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Ancestors of Vestle C. Gaston

Generation No. 4

       8. Gibson Gaston, born November 23, 1810 in Knox Co., Ky.; died December 17, 1865 in Trinity Co., Tx.. He was the son of 16. Hugh Gaston and 17. Jane ?. He married 9. Jane Killion August 05, 1841 in Houston Co., Tx..
       9. Jane Killion, born April 17, 1825 in Blount Co., Al.; died June 29, 1915 in Gause, Milam Co., Tx.. She was the daughter of 18. John Anderson Killion and 19. Nancy Jane Moore.

Notes for Gibson Gaston:
Gibson Gaston was born Nov. 23, 1810 in Kentucky. As a youth he lived in Indiana but in 1830 moved to Illinois. On 6/21/1830 Gibson bought 40 acres of land in Douglas Co., Illinois, Section 23 Township 16N. On the same day, his twin brother Joseph Gaston also bought 40 acres in the same county, section and township.

He served with the Illinois Mounted Volunteers in the Black Hawk War in 1832. He volunteered and served three months on an expedition against the Sac and Fox Indians. He was discharged Aug. 15, 1832.

On 7/17/1833, Gibson Gaston purchased 40 acres of land in Coles Co., Illinois, Section 20, Township 13N

In Houston County, Texas, he joined a company of Mounted Rangers on Mar. 26, 1839, and was duly elected as Sergeant, serving under Captain Box. He was discharged Oct. 18, 1839.

He settled at Fort Houston in May, 1841, and on August 4, 1841, married Jane Killian, daughter of John Anderson Killian and Nancy (Moore) Killian.

On Nov. 30, 1841, Gibson filed for 320 acres of land in Rusk County near Henderson. In 1853, the Gaston's moved to Trinity county on land situated near Sumpter. Gibson received a land Script Certificate for 160 acres of land located 12-1/2 miles north of Sumpter in Trinity County, issued Nov. 18, 1857.

(Note on Trinity County: Trinity County was in the original municipality of Nacogdoches and was granted to Joseph Vehlins by the Mexican Government in 1827. Houston County was created from Vehlins' grant by an act of the Republic of Texas, June 12, 1837. This newly formed county included within its bounds all the territory now within the Bounds of Trinity County. Source: "A History of Trinity County, by Flora G. Bowles).

Texas Census lists Gibson Gaston in Houston Co., Tx., in 1840, 1850, & 1860.

Gibson Gaston's last will and testament is found in Book M, page 448, Trinity County courthouse.

  Notes for Jane Killion:
Jane Killian was born April 17, 1825 in Blount County, Alabama and came to Texas in 1832 with her parents and grandparents settling near Fort Duty in Anderson County.
Children of Gibson Gaston and Jane Killion are:

  i.   Amanda Caroline Gaston, born June 19, 1843 in Houston Co., Tx.; died August 05, 1926 in Anderson Co., Tx.; married George W. Crawford August 22, 1861.

  ii.   Mary Isabella Gaston, born September 11, 1845 in Houston County, Tx.; died June 29, 1937 in Trinity County, Tx.; married David Henry Hamilton October 08, 1867 in Trinity Co., Tx..

  Notes for David Henry Hamilton:
David Henry Hamilton: In his book, "History of Company M First Texas Volunteer Infantry" (1924), he gives a good description of his activities and experiences in the Civil War. Without a single injury, he returned to Sumpter on May 25, 1865.

(Source: Trinity County Beginnings, pg. 411)

A quote from his book:
From this county (Trinity Co., Tx.) with a population of about 3,000 people, there were organized three large companies of soldiers who went to fight for the Confederate States. Besides those enlisting in these three companies, many enlisted in organizations in other sections of the state. The three companies raised in the county were known as Tullos Company, Kirksey Company, and Company M. It is of interest to know that more men enlisted from Trinity County than there were voters within the county. Almost all the men and boys above eighteen years of age and under sixty were in the service. No record of these companies can now be found except that of company M. This company served in Hood's Brigade. Company M. was organized at Sumpter, the county seat of Trinity County, in the year 1862. It was composed of 120 men, about half of whom were between seventeen and twenty one years of age. This company was drilled in the maneuvers of warfare on the court house square at Sumpter in day time and spent the evenings attending balls and entertainments given by the citizens for their pleasure. On the night of May 4, 1862, the citizens gave the Company a grand ball at which the boys danced all night and pledged themselves never to dance again until the Southern Confederacy was established; and the following afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, to the music of the violin and with great joy, the march was begun toward the front.

Company M, which went out from Sumpter, Trinity County, May 5, 1862, with such enthusiasm, received its baptism of fire in all the bloody conflicts in which Hood's Brigade participated. Out of the 120 men and boys that enlisted, only six were present at the surrender at Appomattox. These were Sam Watson, Willoughby Tullos, Sam Stubblefield, John Wilson, Epriam Dial, and David H. Hamilton. Not an officer of the company survived. Captain Ballinger had become disabled by disease and had been discharged. He returned home and died at Waco, Texas. Thomas Sandford, first lieutenant, was killed at Sharpsburg, Dr. William Cecil, second lieutenant, was killed at Knoxville, Tenn. George Wagnon died of measles at Jackson, Mississippi.

A small number of the company returned home maimed for life from the battle front, while some were in Federal prisons. The rest of Company M slept in soldier's graves. The other two companies organized in the county did not suffer such a great mortality as did Company M, but gave a good account of themselves.

Source: A History of Trinity County, Texas, 1827 - 1928, by Flora G. Bowles
(Not published until 1966)
pg. 31,32

In the same book, A History of Trinity County, Texas, Mrs. Bowles quotes from a newspaper article by D. H. Hamilton as follows:

The Honorable David H. Hamilton, a respected citizen of Trinity County since 1853, says in the Trinity County News of October 7, 1927, speaking of the wild life of the county at that early day: "It is probably not safe to enter upon a discussion of the hunting and fishing possibilities of that early day. The Nimrod and angler of this day would be apt to think a description of the paradise that existed at this early time merely the result of an over worked imagination, if not downright prevarication. The forests were literally filled with all kinds of game, deer, bear, panthers, wolves, bob-cats - in fact every thing that one would care to hunt for either pelt, fur or food. The streams were filled with fish the mere mention of which makes one long for the good old days again." Then he facetiously says: "If one were to attempt to describe the large catches of fish from the streams of that day it would tax the credulity of the modern mind: In fact it would take two or three able bodied men to believe these fish stories. It has always been dangerous to any man's reputation for veracity to indulge himself in fish stories. So it seems needful to make a period here."

Source: A History of Trinity County, Texas 1827 - 1928, by Flora G. Bowles
pg. 12

  4 iii.   John Anderson Gaston, born January 01, 1848 in Houston Co., Tx.; died March 02, 1922 in Gause, Milam Co., Tx.; married Bennetta A. Castleberry July 22, 1875 in Trinity County, Texas.

  iv.   William Riley Gaston, born December 29, 1849 in Trinity Co, Tx.; died February 26, 1879; married Mary Francis Henderson February 1871.

  v.   James Moore Gaston, born September 10, 1852 in Trinity Co, Tx.; died October 14, 1881 in Anderson County, Texas; married Mary E. Shaver September 30, 1875.

  vi.   Robert Henderson Gaston, born November 20, 1854 in Trinity County, Texas.

  vii.   Martha Jane Gaston, born January 22, 1857 in Trinity County, Texas; died November 18, 1900 in Buffalo,Freestone County, Texas; married Charles Wesley Castleberry February 1873 in Pennington, Trinity Co., Tx..
       10. Jacob Ferdinand Castleberry, born March 01, 1817 in Georgia; died March 03, 1874 in Trinity County, Texas. He was the son of 20. Robert Castleberry and 21. Mary Forrester. He married 11. Nancy M. Higdon November 04, 1837 in Pike County, Alabama.
       11. Nancy M. Higdon, born May 02, 1823; died January 02, 1903. She was the daughter of 22. Robert Higdon and 23. Elizabeth Green.

Notes for Jacob Ferdinand Castleberry:
Jacob Castleberry served in Captain Wiley White's Alabama Militia from Pike Co., Alabama, in the Creek Florida War of 1836.

He married Nancy M. Higdon in 1837, in Pike County, Alabama, then in 1840 moved to Copiah County, Mississippi, with the Higdons and Jacob's father, Robert Castleberry. By 1850, they were living in Bradley County, Arkansas, where they stayed for a short time. Their next move was to Trinity County, Texas, about 1852. They settled near Pennington, Texas.
Children of Jacob Castleberry and Nancy Higdon are:

  5 i.   Bennetta A. Castleberry, born September 25, 1858; died January 15, 1925 in Milam County, Texas; married John Anderson Gaston July 22, 1875 in Trinity County, Texas.

  ii.   Mary E. Castleberry.

  iii.   Robert W. Castleberry.

  iv.   Susan Castleberry, married ? Slater.

  v.   Charles Wesley Castleberry, born October 29, 1850 in Bradley County, Arkansas; died October 19, 1892 in Fairfield, Freestone County, Texas; married Martha Jane Gaston February 1873 in Pennington, Trinity Co., Tx..

  vi.   Mandy (Nancy) Castleberry.

  vii.   William Castleberry.

  viii.   Fannie Castleberry, married Boggan Boyd.

  ix.   Martha (Mattie) Castleberry.
       12. William H. Hutson, born March 01, 1835 in Simpson County, Mississippi; died March 29, 1922 in Trinity County, Texas. He was the son of 24. William Thomas Hutson and 25. Rebecca Magee. He married 13. Nancy Elizabeth Womack December 20, 1855 in Simpson County, Mississippi.
       13. Nancy Elizabeth Womack, born December 30, 1837 in Rankin County, Mississippi; died April 23, 1906 in Trinity County, Texas. She was the daughter of 26. William B. Womack and 27. Nancy Elizabeth Franklin.

Notes for William H. Hutson:
William Hutson served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, was captured twice and paroled once. He was captured the second time in Tennessee in the last year of the War and sent to the prisoner of war prison at Camp Douglas, Chicago, Illinois, where he remained until the war was over.

In the spring of 1866, William Hutson and his brother Aaron Hutson, along with their sisters, Ruth Hutson (who married Frank Lee) and Mary Louisia Hutson (who married John Lee), migrated from Mississippi to Texas.

William Hutson lived with his family on North Cedar Creek, later moving to Centralia, where he operated a general store and served as postmaster until his wife, Nancy Elizabeth, died in 1906. After her death, he moved to Apple Springs, living with his son Richmond Lee Hutson and his family until his death in 1922.

William and his wife, Nancy Elizabeth Womack, were the progenitors of most of the Hutson families in Trinity County who descended from their five sons: William Thomas Hutson, Albert Jackson (Jay) Hutson, Abram Preston Hutson, Richmond Lee Hutson, and Womack Hutson.
Children of William Hutson and Nancy Womack are:

  i.   William Thomas Hutson, born 1856; died 1879; married Molly Magee.

  ii.   Albert Jackson Hutson, born 1859 in Mississippi; died 1954; married Rebecca Ann McClain.

  iii.   Alcy Jane Hutson, born 1861 in Mississippi; died 1884; married John Ingram.

  6 iv.   Abram Preston Hutson, born December 24, 1862 in Simpson County, Mississippi; died January 09, 1909 in North Cedar Creek, Trinity County, Texas; married Eliza Ann McClain January 10, 1883.

  v.   Mary Etta Hutson, born 1864 in Trinity County, Texas; died 1949; married Henry Largent.

  vi.   Richmond Lee Hutson, born 1866-1868 in Trinity County, Texas; died 1952; married Rosada Susan Burke August 02, 1894.

  vii.   Nancy Rebecca Hutson, born Abt. 1871 in Trinity County, Texas; married James B. Allen.

  viii.   Womack Hutson, born February 01, 1874 in Centralia, Trinity County, Texas; died 1964 in Trinity County, Texas; married (1) Evelyn Ratcliff 1903 in Lufkin, Texas; married (2) Fannie Inez Gann August 20, 1907 in Rusk, Texas.

  Notes for Womack Hutson:
Womack Hutson was born with an underdeveloped right arm which in no way hindered him as he went about his pursuits. Once when his children were young, a son was having trouble lifting a wheelbarrow. Womack said, 'you had better let me do that.' He looped a rope over his left shoulder, then stood slightly bent between the handles of the wheelbarrow and tied the rope under the right handle. When he straightened up and grasped the left handle, he lifted the wheelbarrow. His young son asked, 'Did you ever miss having two hands?' and Womach replied, 'Did you ever miss having three hands?' while chuckling.
Source: Trinity County Beginnings, Vol. 1, story by Charles P. Hutson

  ix.   Lula Pernecia Hutson, born 1877 in Trinity County, Texas; died 1955; married Hardy Standley.

  x.   Alice M. Hutson, born December 30, 1857; died December 20, 1909; married (1) L. J. McClain; married (2) Louis Jefferson McClain January 12, 1882.
       14. William Zedekiah McClain, born October 19, 1812 in Tennessee; died July 14, 1899 in Trinity Co., Tx.. He was the son of 28. Daniel McClain and 29. Mariah ?. He married 15. Rhoda Deborah Watson April 11, 1844 in Houston Co., Tx..
       15. Rhoda Deborah Watson, born May 07, 1825 in Baton Rouge, La.; died April 30, 1913 in Centralia, Trinity Co., Tx.. She was the daughter of 30. William Samuel Watson and 31. Cecelia Ann Watson.

Notes for William Zedekiah McClain:
These McClain's came from Tennessee to Texas in the early 1820's and were granted land from Mexico.

William Zedekiah (Zid) McClain enlisted in the service in the spring of 1862, Captain Ballinger's Company M, Hood's Brigade, 1st Texas Regiment, and was discharged in the spring of 1865.

(Source: Trinity County Beginnings, p 569)

Zedekiah McClain was a member of the first grand jury that met in Crockett. Since no building was provided for court sessions, the jury met under a large tree near the present site of the Davy Crockett Spring and fountain. During the session, Indians attacked a family on the present Hall's Bluff Road but escaped across the Trinity River.

The Civil War was growing with intensity, and volunteers were needed. On May 4, 1862, Zedekiah and his eldest son, Rufus, enlisted for military service at Sumpter, in Trinity County. He was 50 years of age, and Rufus was 17. They were in Gen. John Bell Hood's Texas Brigade, 1st Texas Regiment, Company M, under Capt. Ballinger. They were seperated and did not meet again until both returned from the War.
Children of William McClain and Rhoda Watson are:

  i.   William Rufus McClain, born January 28, 1845 in Hagerville, Houston Co., Tx.; died September 23, 1927 in Hagerville, Houston Co., Tx.; married Margaret Texana Hager January 19, 1871.

  Notes for William Rufus McClain:
William Rufus McClain, son of William Zedekiah and Rhoda Deborah Watson McClain, was born Jan. 28, 1845 at Hagerville, Houston Co., Tx. He was the eldest of twelve children, two of whom died in infancy.

Rufus attended the Scissil School in Trinity County. The building was made of logs with only one room and a large fireplace. The seats were split logs and desks were planks. The children wrote on slates with slate pencils. In some cases, an entire family of children used the same slate. They studied the "Blue Back" Spelling Book by Noah Webster. Besides reading, spelling and writing, they also studied catechism. By the time "Rufe" was twelve or fourteen years of age, he dropped out of school and worked with his father, helping to provide a livelihood for the large family.

The Civil War brought changes in many early Texas families, and the Zedekiah McClain family was no exception. Rufe and his father enlisted on May 4, 1862 when Rufe was 17 years of age, and his father was 50. They left Sumpter in Trinity County, were assigned to Gen. John Bell Hood's Texas Brigade, 1st Texas Regiment, Company M., under Captain Ballinger, and were sent to Richmond, Virginia for training. However, they were separated and did not meet again until the War was over. Rufe developed serious lung and liver diseases, and was hospitalized until October 1862 when he was discharged due to his health condition, and "being only 17 years of age" (quote from his medical discharge). He returned to his home, but later re-enlisted and served in the Texas Brigade under General Parson. On April 19, 1865 when General Robert E. Lee surrendered, Rufe was fighting with the 12th Regiment, Company B

Rufe married Miss Margaret Texana Hager on Jan. 19, 1871. They made their home in Hagerville where their six children were born. Two of the children died in infancy. Texana died Dec. 30, 1883, when the eldest child was only six years of age.

Source: Story written by Myrtle Petty Beadle in History of Houston County

  ii.   James Artemas McClain, born April 28, 1846; married Harriet Watson.

  iii.   Julius Manson McClain, born October 19, 1847 in Hagerville, Houston Co., Tx.; died 1938 in Trinity Co., Tx.; married Carolyne Chapman.

  iv.   Sam Houston McClain, born July 02, 1849 in Hagerville, Houston Co., Tx.; died January 10, 1936; married Mary Eddie Hager.

  v.   William Monroe McClain, born January 29, 1852 in Hagerville, Houston Co., Tx.; married Rebecca Hutson Abt. 1869.

  vi.   Louis Jefferson McClain, born January 29, 1855 in Hagerville, Houston Co., Tx.; died November 22, 1936; married Alice M. Hutson January 12, 1882.

  vii.   Benjamin Franklin McClain, born August 12, 1856 in Hagerville, Houston Co., Tx.; married N. E. Gresham.

  viii.   Wyatt Beasley McClain, born August 04, 1858 in Hagerville, Houston Co., Tx.; married Alice Grimes.

  ix.   Rebecca Ann McClain, born June 15, 1861 in Hagerville, Houston Co., Tx.; died January 19, 1951; married Albert Jackson Hutson.

  7 x.   Eliza Ann McClain, born December 23, 1863 in Centralia, Texas; died January 09, 1955 in Lufkin, Texas; married Abram Preston Hutson January 10, 1883.

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