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View Tree for Stoetzel StitzelStoetzel Stitzel (d. date unknown)

Stoetzel Stitzel died date unknown.

 Includes NotesNotes for Stoetzel Stitzel:
Finding Henry and his father
It's been very difficult to place Henry Stitzel's history.

Family networks -- Many of our ancestors came to America with families that they have been subject to religious persecution and lived near for centuries. I am unable to find a passenger list for the 1794 period -- so I don't know who Henry Stitzel might have immigrated with.

Religious Affiliation -- I also have not been able to find Stitzels on European Mennonite or Brethren lists. So, it seems likely that the Henry Stitzel and his family immigrated to America and became Brethren due to his association with people in his community, like the Strickler family that son David Henry married in to. I'm guessing, then, that the Stitzels were Lutheran or part of the German Reformed Church prior to coming to America.

Here is some information, though, that may shed some light:

Stitzel / Stoetzel / Stutzle families in America
in the mid and late 1700s
There are other Stitzel's who came to America earlier and lived in Berks Co, PA.

1. Johannes Stoetzel (b. abt 1730), who settled in Berks. Co. Johannes Stitzel came from Stuggart, Wurttemberg, Germany to Philadelphia, on September 14, 1753 -- arriving on the ship "Edinburgh". Later he married Miss Mary Ludwig. John and his wife had seven children. Johannes Stoetzel was the name used when emigrating. Paperwork in Berks Co is in the name John Stitzel. This family has by far, the most documented "Stitzels" in 1700/1800s PA.

The oldest was George, who married Elizabeth and Sarah Hoch (daughters of Daniel and Mary Hoch) who moved to Franklin Co. in 1820 / 1824 and settled at the Hoch farm at Stitzel's corner -- and nearby.
For instance, George (b. 1800) married Elizabeth Wagner (also another Menno/Brethren family name) and died in Peters Twp., Franklin Co., PA. George also had a son named Henry born 1789 (just significant because named Henry). This Henry was also in Franklin County, and moved into Maryland. George D. Stitzel of Des Moines, Iowa has manuscripts that tell of these early ancestors near Greencastle.

I hear that there were Stitzel family reunions where these Stitzels attended and were referred to as "cousins" -- but it seems how they were related has been lost.

This seems to indicate that our Stitzel family could be related to the earlier arriving Stitzels.

It would seem, though, that the scenarios would be: 1) our Henry could be a son of Johannes who immigrated in 1753 -- married young in Germany and had son Henry, who for some reason stayed in Germany for 40 years or more likely 2) Henry was a younger brother or a nephew of Johannes who immigrated in 1753.

2. There's a Jacob Stitzel -- hard to tell if there's a relationship, because there's no location, parental info, etc. to go by. This Jacob is in the Extended family of Gideon & Magdalene Hoch of Franklin Co., PA database, though - where there are 174 Stitzel/Stitzells (including John and Mary Ludwig Stitzel's family and 251 Hoch individuals). See #1 above.

Name: Jacob STITZEL
Birth: ABT 1799 in PA or MD
Occupation: BET 1850 AND 1860 farmer
Occupation: 1870 retired farmer
Residence: BET 1850 AND 1870 Latimore Twp., Adams Co., PA

Marriage 1 Mary b: BET 1797 AND 1798 in PA
Susan STITZEL b: ABT 1828 in PA
Catharine STITZEL b: ABT 1830 in PA
Elizabeth STITZEL b: BET 1833 AND 1834 in PA
Daniel F. STITZEL b: BET 1835 AND 1836 in PA
Harrison STITZEL b: ABT 1842 in PA
John STITZEL b: ABT 20 APR 1824 in PA

3. Here's a John Stuchell / Stutzell born about 1744 (i.e., could be John Henry, or could be Henry's brother). This John, though was in America in 1777 -- so he couldn't be our Henry, it doesn't fit the scenario where his child was nearly born during passage to America in 1794. John is settled in the same county as John Stitzel (b. 1730) -- I wonder if he could be Henry's brother, though. It's worth noting, though, that Indiana County is on the western part of PA -- a bit northeast of Pittsburg.

John Stuchell /Stutzell/
Birth: ABT. 1745 in Germany
Death: in Indiana, PA
RESIDED: Nr Ernest, Fulton Run Road, Indiana County, Penn.
DIED: Indiana County, Penna.
BURIAL: Indiana County, Penna.
MIL: Westmoreland County
Pennsylvania Rangers
Troop Light Horse Company
RANK: Private, Revolutionary War
OATH OF FIDELITY: 14 Oct. 1777

Marriage 1 Catherine Mary Lydic b: ABT. 1750 in Germany
Married: ABT. 1768 in Germany

Anna Maria Stuchell b: ABT. 1770 in Holland Germany
Abraham Stuchell b: 9 SEP 1772 in Holland Germany
Elizabeth Stuchell b: 14 FEB 1775 in Holland Germany
John Christian Stuchell b: 12 JUN 1777
Sarah Stuchell b: ABT. 1781
Catherine Stuchell b: ABT. 1783
Jacob Stuchell b: 20 DEC 1783

This may be more about the same John (mill reference)
Johannes Stitzel
Montgomery, Morton L., History of Berks County, 1886. pp. 930-944.
TAXABLES OF 1759.-The following list comprises the taxables of the township for the year 1759. The tax levied amounted to one hundred and thirty-nine pounds, and Samuel High was the collector:
John Stitzel 5

Down the creek John Stoetzel had a paper-mill as early as 1790. It was converted into a forge by Solomon Boyer in 1836.

4. Here's a name similar to Stoetzle / Stitzel - this family database does not include any names such as Stutzel, Stitzel, Stoetzle -- but that isn't definitive since names changed much in the crossing. This family came from the Baden-Wurttemberg area (that part fits) - and settle in the same county as the Stoetzle /Stitzel family. Johannes married a Frey, another of our Mennonite/Brethren family names.

Name: Johannes Peter STETZLER

Birth: 5 Mar 1724 in Wirtenburg, Germany
Death: 18 Jul 1795 in Windsor Castle, Berks, PA
Burial: Zion Church, Windsor Castle, Berks, PA
Change Date: 30 Jun 2002

Note: HIST: He arrived at the port of Philadelphia on the ship "Patience," where he took the oath of allegiance Sunday September 19, 1749. Passengers on the ship where from the German Palatinate and the Duchy of Wirtenburg. The vessel departed from Rotterdam, Holland with a stop at Cowes, England prior to its arrival in Philadelphia.

Marriage 1 Maria Eva FREY b: 24 Jun 1730
Married: 25 Mar 1761 in Windsor Castle Reformed Church
George STETZLER b: 11 Oct 1767 in Windsor Twp., Berks, PA
Peter STETZLER b: 11 Oct 1764 in Windsor Castle, Berks Co., PA
Johan Martin STETZLER b: 18 Mar 1770 in Berks Co., PA

5. Here's a family database with a single Stitsel, but interestingly there are related Stutzman family members (Christian Stutzman b. 1732, Amish/Mennonite brother to our Jacob).

Name: Anna Maria Socin Stutsel 1
Sex: F
Birth: 1810 in Wurttemberg, Germany
Death: 14 OCT 1876 in Sigel, PA Burial: Mt. Tabor Cemetery
Burial: UNKNOWN Row 9 Mt Tabor Cemetery, Eldred Twp, Sigel, PA

Marriage 1 Johann Martin Mueller MILLER ,* b: 27 MAR 1808 in Stotthof, Luebbenau, Calau, Brandenburg, Preussen

6. Here's another possible relative Peter (Hetzel) /Statzell/ -- his age is unknown, but would have to be born before 1754 to have arrived on the Neptune. I wonder if 1) the immigrating Peter is the grandfather of Peter b. 1819, otherwise 2) the immigrating would have been in his mid-60s or more when the child Peter was born.

Interestingly, there is no adult Statzell listed on the 1754 Neptune passenger list, but there is a Christian Hoch, Conrad Wagner, and Phillipus Frey -- family surnames that married into Johannes Stoetzel's family who arrived in 1753.

Immigration: 30 Sep 1754 Monday September 30, Arrived (Peter Hetzel) in Phila., Ship Neptune, Capt. Waire, from Rotterdam
Fact 3: At the State House (PM)
Fact 4: Charles Willing Esq. Mayor (present)

Peter M. STATZELL b: 1819

7. Here's another Stetzel - she's born about the time of our David Henry and there are other Stoetzels in this family database -- going back to the 1600s. One of the Stotzles also married into the Marzolf family. (Ironically, there is also a Madgalena Stitzel in the John Stitzel/Mary Ludwig and Hoch database with the same exact birth date -- she married Gideon Hoch, though, and died in 1878.)

Name: Margaret Magdalena STETZEL
Sex: F
Birth: 1 MAR 1795 1
Death: 28 FEB 1871 in New Seweckley Twp., Beaver Co., Pa. Buried in Bury St John's Cemetery, same address. 1

Marriage 1 Philipp Jacob MARZOLFF b: 19 MAR 1794 in 8:00 PM, Oberbetschdorf, Alsace, Bas Rhin, Fr.
Sarah MARTZOLF b: 6 OCT 1830 in Beaver County, Pa.
Eva Magdalena MARZOLFF b: 24 OCT 1824
Maria MARZOLFF b: 6 OCT 1835

Title: Burry Church Records

8. A bit later Stitzel reference. Lehigh County borders Berk County. This family is not in the Extended family of Gideon & Magdalene Hoch of Franklin Co., PA database.

Name: Henry STETZEL
Sex: M
Birth: 1 JUN 1810 in Alsace, France
Death: ABT 1888 in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Reverend
Change Date: 3 OCT 2001

Father: George STETZEL
Mother: Mary SPITTLER

Marriage 1 Sarah Ann SHIMER
Jonathan STETZEL b: 22 OCT 1844 in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

Rev. Henry Stitzel - 1852
Of the Evangelical Association was organized by the Rev. Daniel Wieand, which consisted of four members, viz:
W. H. Bachman
Jacob Best
George Miller
Mrs. George Miller

The corner-stone was laid on Whit-Sunday, 1852. The ceremonies were conducted by Rev. Frederick Krecker, assisted by Rev. Henry Stetzel and others. It was consecrated in the fall of 1852 with appropriate ceremonies. pa/northampton/history/local/davis/davis24.txt

May be the same Henry Stetzel: Historical Guide Explaining the Typical Representations & Symbolic Prophecies of the Holy Scriptures 1881 Author(s): (Rev) Stetzel, Henry; Yeakel, Irvin C.

Stoetzel / Stotzle / Stutzlin family's with children born around 1745
1. Here's a Stoetzel in Baden that *may* be some sort of relative (uncle, cousin, other). The strike against it is that there are not similar given names (Henry, David), which is very characteristic of German family naming conventions. And, no Americanized Stitzel names or Hochs in the database for this family.

Joseph Stoetzle
Birth: c1690
Death: 30 Oct 1739 in Ebersweier, Baden

Note: Marriage info from church record.
Note: Death date from funeral record.

Father: Conrad Stoetzle b: c1670

Marriage 1 Anna Maria Kast b: c1700
Married: 24 Jan 1722 in Ebersweier, Baden

Maria Agatha Stoetzle b: 19 Jan 1723 in Ebersweier, Baden
Anna Catharina Stoetzle b: 14 Nov 1724 in Ebersweier, Baden
Andreas Stoetzle b: 26 Nov 1726 in Ebersweier, Baden
Maria Agatha Stoetzle b: 25 Jan 1729 in Ebersweier, Baden
Maria Theresia Stoetzle b: 8 Aug 1730 in Ebersweier, Baden
Maria Anna Stoetzle b: 1 Mar 1732 in Ebersweier, Baden
Magdalena Stoetzle b: 31 Mar 1733 in Ebersweier, Baden
Mathias Stoetzle b: 20 Feb 1735 in Ebersweier, Baden
Franz Anton Stoetzle b: 29 Nov 1736 in Ebersweier, Baden
Franz Joseph Stoetzle b: 13 Apr 1738 in Ebersweier, Baden

2. Here's another family from the Baden area. If they are relatives, they may be Swiss (e.g., "in" added to the end of the names: Stutzlin, Mullerin, Nusserin). There are a lot of Stutzles in this family database. There are no Henry's, though, and the family names are more in synch with the Joseph Stoetzel family above (Anton, Joseph, Maria, Andreas). There's also a Johann George with the same parents (Joannes and Anna Nusserin Stutzlin).

Name: Sebastian STUTZLIN

Birth: January 18, 1706 in Bondorf, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany
Death: December 6, 1771 in Bondorf, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany

Father: Joannes STUTZLIN b: March 7, 1676 in Bondorf, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany
Mother: Anna NUSSERIN b: 1675 in Germany

Marriage 1 Barbara MULLERIN b: 1704 in Bondorf, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany
Married: 1727 in Bondorf, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany

Jakob (Jacobus) STUTZLE b: June 30, 1750 in Bondorf, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany
Maria Magdalena STUTZLIN b: 1727 in Bondorf, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany
Johannes STUTZLE b: April 11, 1732 in Bondorf, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany
Anna Maria STUTZLE b: 1729 in Bondorf, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany
Josephus STUTZLE b: April 29, 1734 in Bondorf, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany
Sebastian STUTZLE b: January 9, 1740 in Bondorf, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany
Maria Theresia STUTZLIN b: January 12, 1742 in Bondorf, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany
Maria Agatha STUTZLIN b: 1744 in Bondorf, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany
Johannes Michael STUTZLE b: February 28, 1746 in Bondorf, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany
Francisca STUTZLIN b: 1748 in Bondorf, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany
Anna Maria STUTZLIN b: 1752 in Bondorf, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany

Summary of Immigration Records
Johannes Stotzel * 1753 Philadelphia, Ship Edinburg, 14 Sep 1753
John Stitzel * 1765 Philadelphia, Naturalization, Naturalization in Berks

Petter Statzel 1754 Philadelphia, German/arrival in Philadelphia
Peter Stotzel 1754 Pennsylvania, appears on immigration and oath list

Hans Stitzel 1764 Pennsylvania, date of arrival or naturalization

Andreas Stetzel 1766 Philadelphia, Took the Oath of Allegiance
Hermannus Stoetzel 1764-1798 America, immigrant from Alsace, France
Johannes Stoetzel 1761 Pennsylvania, German settlers
Georg Jacob Stotzel 1771 Pennsylvania
Sebastian Stotzle 1786 Port uncertain, Auswanderungen
aus Baden und dem Breisgau
Hermannus Stotzel 1797 Pennsylvania, with wife, from Nassau-Dillenburg
Michael Stitzell 1812;1828 Pennsylvania, arrival or first step of
naturalization process, Fayette County

Peter Stutzlin 1739 Port uncertain, Auswanderungen
aus Baden und dem Breisgau:
Peter Stutzlin 1739 Port uncertain, 18th Cent Emigrants
from SW Germany to America\Other

Peter Stetzer 1765 Philadelphia
Peter Stetzler 1749 Philadelphia, German, Naturalizations of
Foreign Protestants in the American Colonies.
Konrad Stitzer 1756 Port Uncertain
Matthaus Stetzer 1738 Port uncertain
William Stetzer 1772 Pennsylvania, List of Indentured servants
Matthaus Stetzer 1788 America, Auswanderungen aus
Baden und dem Breisgau
Johan Sigmund Stautzer 1751 Pennsylvania

There are a lot of Stats, Staats, Stuts, Stutz, Stitz, Steitz and Stites familys that immigrated in the 1700s

1794 Arrivals -- I probably did not pull, though,
from a complete list of 1794 immigrants
Magnus Stultz 1794 Philadelphia (likely a Steltz / Stoltz)
Could not find a Magnus at all or a Henry that
is born about 1744
Johan Strauble 1794 Philadelphia
Lud Henrick Von Storich 1794 Philadelphia
John Peter Schazel 1794 Philadelphia
May be Schauseil, Johann Peter b. Sachsen-Anhalt
although there's a child born in 1815 with same
name in same place

More About Stoetzel Stitzel and <Unnamed>:
Marriage: 1753

Children of Stoetzel Stitzel are:
  1. +Henry Stitzel, b. 1744, Germany, d. date unknown.
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