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Descendants of Andrew Hardee, Sr.

Generation No. 2

2. WILLIAM HARDEE2 SR (ANDREW1 HARDEE, SR.) was born Abt. 1756 in Pitt County, NC, and died August 18, 1827 in Horry County, SC. He married NANCY STOCKS. She died Unknown.

Notes for W
Event: 1800 Census Pitt Co, NC
Event: 1810 Census 1810 Horry Dist. SC, Page # 147
Event: 1880 Census 1820 Horry Co, census, page # 135
William Hardee Senior, came to South Carolina, in the early part of 1800, after serving in the Revolution, as a private in North Carolina. He applied for a pension in this new state and was awarded about $60.00 per year. He is a descendant the Pitt County Hardee Family, leaving that area with his wife Ann (Nancy) and his children. The first Horry County records appear around 1805, showing his age to be beyond 45. I am sure that he had four sons and at least three daughters. His sons were William Hardee Junior, born about 1795, Calvin Hardee, born about 1790, John Hardee Junior called John Junior because there was another John Hardee his elder, and Seth J. Hardee, no record is known of the three daughters.
The above by B. Ottis Prince, from his book The Hardee`s Of Horry.

Below is is research that Marion Banks McGee (Hardee) has compiled.
The coming of William Hardee Sr. to Horry County South Carolina has been difficult to trace, but a few things are clear, one that he came about 1805,and after the census of 1800. He is not listed in the 1800 Horry Co. census, but he is listed in the 1810 Horry Co. census. In 1821 he applied for a Revolutionary War pension, the following is from from Abstracts Of Revolutionary War Files, page 1514 . (" William, Nancy, W9054, NC Line applied 4, April 1821 Horry District SC aged 65, soldier mentions Joseph Hardee, in 1821 had a wife aged 64, widow applied 6, Jan. 1844 Horry District SC aged 88 on 2 May 1843 soldier, & widow had married 2 April 1776 in Pitt Co. NC, and in 1805 moved to Horry District SC, soldier died 18 August 1827, soldier brother Andrew was aged 67 in 1844 a resident of Horry District SC, and stated his brother, and wife`s oldest child was his age.")
In the 1800 Pitt County, North Carolina, census William Hardee, is listed as head of family, on page # 244, there are listed; 3 males under 10 years of age,
1 Male between 10 to 16 years of age, 1 male of over 45 years of age (William Sr.); 1 female under 10 years of age, 2 females between 10 to 16 years of age,
2 females between 16 to 26 years of age, and 1 female over 45 years of age (wife), no slaves.

In the census of 1810 of Horry County, in the household of William Sr. there is listed 2 males 10 to 16 years. believe these to be Seth S. and William Jr.
2 males 16 to 26 yrs. beleive these to be Calvin, and John Jr. one male over 45 yrs. this would be William Sr. there is one female under 10 yrs. 2 females 16 to 26 yrs. one female over 45 yrs. this would be wife Nancy. (some of the younger Children my be children of one of Williams`s sons and his wife, as Nancy would be past child bearing age). There must have been more children born to William, and Nancy before they came to Horry Co. some may have died others may have married, and stayed in Pitt Co. NC.

William Sr. in the 1810 census he is living in the Bayboro section of Horry Co.

On 11/28/1808
William Sr. received a land grant for 400 acre on Simpson Creek on NW side of Waccamaw River. Surveyed 11/28/1808 date entered 12/20/1808. This land bd. by John Parker, Andrew Hardee, and Thomas Ready. Surveyed by Thomas Fearwell. Note: sent by Gen. R. Conway. See publication No. 3 Waccamaw Records. Plat book A, B, C, 1802 - 1831.
There are several good books on the Hardy/Hardee`s one (The Hardee`s Of Horry Co. SC. ) by B. Ottis Prince. another (The Eastern North Carolina Hardy - Hardee Family In The South and Southwest. ) by David L. Hardee. the authors, and myself in our research in some cases do not reach the same conclusion.

I will leave it to the reader to make their own conclusions.
More information from Revolutionary War Pension National Archives,
abstracted by Roger Kammerer. (Published in the Pitt County Genealogical Quarterly, Volume II, No 1) Affidavits below:
Application of WILLIAM HARDEE age 65, of Horry county South Carolina. April 4, 1821. He says he enlisted for one year on May 3, 1776 in Capt. REDIN BLUNT`S company and Col. BUNCOMBE. He served until May 3, 1777 and was
discharged at Halifax N.C. He was in no engagement during service. Wife is 64, and infirm and he is infirm laboring under a rupture. Affidavits included of
Joseph Hardee, Averill Hardee, Thomas Wallace.
Affidavit: January 6, 1844 of Nancy Hardee age 88 on 2nd. May last, the widow
of WILLIAM HARDEE. She says she married in Pitt County on April 2, 1776 to
WILLIAM HARDEE he died August 18, 1827. He served in the army 3 months after marriage . They moved to Horry District, South Carolina in 1805.
Affidavit: January 1, 1844 of ANDREW HARDEE, age 67, brother of WILLIAM HARDEE.
He says that William and Nancy and William`s oldest children were all born in North Carolina. One child was born on the day of GATES defeat. One child is wife of a clergyman and lives in their neighborhood.
Affidavit: January 14, 1822 of PHILIP CAUSEY of Horry District, South Carolina.
He says WILLIAM HARDEE served in Revolution.
Affidavit: October 30, 1821 of THOMAS WALLACE of Horry District, South Carolina. He says WILLIAM HARDEE served in Revolution.
Affidavit: March 13, 1819 of AVERILLA HARDEE, mother of WILLIAM HARDEE, the soldier. She says he enlisted in the 5th. NC Regiment.
Affidavit: June 15, 1844 of Mrs. ELIZABETH MILLS, of Pike Co. Alabama. She says she saw WILLIAM HARDEE and NANCY STOCKS married on April 2, 1776.
Affidavit: August 6, 1844 of Mrs. ELIZABETH MILLS, of Pike Co. Ala. She says she was born and raised and married in Pitt County North Carolina, and a short
time after marriage moved to Horry District, South Carolina. She lived there until about 1836 when she moved to Pike Co. Ala. She attended Good Hope Baptist Church in Horry District.
Affidavit: April 12, 1844 of PETER VAUGHT. He says WILLIAM HARDEE and NANCY lived in Pitt Co. N.C. and moved to S.C. and settled in this district near VAUGHT`S father. He says WILLIAM HARDEE and wife had a large family of children and from their ages must have been married during the Revolutionary War.
Affidavit: April 10, 1844 of Reverend JOHN LEE. He says WILLIAM HARDEE moved there in 1806. LEE kept a schoolhouse near WILLIAM HARDEE and HARDEE brought to him a book containing the ages of his children, which was old and dim and requested him to copy the ages into another book. When LEE mentioned one of HARDEE`S daughters names HARDEE observed to his wife that she was born the day of GATES defeat. LEE says WILLIAM HARDEE died August 18, 1827.
Affidavit: January 6, 1844 of AMY HARRIS daughter of WILLIAM HARDEE she says NANCY HARDEE was age 64 in August last.
Affidavit: April 4, 1821 of THOMAS WALLACE, of Horry District, South Carolina.
He says he served in same regiment as WILLIAM HARDEE for 12 months.
Affidavit: March 13, 1819 of Joseph Hardee, states he is brother of WILLIAM HARDEE. (Copy of Roger Kammerer letter in my file).
WILLIAM HARDEE of Horry County, South Carolina. Was a Private in Col. BUNCOMBE`S NC Line for one year 1776. On rolls of South Carolina April 4, 1821. Widow`s pension of $40.00 per year started March 4, 1843. (WSH)

Children of W
4. i.   AMY3 HARDEE, d. Unknown.
5. ii.   MARGARET PEGGY HARDEE, d. Unknown.
  iii.   JOHN HARDEE JR., d. Unknown.
  Notes for JOHN HARDEE JR.:
Event: 1840 Census 1840 County/State: Horry Dist., SC, Page 337
Event: 1850 Census 1850 Year: 1850 (Family # 22) Page # 2
Event: 1860 Census 1860 Horry Co, SC, (Kingston Parish) # 778
John Hardee, called John Hardee Jr, because of an older John Hardee, who lived in the same time. He was born about 1800 and Married Annie __________
who was born the same year. Their children were: J. B. Hardee, born 1830, died in the Confederate War. Robert Hardee, born 1832, married Charlotte ________,
who was born 1842: James Hardee born 1834, married Nancy _____________,
Mary Ann Hardee, born 1837; M. W. Hardee, born 1839; Patrick Hardee, born 1841; John Hardee, born 1845, died an infant; Anna L. Hardee, born 1850; Joseph Hardee, born 1849, died an infant; and Eliza Ann Hardee, born 1856; and William Hardee, born 1824.
The above by B. Otis Prince, from his book ; (The Hardee`s Of Horry County, South Carolina.)

In the 1840 Horry District, census page # 337, John Hardee Jr, is listed as head of family, he is listed as 50 and under 60 years of age (1780 to 1790), one male under 5 years of age (1835 to 1840). The females are one female under 5 years of age (1835 to 1840), one female 30 and under 40 years of age (1800 to 1810), no slaves. John Hardee Jr, is living near Calvin Hardee.

In the 1850 Horry County, census John Hardee Jr. is listed as head of household # 22, with his wife Anna, and 9 children, he is listed as a farmer, born in North Carolina, real estate value $ 400.00.

In the 1860 Horry County, census John Hardee Sr, is listed as head of household # 778, with wife Anna, and 3 of his children, 3 of his other children are living in a row beside him. (WSH)

6. iv.   CALVIN HARDEE, b. Abt. 1790, Pitt County, NC; d. Unknown, Horry County, SC.
7. v.   WILLIAM JOHN HARDEE JR., b. 1795, Newbern Dist., Pitt Co., NC; d. March 30, 1877, Conway, Horry County, SC.

3. ISAAC2 HARDEE (ANDREW1) was born Abt. 1788 in Pitt County, NC, and died Abt. 1853 in Horry County, SC. He married MARY SMITH Abt. 1815, daughter of JESSIE SMITH and MARY BELLAMY. She was born Abt. 1785 in Horry County, SC, and died Unknown.

Notes for I
Event: 1850 Census 1850 Horry Co, SC, census (family # 228
Event: 1840 Census 1840 Horry County, census (page # 336)
Isaac Hardee born 1788, son of Andrew Hardee, Came to S. C. from North Carolina. Died 1853
in Horry County, South Carolina his wife died earlier. No record is found of her name... When Isaac married in 1815, his father gave him a tract of 600 acres and three slaves. He later sold three hundred acres of the land to Anson Housand for 25 dollars...
The above by B. Otis Prince from his booklet "The Hardee`s Of Horry County, South Carolina."
(NOTE) (Written by Marion Banks McGee) Mr. B. Otis Prince is a professional genealogist, living in Lexington, SC, and I am reluctant to disagree with him, but I have a problem with Isaac as the son of Andrew Sr., even though I have entered his data as if he is Andrew Hardee Sr`s., son.
To follow are some of my reasons that Isaac may be the son of Andrew Senior`s
son William Hardee Sr:
First: Andrew Sr. wife Averilla, in 1788 would be at or past child bearing age, if she was born any where close to Andrew`s date of birth (abt. 1731).
Second: Pitt County, North Carolina, Deed Book "M" 1788-1794, page 588 states that on 3/19/1791, Isaac Stocks, Grantor to Isaac Hardee son of William Hardee 100 acres for 30 pounds. adj.: Shad Allen, Hillery Stocks.
In 1811 Isaac sold this same tract of land, see Pitt County, NC, Deed Book "S" 1810-1813, page 50, 1/12/1811, Isaac Hardee Horry District, South Carolina,
Grantor, to Henry Knight, Grantee 100 acres; for $300.00: adj.: Shade Allen, wit.: Samuel Knight, John B. Conway.
So we can see there is a question as to who he is, I feel the answer may lay in the gift of 600 acres of land, if we can find that deed it may answer the question. The one thing I find that may prove him not to be the son of William Sr. Is that I do not find where William Hardee Sr, ever owned 600 acres of land in Horry County.

(NOTE:) From a book (Hughes, Hardee, McCumbee, Milligan Connection Of The Carolinas) by Virginia Hayden Hughes, with the assistance of Charles E. Hughes, the following from pages 63 Thur page 66;
" Isaac`s will is found in the Horry County Courthouse, Conway, SC, recorded in Will Book C, page 38 on September 3rd, 1855. Two of his sons, William B. Hardee and Isaac C. Hardee, were the Exectors.
In his will, Isaac mentions his present wife but gives no name. He also lists his eight children. He mentions his son, Jesse Hardee first on two occasions, so it is natural to assume that he is the eldest, although the date on another record has William Bell Hardee as born ahead of Jesse. It is of intrest that Isaac`s will drawn up July 1, 1850 refers to his daughter, Nancy, as Nancy Hardee. The will drawn up on the 19th day of October, 1853, revokes all previous wills, and has Nancy`s maiden name crossed out and HUGHES written in as well as "wife of Elly Hughes". This provides us with an approximate marriage date for Elly and Nancy (Hardee) Hughes. There is an affidavit in the 1855 will endorsing the changes. Calvin Hardee witnessed the will along with J. A. Reynolds and James Beaty.
The 1840 Federal census for the same area, where the township is given as Simpson Creek, pinpoints Isaac`s age as that given in the 1850 census.
Before Proceeding, the reader needs to learn about life in Horry County at the time of the Civil War and before. Most of the settlers who had moved into Horry County, SC, were from North Carolina and some from Virginia. Shipping had long existed on the Waccamaw River which was the main connection with the interior. The town of Little River was in close contact with the outside world. Its dealings were with Wilmington (NC) rather than Georgetown or Charleston. The King`s Highway was the main Connection of land between North and South Carolina until the American Revolution. Taverns had sprung up along the Highway by the middle of 1700.
The area before the Civil War was nothing comparable to today. It was huge, isolated, empty, and lonely. The early settlers came first to Charleston and then moved up the rivers and coastline. The welsh who poured into the Great Pee Dee area sent only a few into Horry County. It was the northern half of the county that was settled mostly by North Carolians and Virginians. Horry inhabitants became self-sufficient and the majority lived for at least two centuries with little contact with the outside world. The pine trees were tapped for turpentine, the soil was worked to provide food, fish was there in nearby streams, and they married the girl on the next farm - - quite often, they mated with kinfolk. Lumber was another source of income. Building, saw mills became important and provided added income. Eventually, tobacco became a vital crop and established a way of life. It was a simple life which supplied their needs and there was only occasional violence.
Buck Creek and the church which is named after it soon figured largely in the lives of these Horry Countians. Simpson Creek also had a Baptist Church named after it which, over the years was the strongest of the Primitive Baptist Churches. There were many more but these two churches and the surrounding areas played an important role in the lives of the families which this book attempts to record. Suffice it to say, however, that the area absorbed many denominations, and religion was a strong factor from around 1730.
Conway (or Conwayboro) became the county seat, but a smaller town named Loris, SC, figured more in the daily lives of the families depicted in this book."
Census Review of Isaac Hardee - - Unless otherwise mentioned all records are Federal Schedules of South Carolina, Horry County. Isaac was last located in the 1850 Federal Census (it is known that he died between 1853 and 1855 according to the date his will was recorded, September 3, 1885.
1850 Census:
Family number 228 Isaac Hardee - age 53 - Male - Farmer
Real estate value $ 1000.00
Born in NC
Children living at home at time of census
Sarah Hardee age 27 - female
Poley (Mary) Hardee age 23 - female
Isaac Hardee age 21 - male
Daniel Hardee age 19 - male
William B. Hardee age 28 - Male - Farmer - real estate value $ 300. 00

Please take note that there is no mention of his wife, Mary, who was the mother of his children (in his will he named the eight children as "my children" and also referred to "my present wife" Likely to cover the fact that he might still remarry before his death.) Three of the children mentioned in Isaac`s will were already married and in their own household at the time of this census. They were Jesse J. Hardee, Elizabeth (Hardee) Lee, and Nancy (Hardee) Hughes.
The previous census of 1840 did not list wife or children by name but did list all the children except one. It also listed a female who was obviously his wife according to the age bracket. the oldest son of this couple, Jesse J. Hardee was head of his own household and listed separately.
Isaac`s will and the census records, mentioned thus far, have told us a lot about him and his family but it is thanks to the work of Mrs. Janet H. Woodard, now of Charleston, SC, who has done extensive research in Horry County, SC, that it was learned that Isaac`s wife was Mary Smith, daughter of Jesse Smith (1751 - 1826) and Mary "Mercy" Bellamy (1755 - 1849). Her authority for this was the WPA Records, Horry County Fall Term Court 1828, John Patterson and his wife vs Mercy Smith, Elita - - Writ in partition involving Mercy Smith, widow of Jesse Smith, and their children which included Isaac Hardee and wife, Mary Smith.
The Works Project Administration (WPA) was a government agency established to relieve unemployment during the 1930`s. One of its projects was copying records which would have future historical value. The record mentioned in the above paragraph can be found in the South Carolina Archives, Columbia, SC.
It was apparent from his will (filed in Horry Co., SC) that Isaac was a large landowner and that most of this land was situated along Buck Creek, in Horry County. Everything known about Nancy`s (Hardee) husband, Elly Hughes, indicates that he was born in the area close to the lands of Isaac Hardee and was destined to meet and marry his daughter."
In the 1840 Horry County, census page # 337, Isaac Hardee Sr, household is listed as follows; 1 male of 5 and under 10 years of age; 1 male of 10 and under 15 years of age; 1 male of 20 and under 30 years of age; 1 male (himself) of 50 and under 60 years of age; 2 females of 10 and under 15 years of age; 2 females of 15 and under 20 years of age; 1 female (wife?) of 50 and under 60 years of age; 3 male slaves and 1male slave. In the 1850 Horry County, census Isaac Hardee, is listed as head of family # 228, with 5 of his children, he is listed as a farmer, born in North Carolina, real estate value $1000.00. (WSH)

Children of I
  i.   MARY3 HARDEE, d. Unknown.
  ii.   JESSE JAMES HARDEE, b. Abt. 1810, Horry County, SC; d. Unknown.
  iii.   WILLIAM BELL HARDEE, b. October 23, 1816, Horry County, SC; d. Unknown.
  iv.   ELIZABETH HARDEE, b. February 12, 1820, Horry County, SC; d. Unknown.
  v.   SARAH HARDEE, b. Abt. 1823, Horry County, SC; d. Unknown.
  vi.   POLEY HARDEE, b. Abt. 1827, Horry County, SC; d. Unknown.
  vii.   DANIEL D HARDEE, b. Abt. 1828, Horry County, SC; d. Unknown.
  viii.   NANCY HARDEE, b. Abt. 1829, Horry County, SC; d. Unknown; m. ELLY HUGHES; d. Unknown.
  ix.   ISAAC C HARDEE, b. August 01, 1829, Horry County, SC; d. Unknown.

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