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Ancestors of Ronald Wayne Hardin

Generation No. 6

      36. William Kinney II, born 1793; died 1860. He was the son of 72. William Kinney and 73. Sally Parks. He married 37. Susanna Ward 1808.

      37. Susanna Ward, born 1785; died 1860. She was the daughter of 74. William Ward and 75. Lydia Chamnes.

Notes for William Kinney II:
William McKinney who later changed his name to Kinney is said to have come from Scotland . Later William made a trip back to Scotland and on the return trip sailing on a Dutch boat captained by Nathaniel Scribner they sighted and rescued a number of half dead survivors of a ship disaster in the mid-Atlantic - among whom were Henry Workman I, several brothers and sisters, and his mother and father - all had been bound from Germany to New York City. By the time they reached the port of New York all were dead except Henry and one sister. Henry Workman and William Kinney became real good friends on the Dutch boat and later in new York and for life in North Carolina. Henry Workman, having lost all his possessions in the ship wreck was bound by one of the still active Dutch Courts to Capt. Nathaniel Scribner and taken into his New York home to live, and later married Ruth Scribner, the Captain's daughter. At that time New York was a small city of 25,000 people. He, with two other brothers,tradition says, came from New York to North Carolina, following Mr. Workman there. He had an original grant of land of 164 1/2 acres on cobbins Creek,Rowan Co., NC 12-18-1799. He had bought 200 acres on 11-15-1785. He sold out to his brother Isaac in 1824.

The 1790 census gives William Kinney with 5 boys and 3 girls. Only 3 boys have been identified at this time: Jesse, William II and Isaac. William II is my ggggrandfather. He was born 1783 in NC. He married Susannah Ward in 1811. They had 8 children. He moved from NC about 1821 to Habersham County, GA where he received a land grant in Carroll County, GA 4-10-1827. He died by 1860 in Carroll County, GA.

The 6th child, My gggrandfater, Jeremiah married Nancy McAllister from Tennesse. They had 4 Children while living in Georgia, and moved to Calhoun County Alabama sometime before their fifth child was born in 1858. Jeremiah obtained a land grant of 40 acres in a neighboring county in 1860 but I found no evidence of them ever moving there. They had their 6th child in 1862 and Jeremiah went off to war. He served in the 30th Alabama Infantry Regiment, Company E, which was in General Johnstons Army of Tennessee, Lt. General Hoods Corps, Maj. General Stevenson's Division, Pettus' brigade. According to Nancy's applicatin for widows pension Jeremiah was killed on May 14th, 1864 probably at the Battle of Reseca, Georgia at the beginning of Shermans Atlanta Campain. Records show that Nancy applied several times for a Confederate Widows Pension, but was always denied because at the time they could find no official record that Jeremiah was in the regiment. In later applications, she enclosed affidavites from soldiers that served with Jeremiah attesting to the fact that he was indeed in the outfit. She apparently gave up on the pension sometime in the 1880s. She was last found in the 1890 census living with a relative.

Jeremiah and Nancy's 3rd child, Christopher Columbus, my ggrandfather, was born in Carol County Georgia around 1852. He married Georgia Maxwell in 1872 in Jacksonlle Alabama. They had 6 children. Columbus, as he was called, was a farmer that according to his obituary became a Christian when he was 18, Joined a local Baptist church and led a quiet life devoted to his family and Lord. He died in 1917. I've not been able to find any history on Georgia Maxwell.

My grandfather, Jerry Augustas was born in 1878 in Jacksonville Alabama. He married Martha Jane Cockrell on July 30th 1897. They had 7 children, 1 died at age 13, three others before reaching age 2. At some point he was employed by a railroad Alabama. He had an accident while helping to couple 2 train cars together and lost his right arm at the shoulder. Undaunted, he ran a Texaco filling station outside Pratville Alabama for many years. Martha Jane "Mattie" was born in Nuxobee Mississippii. According to some relatives I met at a recent Cockrell reunion, both Jerry and Matie were wonderfull people who lived children and family. "But make darn sure you don't mess with Aunt Matties petunias!" I was told by each one with a smile. I'm not sure when Mattie died, my grandfather died in 1959, two years after I was born.

Jerry and Matties 6th child and my father, Harold Frederick was born in 1914 in Montgomery Alabama. A natural Artist, he started working as a commercial artist, and in the late 30's went to California and found work with Walt Disney Studios. (Don't get excited, he told me he sat in a room with a few other folks and colored Mickey Mouses britches) Sometime before 1940 he made his way back to Alabama where he met my mother, Grace Modenia Cost and they were married in 1940. Before start of WWII, he discussed it with my mother and they decided he should join the army and get his 18 month obligation out of the way. WWII started shortly there after and the 18 months turned into over 5 years. Dad did tours of North Africa and Italy finishing his duty as a Warrant Officer. He came home from the war and worked for the Birmingham fire department, then found a sales job with Monarch Marking Systems. Between 1946 and 1957 four sons were born. In 1960, he was transfered to Charlotte NC, where he later started a business making rubber plates for the machines he sold. That business grew into Kinney Stamp & Engraving Company where Grace still works everyday with Myself and my oldest brother Fred. (along with 20 employees) Dad died in january 1978.

This family tree was prepared by: Ron Kinney

More About William Kinney and Susanna Ward:
Marriage: 1808
Children of William Kinney and Susanna Ward are:
  18 i.   Issac Kinney, born September 15, 1818 in North Carolina; died June 1, 1899 in Carroll County; married Martha Garsh.
  ii.   Elizabeth Kinney
  iii.   Anna Kinney
  iv.   William Kinney III
  v.   Jesse Kinney
  vi.   Jeremiah Kinney
  vii.   Jefferson Kinney
  viii.   Sarah Kinney

      38. Nicholas Christian Garsh, born 1804 in Botetourt Co., VA; died July 1881 in Carroll County, GA. He was the son of 76. Jocob Garsh and 77. Anna. He married 39. Sarah Coltharp December 11, 1825.

      39. Sarah Coltharp, born August 23, 1807 in Jefferson County, TN; died April 6, 1877 in Carroll County, GA. She was the daughter of 78. John Coltharp and 79. Susanna.

More About Nicholas Garsh and Sarah Coltharp:
Marriage: December 11, 1825
Child of Nicholas Garsh and Sarah Coltharp is:
  19 i.   Martha Garsh, born September 12, 1826; died December 21, 1902; married Issac Kinney.

      40. William Hardin, born 1823 in Ala. He was the son of 80. John Hardin and 81. Nancy Johnson. He married 41. Sarah Ann "Sally" Alred January 20, 1841.

      41. Sarah Ann "Sally" Alred, born 1824 in Mississippi; died 1880.

More About William Hardin:
Comment 1: May have died in C W near Battle Gd Mt

More About William Hardin and Sarah Alred:
Marriage: January 20, 1841
Children of William Hardin and Sarah Alred are:
  i.   Mary Ann "Mae" Hardin, born 1842 in Ala; married Joseph S. Hand December 27, 1860; born 1837 in Ala.
  More About Joseph Hand and Mary Hardin:
Marriage: December 27, 1860

  ii.   Ambrose Marion Hardin, born December 10, 1843 in Alabama; died June 21, 1916; married Francis A. Jones January 28, 1869; born December 29, 1851 in Alabama; died December 30, 1919.
  More About Ambrose Marion Hardin:
Comment 1: Company K, 14th Alabama Infantry Regiment,
Comment 2: Army of Tennessee, CSA, wounded severly
Comment 3: before surrrender of Vicksburg. Exchanged
Comment 4: for Union prisoners.

  More About Ambrose Hardin and Francis Jones:
Marriage: January 28, 1869

  iii.   Nancy Caroline Hardin, born 1845.
  iv.   Susan J Hardin, born 1847.
  v.   Hannah M Hardin, born 1849.
  vi.   Pleasant B Hardin, born 1851.
  20 vii.   George Washington Hardin, born February 21, 1853 in Alabama; died July 27, 1938 in Morgan Co, Ala; married Malissie Jane Jones February 1, 1874.
  viii.   Margaret L. Hardin, born 1855.
  ix.   William R Hardin, born 1857.
  x.   John H Hardin, born 1859; died 1944; married Henrietta Gray.
  xi.   Sarah Elizabeth Hardin, born 1861.

      42. R. A. Jones, born 1818 in Tennessee. He married 43. Elizbeth.

      43. Elizbeth, born 1825 in Alabama.
Children of R. Jones and Elizbeth are:
  21 i.   Malissie Jane Jones, born February 26, 1854 in Alabama; died November 7, 1906; married George Washington Hardin February 1, 1874.
  ii.   Andrew J Jones, born 1856.
  iii.   Mary E Jones, born 1860.

      48. Welcome Parks Duke, born January 8, 1826 in Georgia; died December 26, 1911 in Cedartown Polk Co., Ga. He was the son of 96. Charles Duke, Sr. and 97. Nancy Ann Bonner. He married 49. Louisa Carolyn Hamrick April 4, 1844 in Carroll Co., Georgia.

      49. Louisa Carolyn Hamrick, born January 6, 1828 in Georgia; died September 9, 1890 in Cedartown Polk Co., Ga. She was the daughter of 98. Robert Signor Hamrick, Sr and 99. Margaret Elizabeth Smith.

Notes for Welcome Parks Duke:
Burried Duke Family Cemetery, located south of Cedartown,GA. between Hwy #100 and #27

  Notes for Louisa Carolyn Hamrick:
Burried Duke Family Cemetery

More About Welcome Duke and Louisa Hamrick:
Marriage: April 4, 1844, Carroll Co., Georgia
Children of Welcome Duke and Louisa Hamrick are:
  i.   Nancy "Nannie" Elizabeth Duke, born July 11, 1845 in GA; died October 17, 1927 in Cullman Co., AL; married Francis Marion Nix October 14, 1875 in Polk Co., GA; born June 6, 1821 in Walton Co., GA; died January 21, 1907 in Polk Co., GA.
  More About Francis Nix and Nancy Duke:
Marriage: October 14, 1875, Polk Co., GA

  ii.   William Thornton Duke, born November 26, 1846 in GA; died October 25, 1923 in Cullman Co., AL; married (1) Melvina Graves; married (2) Carrie Waldrop; married (3) Rebecca Jane Elrod November 30, 1867 in Polk Co., GA; born June 6, 1847 in GA; died April 19, 1900 in Cullman Co., AL.
  iii.   James Madison Duke, born December 12, 1848 in GA; died December 25, 1934 in Cullman Co., AL; married (1) Nancy C. Dunlap; born May 17, 1852 in AL; died November 11, 1944 in Cullman Co., AL; married (2) Loraine James Yarbrough December 23, 1869 in Polk Co., GA; born Abt. 1851 in GA; died Aft. 1870 in GA.
  iv.   Louisa "Lula" Marion Duke, born August 9, 1850 in GA; died October 29, 1926 in AL (?).
  Notes for Louisa "Lula" Marion Duke:
Burried Duke Family Cemetery
never married

  v.   Nancy Ollie Duke, born 1853 in GA; died 1908; married N. Dougthard Elrod November 4, 1868 in Polk Co., GA.
  More About N. Elrod and Nancy Duke:
Marriage: November 4, 1868, Polk Co., GA

  24 vi.   Charles Signor Duke, born December 15, 1854 in Benton Co., Alabama (now Cleburne Co.); died November 8, 1935 in Hanceville, Cullman Co., Alabama; married Louella "Ella" Ruth Dunlap November 15, 1877 in Polk Co., Georgia.
  vii.   Samaria "Manie" Cumi Duke, born March 2, 1856 in Calhoun Co., AL; died September 27, 1911 in Cullman Co., AL; married (1) Jesse Martin Cagle January 17, 1878 in Polk Co., GA; born December 3, 1855 in Haralson Co., GA; died December 13, 1890 in GA; married (2) Virgil Alfred Nix March 9, 1899 in Cullman Co., AL; born March 6, 1850 in GA; died March 5, 1913 in AL.
  Notes for Jesse Martin Cagle:

GEN: See Historical Document.

  More About Jesse Cagle and Samaria Duke:
Marriage: January 17, 1878, Polk Co., GA

  viii.   Warren Jackson Duke, born March 16, 1858 in Calhoun Co., AL; died April 27, 1917 in Cullman Co., AL; married Mary Elizabeth Bowman; born April 29, 1867 in Haralson Co., GA; died August 24, 1926.
  ix.   Thomas Newton Duke, born October 28, 1859 in GA (AL ?); died May 17, 1923 in Polk Co., GA; married Flora Josephine "Josey" Wheeler July 26, 1881 in Polk Co., GA; born September 13, 1861 in AL; died May 25, 1948 in Polk Co., GA.
  More About Thomas Duke and Flora Wheeler:
Marriage: July 26, 1881, Polk Co., GA

  x.   Jefferson "Jeff" Davis Duke, born 1861.
  xi.   Welcome Signor Duke, born December 28, 1863 in Calhoun Co., AL; died December 21, 1878.
  Notes for Welcome Signor Duke:
Burried Duke Family Cemetery

  xii.   Tinsey Ellen Duke, born February 10, 1865.
  xiii.   Ida Irene Duke, born June 9, 1868 in Polk Co., GA; died January 15, 1900 in Polk Co., GA; married William A. Isbell December 16, 1886 in Polk Co., GA; born October 17, 1857; died April 12, 1934 in Polk Co., GA.
  More About William Isbell and Ida Duke:
Marriage: December 16, 1886, Polk Co., GA

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