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Descendants of Tamar Tephi, Princess Of Judah

Generation No. 46

      46. Foghan97 Owen (Niall Mor96 Noigiallach, Eochy95 Moyvone, Murdeach94 Tireach, Fiacha93 Srabbeteine, Cairbre92 Liffechar, Cormac (Ulfhada)91 Mac Art, "The Lonely"90 Art-Ean-Fhear, Conn Ceadcatha Monarch of89 IRELAND, Felim Rachtmar King Of IRELAND [The88 Lawgiver], Tuathal Feachtmar King Of IRELAND [The87 Desired], Fiocha Fionn Ola King Of IRELAND [of White86 Oxen], Feredach Fionn Feachtnach King Of IRELAND [The85 T, Crimthann Naidh-Nar Monarch of IRELAND [The84 Hero, Lugaidh Sriabhn Dearg King Of83 IRELAND, Breas-Nar-Lotha of82, Eochaidh Feidhlioch Monarch of81, Fionn80, Fionnloach79, Rioghean78 Rudah, Asaman77 Eamhnadh, Enda Agneach King Of76 IRELAND, Aongus Turmeach -Teamrach "the75 Prolific", Eochaidh Althleathan King Of74 IRELAND, Naudha Fionnfail King Of73, Giallchadh King Of72, Oliolla71 OLCHAOIN, Naudha Fionnfail King Of70 IRELAND, Giallchadh King Of69, Oliolla68 OLCHAOIN, Naudha Fionnfail King Of67 IRELAND, Giallchadh King Of66, Oliolla65 OLCHAOIN, Siorna Saoghalach King Of64 IRELAND, Dein63 [Dan], Rotheachta King Of62 IRELAND, Maion61 (Maon), Aongus Ollmuchach King Of60 IRELAND, Fiachadh Lamhraein King Of59, Smiorguil58, Eanbotha57, Tighernmas56, Follian55 (Falach), Eithriall54, Irial Faidh King Of53 Ireland, Tamar52 Tephi, Princess Of Judah, Zedekiah (Mattaniah) King Of51 Judah, Josiah King Of50, Ammon King Of49, Manasseh48, Hezekiah47, Ahaz46, Jotham King Of45 Judah, Uzziah44, Amaziah43, Joash King Of42 Judah, Ahaziah41, Jehoram (Joram) King Of40 Judah, Jehoshaphat39 (Josaphat), Asa King Of38 Judah, Abijah37 (Abia), Rehoboam36 (Roboam), Solomon King Of35 Israel, King Of Israel34 David, Jesse33, Obed32, Booz31, Salmon30, Naasson29, Aminadab28, Aram27, Esrom26, Pharez25, Judah24, Jacob23, Isaac22, Abram21 (Abraham), Terah20, Nahor19, Serug18, Reu17, Peleg16, Eber15, Shelah14, Arpachshad13, Shem12, Noah11, Lamech10, Methuselah9, Enoch8, Jared7, Mahalaleel6, Cainan5, Enos4, Seth3, Adam2, God1 Almighty, Creator Of The Universe)1 was born 382 in Dal Riada, Ulster, Ireland1, and died 439 in Ireland1,1. He married Erca Ingen Mor1 3961. She was born 380 in North Antrim, Éireann1.
Child of Foghan Owen and Erca Mor is:
+ 47 i.   St Irish King98 Muredach, died 474.

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