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Specializing in genealogical and computer services, and researching the following surnames:

Ayars, Bainbridge, Bishop, Bohner, Coffin, Davis, Dowdy, Drake, Dunn, Evans (an adopted name), Exton, Guckes, Elliott, Fisher, Fitzsimmons, Foote, Freeman, Hanks, Harrell, Hoyt, Hubbal / Hubbell, Klein, Malott, Macy, McKeown, Merritt, Miesse, Mix, Patterson, Rech, Scott, Stewart, Ticer / Tysor / Tyzer, Turner, Wall, Wilder and Voss. Other surnames include Banaszak, Jarzab, Kieras, Kleszcz, Sesniak or Szczesniak.

This file contains an extensive amount of information, but as in any genealogy project, I'm sure it contains errors. No guarantee of accuracy is made, but please use as a starting point for your own independent research.

Please respect that the information on this webpage is COPYRIGHTED and may not be reproduced without the express permission of the author.

The only exception to the downloading rule, would be permission for my family members (defined as siblings, parents, aunts & uncles & close cousins who I have have actually met face-to-face) to download images from this page. I also grant permission for linking to this webpage by those with non-commercial genealogical research related to my genealogy. The author of this home page retains all publication rights.

Apologies for the order of the pictures. It is determined by Family Tree Maker when files are uploaded and cannot be changed.

- Mary Harrell
Harrell Family of Indiana and Virginia & Other Families
Updated August 24, 2010

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GEDCOM Trees (viewing trees requires 4.0 or later)

  • The Ancestors of Ella Malott Evans (357 KB)
    The ancestry of Ella Laura Malott who married Edgar Hanks Evans. (born as Edmund Hanks until adopted by the George T. and Mary Robertson Evans family of Indianapolis).
  • The Ancestors of Eleanor Scott Guckes (840 KB)
    Gedcom limited to 10 Generations. Eleanor Scott Guckes, my grandmother, was the wife of Philip Exton Guckes. She was raised in Pennsylvania by her parents Edith Wilder and Arthur Hoyt Scott, but moved to Camden Maine with her husband Exton (or Phil) as he was called. Grannie instilled the love of travel in her entire family and we were all fortunate to take wonderful trips with her and to visit her in her lovely house (Twin Oaks) overlooking Camden Lighthouse. I remember her saying to us, "Be good, but don't be too good."
  • The Ancestors of Philip Exton Guckes (79 KB)
    Gedcom limited to 10 generations. Philip Exton Guckes was the son of Mary Rebecca Bainbridge and Philip Ellsworth Guckes. The Guckes family came to America from Albig, Germany. My grandfather Philip Exton Guckes was a talented man. He owned a Berrylium Bronze Foundry and was fond of sailing. If you saw the Kevin Costner movie, "Message in a Bottle", then you saw the Malabar schooner he once owned. We still have some Madeira wine that he brought from Spain in it. He and my grandmother, Eleanor Scott Guckes were the parents of three children, one who died very young.
  • The Ancestors of Samuel Runnels Harrell (643 KB)
    Gedcom limited to 10 generations. Samuel Runnels Harrell was born in Noblesville, Indiana, the son of Vivian Venus Voss and Dr. Samuel Harrell who founded what became the Riverview Hospital in Noblesville, one of the first hospitals in the State of Indiana. Dr. Samuel Harrell was born in Shelby County Indiana, the grandson of Byrum Harrell and second wife Sally Hubble, early pioneers to Shelby County (originally from Wythe County, Virginia.) My grandfather, Samuel Runnels Harrell, was an interesting man. He was a farmer and the president of Early & Daniel Company, a grain company. At one time he had political aspirations and ran for Governor of Indiana, an election which he did not win. He was married to my grandmother, Mary Robertson Evans, by whom he had three children. Some of our fondest memories were visiting my grandparents around their birthdays on Thanksgiving and riding horses on their farms.
  • Ancestors of Mary Robertson Evans (1357 KB)
    Gedcom limited to 10 generations. My grandmother was the daughter of Ella Laura Malott and Edgar Hanks Evans of Indianapolis, Indiana. Her ancestry is very interesting and can be traced to the Mayflower and the Magna Charta Barons, to name a few. Grannie was very generous to her family and civic oriented. She married twice: once to my grandfather Samuel Runnels Harrell and second to Dr. Harold Ochsner. Her father wrote a large two volume genealogy book on his ancestry, an interest that stemmed from having been adopted by the George T. and Mary Robertson Evans family of Indianapolis. In her later years, I have fond memories of visiting Grannie and Harold in Naples, Florida where they wintered.

Family Photos

  • Evans - Ella Laura Malott Evans and her daughters (159 KB)
    Ella Laura Malott Evans and her daughters: Eleanor Macy Evans (November 08, 1900 - c 1994) Mary Robertson Evans (November 29, 1902 - June 18, 1997) Caroline Malott Evans (May 21, 1904 - February 28, 1911)
  • Guckes House (Twin Oaks) Camden Maine (348 KB)
    This is the house that my grandparents, Eleanor Wilder Scott & Philip Exton Guckes, bought in Camden, Maine. Originally a cottage, they added several additions and moved to Maine permanently. On the left is a porch which I never knew. One of the additions was a free-standing garage and rooms on the end (one downstairs & one upstairs).
  • Malott Cottage, Roaring Brook, Michigan (303 KB)
    This is a picture of the original Volney T. Malott Cottage in Roaring Brook, Michigan.
  • Ochsner House - Sunset Lane Indianapolis (648 KB)
    This is the house that Dr. Harold and Mary (Evans)(Harrell)Ochsner owned at 5850 Sunset Lane in Indianapolis. Dr. Ochsner was my grandmother's second husband. This house was next to the other Sunset Lane House that my grandparents owned and it was sold after my grandmother died in 1997.
  • Harrell - Samuel R Harrell for Governor of Indiana (564 KB)
    My grandfather, Samuel Runnels Harrell, was an Indianapolis and Noblesville Indiana resident. He ran for Governor of Indiana as a farmer, but unfortunately lost when confusion arose about his elegant residence in Indianapolis.
  • Revolutionary War Monument, Marion, Smyth Co., VA (170 KB)
    In Marion, VA, there is a monument commemorating the service of the group of patriots who served in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse and the Battle of King's Mountain. Thomas Jefferson said that the Battle of King's Mountain "turned the tide of war in favor of the United States and led Cornwallis to remove to Yorktown and surrender." It was a savage battle and many patriots died or were wounded severely. These soldiers marched in Sept. 1775 to Williamsburg, where Patrick Henry needed help to force Gov. Dunmore to return the gunpowder he had taken from the colonists. My ancestor, Justus (Justice) Hubbell or Hubble is mentioned, as well as Matthew Bishop and Levi Bishop, the brothers of his wife, Waitstill Bishop. Picture courtesy of Connie Lautenbach!
  • Macy Family Photographs (24 KB)
    Family photographs of the David and Caroline Ann Patterson Macy house of Indianapolis.
  • Harrell - Mary Robertson Evans Harrell (84 KB)
    This is a beautiful picture of my grandmother in her wedding dress. She married Samuel R. Harrell on October 10, 1925 in Indianapolis.
  • Rev. War Monument, Smyth County, VA - (2nd side) (433 KB)
    This side of the monument displays the name of Matthew Bishop, along with other Revolutionary War patriots. Matthew, his brother Levi and brother-in-law Justus (Justice) Hubble all served in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse and the Battle of King's Mountain and are commemorated for their service of 1775 when they marched to Williamsburg and helped turn the tide of the War. Picture courtesy of Connie Lautenbach!
  • Scott - Edith Wilder Scott (352 KB)
    Edith Wilder (1875-1960), my great grandmother, was the daughter of Brig. General John Thomas Wilder (1830-1927) and Martha Jane Stewart (1837-1892). She married Arthur Hoyt Scott (1875-1927), one of the presidents of Scott Paper Company, and they had one child, Eleanor Wilder Scott(1902-1997) who married Philip Exton Guckes (1901-1964). She founded the Arthur Hoyt Scott Foundation at Swarthmore College for the teaching of horticulture by visual demonstration in honor of her husband.(See the arboretum at Swarthmore.)She also won several awards for horticulture.
  • A page from the 1895 journal of Edgar Hanks Evans. (270 KB)
    In 1895, Edgar Hanks Evans, the son of Jesse Turner Hanks & Mary Olmsted, went to Europe on a business trip for the flour company owned by his adopted parents, George T. and Mary Jane Robertson Evans. This document is from page eight of the journal. (c)2001, For Myers Florida by Descendants of Edgar Hanks Evans -- All Rights Reserved.
  • Hanks Homestead, Hanks Hill, Mansfield, CT (247 KB)
    This is a picture of the Hanks Homestead located in Mansfield, CT, built by Benjamin and Mary (White) Hanks. A description of the house by Caroline Hanks Hitchcock states, "Next to the sitting room is the "Bridal Room" so called because all of the children were married there. Out of the "Bridal Room" leads the "Bridal Chamber". During the Revolution when it was impossible to get knitting needles, Uriah invented a wire-drawing apparatus which drew out wire by horse power, and it was the first wire-drawing machine in America. Uriah & Irene's son Rodney Hanks (my ancestor) was born in the house and was considered a mechanical genius (as well as his brother Benjamin who made clocks & who knew Aaron Burr.) Rodney also built the first silk mill in America and was married to Olive Freeman. Rodney's sister Philena Hanks married Andrew Meneely, the famous bell maker of West Troy, NY. All together, this was a rather amazing family.
  • Pilgrims - William Brewster Way in Leiden Holland (250 KB)
    This is the alley where the pilgrim William Brewster, publisher of the "Pilgrim Press" lived. He & his partners, Thomas Brewer, John Reynolds & Edward Winslow saw printing as a means to advance the spread of the Gospel, just as others did it through preaching and praying. Their works (The Perth Assembly) angered King James of England, and this event may have had a direct impact on their leaving for America on the Mayflower.
  • Unidentified Ancestor #15 Rachel Dowdy Ticer poss. (250 KB)
    Cincinnati Daily Commercial 1858-1899 Death Notices, p. 5. show a Rachel Ticer, with a death date of 8 Dec 1875, Age 74, 7 months. In 1824 Augustine Tyser and Lucy Tyser of Hamilton OH were attorneys for Rachel Dowdy and sold 100 acres in Chatham Co to William Dowdy, which was the land conveyed earlier from Rachel's grandfather Thomas Dowdy. It is unknown who Rachel's father was, but her mother was Lucy Dowdy. She may have had an out of wedlock birth or perhaps she married a son of Thomas Dowdy.
  • A page from the 1895 Journal of Edgar Hanks Evans (196 KB)
    This page describes Edgar Hanks Evans' impressions of Paris, France during his business trip to Europe in 1895. (c)2001, Fort Myers, Florida 33908 by the Descendants of Edgar Hanks Evans -- All Rights Reserved!
  • Harrell House in Westfield, Indiana (134 KB)
    The Westfield, Indiana house where the Harrell family lived in the 1950s.
  • Evans - Malott Wedding Indianapolis April 18, 1899 (177 KB)
    Part of a newspaper clipping regarding the wedding Ella Laura Malott to Edgar Hanks Evans wedding!
  • Stuart / Stewart - Bible Record of Jacob Stuart (806 KB)
    The Jacob Stuart Bible record, (a page which is in my possession) contains the following Bible records: Ages of the Stuart family Jacob Stuart children Benjamin Stuart was born January the 17" 1780 Charls Do was born December the 2nd? 1780 Edith Stuart was born June 23 " A.D. 1783 Mary Stewart Born Sept 16 1785 Elizabeth Stewart do Feb Feb 28 1788 David Stuart do April 15 1790 Hannah Stewart May 31 1792 Jacob Stewart do Oct 14 1794 Silas Stewart do Oct 25 1796 Bracha Stewart do Jany 11 1799 John Stewart do November 6 1801 (Note that the last name is initially spelled as Stuart and subsequently as Stewart.)
  • P. 120 from the 1895 Journal of Edgar Hanks Evans (208 KB)
    In 1895 Edgar Hanks Evans traveled to Europe on family business. This is p. 120 of his personal journal. (c)copyright 2001, Fort Myers Florida 33908 by the Descendants of Edgar Hanks Evans. All Rights Reserved.
  • Wilder - Picture of Rachel Wilder (62 KB)
    Rachel Wilder was the daughter of Brig. General John Thomas Wilder and Martha Jane Stewart, my great great grandparents.
  • Philip Exton Guckes on the Malabar II (89 KB)
    Philip Exton Guckes (1901-1964)was the husband of Eleanor Scott Guckes (1902-1993). His parents were Mary Rebeckah Bainbridge (1876-1942) and Philip Ellsworth Guckes (1875-1928) of Philadelphia and Ardmore PA.
  • Roza Poland Cemetery (205 KB)
    Taken in 1999 during a visit to Roza Poland.
  • Quilt owned by Sophronia Wood Seymour Scott (74 KB)
    In the possession of my aunt & uncle. I have an almost identical quilt with Amanda Darrow's name on it that came from the estate of Edith Wilder Scott. Sophronia Wood Seymour was the wife of Alexander Hamilton Scott. They were the parents of the famous Scott brothers who founded Scott Paper Company. According to my aunt, this was a very common commercial pattern (double-woven with eagles) and would have been ordered with her name on it (not made by a family member). These quilts are in almost perfect condition.
  • Roza Poland Madonna from the Church in Zassow (158 KB)
    This beautiful Madonna is from the Church in Roza and is similar to the famous Black Madonna.
  • Brosius - Bohner - Miesse - Voss 4 generation pict (230 KB)
    This is believed to be a three or four generation picture of my family. My sister and I are trying to sort out who is in the picture. She believes that the dress is later than 1870. One option is: Eva Brosius Bohner 1792-1872, Mary Alice Miesse Voss 1844-1917, Phoebe Bohner Miesse 1820-1905 and the baby, Vivian Venus Voss (later wife of Samuel S. Harrell) 1870-1959. The other option is that Phoebe Bohner Miesse is on the left, daughter Emma (Miesse) Illyes is in the center and Mary Alice (Miesse) Voss is on the right. The baby would then probably be one of Emma's. Her children were Eda Belle b. c. 1873, George b. c. 1874, Vesta Bertis b. c. 1877, Samuel J. b. c. 1879 and Theresa F Illyes b. c. 1882.
  • The Roza Poland Sign (335 KB)
    Posing by the Roza Poland Sign in 1999. The Kieras family was born in Rớza and emigrated to Grand Rapids Michigan in the early 1900's.
  • Believed to be Mary Alice Miesse, w/o W. A. Voss (133 KB)
    Mary Alice Miesse September 14, 1844-December 29, 1917 was the wife of William Allen Voss and the mother of Frank, William and Vivian Venus Voss. Vivian married Dr. Samuel S. Harrell of Noblesville, Hamilton County Indiana.
  • Meg Guckes and Daisy Moon (201 KB)
    Taken at Upwey near Woodstock, VT.
  • The Macy & Malott Family of Indianapolis, Indiana (120 KB)
    This three generation picture was taken c. 1890-1891, based upon the following: David Macy passed in 1892. His granddaughter Margaret Patterson (Daisy) Malott was born January 05, 1874 and looks to be a young teenager. Some family notes include: Grandpa Macy was quiet, kind. Clear mind. Grandma Macy was alert, energetic, socially inclined. They belonged to St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Was very close church friendship with Vice-President & Mrs. Thomas A. Hendricks' pews were adjacent. [Mr. Hendricks was elected in Nov, took office March, died following Nov was also Governor of Ind.] Mayor Sullivan was friend also. Mrs. Macy enjoyed entertaining visiting bishops & clergy. They had N.Y. Dry receptions. The women dressed in evening gowns of velvets & satin with long trains. Were drove in carriages from open house to open house & received mementos from each such as jingly bells & wishbones which formed an array on their coat lapels. Their daughter Caroline Ann married Sept. 2, 1962 [s/b 1862] Volney Thomas Malott, of French Huguenot extraction...
  • Jesse Turner Hanks (239 KB)
    Jesse was the husband of Mary Jane Olmsted. They had one child, Edmond Hanks, who was renamed Edgar Hanks Evans, when he was adopted into the George T. and Mary Jane Robertson Evans family.
  • Harrell Grave - Rev. Byrum Harrell (281 KB)
    The Rev. Byrum Harrell received a landgrant of 200 acres in Shelby County, IN near Fairland around 1825, having first visited the area in 1816. He and his two wives are buried in Brandywine Cemetery there. Byrum and Sally Hubble/Hubbal/Hubbell Harrell (his 2nd wife) were my great, great, great grandparents and the parents of Judge William Wick Harrell (JW Harrell)who they named after the famous Indiana judge, William Wick. He was famous for a trial in Pendleton which was the first time white persons were successfully prosecuted for killing indians. He was also an early circuit judge to Shelby County Indiana, so it is likely that he knew the family.
  • Scott - Arthur Hoyt Scott at Perce Rock (502 KB)
    Arthur Hoyt Scott (1875-1927) was son of Sarah Frances Hoyt (1847-1916) and Edwin scott Scott (1846-1931). Arthur married Edith Wilder (1875-1960), the daughter of General John Thomas Wilder (1830-1927) and Martha Jane Stewart (1837-1892) . They were the parents of one child, Eleanor Wilder Scott (1902-1993) who married Philip Exton Guckes (1901-1964).
  • Grave - Sally Hubble (Hubbell / Hubbal) Harrell (202 KB)
    Sally or Sarah Harrell was the wife of Byrum Harrell. She was born in VA & moved with him as his 2nd wife to Shelby County, Indiana. She was the daughter of Eliphalet & Elizabeth Hubble or Hubbell & was a twin to David.
  • Grave - Samuel Miesse and Phoebe Bohner (198 KB)
    This is the tombstone of Samuel Miesse and Phoebe Bohner, my great great great great grandparents. It is located in Zimmer Cemetery near Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana. Phoebe was born in Westmoreland PA and is on the front side. She was the daughter of Johan Frederick Bohner and Eva Brosius from Dauphin, PA. He was the son of Catherine Kline and John Miesse from Berks County, PA and his information is on the back side.
  • Grave- Sally Oldham Pertle Harrell (102 KB)
    Sally was the 1st wife of Rev. Byrum Harrell. She is buried in Brandywine Cemetery, Shelby Co., Indiana, as is Byrum & his 2nd wife Sally Hubbel or Hubbell Harrell. Her parentage is unknown.
  • The Matthias Fisher Bible (756 KB)
    This is a scan of a family Bible printed in Dublin in the 1750s. Rachel Hoowee (Howee) and Abel Fisher were my 5th great grandparents.
  • Grave - Judge Wick Harrell (125 KB)
    Judge Wick "JW" Harrell was son of Byrum Harrell & second wife Sally Hubble or Hubbell. He lived in Shelby County, Indiana & married three times. My great great grandmother was his first wife, Lodema Ann Drake. He is buried in Greenfield, IN with his 3rd wife Lottie May Jenkins. Lodema Ann Drake (his wife wife & my gg grandmother) & second wife Josephine E J Day are buried in Brandywine Cemetery, Shelby Co.
  • Wilder Tower at Chicamauga (12 KB)
    This tower was dedicated to Brig. General John Thomas Wilder, famous for his service (Wilder's Lightning Brigade) at Chicamauga during the Civil War.
  • Harrell Grave- Ransom B, son of Byrum & Sally (856 KB)
    Ransom B. Harrell (June 11, 1841-March 20, 1842) was the infant son of Rev. Byrum Harrell & Sally Hubbell (or Hubble/Hubbal) Harrell. He is buried in Brandywine Cemetery. In 2001, his stone was proped up against his fathers, so has been moved. His name supports the theory that his grandmother Elizabeth Hubbell may have been a Ransom (grandmother was married to Eliphalet Hubbel/Hubble/Hubbell). However, new data suggests that Elizabeth may have been Elizabeth Whitehouse of Wythe, VA, so it is unknown where the name Ransom came from.
  • Unidentified Ancestor #13 Labeled Andrew Voss (268 KB)
    Andrew Voss married Jane "Jennie" Ticer, daughter of Augustin(e) & Lucy Dowdy Ticer. He was my great great great grandfather. He was born in Charleston, SC in 1796 and died in Girard Kansas in 1884. He also lived in Philadelphia, Hamilton County, OH (Cincinnati) and Noblesville, Indiana. However, this picture may not be him, as there is a stamp that dates the picture from 1864-1866 and his age appears to be wrong.
  • House on Stewart Trace or Trail, Westmoreland, PA (1052 KB)
    An abandoned home in the vicinity of where the Jacob Stewart family lived.
  • Dr. Samuel and Vivian Venus Voss Harrell (388 KB)
    This picture was taken in 1931 on Mother's Day at the home in Noblesville, Indiana. Dr. Samuel Harrell died Sept. 8, 1931, so this was probably one of the last pictures taken of the couple. Dr. Samuel founded the Riverview hospital in Hamilton County Indiana with his brother Dr. Madison Harrell.
  • Scott Paper Company Letterhead from 1892 (335 KB)
    Scott Paper Company was founded by brothers, E. Irvin Scott, Clarence Scott and later joined by Thomas Seymour Scott. The brothers began by selling butcher paper from pushcarts in 1867 in Philadelphia. Later, they brand named toilet paper and made Scott Paper Company the largest producer of bathroom tissues. They were also famous for inventing the paper towel, in order to help school teachers help children suffering from colds in the classroom. This letterhead from 1892 was scanned from a letter to their sister Cora Waring and was written by Clarence Scott.
  • House on Two Mile Run, Ligonier, Pennsylvania (143 KB)
    This house was built in 1773 by Abel Fisher.
  • Harrell House in Cincinnati 1960's (287 KB)
    This is the house on Eustis Farm Lane, Indian Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio that my parents built in the 1960's.
  • Jesse Turner Hanks and Mary Olmsted (King) (Hanks) (160 KB)
    This is a picture of Jesse Turner Hanks and Mary Jane Olmsted (1837-1914), an author and suffragette. She was the daughter of Richard Montgomery Olmsted and Hester Janet Mix. Jesse was the son of Achsah Loomis Turner & Edmund Hanks of "Hanks Hill", Mansfield, Connecticut. He became superintendant of the Sierra Buttes Mind near Sierra City (or Downieville), CA, owned by William Letts Oliver & earned $5,000 per year in gold, a fortune for the time, but this was not surprising, as the mine produced more gold than any other in the country in it's day.
  • House-Phillip E. & Mary Rebeckah Bainbridge Guckes (191 KB)
    Bledden Road, Philadelphia
  • Harrell Log Cabin - Noblesville Indiana (425 KB)
    This is the log cabin in Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana where my grandfather was born in 1897. It was built by Dr. Samuel and Vivian Venus Voss before they built a more permanent home.
  • First Silk Mill in America by Rodney Hanks (150 KB)
    This picture, taken in 1931, shows the first silk mill in America, invented by Rodney Hanks in Mansfield, CT. The Hanks family was full of inventors and were distant cousins to the mother of Abraham Lincoln.
  • Identified #06 - Isaac Miesse 1851-1917 (1312 KB)
    Some of the pictures in the album of Vivian Venus Voss Harrell may be out of order. However, #6 is Isaac Miesse, the brother of Mary Alice Miesse who married William Allen Voss.
  • House - Philip Exton & Eleanor (Scott) Guckes (157 KB)
    Orchard Way, Wayne, PA
  • Harrell House - Sunset Lane Indianapolis (179 KB)
    This is the house on Sunset Lane in Indianapolis where my grandparents, Samuel R. & Mary Evans Harrell raised their family. It was later given to their son, Samuel Macy Harrell. Unfortunately, it was torn down in the 1990s and no longer exists.
  • Philip Exton Guckes (340 KB)
    Philip Exton Guckes (1901-1964) was my maternal grandfather and the owner of the schooner Malabar II, which was featured in the movie, "Message In A Bottle." He bought the American Non-Gram Bronze Company, of Berwyn, PA in 1925. He and my grandmother, Eleanor Wilder Scott (1902-1993), moved to Camden Maine where they lived in a scenic location overlooking Curtis Light House.
  • Family Portrait - labeled as Ann Voss (128 KB)
    The parents of Andrew Voss II were Mary Fitzsimmons and Andrew Vos. Andrew had a sister named Ann Sophia Voss. The parents of the first Andrew Vos are not known and there are known mistakes in the names of ancestors in famly records. However, it is known that Andrew Vos (I) was born in Holland and was a Dutch sea captain who was known to transport art. Perhaps this was his wife, Mary, or his actual mother.
  • House - Arthur Hoyt & Edith (Wilder) Scott (166 KB)
    Todmorden, the home of Arthur Hoyt and Edith (Wilder) Scott.
  • Beater Room at Scott Paper Company in 1917 (456 KB)
    Taken from a 1917 publication called "Impressions", this picture displays the beater room at Scott Paper Company where the pulp was processed.
  • Identified - Gustevus Voss (133 KB)
    The History of Indianapolis from 1910 has a biography of Gustevus Voss with this portrait. He had a dairy farm in Noblesville, Indiana where his brother William Allen Voss worked and raised thoroughbred horses. Gustevus also was active in the Underground Railway in the Greencastle area.
  • Vivian Venus Voss Harrell (1870-1959) (248 KB)
    Vivian Venus Voss was the wife of Dr. Samuel Harell of Noblesville, Indiana. Her parents were William Allen Voss and Mary Alice Miesse & grandparents were Andrew Voss and Jane "Jennie" Ticer, and Samuel K Miesse and Phoebe Bohner.
  • Schindler's Home (149 KB)
    In 1999 the location of Oskar Schindler's Polish home had no sign in front of it (the middle floor). We were lucky enough to have a guide show us the street. This does not relate to my genealogy, but since this man was so important to the memory of the Holocaust, I thought it was important to display this picture.
  • Death Certificate of Vivian Venus Voss Harrell (584 KB)
    Vivian Venus Voss Harrell died June 05, 1959 of lung fever in Noblesville, Indiana.

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Related Files

  • Descendants of Richard Hubbell (160 KB)
    This is a pioneer to pioneer descendancy: My great great great grandmother was Sally Hubbal (Hubbell) who married Byrum Harrell (aka Baron or Rev, Byrum Benjamin Harrell)as his second wife in Smyth County, Virginia on June 11, 1837. They were pioneers to the Shelby County, Indiana area in the early 1800s. Sally Hubbal or Hubbell's great great great grandparents were Richard Hubbell and Elizabeth Meigs. Virtually all Hubbells in the United States are descended from this Richard Hubbell, the emigrant of Ribsford, Worchestershire, England and Connecticut. Sally had a twin brother named David. It is probably just a coincidence that I am the mother of twins named Brenda and Brian.
  • Descendants of Thomas Macy of Chilmark, England (41 KB)
    The Macy family was instrumental in the founding of Nantucket Island, MA. As Quakers, many of them removed to Guilford, North Carolina. My great great grandmother was Caroline Ann Macy who married Volney T. Malott and the daughter of David Macy and Mary Ann Patterson.
  • Obituary of Volney T. Malott (13 KB)
    This is the obituary of Volney T. Malott, my great great grandfather who married Caroline Ann Macy. (Obituary, The Indianapolis Star, Wed., June 15, 1921.)
  • The Descendants of Nicholas Wilder (276 KB)
    The first Wilder in America was Martha Wilder, the widow of Thomas Wilder of Shiplake England. Thomas was the great grandson of Nicholas Wilder, a man of German ancestry who probably went to England with the Earl of France that landed at at Milford Haven. This Nicholas Wilder was a military chieftain in the army of the Earl of Richmond at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, which defeated Richard III. As a result, Henry VII presented his friend Nicholas Wilder with a coat of arms and a landed estate in Shiplake England on the 15th of April 1497. This property, known as the Sulham Estate, is still owned by direct descendants of Nicholas Wilder. My own descendancy would be the 15th generation from Nicholas Wilder. The last Wilder in my family was my great grandmother Edith Wilder, wife of Arthur Hoyt Scott, the President of Scott Paper Company. Her parents were Martha Jane Stewart and Brig. General John Thomas Wilder of Civil War fame. Gen'l Wilder's "Lightning Brigade" (part of the Army of the Cumberland) at Chicamauga held off Rosecrans and contributed to a tremendous victory and the saving of lives. Perhaps Nicholas Wilder was whispering in his ear that day, helping to lead him to victory. In addition to this brigade, Wilder was known for the introduction of the Spencer Repeating Rifles and for making the first two cannons used by the State of Indiana in the Civil War. After the war he was a postmaster and built the Cloudland hotel on top of Roan Mountain, TN a lovely area known for the profuse pink blooms of the wild rhododendrums. Wilder was also one of the founders of the Republican Party.
  • Scott Family Ancestry (34 KB)
    This file contains decendancy information about William Scott (prob.), father of Archibald Scott through Eleanor Wilder Scott, daughter of Edith Wilder and Arhur Hoyt Scott, president of Scott Paper Company.
  • Harrell Death and Miscellaneous Newspaper Reports (46 KB)
    Updated 1-2-2010
  • Harrell Marriage Records from Indiana 1851-1900 (304 KB)
    An incomplete transcription of Harrell Family Indiana Marriage Records from the 2nd half of the 1800. (No guarantee for accuracy.)
  • Harrell NC Marriages (Misc.) before 1835 (12 KB)
    This document contains an incomplete record of miscellaneous Harrell Marriages from North Carolina (NC) before 1835 listed in the Wither's Harrell book. It has not been proofed for errors, so please verify this data independently.
  • Harrell, Samuel Runnels letter to Mrs. Withers (2 KB)
    This correspondence relates to my grandfather's genealogy research. In the 1940s he wrote to a Mrs. Withers who had written a genealogy book on the Harrell family. In it he indicates that our branch went from North Carolina to Virginia, before removing to Shelby Co., and then Noblesville, Indiana.
  • William Harrell or Harrall Letter GSA Rev. Claim (7 KB)
    This document is a letter to the GSA asking for copies of William Horrall (Harrell, Harrall) and Josiah Culbertson's Claims for pensions. It was uncovered in my family papers when my parents and grandparents were researching the Harrell Ancestry and I have no proof that it is the same William Harrell who was the father or grandfather of Rev. Byrum Harrell. If you do, please contact me regarding your source.

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