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The Ancestors of Thomas Wade & Linda Dale (Rusche)Hendricks

Updated January 30, 2010

I would like to thank the following people for their sharing of their hard work and records with me. To all our cousins and relatives listed below...Thanks so much for sharing!
Bill and Reenie Dack, Ian Allen: DACK lines
Timothy Kimmel, Margaret Lasater: KIMMEL, HUNSACKER, BROWN lines
Charles Middlebrook: FOWLER family
Harold Gosnell: GOSNELL family
Carolyn Bice, Shirley Sanders: HOUSTON family
Hal Davis, Robert Beohm, Jery Jones, ESPECIALLY Betty Hendricks Scruggs(Thanks for the records!!): HENDRICKS lines
Bill Couch: MILLS lines
Jim Eggert, Dr. Peter Rusche: RUSCHE lines
Jodie Bledsoe, Betty Foster, Gil Carrick, Felica Dryden. Jeanne Holcomb, Bill Sims, Don Simms, Dallas Lacy: SIMMS lines
P.D. Crowe, Ladene Dowell: WHITMAN lines
Malinda Jones: WRIGHT, ARNOLD, WASHINGTON and lines back to royal lines in Britain.


There are also many associated names too many to list-please feel free to check the names for any connection.

ALSO please be sure to conduct your own documentation of these trees. While I am fairly confident that the information is correct-there are always mistakes-I try to update the information contained on this page often. Currently conducting my own documentation on this information. IF you see anything that isn't correct, please let me know and I will check it out!
Linda (Rusche) Hendricks

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GEDCOM Trees (viewing trees requires 4.0 or later)

  • Ancestors of Linda D. Rusche & Thomas W,Hendricks (5371 KB)
    Included in this tree are the Ancestors of Linda Dale Rusche Hendricks & Thomas Wade Hendricks. There are many direct and auxiliary family members listed for BOTH of our families. RUSCHE>HENDRICKS>HENDERSON>SIMMS>FOWLER>LANE> HOUSTON>WHITMAN>DACK>BYBEE>DENNIS>TYLER>PRESLEY>POPE>SAILES>WAGGONER>HUNTINGTON>WILLIAMS>KEMP & many others. Please feel free to contact me.

Family Photos

  • William Noah Hendricks (28 KB)
    William Noah Hendricks son of Adam Admire Hendricks. William Noah was a Primative Baptist Minister and is buried in Memphis Texas(Texas panhandle). He lived in Southern Oklahoma and performed several weddings there.
  • Susan Brown Hendricks (23 KB)
    Susan(Brown)Hendricks, wife of William Noah. Died in Roswell, New Mexico at Flying H Ranch. Sister of Nancy Katherine Brown and cousin of George Washington Brown(husband of Mary Susan Hendricks). She is buried in Memphis Texas, with her husband William Noah Hendricks.
  • Arvie Betty Houston Hendricks with the twins (65 KB)
    Betty Hendricks with her twins. Most likely taken in Konawa-area of Oklahoma.
  • Lula Hankins,daughter of Ben and Cerilda (197 KB)
    Lula Hankins is the daughter of Benjamine Hankins and Cerilda Simms Hankins. Cerilda is the daughter of John J. Simms and the sister of Stephen Simms of Wilson Co. Tennessee.
  • George Washington Hendricks after a dance. (253 KB)
    This was taken before he married Mary Elizabeth Morrison. He played at a dance and it snowed them in.This was taken in the snow the next day.
  • James Christopher Houston in Antlers OK. (68 KB)
    James Christopher Houston-Spanish-American war veteran-In Antlers OK-with one of his grandchildren. He also lived in Clayton Oklahoma.
  • Clara Whitman Lane & Helen Beatrice Lane-1924/25 (16 KB)
    Clara Louise Whitman Lane was the grandmother of Helen Lane. This was taken late 1924 or early 1925, in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Clara is blind.
  • Wiley and Willy Morrison (74 KB)
    I have heard from Jimmy Wesley Morrison. He says that this is a photo of his father, John William Morrison and his little brother Noah Morrison, half brothers of Mary Elizabeth Morrison Hendricks. Mary Elzabeth's mother was Katherine Wisdom Morrison.
  • Clara Whitman Lane & Helen Beatrice Lane-1927 (28 KB)
    Taken in Shawnee, Oklahoma in about 1927.
  • James Newton Morrison and family(from old tintype) (82 KB)
    Sorry about the quality. This is from an old tintype. James Newton (Jim)Morrison, his wife Katherine Wisdom Morrison and daughter Mary Elizabeth Morrison
  • Charles Burton Sickler & Lena Deppink wed.pic (38 KB)
    This is the wedding photo of Charles Sickler and Lena Deppink. Lena had been married before, to a Mr. Parker. She had a daughter(or step-daughter) when she married Charles Sickler.
  • William Calvin (W.C.) Hendricks (42 KB)
    W.C. Hendricks, brother of George Washington(G.W.) Hendricks. Was witness at the wedding of G.W. and Mary E.Morrison
  • Lena Deppink & Frank Parker (41 KB)
    Taken in June of 1894 in Oklahoma City before they married. In the 1900 census Lena was home with Ruby, listed as Lena's step daughter? She later married Charles Sickler.
  • Florence Etta Jones Hendricks (27 KB)
    William Calvin's(W.C.)wife.
  • Helen Beatrice Lane & her Grandma Lane (16 KB)
    This was taken in Shawnee(?) shortly after Helen's birth(June 14,1924) Grandma Lane nee Whitman was born in Kansas and lived in Missouri before moving to Oklahoma. She was also blind and lived on her own.
  • William Wade Lane holding Helen B.Lane 1924 (20 KB)
    I found this picture while going through a trunk. It was inside an old birthday card given to Helen by her mom. I think it was made in Shawnee. Isn't this a great picture.
  • Bo as Sir Kay-escorting the Queen's Court (21 KB)
    This was taken at the Medieval Faire in Norman Oklahoma. Bo was portraying Sir Kay, King Arthur's adopted brother. Bo is escorting the Queen's Court across the Faire grounds, back to their court. He still performs at fairs.
  • 5 generations of the Hendricks family (71 KB)
    Mary Elizabeth(Morrison)Hendricks, her son, Burt Young>his son, Burt Thomas>his son Burt William>his infant daughter, Kana.
  • Clara Whitman Lane & grandchildren (41 KB)
    Clara Louise(Whitman)Lane was born in Missouri. She slowly went blind due to Retinitis Pigmentosa. She lived by herself in her later years. Had relatives in Ontario,Canada in the 30's. Girl on top step is Helen(Lane)Hendricks
  • Velma & Nellie Chaffee (77 KB)
    Tollie Simms Chaffee's daughters. Nellie and Velma. They lived in Texas for awhile, before moving to Oklahoma.
  • George Washington Hendricks (122 KB)
    Taken probably about 1910. In New Mexico? Note his Masonic Key on the watch fob.
  • John Wade Whitman-in his Civil War uniform (59 KB)
    John Wade Whitman was in the Illinois Regular Army and discharged at the rank of Sgt. This was taken at a much later date.
  • William Dack (50 KB)
    William Dack, husband of Jane Code(Codde). Born in Dublin Ireland-immigrated to Ontario Canada.
  • John Wade Whitman & Elizabeth Dack Whitman (102 KB)
    John and Elizabeth are the parents of Clara Whitman Lane. They lived in Brighton Missouri. Clara married William Middleton Lane in Missouri and moved to Shawnee Oklahoma.
  • Alfred & Lizzie Fowler (45 KB)
    Alfred & Lizzie Fowler of Clay Center,Kansas. Alfred (Uncle Al) lost one eye at the age of 8, when he was struck in the eye, with an Elephant gaff, while trying to look under the tent at the Circus(Elephant trainer struck him).
  • Burt Young & Arvie Betty Houston Hendricks (203 KB)
    Arvie Betty(Houston)and Burt Young Hendricks, Arvie is the daughter of James C. Houston and Burt Young Hendricks is the son of G.W.(George Washington) Hendricks.
  • Corporal Tom Hendricks in Japan (17 KB)
    Taken while Tom was stationed in Japan. He drove the truck for the "BB Stackers" or Ordinance.
  • Arthur Simms-age 19 (529 KB)
    Arthur(Ott)Simms was the twin brother of Edward(Ed)Simms. They were frateral twins, as Arthur was fair and Ed was dark. Arthur died in 1908, during a typhoid epidemic. He is buried at Fairlawn Cemetary in Oklahoma City, in an unmarked grave.
  • Addie (Dennis) Bybee and her children (138 KB)
    France Adeline Dennis Bybee and her children, Floyd, the twins, Thelma and Velma and Jewell(Rusche) Bybee. Taken in Oklahoma, probably in the Jones area. Only photo I've ever seen of Addie.
  • Frederick Rusche (141 KB)
    Frederick was my dad's (older) baby brother, who died at the age of 1 year 1 month. I believe that this picture was taken for his 1st birthday, shortly before he died. This is the only photo I've ever seen of Frederick.
  • Conrad Rusche and Jewell Bybee Rusche (93 KB)
    I don't know when this was taken, but it is possible that this was before they married. It appears to be in the winter, as she has on a heavy coat and hat.
  • Heinrich Rusche of Mardolf Germany (339 KB)
    This is a picture of Heinrich Rusche, born in Mardolf Germany, the father of Henry Rusche. This was found in picture of the Bybee family-(Jewell's pictures).
  • John J.Simms of Shop Springs,Tennessee (1179 KB)
    John J.Simms is the son of Matthew Simms from Larne, Antrim Co.,Ireland. Matthew is listed as one of the first settlers in Wilson Co.,Tennessee.John J was married 2X-had 22 children, 11 by each wife. He was supposed to grow the "best watermelons" in Tennessee!
  • Burt Thomas Hendricks at about 1 year old (48 KB)
    Probably taken in Konawa Oklahoma, where he was born.
  • Conrad & Jewell Bybee Rusche (779 KB)
    Taken at the Oklahoma State Fair(September) just before Robert O.Rusche was born(October 30). Aunt Frances has a photo of them, shortly after they got married, taken at the State Fair.
  • John Y. Hendricks or Ricks Y. Hendricks (766 KB)
    John Youngs Hendricks in his WWI uniform-taken about 1918. Changed his name to Ricks Y. Hendricks.
  • Laura Elva Fowler Simms (167 KB)
    Not sure when this was taken. Was in Oklahoma City. Laura was born in Rural Nixon, Hardin Co.,Tennessee to Lewis D. and Estelle Priscilla(Mills) Fowler.
  • Herman & Bill Rusche , wives Carrie & Kate &kids (654 KB)
    Herman and William(Bill) Rusche with their wives, Carrie(Caro Edna) and Kate. The children are believed to be Clara and Bonnie Rusche Probably taken about 1920 in Jones/McLoud area of Oklahoma
  • Vernon & Eva (Bolt)Simms, Laura & Jean Simms (265 KB)
    Taken in the 40's(I think) in Oklahoma City.
  • Frances & Jim Rusche (656 KB)
    Jim and Frances before the birth of Robert in Oklahoma City.
  • Clarence Manley Fowler delivering groceries (1475 KB)
    Manley Fowler delivered groceries for a local store in Oklahoma City. I think he was about 17 or 18.
  • Lewis D Fowler (4 KB)
    Lewis was with the Oklahoma City Police Department, serving from about 1904 until the 1920's. He was under Bill Tilghman when he was OKC Police Chief. This was made about 1920, before he retired.
  • Ernest J. Simms working for Haliburton Dry Goods (167 KB)
    Taken in Oklahoma City. Ernest worked for the Haliburton Dry Good Store, doing home delivery. I think he was about age 14 or 15, so this should be around statehood(1907)
  • William and Thelma Becker Lane with family (270 KB)
    Photo of William Wade Lane and Thelma Beulah (Becker) Lane with their children and grandchildren. Taken in Shawnee, Oklahoma
  • Jewell Irene Bybee Rusche (205 KB)
    I think this was taken in the early 1940's in Oklahoma City.
  • Jim, Frances and Bob Rusche taken in the 30's (303 KB)
    This the the companion photo to the one of Beulah, Charles and Bill Rusche. They are the children of Conrad and Jewell (Bybee) Rusche.
  • Conrad and Jewell Bybee Rusche (77 KB)
    Taken in the late 1930's or early 1940's in Oklahoma City.
  • James Christopher Houston, about 20 (34 KB)
    New photo of James Christopher Houston "Chris". He appears to be about 20 years old. Not sure where it was taken. Most likely Tennessee.
  • Conrad H. & Christina Rusche. (104 KB)
    Taken in about 1910. I believe it was taken in Oklahoma City.
  • Men of Hut 88, Belfast Ireland-06/18/1944-J.Rusche (414 KB)
    Men of Hut 88, stationed in Belfast Ireland before Normandy. Men include Jim Rusche(OKC),Ge\leen Y. Jett(KY), Edgar L. Mayne(DE), John B. McDonald(NY), R.W. Herbling(OH), P.G. Cannon(OH). This was taken abt. 6 days before they shipped out to Normandy. They landed at Normandy July 4th, 1944.
  • Jim Rusche and gunnery crew-France-WWII (409 KB)
    Jim Rusche with gunnery crew, in France during WWII. Listed on back are the following names. James F. Rusche(OKC), Thomas Moran(NYC), Vincent Gingaro or Gengaro(Orange NJ), John Livigni( Brooklyn, NY), Bufrod B. Ray(Tallapossa GA), David Pregier(New Erin, MN). Also part of address-**West 84th St, NYC.(first 2 numbers could be 75 or 73)
  • Susan Brown Hendricks (694 KB)
    This photo was taken at the Flying H Ranch. Susan was in her 80's
  • Jackson Eli Simms and Nannie Bell Smith Simms (944 KB)
    Son of Eli Simms(son of Matthew Simms).
  • Stephen Simms of Lebanon Tennessee (274 KB)
    Stephen Simms of Lebanon Tennessee. He died in 1890,during surgery for appendendicitis(on the dinner room table). Left a widow and 6 children. Roy, the baby died that same year.
  • Nettie Deppink Rusche ,Conrad & Christina Rusche (117 KB)
    Taken probably in Liberal Kansas during a visit to her brothers Edward and Gottlieb Deppink, who lived in Beaver Co.,Oklahoma
  • Conrad Henry George William Rusche (128 KB)
    Conrad Rusche as an infant(about 6 mos.old) Christening photo? Full christening name was Conrad Henry George William Rusche. Born in Meeker Oklahoma in 1901.
  • Estelle Priscilla Mills Fowler (98 KB)
    Photo of Estelle coming in from the barn after milking the cows. Taken in Oklahoma City about 1917 or 18.
  • Pfc.James F. Rusche-end of WWII (57 KB)
    Taken during leave after fighting in the European Theatre. Just before the end of WWII.
  • Christina Rusche Clark (147 KB)
    Christina(Aunt Tina) at about age 2 or 3. Probably taken in Oklahoma or Kansas.
  • Pfc.James F.Rusche-home on leave after bootcamp (80 KB)
    Taken on leave just before being shipped out to Northern Ireland. Stayed on the Montebatten Estates in N.Ireland before being sent to France. Landed in France-July 4th.
  • Beulah, Charles & Bill Rusche (291 KB)
    Taken in the 1930's. Charles died not to long after this photo was taken, likely from ear infection. The only photo of Charles that we have.
  • William Wade Lane & Thelma Becker Lane (213 KB)
    William Wade Lane and Thelma Beulah (Becker) Lane of Shawnee Oklahoma. William was blind and worked in the Pott.Co.OK courthouse after working for the railroads in Newton KS. Thelma raised good kids and a good garden to feed them.
  • Jim, Frances & Bob Rusche (303 KB)
    Taken in the 1930's in Oklahoma City in "The Flats" in S. Oklahoma City.
  • Linda Dale Rusche Hendricks (74 KB)
    Photo of Linda Rusche Hendricks at about 6 mos. Dress in photo was made for her sister, Donna by cousin Rose Haley Belk. She still has the dress.
  • Jim Rusche about 10 years old. (30 KB)
    Taken in one of those Carnival photo booths (at the State Fair of Oklahoma). It seems to have been a family tradition to have photos taken at the fair.
  • Earnest Raymond "Pot" Rusche (26 KB)
    Photo of "Pot" Earnest Raymond Rusche. The story is that Pot got his nickname because he always wanted to lick th epot when his mom cooked.
  • Jean Simms & Betty (Dollie) Fowler-cousins (80 KB)
    Photo taken in the 40's? Jean and Dollie are cousins-born about 7 months apart.
  • Lola Grigsby Rusche (54 KB)
    Wife od "Pot" Earnest Raymond Rusche-taken in 1952-prob. in OKC
  • Adam Alexander & Nancy Katherine Brown Hendricks (30 KB)
    This is NOT Adam Admire, but his son, Adam Alexander. His wife Nancy and Susan D. Brown(William Noah's wife) were sisters.
  • Adam Admire Hendricks (2 KB)
    Photo of Adam Admire Hendricks, believed to have been taken as a wedding photo
  • Sophie Ann Mosier Hendricks (11 KB)
    Sophia Ann Mosier, married to Adam Admire Hendricks. Believed to have been taken as a wedding photo
  • Delilah Bullock Houston & James Houston (100 KB)
    This is Delilah Bullock Houston and James Houston(her son). There is some question wheather this is her husband James or her son James. One side says son-the other-husband! I doubt we'll ever be sure! Deliah was suppose to be a full-blood Cherokee. Possible that her son Greenberry was named for her father.
  • Adam Admire Hendricks & Sophie Ann Mosier (3 KB)
    Original photo of Adam A. and Sophie-seems to be wedding photo
  • William Tate Houston & wife Martha.2 of their kids (99 KB)
    William Tate Houston and his wife Martha and two of their children, Ollie and Marshall, taken in 1919, William T. is the son of John J. and Delilah (Bullock)Houston. Brother of Greenberry Houston, who was the father of James Layfayette and grandfather of James Christopher. I found records in the Cherokee files of declined or disallowed claims. It appears that Olie may have filed for indian benefits, but didn't have the required proof.
  • James Lafayette Houston (14 KB)
    Photo of James Lafayette Houston of Tennessee
  • Burt Thomas Hendricks-end of WWII. (20 KB)
    Taken at the end of WWII at a Hendricks Family Reunion is Shawnee, OK. Not sure what year,about 1945-46?.
  • Keziah Sailes Houston (13 KB)
    Photo of Keziah Sailes Houston, wife of James L. Houston of Tennessee and daughter of Hampton Sailes
  • Martha Ann Houston (3 KB)
    Martha Ann Houston

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  • The Sims Surname (6 KB)
    A brief description of the Sims surname and a description of the family crest.

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