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View Tree for Robert HamiltonRobert Hamilton (b. 1740, d. Bef. 18 Apr 1812)

Robert Hamilton (son of James ? Hamilton) was born 1740 in Ballymoney, Antrim Co., Ireland, and died Bef. 18 Apr 1812 in Laurens County, SC. He married Elizabeth in Ireland.

 Includes NotesNotes for Robert Hamilton:
Source: Thomas J. Newkirk, Geneology and History of the Newkird, Hamilton, and
Bayless Families, Evanston, Illinois, Private Printing,1916, page 31:
In a letter from Robert Hamilton, first born son this Robert Hamilton to his
nephes, William P. McCormack in 1872 states:
"Grandfather Hamilton's family, -- his name was Robert -- consisted of one
son and five daughters, their ages not known, except for my father born July
10, 1775. Grandfather and grandmother Hamilton were both born in Ireland and
married there, but emmigrated to America ca. 1772 before any children were
born. Grandfather Hamilton had but one brother, named James, he remained
in Ireland. Grandfather Caldwell's family consisted of three sons and three
daughters, two of the the children born in Ireland, came to America about the
year 1770, all of both parties settled in South Carolina and remained there
until their children were all grown and married, my father was the first that
left the state, August, 1812." [dlh -- moved to Fayette Co. Indiana.]

Newkirk, p. 31 goes on to state, Knowing the accuracy with which Robert
Hamilton spoke, the above version may be accepted as correct; but from other
sources of information, it may be added that the father of Robert, the
immigrant, was a Scotch presbyterian who was located in northern Ireland.

Sharon A. Webb, "From Whence We All Began", privately compiled family history & notes,
give date and places of Birth/Death for Robert Hamilton and give the name of his father as Robert Hamilton. I had birth as ca. 1749, Ireland; death as before 18 April, 1812 in Laurens, SC.

On Nov. 20, 1788, Robert Hamilton purchased one hundred acres of land on Cane
Creek, Laurens County, S.C.

Children consisted of one son, James, and five daughters.

1790 US Census, South Carolina
Georgetown district, All Saints Parish, Ninety-Six District, Laurens County, SC
Name of head of family: Hammilton, Robert
Free white males of 16 years and upward , including heads of famiies: 1 --(Robert)
Free white males under 16 years: 1 -- (James)
Free white females, including heads of famiies: 6
mother, Elizabeth, and unknown daughter, Betsy, Nancy, Marcy, Jennie

From the Hamilton National Genealogical Society, Inc. Master List of Submitter
All data fits.
Names, only one member reports kinship from this Robert Hamilton. That is
Sharon McCormack Webb is descended from Mary (Polly) Hamilton,
grandaughter of this Robert Hamilton. Polly, daughter of James, married Mr.
Charles McCormack.

Data from Sharon McCormack Webb:
Robetr Hamilton/Hambleton was a Scotch Presbyterian in Norther Ireland, emigrated to America arriving here in 6 January 1773, with his wife and two children on the ship, "HOPEWELL". A man received 100 acres of land for himself and if married and had children, they received 50 acres of land. Thus, we know, from the land he was granted that Robert should have a wife and two children. Source: Protestant Immigrants to South Carolina 1763-1773" by Janie Revill, p. 124. Geneology and History of the Newkirk, Hamilton, and Bayless Families by Thomas J. Newkirk.

There appears to be a problem with the interpretation above, for there are not two children that can be identified as being born in Ireland! No mention of any children, except for the six who divided up the proceeds of the will in 1816.

1772 Larne, Ireland
1772 The Jupiter departed Larne, Ireland, and arrived at Charleston, South Carolina. See Ship & Passenger Information
October, 1772 The Lord Dunluce departed Larne, Ireland, and arrived in December, 1772, at Charleston, South Carolina. See Ship & Passenger Information
October, 1772 The Hopewell departed (Larne,) Ireland, and arrived in December, 1772, at Charleston, South Carolina. See Ship & Passenger Information.
October, 1772 The Pennsylvania Farmer departed (Larne,) Ireland, and arrived in December, 1772, at Charleston, South Carolina. See Ship & Passenger Information.
October, 1772 The Free Mason (or Freemason) departed Larne, Ireland, and arrived in December, 1772, at Charleston, South Carolina. See Ship & Passenger Information

Robert Hamilton/Hambleton: a plantation of land in Craven County on Black River, bounded SE & NE on James Armstrong, SW on William Moses Gordon Tract, and NW & NE by vacant land. Survey certificate dated 8 June 1774 and granted August 19, 1774. Signed 2 Februay 1775.
Note: the document is not very legible.

On 20 November 1788, Robert Hamilton purchased 100 acres of land on Cain Creek for $40.00 from John & Mary Stephens. This is the land that Robert's son-in-law, John Samples bought at the sale of Robert Hambleton's estate in 1816.

From: LAURENS COUNTY SC WILL BOOK D, PAGE 74, dated 25 December 1811, the will of Robert Hammilton which left his estate to his wife Elizabeth and upon her death, to be equally divided among his children and grandson, Marshall Hitt. Proven 18 April 1812. The names of his children are not given in the will, but from the settlement of the estate, we get the names of four daughters (Betsey, Nancy, Marcy, Jene [Jennie], wife of Reubin Hitt], one son [James], five sons-in-laws, and two grandsons. Reubin Hitt receives what would have been his un-named wife's share had she been living-- not sure when she died. The mother Elizabeth died probably only a short time before the final dispersement of the estate's proceeds to the heirs on 23 August 1816.
WILL -- copied verbatim from original:

State of Carolina}
Laurens District }

In the year of our lord one
Thousand Eight hundred and Eleaven

I Robert Hammilton being weak and low in
Body but in perfect mind and memmory and calling to
Mind that was appointed for all men once? to die
I make this my last will and testament first of all I
Recommend my Sold to god that gave it me and by body to be
Buried in a christian like maner I then give unto my
Well beloved wife Elasabeth Hammilton all my Estate
Real and personal Except such a part of the perishable
Property as my after named Executors may think an Ex-
pence which they may sell to pay my just deblts and
at the death of my wife the whole of the property to be
Sold and Equally divideed between all my children and my
grandson Marshall Hittt. I also appoint fo my Excecutors
{ Robert Hollingsworth
{ and Reubin Hitt
December twenty fifth and in Thirty
Fifth of American independance
Robert X Hammilton {seal}

Signed Sealed and delivered
in the presence of

Samuel Goodman
Robert Hollingworth [son-in-law]
John Owen

Recorded in Will Book D-I, Page 74, Proved april 18, 1812
Recorded dated not available. David Anderson Ordy, Laurens District

Will Book D, page 485 -, Laurens County, SC
124 undated, Robt Hambleton decd. Sale g&ch Purch: Robt Hollingsorth, Jno Samples, Reubin Hitt, Jos Owens, Jessey Hitt, Jos Rodgers, Richd Roberts, Howard Pinson, Geor. Roberts, Ex-Robert Hollingsworth.
Found in book, "Abstracts of Early Records of Lauren County, South Carolina 1785-1820, compied by Sara M. Nash.
page 75 Appraisal Bill of the goods, chattels of Robert Hambleton
total value of personal property $418.88 1/2
Allen Ausen
John Owen
Danile Goodman
sworn appraisors
page 76 Bill of sale of goods and chattels of Robert Hamilton
Amont the purchasers are these names: Elexander Austen, John Sygan (?) William Fleming, Robert Hollingsworth, James Hambleton, Joseph Rodgers, John Sample, Samuel Austen, Richard Sims, Benjamin Hitt. Probate for Robert Hambleton - 1816 Bundle 32, pkg. 15

Robert Hollingsworth, Executor of Robert Hambleton, dec's, return made this day 23 August 1816.
Paid to Reubin Hitt, one of legatees, the whole of his legacy $27.93 1/2
Paid to John Samples, hus of Betsy Hambleton, his legacy in full $27.93 1/2
Paid to Jessy Hitt, hus of Nancy Hambleton, his legacy in full $27.93 1/2
Paid to Thomas Heard, hus. of Marcy Hambleton, his legacy in full $27.93 1/2
Paid to James Hambleton, one of his legatees, his legacy in full $27.93 1/2
Paid to Jessy Hitt, guardian of Michael ? (Marshal in will) Hitt, one of the legatees $27.93 1/2
Retained in my own hands as hus of Jene Hambleton, one of the legatees $27.93 1/2
signed by: Robert Hollingsworth

Appears that Michael (or Marshal) Hitt is the son of Reubin HItt.
Much of these notes on Robert Hamilton were compiled by Lucile Teeple around the time period of 1966-1975.

Children are listed in the order given in the final dispersement of the proceeds from the estate. Estimates for all births except for James Hamilton. [Broderbund Family Archive #354, Ed. 3, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, Date of Import: 6 Feb 2000, Internal Ref. #1.354.1.42247.11]

FTM CD #354
Individual: Robert Hamilton
Place: South Carolina
Year: 1772

Primary Individual: Hamilton, Robert

Source Code: 8980

Source Name:
STEPHENSON, JEAN. Scotch-Irish Migration to South Carolina, 1772. (Rev. William Martin and His Five Shiploads of Settlers.) Washington, D.C.: the author, 1971. 137p.

Source Annotation:
Pages 30-31, 35, 42-101 name satisified passengers listed in the Belfast News Letter, December 22, 1772, concerning the arrival of the Mary and James at "Charles-Town," S.C., October 18, 1772; and those of the ship Lord Dunluce, which arrived December 20, 1772, according to the Belfast Newsletter of June 4-8, 1773. Full family information on persons from the Lord Dunluce, January 6, 1773. Varies from data found in the records. Warrants of survey: pp. 42-101.

Source Page #: 69
The Lord Dungannon (or Dunagannon), 1768
The Lord Dunluce, 1772
The Hopewell, 1772
The Pennsylvania Farmer, 1772
The Free Mason (or Freemason), 1772

Due to the number of requests for information regarding these ships, the currently-available information is being provided in this temporary page while further source material is obtained. Should you have or know of additional information, please contact me - the searchers would greatly appreciate it.

Voyages are listed at the ship name on the Ship List:
The Lord Dungannon
The Lord Dunluce
The Hopewell
The Pennsylvania Farmer
The Free Mason

1767-8 The Lord Dungannon, with Irish Protestant passengers, departed Ireland in late 1767 and arrived at Charleston, South Carolina in early 1768. See Ship & Passenger Information.

October 4, 1772 The Lord Dunluce departed Larne, Ireland, and arrived in December, 1772, at Charleston, South Carolina. See Ship & Passenger Information.

October (4), 1772 The Hopewell departed (Larne,) Ireland, and arrived in December, 1772, at Charleston, South Carolina. See Ship & Passenger Information.

October (4), 1772 The Pennsylvania Farmer departed (Larne,) Ireland, and arrived in December, 1772, at Charleston, South Carolina. See Ship & Passenger Information.

October, 1772 The Free Mason (or Freemason) departed Larne, Ireland, and arrived in December, 1772, at Charleston, South Carolina. See Ship & Passenger Information
Ship and Passenger Information:

Grateful appreciation is extended to Mary Mullins Tuttle, individual researcher, and to Barbara A. Salazar of the Congressional Reference Division, Library of Congress, for portions of the information presented.
In December of 1772, five ships carrying 1,000 settlers from Ireland
(with Pastor William Martin) arrived at Charleston, South Carolina.

Of the five ships, we have been able to ascertain only four names:

The Lord Dunluce, Captain James Gillis (or Gilles) from Larne
The Hopewell, Captain Martin from Belfast
The Pennsylvania Farmer, Captain Robeson from Belfast
The Freemason, Captain Semple from Newry

Many of the passengers were members of a Presbyterian Church (Ballymoney
Congregation), pastored by William Martin, around the Belfast area who had
decided that they must leave their homeland if they were to worship in peace.

Among them was a John Mullins who later married a Jean/Janet/Virginia Jane Bailey.
Bailey's parents, according to some indications, had arrived in America in 1768
aboard the ship, the Lord Dunagannon (or Lord Dungannon).

Another site with additional information regarding the five vessels (including the James and Mary) and passengers of 1772 may be visited at:
The Five Ships and the People who came with the Rev. Martin
The above site also provides additional general information and links for Scotch-Irish and Ulster Scot Research.
Source information:
"Protestant Immigrants to South Carolina, 1763-1773"
Provides lists of passengers for various vessels who made petition for funds and land
under the South Carolina "Bounty Act". Not all passengers were listed and, in many cases,
family associations may be uncertain. Name spelling is as in the original, so there
are typical variations.
(Use browser "Bookmark" or "Back" to return to this page.)
"Ulster Emigration"
There are passing references to the Lord Dunluce in Chapter 3,
"Religion and Emigration: 1721-1730", and in Chapter 10, "Voyage to America".
The Lord Dunluce is listed in the appendices of emigrant vessels
in the back of the book.
There is also an account of the Atlantic crossing of the Lord Dunluce
(pp.290-91) by the ship's Master, James Gillis dated from Charlestown 15 January,
1773, to the Belfast News Letter which printed his account on June 4-8, 1773.
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"Lancour's Bibliography"
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More About Robert Hamilton and Elizabeth:
Marriage: Ireland.

Children of Robert Hamilton and Elizabeth are:
  1. +James Hamilton, b. 10 Jul 1775, Laurens District, Laurens, SC, d. 1857, Shelby, IN.
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