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Descendants of Arthur de la Fontaine

Generation No. 3

3. JOHN3 DE LA FONTAINE (GILLES (JEAN)2, ARTHUR1) was born 1500 in maine, Near France on the border of Normandy, and died 1563 in Le Mans, France. He married GUYONNE LE ROYER, daughter of JEAN LE ROYER and MADALAINE DE LANNAY. She died 1563 in Le Mans, France.

Notes for J
The de la Fontaines belonged to ancient nobility of France, but they developed none of the degeneracy which often results from long material advancement and prosperity. They were vigorous people, whose nobility of thought and aspiration had the fitting accompaniment of nobility of station, and like and like the truly noble, they comprehended the relation of material and spiritual things, and were ever ready to sacrifice the lower for the higher. Thus, we finds members of this family prominent among those true, earnest, enlightened spirits who became the leaders of Protestantism in France. In John's early life, his father, disliking the usual idle life,obtained for his son a commission in the household of Francis I, in what was called "LES ORDONNANCES DU ROI". The young officer conducted himself with such honor and uprightness, that he retained his commission through the reigns of Frances I, Henry II, and Francis II, Both John and his father had early become converts to protestantism, and during the troublous times which followed, the spread of the reformed religion, they were protected by the high position of the former occupied at court. But the second year of reign of Charles IX, John voluntarily resigned his commission and retired to his paternal estates in Maine. The Edict of Pacification had been passed, and the protestants believed that oppression was ended. But their faith was deceived. persecution, before open and with a show of justice, was now practiced with the cunning cruelty of secrecy. Great animosity was felt by the catholic party to John, who, by his elevated position, gave strength to the protestants' cause. Assassins were sent to his house. And he was murdered (1563). His wife trying to intercede for her husband was murdered also, as was a faithful valet. The sons fled for safety. But one 18 year old son was not accounted for and was presumed to have been murdered also.
Children of J
  i.   SON4 DE LA FONTAINE, b. 1545; d. 1563, presumed murdered in home with Parents. Le Mans, France.
4. ii.   JACQUES DE LA FONTAINE, b. 1549, Le Mans, France, The Villiage of Chatelas; d. 1633, Le Mans or Rochelle, France.
  iii.   ABRAHAM DE LA FONTAINE, b. 1551.
  iv.   SON DE LA FONTAINE, b. 1554.

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