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View Tree for Richard Parrott, Sr.Richard Parrott, Sr. (b. 1616, d. 11 November 1686)

Richard Parrott, Sr. (son of John Parrott and Prunella) was born 1616 in England226, and died 11 November 1686 in Christ Church, Middlesex, VA227. He married (3) Margaret Haywood on Bef. January 1654/55 in Lancaster County, VA228.

 Includes NotesNotes for Richard Parrott, Sr.:
Source: The Family of Early, by R.H. Early; microfilm records FHL, SLC
"Name of PARROTT traced England - Barbados - Virginia"
"Richard Parrott was one of the first settlers in Lancaster County, VA"
Wife: Margaret - "nothing else is known"
Dau: Elizabeth - "born before coming to America"
Son: Richard Parrott, Jr. born 1649, Lancaster County, VA "the first male child born to English parents" in the county.
.........."His plantations were in Middlesex County, one of them 1000 acres extent on the north side of the Pyankatank river."

The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1776

Source: WFT CD #3 Tree #0579
[Notes: Intriguing find today. This Family Tree lists Richard Parrott (b.1620 d. 11 Nov, 1686) as being the son of Sir James Perrott and Dorothy____ whose ancestral line continues back to Humphrey de Bohum and Princess Elizabeth Plantagenet in 1282. Several other Trees provide further details on the royal ancestry extending the Princess' line back to William the Conqueror. If it is true, I seem to have hit the jackpot! However, as I have found no proof to connect Richard Parrot of Lancaster County, VA, the emigrant from England, with Sir James Perrott, I shall hold off on connecting these two family lines.]

Source: WFT#2 Tree #3587
[Notes: Here is another potential connection. Richard is listed in this WFT as Richard Perrott. Same birth/death info as this Richard Parrott with the Parish Records of Middlesex County, VA used as source information. He is attached to Margaret as a spouse, but it is listed as his second marriage. His first wife is listed as Sarah (Dale) using the IGI as a source. Richard Jr. and another son are listed as children of Richard and Sarah. The parish records list Margaret as the mother of Richard, Jr. and the source information on the other son lists only his father as "Richard Perrott of Rappahannock, VA". I will have to check out the IGI re: Sarah (Dale).]

Source: Middlesex County, VA Wills & Inventories 1673-1812 and Other Court Papers by William Lindsay Hopkins
****Order Book 1 (Deeds & Wills) 1673-1680
(p.47A) James Blackmore . . .16 Nov 1675 / 6 Dec 1675
Henry Corbin, Madam Alice Corbin, MR. RICHARD PARROTT, SR. & MARGARET PARROTT, his wife, Capt. Richard Beverley & Margaret Beverley his wife, Mr. RICHARD PARROTT JR. and Elizabeth Carter alias Elizabeth Boswell. Wit: RICHARD PARROTT & Robert Price.
****Order Book 2
Elizabeth Wood, orphan, chooses Mr. Richard Parrott as her guardian
p.722 Administration of the estate of Mr Richard Parrott, dec'd granted to Capt. Peter Beverley & Mr Robert Beverley. 12 Nov 1694
****Order Book 3
p.8 Henry Parrott, son of Richard Parrott, dec'd, for the funeral expenses of his father. 7 Jan 1694
****Wills 1675-1798 Pts 1&2
p.36 Richard Perrot, the Elder ....20 Jul 1686 / 7 Feb 1686
Excr. Wife Margrett Perrott. Son Richard Perrott. Henry Perrot. Grandson Richard Perrott, the brother to Henry Perrott. Ralph Wormley, Esq. John Jeffreys of London. Dr Walter Whitaker. Trustees: Ralph Wormley, Dr Walter Whitaker, and Christopher Robinson. Wit: Ann Bray, Margrett Price, Thomas Blatt & Thomas Druyne.
[Note: Spelling is pErrott instead of pArrott.]
****Order Book 2
p.407 Mr. Christopher Robinson to present the estate of Mr Richard Perrott, Sr.
13 May 1689

Source: WFT CD#5 Tree #1419
Richard, Sr. was a vestryman of Christchurch, a commissioner of Lancaster County in 1656, elected High Sheriff, June 5, 1657, and Senior Justice of Middlesex County Court, 1673, until his death. Richard, Sr. was one of the first settlers of Landcaster County, Va. He and his wife Margaret were probably married in England or the Barbadoes, where their first child Elizabeth was born. They were in Landcaster County as early as 1649. In the Register of Christchurch, Middlesex Parish, is the following memorandum: Richard, sone of Richard Perrott, Sr. was born 24th day of February 1650 being the first man child that was begott and born in Rappahannock River of English parents.

Source: WFT CD#1 Tree #2332
Richard and Sara arrived in Virginia as early as 1649, with their then 4 year old daughter, Elizabeth. They came from England by way of the Barbadoes. They settled in Lancaster County, Virginia. In 1650, a son was born to Richard and Sara. Richard, Jr. was the first male child born to English parents on the Rappahannock River. Richard Sr. received payment for his services as Burgess in October, 1676, in the levy of Middlesex County. He was a vestryman of ChristChurch; a commissioer od Lancaster County in 1656; elected High Sherriff, June 5, 1657; and senior Justice of Middlesex County Court from 1673 until his death in 1686.
[Notes: This Family File also lists Sarah Dale as the wife of Richard Parrott. In fact, Sarah is listed as his second wife, the first being an Elizabeth Thompson of England. (Sarah "was the widow of Nicholas Dale") It is still possible that Margaret Heywood was a third spouse. There is confusion here, even within the Ancestral File and the IGI as to the correct spouses of Richard Parrott. More research is required to obtain a clear picture.]

Source: Lancaster County Deeds & Wills
[Notes: More information on Richard's wife Sarah Dale, this time shedding some light on the truth.]
* Abstract of an entry dated 28 Aug 1659 by Charles Allen & his wife Mary
Mary is the "daughter of Nicholas Dale late deceased"
Charles also lists Richard Parett and his wife Sarah as his "Father & Mother In Law.
* Entry dated 6 August 1654 re: estate of the orphans of Thomas Dale, mentioning Richard Parrott "that married ye Widdow of Dale". [Richard was Thomas' step-father]
[Additional Notes: Based upon the above evidence, the marriage of Richard Parrott and Sarah (Keye) Dale had to take place between 1647 and 1654. Margaret Haywood was his final wife if the information in the Christchurch Parish Register indicating the death of Mrs. Margaret Parrott in 1686/7 is correct. There is no evidence in the abstracts of these to sources to prove the maternal link for the children. However, considering the information presented here, it is possible that Richard's daughter Elizabeth was the child of yet another wife, one who came before either Sarah or Margaret, perhaps the Elizabeth Thompson mentioned in one of the above entries. It appears, by examination of Richard & Sarah's marriage date range that Richard, Jr is probably her son. His birthdate is well-documented as 1650/1.]
* Entry dated 6 March 1655 is a sale of land by Richard Parrott and is signed by Richard and his wife Margaret.
[Notes: Shows that Richard was married to Margaret by March of 1655.]

Source: Virginia Vital Records #1, 1600s-1800s, Family Archives #174
Lancaster County, VA, Deed for 300 acres, where Richard Perrott now lives (sale)

York County, VA 24 August 1648, Deed from Richard Perrott and Sarah his wife to her children, Thomas, Joane and Sarah by her former husband, Nicholas Dale.

Lancaster County, VA, Deed 15 March 1668/9 from Nicholas Spencer to Richard Perrott conveying 1,900 acres on Pianketank River, called Mottrom's Mount.

[Broderbund Family Archive #354, Ed. 1, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, Date of Import: 9 Mar 1999, Internal Ref. #1.354.1.76567.11]

Individual: Richard Parrott
Place: Virginia
Year: 1649

Primary Individual: Parrott, Richard

Source Code: 9448

Source Name:
VIRKUS, FREDERICK A., editor. Immigrant Ancestors: A List of 2,500 Immigrants to America before 1750. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1964. 75p. Repr. 1986.

Source Annotation:
In the years from 1925 to 1942, Frederick A. Virkus edited seven volumes with the title, The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy, published in Chicago by the Institute of American Genealogy. Each volume has a section in the main body of the work, complete in itself, entitled "Immigrant Ancestors," containing much genealogical information: vol. 1, pp. 965-997; vol. 2, pp. 387-421; vol. 3, pp. 645-692; vol. 4, pp. 727-777; vol. 5, pp. 741-793; vol. 6, pp. 749-819; vol. 7, pp. 825-895. The section in vol. 7 appears to be the most complete and it has been reprinted. Thus that 1964 reprint list is the only one appearing in no. 2048, Filby, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index. The Virkus work supplies facts on birth, ancestry, time and place of arrival on this continent, marriage, and death of each immigrant that it includes. A more complete list of immigrants to America before 1750 whose surnames begin with the letter A or the letter B through "Battles" is contained in the material listed in item no

Source Page #: 52

Some Food For Thought
Source: A Query Posted by G. Moseley at Gen Forum on 5 Jan 1999
"Who where Richard Parrott's parents? I have read elsewhere that they were John Perrott and Prunella. John Perrott was supposedly born in Ireland and died 1664 in Jamaica. He was, according to the source, A Quaker and he owned land in Parateko Point, Nansemond County, VA. "

Source: LDS Ancestral File (Online @

The Ancestral File lists as Richard Parrott's parents:
James Perrott (AFN:1S2P-VND) born <1590
Dorothy Perrott (AFN:1S2P-VPL) born <1594

(no further pedigree listed)

27 Nov 2001

Richard Perrott is believed by most historians to be the son of John Parrot, the Quaker. Richard arrived in Middlesex Co. in 1635.

The Buford Family in America, by Marcus Bainbridge Buford states the following:

"The name is found spelled Perrott, Parat, Parett, and Parrott, and is traced from England to Barbados, and to Virginia. Richard Perrott was one of the first settlers of Lancaster County. His wife's name was Margaret, and there has been found, in the colony, no further record of her. They were probably married in England or in Barbados where their first child, Elizabeth, was born. They were in Lancaster County as early as 1649. In the register of Chirstchurch, Middlesex Parish, is the following memorandum: Richard, Sone of Mr. Richard Perrott, Senior, was borne the 24th of February, 1650, being the first man child that was begott and borne Rappannock River of English parents."

Richard, Sr. was a vestryman of Christchurch, a commissioner of Lancaster Co, Virginia in 1656, was elected High Sheriff June 5, 1657, and Senior Justice of Middlesex County Court 1673 to his death. Frequent mention is made of him in Virginia history, and Bishop Meade, in his "Old Families and Churches," states that he was appealed to while in England on one of his visits to bring out a minister for the church. "On the 29th of January, 1666, it was resolved to continue Mr. Morris as the minister, but that he be not inducted. On the following day, at a meeting of the vestry, his salary was paid, and he was dismissed. I suppose he would not consent to serve without induction, or that some difficulty arose between himself and the vestry. Major-General Robert Smith and Mr. Henry Corbin were directed to write to Richard Perrott, then in England, for a minister. Measures were also taken for the purchase of a glebe. In the year 1668 it was agreed to employ the Rev. Mr. Shephard for six months. At the end of that time he was chosen for twelve months, and so on until the year 1671, when he was elected as rector for the future. Mr. Shephard continued their minister until his death, in 1683. "

"The following gentlemen, vestrymen of the parish,--viz.: Henry Corbin, Richard Perrott, Abraham Weeks, John Hastewood, Richard Cock, Robert Chewning, agree, each of them, to mark one cow-calf with a crop in the right ear, to be kept as well as their own cattle until they be two years old, then given to the vestry as stock for the parish."

The register also contains the following entry: Whereas Mr. Richard Parrott hath built a Pew in Chancell on the further side opposite to the Pulpitt and a stable also, which Pew and Stable is for the use of Henry Corbin, Esq., properly belonging to him and to those that shall have and enjoy the house and land whereon he hath now built on and forever September 29, 1669.

Richard, Sr. died on November 11, 1686. In his will he mentions his wife, Margaret, and his grandsons, Henry and Richard, sons of Richard, Jr. His plantations were in Middlesex County, one of them of one thousand acres, was on the north side of the Pyankatank River. His wife, Margaret, died January 30, 1687.

He apparently was a substantial slave holder, as at least 11 different slaves of his appear in the birth records of the Christchurch Parish Register.

Christ Church Parish, Virginia Parish Register:

Mr Richard Perrott Senr 11 Nov 1686 15 Nov 1686 president of Middlesex County Court departed this Life

From "Early Immigrants to Virginia from the 1500s and 1600s":

PARROTT, RICHARD, (died 1686) Came from Barbados to Lancaster Co. VA. 1649. Wife’s name Margaret. She died 1687.


1. Immigration; 1635; Middlesex County, Virginia. 219

Marriage Information:

Richard married Margaret Haywood in 1654 in Christ's Church, Middlesex, Virginia. (Margaret Haywood was born in 1628 and died on 30 Jan 1686/87 in Middlesex County, Virginia 116.)

Marriage Information:

Richard also married Sarah Dale in 1648 in Christ's Church, Middlesex, Virginia.

Marriage Information:

Richard also married Elizabeth Thompson. (Elizabeth Thompson died before 1648 in Christ's Church, Middlesex, Virginia.)

More About Richard Parrott, Sr.:
Emigration: 1647, Barbados to York County, VA.
Fact 1: 1651, One of First Settlers of Lancaster Co., VA.229
Fact 2: 15 December 1657, Vestryman of and sidesman of Lancaster Parish.
Fact 3: 1656, Commissioner of Lancaster County, VA.
Fact 4: 05 June 1675, Elected High Sheriff.
Fact 5: Bet. 1673 - 1686, Senior Justice of Middlesex Co. Court.
Fact 6: 20 July 1686, Will Written.
Fact 7: 07 February 1685/86, Will Proven in Middlesex Co., VA Court.
Fact 8: (a Huguenot emigrant).
Fact 9: 15 November 1681, Buried.
Fact 10: 05 January 1656/57, Appointed Sheriff of Lancaster County, VA.
Fact 11: 1670, Appointed Sheriff of Middlesex County, VA.

More About Richard Parrott, Sr. and <Unnamed>:
Marriage: Bef. 1645, England or Barbados.

More About Richard Parrott, Sr. and <Unnamed>:
Marriage: Bet. 1647 - 1649

More About Richard Parrott, Sr. and Margaret Haywood:
Marriage: Bef. January 1654/55, Lancaster County, VA.230

Children of Richard Parrott, Sr. are:
  1. +Elizabeth Parrott, b. 1645, Barbados231, d. 29 December 1729, Virginia232.

Children of Richard Parrott, Sr. are:
  1. +Elizabeth Parrott, b. 1645, Barbados233, d. 29 December 1729, Virginia234.

Children of Richard Parrott, Sr. and Margaret Haywood are:
  1. +Elizabeth Parrott, b. 1645, Barbados235, d. 29 December 1729, Virginia236.
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