas Smith. Elizabeth Wells was a daughter. Harris Smith and Andrew H.
Smith bought items at sale. Joseph Smith rented a plantation. Antrican?
Smith owed a note. Division of land: Heirs being, Harris J. Smith, Andrew H.
Smith, Helah B. Smith, Sarah J. Smith, Elisha Wells, William G. Smith and
James M. Smith. Mentions wife Elizabeth (?) in the division. William G.,
Helah B., James M. and Harvey A. are minor heirs.

File of James Smith, l842--James Smith and William Smith (the later being
under 21). They as tenants in common own land on Cain Creek adjoining William
Crawford, John O'Daniel. They wish to sell the land.

File of James Smith, l826, widow Anna. James died l7 January, l826,

File of James L. Smith, l853, John H. Paul, adm.

File of James M. Smith, l880. John W. Smith, adm swore that he had died
intestate. Heirs: Addie J., T., R.B., and John W. Smith

File of Jesse Smith, l869. Jesse was a citizen of Guilford County when he

File of John Smith (no date) James Patterson, adm.

File of John Smith (see Willis Wells, l853) No documents in folder.

File of John Smith, Sr. c. l793, Samuel Smith, adm. Isaac Williams and John
Smith promise to pay the estate 74l Spanish dollars, it being for value
received (3 Sept l793). Another note, same parties, same date for $ll42.

File of John Smith, l809, John Smith adm. Bond: John Smith, G? Compton and
Robert Smith. Bond was for L2,000. The widow was Sarah Smith. At the sale
items were bought by Robert Smith, John Smith, Sarah Smith, Polly Smith,
Robert Smith, Jr. James Smith William Smith Sr. et al.

File of John Smith, l847--Margaret was the widow. Land on Little River. John
Riding, adm. Heirs: Sonja Smith, Robert Smith, Jamble? Smith, John Smith,
Sarah Ma? Urah Wilkinson, Mary E. Smith, Willie Smith and Martha Smith. The
last three are under 2l.

File of John L. Smith, l86l, Elmina Smith, widow. There were notes on
Puryer Smith, Joseph A. Smith and Miley F. Smith. Items at the sale bought by
Joseph A. Smith and Mrs. Margaret Smith (the mother?) John died during July,
l86l leaving one child, Martha. Since his death Sarah (Jackey) was born.

File of John Smith c. l878: Heirs were Willie F. Smith, Robert Smith, Sarah
Smith, Martha J. Smith, Mary P. Wilson, Mary Ella Brown, Margaret Brown, May
Brown children of Louisa Brown, deceased. Louisa Brown had lived in Leon
County, Texas. In l879 Martha J. Smith, minor heir of John Smith had married
Newlin Smith who petitioned the estate in her name.

File of John R. Smith, l875--widow Mary. Children were Newlin, George, John,
Mary and Martha.

File of John W. Smith-l893. A.A. Smith was Executor and Rebecca Smith was
Executrix. Children: Eliza Smith, John W. Smith, A.A. Smith and Martha

File of Leonard T. Smith, l863- Executor was James A. Smith (brother). In l867
there was a suit: James M. Scott, guardian of Marshall Franklin Smith vs James
A. Smith Ex of Leonard T. dec. (James had sold property of his brother which
was paid for in Confederate money. He promised to reimburse the heirs.)
Widow, Catherine; children Marshall F. and Bedford Smith.

File of Leonard Smith, l826. Date of death 26 Oct, l826. Minor heirs are
Delilah, Polly, Catherine, Matilda and Daniel. William Smith was also an
heir. Daniel Smith and Andrew Shearer are Executors. (Andrew Shearer's middle
name is Smith). The estate included 3 Negroes, a note on Archibald Smith, a
note on Andrew Shearer and a note on John Smith. Land was leased to Daniel
Smith of Chatham county for two years.

File of Margaret Smith, l870. Heirs: Joseph Smith, children of John Smith,
William Smith and wife, Martha E. Smith, Willie Smith, Robert Smith, Sarah
Wilkerson, Mary E.McBroom, and the heirs of Louisa Brown.

File of Marvin Smith, l838. Richard J. Smith, Adm.

File of Mary Smith, l8l6. Bond for l50L by Robert Smith, Robert Murray and
Joseph Smith

File of Mary Smith, l886 (no information).

File of Mary A. Smith, l900. Adm, Newlin Smith. Heirs: Newlin Smith, George W.
Smith, Jno R. Smith, Mary P. Wisdom and Ginny Bowls

File of Mary R. Smith, l886. K.P. Battle, Executor

File of Maurice Smith, l835 (No information)

File of Nelson Smith, l882, Heirs: Judith Riley, Sally Dorothy, and Jane
Waggoner. Samuel H. Jordan, Executor.

File of Patsey Smith, l84l. Heir: William Smith

File of Peter Smith, l8l2 (Son of Henry). At the sale items were bought by
Joseph Smith, Tobias Smith, and John Smith et al.

File of Owen Smith, l792. Thomas Smith, Adm

File of Polly Smith, l8l6. Robert Smith, adm. Minor Heirs were Jane, Ellenor
and Nancy Smith.

File of Polly Smith, l850 (No information).

File of Robert Smith, l822. Joseph Smith Adm. At the sale items were bought
by John Smith, Ellen Smith, Joseph Smith, and Alexander Smith, et al.

File of Samuel Smith, l858. John Smith, Executor.

File of Sidney S. Smith, l867. George Pankey, Adm. Heirs F.J. Smith
(brother) and Mary Smith (sister).

More About Elizabeth Kerr:
Christening: 28 October 1733, Christening - Inverarity & Methy, Angus, Scotland.

More About Elizabeth Kerr and Andrew Smith, Sr.:
Marriage: 09 December 1752, Arbroath, Angus, Scotland.

Children of Elizabeth Kerr and Andrew Smith, Sr. are:
  1. +Mary Smith, b. 1773, North Carolina, d. 1846, Keytesville, Chariton, MO179.
  2. +Jane Smith, b. Bet. 1770 - 1775, Scotland or (Probably) North Carolina, d. November 1859, Sumner County, TN180.
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