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Ancestors of Jacob William Andrew Harner

Generation No. 21

      1316416. Lodowick or Lewis Grevile, born Abt. 1368 in Draiton, Oxfordshire, England; died August 28, 1438 in Drayton, Oxfordshire, England. He was the son of William Grevile and Mariana or Margaret /Grevile/. He married 1316417. Margaret Arden.

      1316417. Margaret Arden, born Abt. 1372 in Drayton, Oxfordshire, England. She was the daughter of Gyles Arden and Joanna Phillippa Trillow.
Child of Lodowick Grevile and Margaret Arden is:
  658208 i.   William Greville, born Bef. 1438 in Drayten, Oxfordshire, England; died 1504; married Anne (Joyne) Franceys

      1316420. Robert Poyntz, born 1359; died June 15, 1439. He was the son of John Poyntz and Elizabeth De Clanvowe. He married 1316421. Katherine Fitznichol.

      1316421. Katherine Fitznichol, born 1378 in Hull, Nympsfield, Gloucestershire, England. She was the daughter of Thomas Fitznichol and Agnes /Fitznichol/.
Child of Robert Poyntz and Katherine Fitznichol is:
  658210 i.   Thomas Poyntz, born Abt. 1381 in Iron Acton, Gloucestershire, England; died 1458; married Jane /Poyntz/

      1316448. John Willoughby, born Abt. 1400 in Guisborough, Yorkshire, England; died February 24, 1435/36. He was the son of Thomas Willoughby and Elizabeth Neville. He married 1316449. Jane Welby.

      1316449. Jane Welby, born Abt. 1404 in Latimer, Buckinghamshire, England.
Child of John Willoughby and Jane Welby is:
  658224 i.   John Willoughby, born Abt. 1421 in Latimer, Buckinghamshire, England; died Bef. August 1477; married Anne Agnes Cheney

      1513584. Madog Puleston, born WFT Est. 1341-1418; died WFT Est. 1377-1493. He was the son of Robert Puleston and Lowri Ferch Griffith. He married 1513585. Angharad Ferch David.

      1513585. Angharad Ferch David, born WFT Est. 1346-1421 in of Goronwg, of Burton & Llai; died WFT Est. 1377-1499.
Child of Madog Puleston and Angharad David is:
  756792 i.   John Puleston, born WFT Est. 1377-1447 in Haford y Wern; died WFT Est. 1414-1523; married Alison Ferch Howel

      1513586. Howel Ap Levan, born WFT Est. 1346-1421; died WFT Est. 1383-1496.
Child of Howel Ap Levan is:
  756793 i.   Alison Ferch Howel, born WFT Est. 1383-1451; died WFT Est. 1414-1529; married John Puleston

      1513590. James Touchet, born WFT Est. 1374-1434; died WFT Est. 1405-1509. He married 1513591. Eleanor /De Holand/.

      1513591. Eleanor /De Holand/, born WFT Est. 1380-1436; died WFT Est. 1405-1514. She was the daughter of Edmund /De Holand/ and Constance Plantagenet.
Child of James Touchet and Eleanor Holand/ is:
  756795 i.   Constance Touchet, born WFT Est. 1388-1454; died WFT Est. 1420-1533; married Sir Robert Whitney

      1514080. John VIII or I Grazebrook, born Abt. 1380; died WFT Est. 1392-1489. He was the son of John VII De Grazebrook II Grazebrook.
Child of John VIII or I Grazebrook is:
  757040 i.   John IX or II Grazebrook, born Abt. 1430; died Abt. 1509.

      1514304. Sir John Sutton, born December 25, 1400; died September 30, 1487. He was the son of Sir John Sutton and Constance Blount. He married 1514305. Elizabeth Berkeley.

      1514305. Elizabeth Berkeley, born WFT Est. 1396-1416; died WFT Est. 1417-1500. She was the daughter of John Berkeley and Elizabeth Betteshorn.
Child of John Sutton and Elizabeth Berkeley is:
  757152 i.   Sir Edmund Sutton, born WFT Est. 1417-1443; died WFT Est. 1462-1525; married (1) Joyce Tiptoft; married (2) Lady Maude Clifford

      1514306. John Tiptoft, born WFT Est. 1375-1414; died WFT Est. 1417-1495.
Child of John Tiptoft is:
  757153 i.   Joyce Tiptoft, born WFT Est. 1417-1440; died WFT Est. 1462-1528; married Sir Edmund Sutton

      1514310. Thomas Strangeways, born WFT Est. 1377-1424; died WFT Est. 1417-1502. He married 1514311. Catherine Neville.

      1514311. Catherine Neville, born WFT Est. 1384-1427; died WFT Est. 1417-1509.
Child of Thomas Strangeways and Catherine Neville is:
  757155 i.   Joan Strangeways, born WFT Est. 1417-1452; died WFT Est. 1454-1535; married William Willoughby

      1514320. Sir Thomas Stanley, born WFT Est. 1426-1446; died WFT Est. 1471-1532. He married 1514321. Duchess of Richmond Margaret"of Lancaster" Beaufort WFT Est. 1471-1500.

      1514321. Duchess of Richmond Margaret"of Lancaster" Beaufort, born 1443; died 1509. She was the daughter of John Beaufort and Margaret Beauchamp.
Child of Thomas Stanley and Margaret"of Beaufort is:
  757160 i.   George "Henry the VII" Stanley, born 1460; died December 05, 1497; married Joan Strange

      1514322. John Strange, born WFT Est. 1410-1446; died WFT Est. 1456-1526.
Child of John Strange is:
  757161 i.   Joan Strange, born WFT Est. 1461-1492; died WFT Est. 1495-1573; married George "Henry the VII" Stanley

      1514324. William Hastings, born 1430; died WFT Est. 1447-1520. He was the son of Leonard Hastings and Alice Camoys. He married 1514325. Catherine Neville.

      1514325. Catherine Neville, born WFT Est. 1426-1446; died WFT Est. 1447-1530. She was the daughter of Richard Neville.
Child of William Hastings and Catherine Neville is:
  757162 i.   Edward Hastings, born WFT Est. 1446-1473; died November 08, 1506; married Mary Hungerford

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