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View Tree for Melchior ErismanMelchior Erisman (b. 1693, d. 1740)

Melchior Erisman was born 1693, and died 1740 in Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Co, PA. He married Edith.

 Includes NotesNotes for Melchior Erisman:
Biographical annals of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania:
containing biographical and genealogical sketches of prominent
and representative citizens and of many of the early settlers.
Chicago: J.H. Beers & Co., 1903. pp. 1515-6
CLEMENT SMELTZ ERISMAN, who enjoys the distinction of being the first building inspector that Lancaster has ever had, is not only descended from one of the oldest and best families in this section, but has made a record for himself in private and public life-of which any man might feel justly proud.

He is descended in a direct line from Melchoir Erisman, who came to America from Switzerland about 1716, and purchased a considerable section of land adjoining the site of Lancaster. He was a Mennonite in faith, coming to "the land of the free" because of religious persecution in his native country. Here he became a noted agriculturist, and his son Jacob, who was the great grandfather of Clement S., was born and raised on the old homestead in Lancaster Township.

Erisman Family
Richard W. Davis
Melchior Erisman, b. c1693. d. 1740, intestate in Lancaster Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He probably arrived in Pennsylvania in August 1717 with a large group of Mennonites from Germany. He warranted land in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on 27 Sep 1717. He had 700 acres surveyed in October 1717 in Lancaster County with Isaac Kauffman and Hans Tuber. The land was patented on 11 Nov 1734. He later warranted land in Warwick Township. He was married to Edith/Odey (b. c1697). Her name was possibly Ottilia with a nick name of Odi. Melchior's children are listed in a deed dated 25 Jul 1760.1 His widow was taxed at Lancaster Township in 1751.

1. Addey Erisman, b. c1721. She married Jacob Meyer (1721-1793), son of Hans Meyer and Mary Landert. She was alive in 1755 but died by 1760.
2. Anna Erisman, b. c1724. She married Jacob Habecker (30 Sep 1719-30 Mar 1789) by 1760.
3. Mary Erisman, b. c1726. She married Christian Meyer (c1724-1794), son of Hans Meyer and Mary Landert.
4. Elizabeth Erisman, b. c1728. She married John Habecker (c1724-1782) by 1760.
5. Barbara Erisman, b. 4 Oct 1730. d. 29 Nov 1770. She married Joseph Habecker (17 Mar 1716-24 May 1798) of Manor Township by 1760.
6. Jacob Erisman, b. c1732. d. 1792, Rapho Township, Lancaster County. He married Addy Hershey (b. c1730), daughter of Christian Hershey. He inherited his father's 120 acres on Conestoga Creek. Jacob was of Manor Township when he bought 303 acres in Rapho Township, Lancaster County on 16 Oct 1761. He married secondly Barbara Herr and had three daughters by her, Esther, Barbara and Ann. He married thirdly Elizabeth Kendig, the widow of Christian Forrer (1737-1783) of Newberry Township, York County. Elizabeth died in Shenandoah County, Virginia in 1803. He had no children by Elizabeth.
7. Daniel Erisman, b. c1736. d. c1800, Lancaster Township. He was married to Mary Hiestand by 1760. He was taxed at Lancaster Township, Lancaster County in 1757 and 1758 on 200 acres. He was still taxed there in 1770.
8. Magdalena Erisman, b. c1738. She married Christian Eby by 1760.

Series of information
Melchior Erisman
posting on
Research of Oliver J. Smith IV
Melchior ERISMAN died in 1740 in Lancaster, PA. Melchior was a Swiss Mennonite who most likely came from the Palatinate in Germany. An allotment of 675 acres of land along the Conestoga Creek was made to Hans Tuber, Isaac Coffman, and "Melkerman" in 1717. A misprint occurred in this record and "Melkerman" appears instead of Melchior Erisman. Melchior is listed among those taxable in the Conestoga Rate for the years 1718 through 1726 when what is now Lancaster Co was still a part of Chester Co. His name is spelled various ways in these records, including Arisman, Irishman and Erishman.
Melchior first appears in the American records when he made a land warrant application for 675 acres of land along the Conestoga Creek, Strasburg Twp., Chester Co., PA with Hans Tuber and Isaac Coffman on Sep. 27, 1717. On this warrant his name was given as Melker Erisman.

In Aug. 1717 three ships carrying a total of 363 Mennonite passengers arrived in Philadelphia, PA from London. The names of the ships are not known nor are there any ship lists which contain the names of the passengers. It is hypothesized that Melchior and his wife arrived on one of these ships, along with the families of Hans Tuber and Isaac Coffman, and settled in Lancaster Co. then Chester Co., PA. At this time, the lack of ship lists or other detailed information make it impossible to prove this hypothesis but it does seem to be highly likely since it had been decided by the Mennonite leaders in Feb. 1717 that Pennsylvania would be the new gathering place for them.

Melchior signed a qualification list for foreigners that pledged his allegiance to the Queen of England in 1729. The introduction to this list states: "Whereas divers Protestants, who were subjects to the Emperor of Germany, a Prince in Amity with the Crown of Great Britain, transported themselves and Estates into the Province of Pennsylvania, between the years One Thousand Seven Hundred and One Thousand seven hundred and Eighteen:" This is the only information I have found that positively dates his immigration.

The above mentioned warranted land later became a part of Lancaster Co. when it was formed from Chester Co. in 1729. The land was surveyed on Oct. 14, 1717 as part of tracts that totaled 2,375 acres. Melchior later had this land surveyed in Nov. 1719 but this survey return can not now be found. Melchior received the patent for this land on Nov. 11, 1734. The patent was for two tracts of land totaling 270 acres. The first was bounded by lands of "Hans Proupather (John Brubaker), John Moyer, John Tuber (the above Hans Tubert)" and the Little Conestoga Creek and contained 150 acres. The second was bounded by lands of "Andreas Coffman, Isaac Coffman, John Tuber, Abraham Heer" and "Conestogoe Manor" and contained 120 acres. Undoubtedly this John Moyer was the John Meyer (or Myer) whose two sons married two of Melchior's daughters.

Melchoir is listed among those taxable in the Conestogoe Rate for the years 1718 through 1726 when what is now Lancaster Co. was still a part of Chester Co. His name is spelled various ways in these records including Arisman, Irishman and Ehrishman.

Melchior died intestate in 1740 and his inventory which included "horse geird, wagon, and plowes", was dated Aug. 18, 1740. Odey Erishman, Henry Rote (not legible), & Christian Stoneman were bonded for 350L on Oct. 15, 1740 for Melchoir's estate. On July 25, 1760 the heirs of Melchior granted the first tract of land above that contained 150 acres to his son Daniel and the second tract above that contained 120 acres along the Little Conestoga Creek to his son Jacob. On Feb. 20, 1740, 538 acres of land along the Conestoga Creek in Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co., PA was patented to Edith Erisman. This land was made up of two tracts of land, one totaled 204 acres while the other totaled 334 acres. The rights to both of these tracts were applied for by Melchior before his death and were finally obtained by Edith as his executrix. The 204 acre tract was surveyed for Thomas Falknor who sold his rights to the land to Melchior before his decease. This land was warranted to Edith on June 4, 1740 and was bounded by land of Christian Eby. The 334 acre tract was part of a 600 acre tract warranted to John & Jacob Snevely on June 24, 1723. The rights to 334 acres of this land was given to Melchior on Jan. 24, 1733. When surveyed in 1740 the tract was bounded by land of Nicholas Erb.
The "Widow Irishman" is listed in the Lancaster Twp. tax lists for 1751 and 1756. In 1756 she was taxed 15 Pounds for: 200 acres of land, 1 horse, 3 mares, 11 cattle & 11 sheep. Also in 1756 a twenty year old son of hers was listed as a Freeman and taxed 10 Pounds. In 1757 her son Daniel was now taxed for the 200 acres of land. Edith died intestate and in a number of deeds her heirs granted her lands to three of her sons-in-law. On July 25, 1760 the 204 acre tract was granted to her son-in-law John Habecker, 63 acres of the 334 acre tract was granted to her son-in-law Christian Myer while the remaining 271 acres of this tract was granted to her son-in-law Jacob Habecker.
Source: James Ryan Family Tree on Contact:

Lancaster County Genealogy Project Query Board
Naturalization Doc. 1729, Slaymaker & Various
Posted By: Jon
Date: January 5 2001
WHEREAS, By encouragement given by the Honorable William Penn, Esq., late Proprietary and Governor of the province of Pennsylvania, and by permission of his Majesty, King George the First, of blessed memory, and his predecessors, Kings and Queens of England, &c., divers Protestants, who were subjects to the Eemperor of Germany, a Prince in amity with the Crown of Great Britain, transported themselves and estates into the province of Pennsylvania, between the years one thousand seven hundred, and one thousand seven hundred and eighteen; and since they came hither have contributed very much to the enlargement of the British Empire, and to the raising and improving sundry commodities fit for the markets of Europe, and have always behaved themselves religiously and peaceably, and have paid a due regard and obedience to the laws and government of this province; And whereas, Many of said persons, to wit Martin Meylin, Hans Graff, and others, all of Lancaster county, in the said province, in demonstration of their affection and zeal for his present Majestys person and Government, qualified themselves by taking the qualification, and subscribing the declaration directed to be taken and subscribed by the several acts of parliament, made for the security of his Majestys person and Government, and for preventing the dangers which may happen by Popish Recusants, &c., and thereupon, have humbly signified to the Governor and Representatives of the freemen of this province in General Assembly, that they have purchased and do hold land of the proprietary, and others, his Majestys subjects within this province, and have likewise represented their great desire of being made partakers of those privileges which the natural born subjects of Great Britain do enjoy within this province; and it being just and reasonable, that those persons who have bona fide purchased lands, and who have given such testimony of their affection and obedience to the Crown of Great Britain should as well be secured in the enjoyment of their estates, as encouraged in their laudable affection and zeal for the English constitution;

Be it enacted by the Hon. Patrick Gordon, Esq., Lieut. Governor of the province of Pennsylvania, &c., by and with the advice and consent of the freemen of the said province, in General Assembly met, and by the authority of the same, That Martin Meylin, Hans Graaf, Christian Stoneman, Jacob Funk, Francis Neiff, Francis Neiff, Jr., George Kindeck, John Burkholder, John Burkholder, Jr., Abraham Burkholder, Michael Bowman, John Hess, John Frederick, Christopher Preniman, Martin Harnist, Joseph Buckwalter, Felix Landes, Jr., Adam Preniman, John Funk, John Bohman, John Taylor, Henry Neiff, Michael Mire, Henry Bare, Peter Bumgarner, Melcor Hufford, Melcor Erisman, John Brubaker, Jacob Nisley, Hans Snevely, Jacob Goot, John Woolalegle, Jacob Mire, Chrisopher Sowers, Joseph Stoneman, Daniel Ashleman, Christian Peelman, John Henry Neiff, John Henry Neiff, Jr., Abraham Hare, John Ferie, Jacob Biere, Peter Yordea, Peter Leamon, Hans Jacob Snevely, Isaac Coffman, Andrew Coffman, Woolrich Rodte, Henry Funk, Roody Mire, John Mylin, Jacob Bheme, Hohn Coffman, Michael Doneder, Charles Christopher, Andrew Shultz, John Houser, Christian Preniman, Jacob Miller, black, Henry Carpenter, Emanuel Carpenter, Gabriel Carpenter, Daniel Herman, Christian Herman, Philip Fiere, Mathias Slaremaker, Big John Shank, Jacob Churts, Jacob Snevely, Jr., John Wollrich Hover, John Croyder, John Leeghte, John Stampher, Martin Graaf, Peter Newcomat, Jacob Bare, Jr., John Henry Bare, Jacob Weaver, Henry Weaver, John Weaver, David Longanicker, George Weaver, Abraham Mire, Woolrick Houser, John Mire, Henry Musselman, Michael Shank, Jacob Miller, Jacob Miller, Jr., Martin Miller, Peter Abye, Hans Goot, Christian Staner, John Jacob Light, Adam Brand, Christopher Franciscus, Casper Loughman, Frederick Stay, John Line, John Swope, Bastian Royer, Jonas Lerow, Simeon King, John Abye, Everhard Ream, all of Lancaster county, be, and shall be to all intents and purposes deemed, taken, and esteemed, His Majestys natural born subjects of this province of Pennsylvania, as if they and each of them had been born within the said province, take, receive, enjoy, and be entitled to all rights, privileges and advantages of natural born subjects, as fully, to all intents, and constructions and purposes whatsoever, as any of his Majestys natural born subjects of this province can, do or ought to enjoy, by virtue of their being His Majestys natural born subjects of His Majestys said province of Pennsylvania.

This transcription is taken from:
J. I. Mombert, An Authentic History of Lancaster County in the State of Pennsylvania, J. E. Barr & Co.: Lancaster, PA, 1869. ("We are indebted to Abraham Meylin, of West Lampeter township, for a copy of it. This document has been upwards of one hundred and fourteen years in the possession of the Meylin family. It is an act passed Anno Regni Georgii II, Regis Magnę Britannię, Francię et Hiberię, tertio, October 14, 1729.")

Melchior Erisman
Birth: c. 1699
Death: 1740 in Lancaster Co., PA

Note: Melchoir Erisman was a Swiss Mennonite. 1
Change Date: 24 Feb 2005 at 21:47:41

Marriage 1 Edith

Jacob Erisman b: 1728 in Lancaster Co., PA
Anna Erisman b: in Lancaster Co., PA
Mary Erisman b: c. 1730 in Lancaster Co., PA
Barbara Erisman b: 1730 in Lancaster Co., PA
Elizabeth Erisman b: c. 1735 in Lancaster Co., PA
Daniel Erisman b: 1736 in Lancaster Co., PA
Magdalena Erisman b: 1737 in Lancaster Co., PA
Adda Erisman b: in Lancaster Co., PA

Title: Ancestors of Soren Brent Smeltzer, Author: Smeltzer

Mennonite arrivals
Richard W. Davis
In February of 1717, it was decided by the Mennonites in the Pfalz that it was time to send larger groups to Pennsylvania. By May some had received certificates which allowed them help from the Dutch brethren when they arrived in Holland. It was reported that in August 1717, three ships carrying 363 Mennonite passengers
arrived in Philadelphia. We do not know the names of the ships and there are no ship lists which contain the names of the passengers. I have used tax list and warrants to determine who probably arrived on those ships1. My total is about 30-35 people too many, but I may have included too many wives or children. It is also possible that a few of these families listed below arrived earlier than 1717 or perhaps arrived on another ship that arrived earlier in the year.
1717 Three Ships (363 Mennonite passengers)

33. Melchior Erisman (c1693-1740). He settled on Conestoga Creek in Lancaster County. His wife Edith. He arrived with no children.

(1) Many of the names on the 1710 and 1717 lists are listed on Rupp's list of inhabitants of Lancaster County for 1709 and 1712. However, Rupp seems to be mistaken, as there were no Mennonite settlers in Lancaster County until 1710 and many of the names on his 1712 list do not appear in any Pennsylvania records
until 1717. I have not been able to find the original source for his 1709 or 1712 lists that he published many years ago.

Children of Melchior Erisman and Edith are:
  1. +Mary Erisman, b. 1726, Earl Twp., Lancaster Co, PA, d. date unknown, Lancaster Co, PA.
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