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Ancestors of Ryan Kirk Miller

      238. [Sanford Payne], born Abt. 1796 in VA; died Unknown. He married 239. [Lucinda ?].

      239. [Lucinda ?], born Abt. 1798 in VA; died Unknown.
Child of [Sanford Payne] and [Lucinda ?] is:
  119 i.   Elizabeth [Payne], born Abt. 1826 in VA; died Bet. 1850 - 1860 in OH/IL; married (1) ? Sweigy; married (2) [Samuel] Titus, [Jr.] Abt. March 11, 1845 in Muskingum Co., OH.

      240. Johordia/Jehoida Thompson, born May 06, 1793 in Rutherford Co., NC; died April 29, 1872 in Franklin Co., AR. He was the son of 480. William Thompson and 481. Mary Tabor. He married 241. Margaret (Peggy) Green Abt. 1817 in Rutherford Co., NC.

      241. Margaret (Peggy) Green, born Abt. 1796 in Rutherford Co., NC; died November 04, 1867 in Walker Co., GA.

Notes for Johordia/Jehoida Thompson:
Johordia Thompson was the son of William Thompson and Mary Tabor. William Thompson was born
in NC and was an early settler of Tennessee. Mary Tabor was born in NC of Irish parents and lived almost all of her life in TN where she died at almost 100 years of age. Johordia grew to maturity in Rutherford Co., NC and may have fought in the War of 1812 as a private under Gen. Andrew Jackson.

Johordia and Margaret were married about 1817 in Rutherford Co. and about 1820 moved near Knoxville
in Anderson Co., TN. The family moved about 1827 to McMinn Co., TN and lived there for about 5 years. They moved to the Cherokee Nation in Tennessee for about one year before moving to Walker Co.,
Georgia (probably near the community of LaFayette) about 1832. The family lived in Walker Co. for about 40 years before moving to Floyd Co., GA toward the end of the Civil War. Four or five of Johordia's sons died in the Civil War and Johordia is believed to have been mistreated (and possibly blinded) by outlaws during the War. Margaret died on 4 Nov. 1867 in Walker Co. and is buried in the Chattooga Cemetery near Lafayette in Walker Co., GA. About 1871, many of the Thompson family members and friends moved to Franklin Co., Arkansas. Johordia died in Franklin Co., AR on 29 Apr. 1872 at an age of 80 years and is buried in the Shiloh Cemetery near the community of Ozark.

The Civil War was a terrible experience for everyone in America, and the Thompson family was no
exception. The following is an account furnished by Dr. Kathryn Presley, a descendant of John Dial

"Virginia Dial Thompson is one of the family mysteries/secrets from the John Dial line. Her mother, Nancy Jane Vaughn Thompson, tried to keep John Dial at home. They had no slaves and she told him that the war was a "rich man's war and a poor man's fight". But he went, regretting it almost instantly. He fought (along with his brother Caswell Cobb) under Lee and Stonewall Jackson. They were often hungry and seldom knew what they were doing (in his letter, he thinks he's near "Chickamaugie" when it's actually the Chickahominy in Virginia). He was wounded slightly and was sent to Danville, VA to a hospital where he caught smallpox and died. Meanwhile, Nancy Jane and her family were dealing with Sherman and later the battle of Chickamauga. Sherman's men drove off her cattle and took her food, except for a few potatoes, turnips, etc. She and her younger sister tracked the cattle down, leaving the babies with my grandfather and a sickly older brother. A kindly Yankee officer let her have the milk cow to take home for the children. Note that her last child, Virginia Dial (we called her Aunt Diallie) was
born 11 months after John Dial's death and nearly two years after he left home! Some of our staider relatives have always maintained that the birth date was in error, but it shows up the same in several different places. Others of us suspect suspect that she was raped on that trip after the cows or by the same group that beat up Johordia. Who knows? Anyway, I am touched that she named the baby Virginia (after the place John died) and Dial (his middle name), seemingly determined to claim it as his child. Nancy Jane was quite a gal! My Aunt Edna remembers her and I have several pictures, the Indian blood
being apparent. I'm proud to be named for her and for Catherine Elizabeth Hughs Thompson. I was (am) Kathryn Jane Thompson."

The letter to which she refers above was probably sent along with a letter from brother Casswell. These
letters offer an insight into the realities of the war. Transcripts of these letters follow:

July 6, 1862
(In the line of Battle, 35 miles north east of Chickamaugie Creek.)
Dear Wife,

I am at this time presented by kind Providence to seat myself and send you these lines to inform you that I am not very well. I am suffering some with diarrhea. John is not very well, he has a bad cold and a severe coff. He is hardly able to be about. Ever hoping these lines may reach you and finding you all enjoying good health. We all are nearly worn out from marching. Nearly all of our company are sick and complaining. We are in line of battle and have been ever since day before testerday. We received your's and Nancy's and Henry's kind letters dated 8th and 11th of June. We was happy to receive them and glad to hear that you all were well. We would be very glad to see you all but we can not enjoy that pleasure now. But we do hope this war will soon close and we may all get home. (Direct your letters to Richmond). Sarah, you asked to know if you did right in fencing the mare. You do the best you can with her in selling her colt this fall. I understand that Mr. Sharp is somewhere here in camp and if I get to see him I will tell him to sell her and if not you sell her. You can do the best you can..Sarah, you and Nancy must write soon and often. I would be glad to hear from you every week if I could. We was in battle on Friday, the 27th of June and came very near being in one on Tuesday after. Some of our men got wounded with bombs. Another of our company got his hand torn to pieces. We had to throw away our blanket and shirts before we were in the fight and have nothing to cover with except oil cloth we picked up on the battle ground. We also picked up two good linsey shirts. Tell all the connections to write to us as we are very anxious to hear from them all.

            C. C. and John D. Thompson

Nancy, I wood like to see you and the children but I no that is impossible. I want you to
do the best you can and remember me. We expect to travel with Stonewall Jackson in
persute of the enemy. He is sed to be a grate fighter. Father, I would like to see you and
talk with you for I cannot write and do not have time to write but I can think of you and
all this leaves me in common health.

            John Dial Thompson

Casswell Cobb Thompson was killed at the Battle of Sharpsburg, MD just over two months after these
letters were written. John Dial Thompson was apparently wounded shortly after writing the letter and was sent to a battlefield hospital near Danville, VA where he later died of smallpox.

More About Johordia/Jehoida Thompson:
Burial: Unknown, Shiloh Cem., Franklin Co., AR

  Notes for Margaret (Peggy) Green:
Margaret Green was born about 1796 in Rutherford Co. Nothing is known of her early life or her parents
except that both may have been born in Ireland prior to settling in NC.

More About Margaret (Peggy) Green:
Burial: Unknown, Chatooga Cem., Walker Co., GA
Children of Johordia/Jehoida Thompson and Margaret Green are:
  i.   William A. Thompson, born Abt. 1818 in [Rutherford Co.], NC; died January 13, 1864 in Atlanta, GA; married Nancy Ann ?; died Unknown.
  Notes for William A. Thompson:
William was killed in the Battle of Atlanta during the Civil War.

  ii.   Mary (Pop) Thompson, born Abt. 1820 in [Rutherford Co.], NC; died Unknown; married Henry Mullens Abt. 1843 in Walker Co., GA; died Unknown.
  iii.   ? Thompson, born Abt. 1822 in NC/TN; died Unknown.
  120 iv.   Henry Thompson, born June 09, 1823 in Anderson Co., TN; died January 03, 1893 in Crawford Co., AR; married (1) Mary Ellen Williams October 28, 1846 in Walker Co., GA; married (2) Ann Cobb January 18, 1860 in Walker Co., GA.
  v.   Thomas Thompson, born Abt. 1825 in [TN]; died Unknown; married Matilda ?; died Unknown.
  Notes for Thomas Thompson:
Thomas was killed during the Civil War.

  vi.   John Dial Thompson, born Abt. October 1828 in [McMinn Co.], TN; died December 08, 1862 in Danville, VA; married Nancy Jane Vaughn Abt. 1851 in Walker Co., GA; born October 21, 1831 in Milledgeville, GA; died April 11, 1921 in Yell Co., AR.
  Notes for John Dial Thompson:
John Dial died of smallpox in a Civil War battlefield hospital after he was wounded.

  vii.   Caswell Cobb Thompson, born July 06, 1830 in [McMinn Co.], TN; died September 17, 1862 in Sharpsburg, MD; married Sarah Ann McClure October 07, 1852 in Walker Co., GA; died Unknown.
  Notes for Caswell Cobb Thompson:
Caswell Cobb was killed during the Civil War battle of Sharpsburg, MD.

  viii.   Amanda Caroline Thompson, born November 10, 1835 in Lafayette, Walker Co., GA; died May 24, 1902 in Palo Pinto Co., TX; married David H. McClure; died Unknown.
  ix.   Andrew Thompson, born Abt. 1837 in GA; died Unknown.
  Notes for Andrew Thompson:
Andrew was killed during the Civil War.

      242. Alexander S. Williams, born August 13, 1804 in VA; died March 31, 1853 in [Walker Co.], GA. He married 243. Margaret Y. (Peggy) McClure December 11, 1828 in [Spartanburg Co.], SC.

      243. Margaret Y. (Peggy) McClure, born February 22, 1814 in [Spartanburg Co.], SC; died March 10, 1853 in [Walker Co.], GA. She was the daughter of 486. [John] McClure and 487. ?.

Notes for Alexander S. Williams:
At the present time, nothing is known concerning the ancestry of Alexander S. Williams. All birth, marriage, and death dates were recorded in a family bible which has been retained in the family. The 1850 Census shows Alexander to have been born in Virginia, but it is likely that his family later moved to
Spartanburg Co., SC.

According to the family bible, Alexander Williams and Peggy McClure were married on 11 Dec. 1828 and possibly in Spartanburg Co., SC, although no record of this marriage has yet been found. It is likely
that they lived in Spartanburg Co. until the mid-1830's before moving to Walker Co., Georgia. Peggy
Williams died on 10 Mar. 1853 and her husband Alexander died three weeks later on 31 Mar. 1853. The
cause of death is unknown at this time, but it is believed that both Peggy and Alexander died in Walker Co., GA.

  Notes for Margaret Y. (Peggy) McClure:
Margaret Y. McClure's birth and death dates are also given in the family bible. Information contained in
the will of John Graves McClure, Jr. dated 30 Jan. 1838 and probated in Spartanburg Co., SC on 4 Jan.
1841, suggests that Peggy Williams was the grand-daughter of John Graves McClure and the possible
daughter of his son Charles McClure. It is not clear at this time as to whether Margaret Y. McClure (who
married Alexander S. Williams) and Peggy McClure (in the will of John Graves McClure, Jr.) are the
same person. More research will be required to ascertain these relationships.
Children of Alexander Williams and Margaret McClure are:
  121 i.   Mary Ellen Williams, born June 13, 1830 in [Spartanburg Co.], SC; died October 02, 1858 in Walker Co., GA; married Henry Thompson October 28, 1846 in Walker Co., GA.
  ii.   Elizabeth Jane Williams, born August 04, 1832 in SC/AL; died Unknown.
  iii.   Sarah C. Williams, born April 06, 1834 in AL; died January 27, 1855 in [Walker Co.], GA; married ? Hensley; died Unknown.
  iv.   John A. F. Williams, born August 27, 1837 in [Walker Co.], GA; died Unknown.
  v.   Margaret M. Williams, born January 13, 1840 in Walker Co., GA; died Unknown.
  vi.   Henry H. Williams, born April 15, 1843 in Walker Co., GA; died Unknown.
  vii.   Eliza J. Williams, born November 21, 1845 in Walker Co., GA; died Unknown.
  viii.   Elizabeth Ann Williams, born February 12, 1848 in Walker Co., GA; died Unknown.

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