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Ancestors of Bessie Florella Trask

      346. Samuel Walker827. He was the son of 692. Samuel Walker. He married 347. Sarah Reed.

      347. Sarah Reed827. She was the daughter of 694. William Reade and 695. Mable Kendall.
Child of Samuel Walker and Sarah Reed is:
  173 i.   Sarah Walker, born Mar 06, 1669/70; died May 31, 1704; married Edward Johnson Jan 12, 1686/87 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass..

      348. George Reed827,828, born 1629 in England; died Feb 21, 1705/06 in Woburn, MA. He was the son of 694. William Reade and 695. Mable Kendall. He married 349. Elizabeth Glennings Jennson.

      349. Elizabeth Glennings Jennson829,830, died Feb 22, 1664/65 in Woburn, MA.
Child of George Reed and Elizabeth Jennson is:
  174 i.   William Reed, born Sep 22, 1662 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass.; died May 02, 1718 in Cambridge Farms, Middlesex, Mass; married Abigail Kendall May 24, 1686 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass..

      350. Francis Kendall831,832, born 1620 in Cambridge, England; died May 31, 1708 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass.. He was the son of 700. John Kendall and 701. Elizabeth Sacherell. He married 351. Mary Tidd Dec 24, 1644 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass..

      351. Mary Tidd833,834, born 1624; died 1705 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass.. She was the daughter of 702. John Tidd and 703. Margaret Greenfield.

More About Francis Kendall and Mary Tidd:
Marriage: Dec 24, 1644, Woburn, Middlesex, Mass.
Child of Francis Kendall and Mary Tidd is:
  175 i.   Abigail Kendall, born Apr 06, 1666 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass.; died Oct 12, 1734 in Lexinton, Middlesex, Mass; married William Reed May 24, 1686 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass..

      366. Ambrose Gale835, born 1631; died Aug 1708 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass.. He was the son of 732. Edmond Gale. He married 367. Mary Ward Aug 05, 1655 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass.835.

      367. Mary Ward835, born 1632; died Feb 05, 1693/94 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass.. She was the daughter of 734. Samuel Ward and 735. ?.

More About Ambrose Gale and Mary Ward:
Marriage: Aug 05, 1655, Marblehead, Essex, Mass.835
Child of Ambrose Gale and Mary Ward is:
  183 i.   Miriam Gale, born 1653; died 1735 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass; married Ephriam Sandin Abt. 1673.

      368. John Bartoll835, born Apr 26, 1601 in Crewkerne, Somerset, England; died Oct 01, 1664. He was the son of 736. John Bartoll and 737. Agnes ?. He married 369. Paynell Hodder Jan 12, 1627/28 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass.835.

      369. Paynell Hodder835, born 1602 in England; died 1689.

More About John Bartoll and Paynell Hodder:
Marriage: Jan 12, 1627/28, Marblehead, Essex, Mass.835
Children of John Bartoll and Paynell Hodder are:
  184 i.   William Bartoll, born 1629 in England; died Nov 02, 1690 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass; married Mary ? 1655.
  ii.   John Bartoll835, born 1631; died 1680.
  iii.   Joan Bartoll835, born Abt. 1633; died 1696.
  iv.   Mary Bartoll835, born Feb 01, 1641/42; died 1669 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass.
  v.   James Bartoll835, born Abt. 1644.

      374. Robert Knight835, born 1614 in Hampshire, England; died Oct 28, 1691 in Manchester, Essex, Mass.. He married 375. Mary Wilson.

      375. Mary Wilson835, born Bef. 1620; died 1675.
Children of Robert Knight and Mary Wilson are:
  187 i.   Anna Knight, born 1650 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass.; died Nov 30, 1705 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass; married John Hoile Bef. 1669 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass..
  ii.   Christian Knight835, born Abt. 1655; died Oct 09, 1694.
  iii.   Robert Knight835, born 1663 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass.; died 1739 in Berwick, York, Maine.
  iv.   Charles Knight835, born 1642 in Manchester, Essex, Mass.; died Sep 21, 1694 in Manchester, Essex, Mass.
  v.   John Knight835, born 1660; died Jan 26, 1699/00.
  vi.   Mary Knight835, born 1644 in Salem, Mass.; died 1675 in Lynn, Sussex, Mass.
  vii.   Martha Knight835, born 1653.
  viii.   Margaret Knight835, born 1665; died Dec 17, 1722.

      378. Thomas Pittman835, born 1614 in England; died 1694 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass.. He was the son of 756. Thomas Pittman. He married 379. Jane ? 1640835.

      379. Jane ?835.

More About Thomas Pittman and Jane ?:
Marriage: 1640835
Child of Thomas Pittman and Jane ? is:
  189 i.   Mary Pittman, born Abt. 1648 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass.; died 1734; married Elias Fortune 1670 in Salem, Mass..

      382. Henry Coombs835, died Aug 1669 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass.. He married 383. Elizabeth ?.

      383. Elizabeth ?835, died 1709.
Child of Henry Coombs and Elizabeth ? is:
  191 i.   Susannah Combs, born 1642; died 1729; married Francis Grant Oct 22, 1668 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass..

      384. Rev. Richard Denton836, born 1603 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England837,838; died 1663 in Hamsted, Essex, England839. He was the son of 768. Richard Denton and 769. Susan Sibella. He married 385. Helen Windlbank 1618 in Marden Parish, Wiltshire840.

      385. Helen Windlbank841, born 1605 in Yorkshire, England842. She was the daughter of 770. Thomas Windlbank and 771. Frances Dymoke.

Notes for Rev. Richard Denton:
It is through the Dentons of Digby County, Nova Scotia, descendants of Joseph Denton, the Loyalist from Long Island, New York that we trace one branch of our Harris heritage. It is said that most of the Dentons on the North American Continent are the descendants of Rev. Richard Denton who came with Governor Winthrop's fleet in 1630 to Boston Bay Colony.

Rev. Richard Denton graduated from Catherine Hall, Cambridge University in 1623, and even before he received his B.A. degree he was ordained a deacon in the Presbyterian faith. For seven years he was minister of Coley Chapel in Halifax, England, where his eloquent preaching made a profound impression upon his hearers. During the reign of Charles I, he was at odds with the civil authorities because of his refusal to read the Book of Sports on the Sabbath Day from his pulpit. This allowed the people, after attending church, to indulge in such things as dancing, archery, leaping, vaulting, May games, Witsun ales, Morris dances and setting of May Poles. He eventually found it expedient to seek asylum in America.

He came to this continent with Governor Winthrop's Fleet in 1630. The first record of Rev. Richard Denton on this side of the Atlantic was in 1634 when he was preaching at Watertown, Massachusetts, which had been settled by the Pilgrims in 1620. His Presbyterian principles soon were in conflict with those of the other ministers, so he convinced a number of his congregation to follow him to Connecticut to found a new town of Wethersfield. Here, the same thing happened and he went on to be one of the early settlers of Stamford, Connecticut, and in 1644 became pastor of the newly settled village of Manetos, New Netherland, now called Hempsted, Long Island, New York. He was the first minister in the three towns of Wethersfield, Stamford and Hempsted. His church in Hempsted is said to be the earliest true Presbyterian Church in America.

In 1652 Oliver Cromwell came to power in England, and in 1658/9 Rev. Denton returned to the land of his birth. He took a church in Essex and wrote "Solilquia Sacra". He died at Hempsted, Essex in 1662 at age 76.

It is said that Richard Denton was a very small man, blind in one eye, but ready to meet the devil in any form, with the other one. Whenever he preached it was with fever and conviction.

Richard Denton married around 1623/4 to Helen Windlbank (probably?), and likely married twice. He fathered eight children, as follows, and it is through Nathaniel that we trace our family.

A slightly different version in some minor details are provided by notes adapted from material of Virginia Doris McLean Denton, from her Family Tree Maker Home Page. She reports:

"A graduate of Cambridge in 1623, and acknowledged by many as the founder of Presbyterianism in America, Rev. Richard Denton came to New England in 1639. Before coming he was a preacher in Halifax, England."

"Rev. Denton worked first with the famous preacher, Cotton Mather. Rev. Mather speaks of Rev. Denton in his early memoirs: 'Rev. Denton was a highly religious man with strong Presbyterian beliefs. He was a small man with only one eye, but in the pulpet he could sway a congregation like hwe was nine feet tall."

"In his book, The History of the Clergy in the Middle Colonies, author Weiss makes reference to the religious conflict of early Connecticut which resulted in Rev. Denton moving to Hamstead, Long Island, New York in 1644. He settled there in the midst of a large Dutch colony. However, there were also many English settlers living in the area without benefit of religious guidance. With these scattered members for a beginning, Rev. Denton established the first Presbyterian Church in America. This church was so successful that soon the Dutch neighbours were attending services there. History shows that some controversy developed when Rev. Denton began to baptize some of the younger children of the Dutch who did not agree with all the Presbyterian beliefs."

"The history of Hamstead, Long Island makes many references to the Dentons and their marriages and their big families. The men were active in the local militias fighting the Indians and they developed excellent military experience that prepared them for officer commissions when some of them moved on to the Virginia frontier."

More About Rev. Richard Denton:
Baptism: Apr 1603

  Notes for Helen Windlbank:
Helen Windlbank is believed to have been the daughter of the King's Privy Coincil Master Secretary Windlbank. (Irena Wooton)

More About Helen Windlbank:
Name 2: Helen Windbank
Date born 2: 1588, Yorkshire, England843

More About Richard Denton and Helen Windlbank:
Marriage 1: 1618, Marden Parish, Wiltshire844
Marriage 2: Abt. 1623845
Children of Richard Denton and Helen Windlbank are:
  i.   Sarah Denton, born 1623; married William Thorne 1639.
  More About William Thorne and Sarah Denton:
Marriage: 1639

  ii.   Daniel Denton846, born 1626; died 1703; married (1) Sarah Whitehead; married (2) Abigail Stevenson 1659846; born 1640; married (3) Hannah Leonard Apr 24, 1676 in Springfield, Mass; born Dec 19, 1659 in Springfield, Hampton, Massachussetts.
  iii.   Timothy Denton, born Jul 23, 1627.
  192 iv.   Nathaniel Denton, born Mar 09, 1628/29 in Bolton, Yorkshire, England; died Oct 18, 1690 in Jamaica, Queens, Long Island, New York; married Sarah Smith 1652 in Bolton, Lancastershire, England.
  v.   Richard Denton, born 1630; died Oct 28, 1658; married Ruth Tileston Nov 10, 1657 in Babylon, Long Island, New York.
  Notes for Richard Denton:
Apparently there is no proof that Richard was a son of Rev. Richard Denton.

  More About Richard Denton and Ruth Tileston:
Marriage: Nov 10, 1657, Babylon, Long Island, New York

  vi.   Samuel Denton847, born May 29, 1631 in England847,848; died Mar 20, 1712/13 in Queens Co., N.Y.849; married Mary Rock-Smith 1661 in Hempsted, Long Island, New York849; born Abt. 1640 in Stamford, CT849,850; died WFT Est. 1679-1734851.
  More About Samuel Denton and Mary Rock-Smith:
Marriage: 1661, Hempsted, Long Island, New York851

  vii.   John Denton, born 1633.
  viii.   Phebe Denton, born Sep 29, 1634; died Oct 18, 1658 in Hempsted, Long Island, New York.
  ix.   Robert Denton, born Unknown; died 1678 in in Ipswich.
  Notes for Robert Denton:
Robert isn't listed as a child in Virginia Denton's material.

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