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Ancestors of Kenneth Locke Hassler

Generation No. 12

      2628. Henry Stott, born in England. He married 2629. Unknown Bryan.

      2629. Unknown Bryan.
Child of Henry Stott and Unknown Bryan is:
  1314 i.   Bryant Stott, born 1631 in Ireland; died 1705 in Lancaster Co, VA; married Mary Shipp.

      2630. William Shipp, born October 26, 1606 in Norfolk Co, England?; died 1657 in Lower Norfolk Co, VA. He married 2631. Sarah (Shipp).

      2631. Sarah (Shipp), born 1602 in England.
Child of William Shipp and Sarah (Shipp) is:
  1315 i.   Mary Shipp, born 1638 in Lower Norfolk Co, VA; died 1706 in Lancaster Co, VA; married Bryant Stott.

      2634. John Taylor, born 1627 in England; died in Northumberland, VA. He was the son of 5268. John Taylor and 5269. Elizabeth (Taylor). He married 2635. Alice (Gaskins) Gascoyne 1650 in Northumberland, VA.

      2635. Alice (Gaskins) Gascoyne, born 1630; died October 21, 1702 in Northumberland, VA. She was the daughter of 5270. Thomas (Gascoyne) Gasciogne and 5271. Elizabeth G Gambling.
Child of John Taylor and Alice Gascoyne is:
  1317 i.   Mary Taylor, born 1663 in Northumberland, VA; died 1713 in Northumberland, VA; married George Everett.

      3088. William Hilton, born Abt. 1586 in Northwick, Chester, ENG; died June 28, 1655 in York, ME. He was the son of 6176. William Hilton and 6177. Ellen Mainwaring. He married 3089. Frances (Hilton) Bef. 1646.

      3089. Frances (Hilton), born Abt. 1618 in ENG; died Abt. 1690 in York, ME.
Child of William Hilton and Frances (Hilton) is:
  1544 i.   William Hilton, born Abt. 1653; married Anne Parsons Abt. 1677.

      3090. Martk Parsons, born 1620 in England; died 1665 in Maine.
Children of Martk Parsons are:
  1545 i.   Anne Parsons, born Abt. 1657 in Maine; died Aft. 1737 in Boston, Mass; married William Hilton Abt. 1677.
  ii.   John Parsons.

      3092. Miles Thompson, born 1622 in England; died 1723 in Kittery, York, ME. He married 3093. Ann Tetherly Abt. 1650.

      3093. Ann Tetherly, born 1632 in England; died Aft. 1717 in Berwick, Maine. She was the daughter of 6186. William Tethery and 6187. Christian Thorne.
Children of Miles Thompson and Ann Tetherly are:
  1546 i.   John Thompson, born Abt. 1655 in Kittery, York, ME; died Abt. 1703 in Kittery, York, ME; married Sarah Emery.
  ii.   Ann Thompson.
  iii.   Miles Thompson.
  iv.   Bartholomew Thompson.
  v.   Mary Thompson.
  vi.   Amy Thompson.
  vii.   Sarah Thompson.
  viii.   Thomas Thompson.

      3094. James Emery. He married 3095. Elizabeth Green.

      3095. Elizabeth Green.
Child of James Emery and Elizabeth Green is:
  1547 i.   Sarah Emery, married John Thompson.

      3096. Nathan Lord. He married 3097. Martha Everett.

      3097. Martha Everett.
Child of Nathan Lord and Martha Everett is:
  1548 i.   Nathan Lord, born Abt. 1656; married Martha Tozier November 22, 1678 in Kittery, ME.

      3098. Richard Tozier. He married 3099. Judith Smith.

      3099. Judith Smith.
Child of Richard Tozier and Judith Smith is:
  1549 i.   Martha Tozier, married Nathan Lord November 22, 1678 in Kittery, ME.

      3100. Walter Abbott, born 1612 in England; died 1667 in Jamaica. He married 3101. Sarah (Abbott).

      3101. Sarah (Abbott), born 1617 in England; died 1681 in Portsmouth, NH.
Child of Walter Abbott and Sarah (Abbott) is:
  1550 i.   Thomas Abbott, born 1643 in Portsmouth, NH; died March 08, 1712/13 in Berwick, York, ME; married Elizabeth Green 1663 in Kittery, York Co, ME.

      3102. John Green, born Abt. 1615 in England; died Bef. 1681 in Kittery, York, ME. He was the son of 6204. John Green and 6205. Unknown Emery. He married 3103. Juliann (Green).

      3103. Juliann (Green).
Child of John Green and Juliann (Green) is:
  1551 i.   Elizabeth Green, born Abt. 1645 in Kittery, York, ME; married Thomas Abbott 1663 in Kittery, York Co, ME.

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