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Ancestors of Jesse Turner Hanks

      758. Deacon Thomas Clark655, born Bet. 1599 - 1604; died March 24, 1696/97 in Plymouth, MA. He was the son of 1516. ??hom?? Clark. He married 759. Susannah Ring Abt. 1634.

      759. Susannah Ring656,657, born Bet. 1600 - 1605. She was the daughter of 1518. ?Andrew Ring and 1519. Mary Ring ?Durant Unknown.

More About Deacon Thomas Clark:
Burial: Summit of Burying Hill, Plymouth, MA
Eligible: Society of Colonial Dames, Plymouth; Deputy Plymouth Court
Emigration: Abt. July 1623, Thomas Clark emigrated on the Anna (not the mate of the Mayflower).
Freeman: 1633, Took the Freeman's oath
Military: 1638, Heads the list of volunteers to fight the Pequot Indians
Religion: Bet. 1654 - 1697, Deacon Plymouth Church

More About Susannah Ring:
Emigration: 1629, To Plymouth, MA, with mother and siblings.
Children of Thomas Clark and Susannah Ring are:
  i.   Andrew Clark658,659, born Abt. 1635; married Mehitabel Scottow; born December 14, 1648.
  ii.   James Clark660,661, born Abt. 1637; married Abigail Lothrop October 07, 1657 in Plymouth, MA; born Abt. 1639 in Barnstable, MA.
  More About Abigail Lothrop:
Baptised: November 02, 1639

  iii.   William Clark662,663, born 1639; married (1) Sarah Woolcot; married (2) Hannah Griswold; born Bet. 1639 - 1649.
  379 iv.   Susanna Ring Clark, born Abt. 1641; died September 28, 1697 in \ ("aet 55"); married Barnabas Lothrop, Esq. December 01, 1658.
  v.   Nathaniel Clark664,665, born Abt. 1643; married Dorothy Lettice December 12, 1665; died Abt. 1686.
  vi.   John Clark666,667, born Bet. 1645 - 1651; married Mary Benjamin August 1695; born Abt. 1670.

      764. Henry Howland668,669, born Abt. 1601; died January 17, 1670/71 in Duxbury, MA. He was the son of 1528. Henry Howland and 1529. Ann Margaret Aires. He married 765. ?Mary Newland.

      765. ?Mary Newland670, died August 17, 1674.

More About ?Mary Newland:
Will: May 08, 1674, Proved 8 April 1675. She gave one shilling each to Abigail Young, Zoith Howland, mary Cutworth, Samuel Howland, Sarah Denis, Elizabeth Allin; to son John, she gave her house at Apponegansett and to son Joseph the rest of her estate.
Children of Henry Howland and ?Mary Newland are:
  i.   Joseph Howland671,672, married Rebecca Huzzey.
  382 ii.   Zoeth Howland, born 1632 in Of Duxbury, Plymouth, MA; died March 31, 1676 in Pocaset, RI\Killed by Indians; married Abigail Howland Unknown October 1656 in Dartmouth, MA.
  iii.   John Howland673,674, married ?Mary Walker.
  iv.   Samuel Howland675,676, born in Duxbury; married Mary Howland Unknown.
  More About Samuel Howland:
Will: February 15, 1714/15, proved May 7, 1716.

  v.   Sarah Howland677,678, married Robert Dennis.
  vi.   Elizabeth Howland679,680, married Jedediah Allen.
  vii.   Mary Howland681,682, married James Cudworth.
  viii.   Abigail Howland683,684, born Abt. 1629; died April 07, 1692; married John Young; born Abt. 1623; died 1691.

      772. Stephen Williams685, born Abt. 1580 in Yarmouth, England \ (prob.); died September 19, 1625 in London, England \ (of the plague). He was the son of 1544. ?Robert Williams. He married 773. Margaret Cooke September 22, 1605 in St. Nicholas Church, Great Yarmouth, England.

      773. Margaret Cooke686, born Abt. 1585 in Yarmouth, England; died September 13, 1625 in Yarmouth, MA. She was the daughter of 1546. Nicholas Cooke and 1547. Winifred Webster.

More About Stephen Williams:
Burial: Great Yarmouth, England
Child of Stephen Williams and Margaret Cooke is:
  386 i.   Robert Williams, born July 24, 1607 in Norwich, England; died September 01, 1693 in Roxbury, MA; married (1) Elizabeth Stalham December 11, 1628 in England; married (2) Margaret Williams Unknown November 03, 1675 in Hingham, Plymouth, MA; married (3) Martha Williams Unknown Aft. December 22, 1690.

      774. John Stalham, born Abt. 1572 in Tombland, England. He was the son of 1548. Christopher Stalham and 1549. Joan Drake. He married 775. Alice Gibson Bef. 1592 in England.

      775. Alice Gibson, born Abt. 1575 in Tombland, England \ (or St. George England). She was the daughter of 1550. John Gibson and 1551. Alicia Gibson Unknown.
Children of John Stalham and Alice Gibson are:
  i.   Rev. Samuel Stalhan, born 1592.
  ii.   John Stalhan, born 1601.
  387 iii.   Elizabeth Stalham, born Abt. September 11, 1608 in St. George, Tombland, England; died July 28, 1674 in Roxbury, MA; married Robert Williams December 11, 1628 in England.

      780. John Or Joseph Wheelock687, born October 07, 1563 in Dorrington, Shropshire, England \ (or Sanback, Cheshire, Eng.); died September 11, 1639 in Biddulph, Staffordshire, England. He was the son of 1560. Humphrey Wheelock and 1561. Margaret Winter. He married 781. Elizabeth Rogers May 03, 1595 in Dorrington, Shropshire, England.

      781. Elizabeth Rogers687, born 1568 in Nesse Strenger, Shropshire, England; died in Dorrington, Shropshire, England.
Children of John Wheelock and Elizabeth Rogers are:
  i.   John Wheelock, born Abt. 1596 in Dorrington, England; married Sarah Wilkinson June 06, 1643 in Dorrington, Shropshire, England; born Bet. 1596 - 1606 in England.
  ii.   Elizabeth Wheelock, born July 07, 1597 in Dorrington, England; married John Adams August 04, 1616 in Dorrington, Shropshire, England; born Bet. 1587 - 1597 in Dorrington, England.
  iii.   Humphrey Wheelock, born April 21, 1598 in Dorrington, England; died Abt. 1599 in \ (died young).
  390 iv.   Rev. Ralph Wheelock, born May 14, 1600 in Dorrington, England; died January 11, 1683/84 in Medfield, MA\ (or Dedham)/Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA; married Rebecca ?Wilkinson ?Clarke Abt. 1631 in England.
  v.   Mary Wheelock, born Abt. 1603 in Dorrington, England.
  vi.   John Wheelock, born Abt. 1606 in Dorrington, England.

      782. ?Thomas Clarke, born Abt. 1557 in Banham, Norfolk, England; died May 1638 in Banham, Norfolk, England. He married 783. ?Many Canne October 17, 1602 in Banham, Norfolk, England.

      783. ?Many Canne, born Abt. 1580 in England.
Child of ?Thomas Clarke and ?Many Canne is:
  391 i.   Rebecca ?Wilkinson ?Clarke, born Abt. 1610 in England; died January 01, 1680/81 in Medfield, Worchester, Co., MA; married Rev. Ralph Wheelock Abt. 1631 in England.

      814. Elder William Brewster688,689, born 1566 in Scrooby, England\ possibly; died April 10, 1644 in Plymouth Colony, MA. He was the son of 1628. Bailiff and Receiver William Brewster and 1629. Mary Brewster Unknown. He married 815. Mary ?Wentworth Abt. 1585 in England.

      815. Mary ?Wentworth690,691, born Abt. 1569 in Scrooby, England\ possibly; died April 17, 1627 in Plymouth Colony, MA. She was the daughter of 1630. ?Thomas Wentworth and 1631. ?Grace Gascoigne.

More About Elder William Brewster:
Comment: William was the Ruling Elder of Plymouth Plantation.
Education: December 03, 1580, Matriculated Cambridge University, England
Eligible: November 11, 1620, Society of Mayflower Descendants: 4th signature of compact signed in cabin of Mayflower
Emigration: 1620, Mayflower with wife and two children
Military service: Chaplain of the first military company in Plymouth
Occupation: Bef. 1607, Managed Post Office at Scooby
Religion: Bef. 1608, Prominent member of the Scrooby Separtist Church which moved to Holland in 1608 to escape persecution

More About Mary ?Wentworth:
Emigration: 1620, Mayflower
Children of William Brewster and Mary ?Wentworth are:
  i.   William Brewster692, born Abt. 1586; died in Virginia.
  ii.   Edward Brewster693, born 1587; died in England.
  iii.   Jonathan Brewster694,695,695, born August 12, 1593 in Scrooby, England; died August 07, 1659 in Norwich, CT; married (1) Unknown Brewster Unknown Bef. 1619; died May 10, 1619 in Leyden, Holland; married (2) Lucretia Oldham April 10, 1624 in Plymouth, MA; born Bet. 1605 - 1610 in All Saints Parish, Derby, England; died March 04, 1678/79 in Preston, CT\ (now Norwich, CT).
  More About Jonathan Brewster:
Address (Facts Pg): Scrooby, England, Leyden, Holland, Plymouth, MA, Duxbury, MA, Pequot (New London), MA
Emigration: November 1621, Fortune\Landed at Cape Cod from England (did not come on the Maryflower).

  More About Lucretia Oldham:
Baptised: January 14, 1599/00, All Saint's, Derby, England
Emigration: 1623, On the "Ann" with her brother John Oldham and his wife.

  iv.   Child Brewster696, born Abt. 1594; died June 20, 1609 in Leyden, Holland.
  More About Child Brewster:
Burial: Leiden, Holland

  v.   Love Brewster696,697, born Abt. 1595 in England; married Sarah Collier; born in England; died Aft. 1678.
  More About Love Brewster:
Emigration: 1620, Came on the Mayflower

  vi.   Fear Brewster698,699, born Aft. 1595; died December 12, 1634 in Plymouth Colony, MA\ of the "pestilent fever"; married Isaac Allerton Abt. 1626 in Plymouth, MA; born Abt. 1586 in England; died Aft. February 01, 1658/59.
  More About Fear Brewster:
Description: Described in the History of the Allerton Family as a woman of pleasing appearance and pious disposition.
Emigration: July 1623, Fear emigrated on the Ann, not the Mayflower.

  More About Isaac Allerton:
Address (Facts Pg): 1639, Moved to New Amsterdam in 1639; Also lived in New Haven, CT.
Emigration: December 22, 1620, The Mayflower landed at Plymouth, MA.

  407 vii.   Patience Brewster, born Abt. 1598 in Scrooby, England; died December 12, 1634 in Plymouth, MA; married Gov. Thomas Prence August 05, 1624 in Plymouth, MA.
  viii.   Wrestling Brewster700,701, born Aft. 1598; died in \(Died young).
  More About Wrestling Brewster:
Emigration: Came on the Mayflower.

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