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Edward Beck (1) (son of Roger Beck and Elenor Brand) was born 1675, and died 1736 in Solesbury Twsp, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA. He married Sarah Buckman on 1698 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA, daughter of William and Sarah.

 Includes NotesNotes for Edward Beck (1):
Edward Beck I was a Quaker and lived at Solebury, Bucks Co. Pennsylvania, USA. In the book "Easrly Settlers of Solebury" it relates that Edward Beck and his wife conveyed land in the Paule Wolfe Track which they had acquired after 1708. Thomas Jaes conveyed 150 acres to Edward Beck on 2/18/1724, which was eventually conveyed to William Preston by Thomas Brown and Robert Smith. (Note A thomas Brown Married the granddoughter , Ann Becvk of Edward Beck I.

Name: Edward* ~^ BECK
Given Name: Edward* ~^
Surname: BECK
NPFX: Sir 1
Sex: M
Birth: 1675 in Kent Co., Maryland, USA [1681] 2 3 4
Death: 16 Feb 1736 in Solebury, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, USA 5
Burial: Bucks Co. Pennsylvania, USA 6
Religion: Society Of Friends 7
Change Date: 24 Jul 2003 at 19:24
He had two wives named Sarah and 9 children GEN: AUTH Betty I. Silfies GEN: PUBL 3023 Livingston St. Allentown Pennsylvania, USA 18104 610 434 3831. Sources of information: shared record; 14320 SW Rock Creek Road, Sheridan, OR.
Edward and Sarah Beck were mentioned in Eastburn Reeders book "Early Settlers of Solebury, Pennsylvania, USA" as trading property in 1730-1755. It may be that the property was traded at the time of Edward's death in 1736.
It is likely that Edward Beck's parents immigrated from England to Talbot Co., Maryland, perhaps in the 1650' or 1660's. Land surveys from Talbot County show a Edward Beck surveying land there in the 1670's.
In 1573 Juan Menendez de Marques was the first European to see what is now Talbot County, Maryland. In 1608 Captain John Smith sailed the Chesapeake exploring what is now Talbot County on his second edition Map of the colony in 1626 he named it "Brooke's Forest". In 1627 William Clayborne named Sharp's Island and Popeley's Island (Poplar Island), the first parts of Talbot County to be located and named by its settlers.
The early settlers found the area to be inhabited with flocks of 400-500 turkeys, flocks of wild pigeons (hunted to extinction), ducks, geese, redwing blackbirds, gray singing swans, eagles, ospreys, hawks and vultures. The Chesapeake Bay and the tidal waters were a main source of food--crabs, turtle, fish, and eels. The waters were also inhabited with sharks at the time. Wolves were so populous and troublesome that there was a bounty of 200 lbs. of tobacco per head. Talbot County was so surrounded by water--the Wye River to the North, the Miles, Tred and Avon Rivers bisecting the center, and the Choptank and Tuckahoe Rivers to the west and east, that it was almost an island. In the mid 1600's there were no settled Indian towns, but Talbot County was used for hunting by the Choptanks, Matapeakes, Monoponsons, Wicomese and the Susquehannas.
The first tract of land granted on the mainland was in 1649 to Captain William Mitchel. Unfortunately, he wasn't the most admirable person; it's even indicated that he was a murderer.
By 1661 Maryland was at peace and Talbot county was created from Kent County. Six men were entrusted with the first government of Talbot County: Richard Wooman, William Coursey, Seth Foster, James Ringgold, Thomas South and Thomas Hynson, Jr. These men chose John Morgan as sheriff and clerk. Tradition says that Talbot County was named for Lady Grace Talbot, sister of Lord Baltimore. Talbot County was nearly 5 times the size it is today, and it is estimated that there were between 600 and 1200 white inhabitants at that time. The colonists settled on the shorelines, leaving the interior to the Indians and wildlife.
Quakers were prominent among the early settlers. The Haven Meeting House was built in 1682-84. George Fox, Society of Friends founder, visited Talbot County four times that we know of and the well know Wenlock Christison settled here. It is not know if Edward was a Quaker when he came to America, but his wife Sarah Buckman's family were prominent in the Society of Friends.
The early inhabitants came to seek adventure and make a quick fortune. They were the sons of titled and established families of Britain and Ireland, Scotsmen like William Hambleton and Patrick Mullikin, yeomen, tenant farmers, workers from the slums of Ireland, and those who came as indentured servants.
The first county seat for Talbot was York from 1681 until 1718. The town was located between where Skipton Creek meets the Wye River and the Longwoods area. There isn't any evidence today to it's exact location. Talbot's first courthouse and jail were in York, also an ordinary, a tobacco warehouse, a few houses and a half mile racetrack placed in front of the courthouse.
The demise of York began in 1706 with the erection of Queen Anne's County, leaving York at the very north end of Talbot County and very inconvenient. The county seat was temporarily moved to Oxford. York began to decline and the county courthouse was demolished for reasons unknown.
Dickson J. Preston's "Talbot County, A History"
Sources for Quaker research at the Clayton Library:
Roberts, Clarence Vernon, comp. Early Friends Families of Upper
Bucks...[County (Quakertown)] Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: the compiler, 1925. (GEN 974.8 R643 Pennsylvania, USA)
Society of Friends. Maryland Quaker Records: Nottingham Monthly Meeting, Cecil County. Photocopy of typescript. (GEN 975.2 S678 Maryland, USA)
"George Fox, the founder of the Society of Friends, was born in the village of Fermy Dryton, Leicester, England, in July 1624 and died in London on 13 January 1690. At the age of 20 he started wandering throughout the country seeking answers to spiritual questions from professors and parish priest after parish priest. Finally, an inward light of understanding shown through his whole being, and he then started his public ministry. He acquired many followers who lived by his teachings and called themselves "Children of Light," "Friends of Truth," and finally "Society of Friends."
"The Society of Friends is a Christian denomination of Church founded in England about 1650. Each member of this Church is a 'Friend'. A local congregation of Friends is a 'Meeting,' but this term also describes any group of Friends regularly gathering for worship or church business. Friends call a church building a 'Meeting House' (MH). Friends are often called 'Quakers,' a name put on them by an English judge after he was told to 'tremble at the word of the Lord.' For many years 'Quaker' was an insulting word, but Friends eventually came to use it themselves, and 'Quaker' and 'Friend' became synonymous."
"Civil War shook England in 1644, as a revolutionary struggle took place between King Charles I (1600-1649) and the forces of Parliament led by Protestant and Puritan Oliver Cromwell. These forces thoroughly defeated the king and executed him by guillotine in 1649. Thus, the prestige and power of the middle classes were established. These people were to become the great industrial and commercial groups, consisting mainly of Protestants."
"During those troublesome years, in part due to enforcement of all through closely allied manor courts and the church organization, religious dissension, hardship and discontent gave rise to various sects that grew out of Protestantism. All of them were simply seeking a truer way of life."
"Hence, George Fox, about 1650, was able to attract the attention of great numbers from all classes in the social scale with his philosophic views of Christianity. He eventually formed the Society of Friends as a religious organization upholding Christian principles."
"William Penn became an avid follower of Fox and accompanied him on tours of Holland, Germany, Barbados, and Jamaica. William Penn extended an invitation to Europe's religiously persecuted people to come to Pennsylvania, which he called the Holy Experiment. In response to his advertisement, the Society of Friends came from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. They occupied the area within 25 miles surrounding Philadelphia."
"The Society of Friends (Quakers) are well known for the excellent records they kept for their families, and unbeknown to them, for genealogists especially. The records tracing the families from meeting house to meeting house are easily found in William Wade Hinshaw's Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy (6 volumes) as well as other sources of information on Quakers. Many of these sources were obtained for Clayton Library by Maxine Alcorn." -- W. Arthur Allee, Ph. D., August 1995,
An Aaron T. Beck, M.D., is the psychiatrist known as the founding father of Cognitive Therapy. Aaron was a popular family name--wonder if he is connected to Edward's line?
Historical Note: William Penn, a famous English Quaker leader, persuaded King
Charles II to let the Quakers set up a colony in America. The charter was
granted in March 1681 and the land was called Pennsylvania, meaning Penn's
Woods. In October of 1682, William Penn sailed to America for the first time
aboard the Welcome. It was from research of the Welcome passengers that the
information on the Buckmans and Edward Beck was found. It was a difficult
voyage. Thirty one passengers died of smallpox. One of the settlements
established by Penn was Philadelphia, which became the largest city in Colonial
Edward Beck and family Quakers of Salesbury, Buck Co. Pennsylvania, USA. in book Early Settlers of Salsburg by Eastburn Reedes. He sold land they bought after 1706; l6 Dec 1730 sold land to John Hartley, heirs of Edward sold land to Jacob Beans 1748 and sold land to Edward Jr. 1755. Edward Sr. bought land 1724 and sold to WM Preston by way of attorneys. In book "Welcome Calimonts" Sarah Buckman M. Edward Beck. Buckman family came with Wm. Penn on ship Welcome in 1682. They were Quakers and believed to be from England since Penn from England. Edward will dated 1735/6. Edward Jr. sold some land 1748 & 1755.
Name of Jefrey used thru generations. The area of Lahaska, Pennsylvania, USA was Edward Sr. land of 300 acres. Sarah (?) Edward's second wife thought to be Presbyterian as Jefrey and wife, Lydia, M. in First Presby. Church in Phila, February 3, 1742/43.
Becks left Pennsylvania, USA. to get away from military influence. The Maryland Becks were Quakers too.
Donald Beck, 5704 Ridgeway Ave., Rockville, Md, 20851 says he read 17 Century Books & Edward Sr. possibly could have been son of Edward Beck of Kent-Cecil Counties in Maryland and he may have traveled 32 miles on Post Road from Kent Co., Md to collett place in Chester Co., Pennsylvania, USA in 1694. Possible 2 years later Edward Beck in Marple Twp. 1 mile south of present Town of Broomall, Pennsylvania, USA.
Quakers or Society of Friends - A Christian religious sect founded in England c 1650 by George Fox: The Friends have no formal creed, rites, liturgy, or priesthood, and reject violence in human relations, including war.
1 8 4

Father: Roger BECK

Marriage 1 Elizabeth Sarah* ~ WILSON OR WEST
Married: Abt 1720 4
Change Date: 24 Jul 2003
Jeffrey ~ BECK b: Mar 1722 in Solebury Twp., Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, USA
Mary ~ BECK b: 1722 in Solebury Twp., Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, USA
Jane ~ BECK b: Abt 1724 in Bucks Co. Pennsylvania, USA
Rachel ~ BECK b: 1724 in Buckingham, Bucks Co. Pennsylvania, USA
Susannah ~ BECK b: 1730 in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, USA
Eleanor* "Ellen" BECK b: 1730 in Buckingham, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, USA

Marriage 2 Sarah^ BUCKMAN b: 10 Sep 1677 in Billingshurst, Sussex Co., Eng.
Note: 1698
Married: 1708 in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, USA [1705] 9 1 10 11
Change Date: 24 Jul 2003

Marriage 3 Elizabeth Sarah* ~ WILSON OR WEST
Note: Abt 1725 Ref. 132
Married: Bef 1708 1
Change Date: 24 Jul 2003

Marriage 4 Sarah^ BUCKMAN b: 10 Sep 1677 in Billingshurst, Sussex Co., Eng.
Change Date: 24 Jul 2003
Sarah ^ BECK b: 1708-1713 in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, USA [Crosswicks, Burlington Co., NJ]
Edward ^ BECK b: Sep 1708 in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, USA
Francis ^ BECK b: 1709 in Bucks Co. Pennsylvania, USA

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Father: Roger BECK

Marriage 1 Sarah BUCKMAN b: 10 SEP 1677 in Billingshurst, Sussex Co., Eng
Sarah BECK b: BET 1708 AND 1713 in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, USA [Crosswicks, Burlington Co., NJ]
Edward BECK b: SEP 1708 in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, USA
Francis BECK b: 1709 in Bucks Co. Pennsylvania, USA

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More About Edward Beck (1):
Burial: 1736, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania, USA.

More About Edward Beck (1) and Sarah Buckman:
Marriage: 1698, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA.

Children of Edward Beck (1) and Sarah Buckman are:
  1. +Edward Beck (2), b. Bet. 1708 - 1711, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA, d. 1774, Loudoun County, Virginia, USA.
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