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If you think that you may connect to any of these families, or see anything that is interesting, please contact me. I would love to share info with you and to learn about your family.

Several of the male cousins have done the DNA Y testing and the results show that the Mozley families is not related to any of the other Moseley/Mosely/Mosley families that were in Virginia in the 1700s. Now there are a number of the lines that spell it Moseley/Mosely/Mosley, but they all seem to have some kind of history of the spelling being with a "z". The testing results also verify that the documentation of Norman Adolphus Mozley and the research and documentation of Raymond Mozley is correct. There are too many recent past and current Mozley researchers to name them all, but they know who they are and I personally am very greatful that they have continued to research our family. It is truly amazing what we can do when we work in accord with one another.

My personal family lines are: ANDERSON, BANKSTON, COURTNEY, FILLINGAME, GRIMSLEY, GRESHAM, HELMS, HENDERSON, HERRIN, HIGGINS, LEA, MCMILLAN, MCEWEN, MOZLEY and it's variant spellings, NORTON, ODELL, RASCO, SELF, SMITH, SUMRALL, SPURGEON and WEBB. I am also researching some of the lines that married into some of my lines. I like to do research, so I may research anyone if they will just hold still long enough!


The states that are associated with some of these lines is: VA>NC>SC>GA>AL, GA>TN>AL>MS, TN>KY>ILL, AL>MS>TX, GA>TX. I live in Alabama. My Mozley family came to Marshall Co., AL from Douglas Co., GA in 1904. They were in VA then Wilkes Co., GA> Walton Co., GA> Cobb Co., GA> Campbell/Douglas Co., GA> Marshall Co., AL. My Spurgeon family came from TN to AL in about 1880. The Webbs and Odells are old TN families. My Courtney, Sumrall, Anderson, and Fillingame families were all in MS until my grandmother, Tina Jane Courtney, married my grandfather, Lowell Isaiah Mozley, in 1931.

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Family Photos

  • Lowell Mozley family, circa 1960 (41 KB)
    Back, L>R: Brenda, the youngest daughter; Lowell Mozley, my grandfather. Front, L>R: Agnes, the middle daughter; Marjorie, the eldest; and Tina Jane Courtney Mozley, my grandmother.
  • Henry, Marjorie, and Glenn Spurgeon, circa 1953 (16 KB)
    My father, mother, and older brother, taken in about 1953.
  • Samuel Bankston Mozley Civil War Letter, Page 1 (205 KB)
    This is a four page letter that Samuel Bankston Mozley wrote to his wife Rebecca Aycock Mozley during the Civil War. This letter was written a short time before Samuel died of smallpox while a prisoner of war. He never saw his family again. This is a copy of the original, sent to me by Ginger Lazarine Johnston. Ginger found this folded into a book that her mother-in-law had.
  • SBM Civil War Letter, Page 2 (192 KB)
    Page 2 of Letter
  • William Asher Lane and Lucinda Willis (47 KB)
    These are the parents of Mary Roseanna Lane, wife of Hiram Thomas Mozley. I believe that William Asher Lane was a brother to Adoniram Judson "Judson" Lane, who married Roxanna Olivia Self, sister to Lucinda Helen Self who married James Samuel Mozley. William Asher Lane was a minister.
  • John Boyd Mozley, 1896-1945 (70 KB)
    Boyd Mozley was the eldest of the children of Zolpha Theotis and Ada Louvenia Norton Mozley. This picture was taken in about 1919 while Boyd was in the military during WWI. Boyd died in 1945 of internal injuries when he was kicked by a mule.
  • Pat Martin and Martha Brookes Stevens, 1853 (65 KB)
    Martha Brookes was the daughter of Prudence Echolds Irving and Iverson Lewis Brooks. Prudence was the daughter of Isabell Lea Bankston and Isaiah Tucker Irving. This picture was taken on Pat and Martha's wedding day, November 29, 1853 in Washington, Wilkes Co., GA. They are buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Oglethorpe Co., GA. These are the ancestors of pat M. Stevens IV's ancestors. Pat gave me permission to copy this picture. He has many wonderful pictures at his Family Tree Maker Hompage.
  • Mozley-Norton Family picture, Summer 1936 (74 KB)
    This picture was taken in the summer of 1936. It includes Ada Norton Mozley, most of her children and their spouses, as well as some of the Norton cousins. The man holding the two babies in the front is Boyd Mozley with the twins, Bernard and Vernard.
  • Children of Samuel Wiley Mozley and Fannie Chapman (37 KB)
    This photo was sent to me by Sam Mozley, a desc. of Samuel Wiley Mozley and Fannie Chapman. Samuel Wiley Mozley was a son of Hiram Thomas Mozley and Mary Rose Anna Lane.
  • The "Old Home Place" (53 KB)
    This is the home that Zolpha Mozley built for his wife and 13 living children. It was located in Nixon Chapel, Marshall Co., AL. It was built from heart pine wood. The older boys helped to build the house, including my grandfather. The house passed from the hands of the Mozleys when Ada died in 1943. The house burned to the ground in about 1986. It was here that some of the Mozley boys nailed Oscar Prichard to the front porch in his new clothes. Oscar was a little slow and got in everyone's way, annoying them. He got tired and lay down on the porch to take a nap instead of helping as he was supposed to, so some of the older boys just nailed him in place. Zolpha did not take kindly to that, to say the least. Oscar was the nephew of James Prichard, husband of Lucinda Helen Self Mozley Prichard.
  • Fannie Chapman and Samuel Wiley Mozley, 1910 (60 KB)
    This photo was taken about the time that Samuel and Fanny were married, December 1910. Sam Mozley sent this photo to me.
  • Another view of the old home place (62 KB)
    This is a side view of the old home place.
  • Lucinda Helen Self Mozley Pritchard, 1843-1940 (52 KB)
    This is my great great grandmother. Cindy was the daughter of John D. Self and Louisa Grimsley. She was born February 3, 1843 in Wilkes Co., GA and died April 9, 1940 in Nixon Chapel, Marshall Co., AL. She married james Samuel Mozley December 4, 1859 in Campbell Co., GA. She later married James Edward Pritchard (Prichard) July 18, 1880 in GA. This picture was taken shortly before her death.
  • Samuel Bankston Mozley Civil War letter, Page 3. (161 KB)
    Page 3 of Letter. The James Mozley mentioned on this page is my great great grandfather, James Samuel Mozley.
  • The Zolpha Mozley Family, Nixon Chapel, AL (76 KB)
    Back row, L>R: Zolpha Mozley, Ada Norton Mozley holding Horace Hubert, John Boyd, James Howard, William Carl, Annie Lou, and Lowell Isaiah Mozley. Front row, L>R: Henry Grady, Amos Quilliam, Obediah Zachariah, Ada I Dora, Charles Cornelius, and Zolpha Theotis, Jr. We believe that this picture was taken in the Spring of 1920. It was taken at Nixon Chapel, Marshall Co., AL.
  • Obediah Zachariah and Jane Stewart Mozley (72 KB)
    This is Zack and Jane with Rosamond. This picture was taken in about 1936.
  • The Zolpha Mozley Family, Lithia Springs, GA (70 KB)
    This picture was actually taken at the Springs in about 1904 before Zolpha and Ada moved their family to Nixon Chapel, Marshall Co., AL. L>R: James Howard, Zolpha with Annie Lou in front of him, John Boyd, and Ada holding my grandfather, Lowell Isaiah Mozley.
  • The Isaiah Mozley family of May Pearl, TX (88 KB)
    Sue Mozley sent this photo to me. The people were tentively identified by Sue and several of her cousins. It was taken between 1895 and 1898. L>R: Hiram Foster; the lady beside him is either his wife, Lola Lee Banks, or his sister, Elizabeth "Belle"; ? may be Irvin B.'s wife Nancy Jane Jackson Mozley; Irvin B. (called "B."); John Clifford; William Isaiah; Dora Virginia; Francis Emma Winn Mozley; Isaiah "Babe" Mozley.
  • Rebecca Louise Sumrall and siblings (70 KB)
    This photo was taken about 1941. These are children of Henry Ervin Sumrall and Mary E. ( Louisa) Anderson. L>R: Bill, Rebecca, Annie, Allie, Albert, and Alfred Sumrall. Rebecca is my great grandmother.
  • Jeffrey Scott Herrin, 1998 (47 KB)
    This is my son Jeffrey Scott Herrin, taken in the fall of 1998.
  • SBM Civil War Letter, Page 4 (204 KB)
    Last page of the letter.
  • Martha Bankston Brooks and Elijah McDonald, 1856 (62 KB)
    Martha was the daughter of Rebecca Jarrett I. Sappington and Jacob Rutledge Brooks and the granddaughter of Lawrence Bankston and Nancy Anne Henderson. Lawrence and Nancy are the ancestors of myself and of Cynthia Vold Forde, who sent this picture to me. Martha and Elijah are Cynthia's direct ancestors. This picture was taken on Martha and Elijah's wedding day, October 23, 1856 in Pike Co., AL.
  • Miriam Mercer Brooks Gilmer (41 KB)
    Miriam Mercer Brooks Gilmer was a sister of Martha Bankston Brooks McDonald, Cynthia Forde's gggrandmother. Both are grandchildren of Lawrence and Nancy Anne Henderson Bankston.
  • Susan Brooks Gilmore (51 KB)
    Susan was a neice of Jacob Rutledge Brooks, Cynthia Forde's gggrandfather.
  • Fredrick A. and Mona L. Herrin, July 9, 1989 (12 KB)
    Fred and I were divorced in 1985. We remarried July 9, 1989. This is a picture of Fred; me; Fred Wolf. minister of Cottage Hill Baptist Church in Mobile, AL; William Herrin, III, Fred's brother; and our children, Colleen, Scott, and Shannon.
  • The Zellah Lowell Mozley Family (54 KB)
    This picture is of the family of Zella Lowell Mozley, the brother of my great grandfather, Zolpha Theotis Mozley. Zellah lived in Austell, Cobb Co., GA. L>R: James Willis Mozley, Clara D. Mozley, Louis Anderson Mozley, Lottie Zoe Mozley, Willie Winston Anderson Mozley, Zellah Lowell Mozley, and the young child in front is Clara's daughter, Willie L. (Price) Mozley Causey.
  • Fredrick A. and Mona L. Herrin, February 7, 1971 (229 KB)
    This is a wedding picture taken at Chapel #2 at Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, AL. Fred and I were both active duty and were medics.
  • The Garthright House, Richmond, VA (70 KB)
    The Garthright House is located at the site of the Richmond National Battlefield Park, near Richmond, VA. According to the post card that this picture is from, published by Coastal Photo Scenics, the first and upper floors were used as a Union Field Hospital after the Battle of Cold Harbor, June 3, 1864. The occupants of the house were forced to live in the basement during Union occupation. This house is said to have been constructed in the 1720s and is believed to have been built by Miles Gathright, the grandfather of Sarah Gathright who married Edward Mozley, Sr., known as "Edwin" Mozley. Edward Mozley married Sarah Gathright in 1785 in Bedford Co., VA.
    This is my three children: Scotty, Colleen, and Shannon. The pic was taken in the fall of 1984.
  • Fred, Mona, and Colleen, Dec. 25, 1975 (119 KB)
    We are at Fred's parent's home on Glen Flora Drive, Waukegan, IL for Christmas.
  • Tina Jane Courtney, 1908-1997 (63 KB)
    This is my grandmother. She was born in Purvis, Lamar Co., MS on December 15, 1908 to William Fletcher and Francis Rebecca Sumrall Courtney. She married Lowell Isaiah Mozley Jule 18, 1931 in Purvis, Lamar Co., MS. She died in Altoona, Etowah Co., Al March 17, 1997 at my mother's home. Grandmother was a tiny little lady, 4'11" tall. She was about 11 or 12 in this picture. My youngest daughter looks amazingly like Grandmother, altho Shannon is 5'7" tall.
  • Christmas at Dorothy and Kent's, 1975 (126 KB)
    This is the family at Fred's sister's home in Champaign, IL for Christmas, 1975.
  • Jane Helms McGouirk Norton, 1828-1906 (27 KB)
    I believe that Jane is the daughter of Solomon Helms who was in Campbell Co., GA in the 1840 census, but who died before the 1850 census. Jane McGouirk was in the household of Jane Helms, born about 1791 in NC, in the 1850 census of Campbell Co., GA. Jane is my GGGGrandmother. She was born April 28, 1828 in NC and died October 13, 1906 in Campbell Co., GA. After the mother of Ada Norton (my great grandmother) died in 1885, Jane and Andrew Jackson Norton raised Ada and her brother, William "Crawford" Norton. Jane was said to have been very strict. She and AJ were of the "Old Time" or Primitive Baptist religion.
  • Airman Basic Fredrick A. Herrin, 1970 (23 KB)
    This photo was taken at Shepard AFB., TX where Fred was in Tech School, Summer, 1970.
  • Charles Chesterfield Norton and Family (55 KB)
    This is Charles Chesterfield Norton, son of Andrew Jackson and Jane Helms Norton. He is with his wife, Sarah Alice Calhoun Norton and thier children. The boys, L>R, are: William Mercer, Chester Arthur, and Lester S. Norton. Elsie Norton Moorehead sent this to me. She is the daughter of Chester Arthur Norton and lives in TX. Charles Chesterfield Norton moved to TX in the late 1800s.
  • Mona and Colleen, Christmas 1975 (117 KB)
    Colleen shot straight for the cradle and threw the doll out and climbed in!
  • Fred and Mona, Waukegan, IL 1971 (64 KB)
    This was taken at a reception given by friends at Calvary Temple AOG in Waukegan, IL where Fred was a member when we first married in 1971.
  • Mona, Scott, and Shannon, Sept. 30, 1987 (100 KB)
    This picture was taken on Scott's birthday, September 30, 1987.
  • My Other Grandchildren (78 KB)
    This is Sissy, my eldest grandchild. She is a pure bred Morgan. She belongs to my oldest daughter, Colleen.
  • Henry and Barbara Spurgeon, Dec. 29, 1990 (104 KB)
    This picture was taken in Sweetwater, Tennessee on their wedding day.
  • Henry Battle Spurgeon, Jr., 2001 (147 KB)
    This is my brother, Henry, with his hunting bow, up in a tree in his back yard!
  • Henry Battle Spurgeon, Jr., 1961 (16 KB)
    This is my brother when he was 8 years old.
  • Glenn Spurgeon, 1952 (164 KB)
    This picture was taken in about 1952 in Boaz, Marshall Co., AL.
  • John Adolphus Mosley, 1858-1911 (85 KB)
    John Adolphus Mosley was the son of Samuel Bankston Mozley and Margaret Rebecca Aycock. Becky moved to Ellis Co., TX after Samuel's death during the Civil War. Family members state that Becky changed the spelling of Mozley to Mosley because she could not make a pretty "z". Samuel Bankston Mozley was a brother to my ancestor, Isaiah Irvin Mozley.
  • Mona Lynn Spurgeon, circa 1953 (11 KB)
    This is a picture of me when I was real little.
  • Unknown Mozley Family (30 KB)
    This is a picture that my grandfather, Lowell Isaiah Mozley, had. I believe that it is a picture of a Mozley family, but I don't know which one. If anyone recognizes this picture, please contact me at:
  • Marjorie Mozley Spurgeon, Glenn and Mona, 1951 (65 KB)
    This picture was taken September 17, 1951.
  • Thomas Jefferson and Mary Francis Cook Norton (106 KB)
    This picture was sent by Pamela Self Reynolds. Thomas Jefferson and Mary Francis "Molly" Cook Norton are her great grandparents. This picture was taken in about 1911. Thomas Jefferson Norton was born March 6, 1866 in GA to James G. and Hulda Bone Norton. He died August 26, 1952 in Walker Co., Al. 1st row L>R: Mae Belle, Mary"Molly", Rebecca, Louella, Harvey, and Thomas "Tom". 2nd row, L>R: Carrie, William "Bill", and Maggie.
  • Marjorie, Glenn, and Mona, 1953 (52 KB)
    Glenn was 3 here and I was 2.
  • Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Sr. (58 KB)
    This is my grandfather, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Sr. This picture was taken about 1914 when Charlie went into the Navy during WWI. My father said that he was only 17 when he volunteered.
  • More Pics of my Other Grandchildren (42 KB)
    This is Elle, my youngest grandchild of this persuasion. She is a pure bred Morgan also, but not the daughter of Sissy. With her is MY Son-in-Law and owner of Elle, David Nigel Pond, husband of Colleen.
  • Mona Spurgeon, February 1970 (385 KB)
    This was taken at my Swearing In at Montgomery, AL when I went into the Air Force in 1970.
  • Ella Dora Mozley White, 1861-1945 (97 KB)
    Ella Dora Mozley was the daughter of Isaiah Irvin Mozley and Nancy Caroline McEwen. She married Lucius J. White February 14, 1886 in Douglas Co., GA. Dora was born February 28, 1861 in Campbell Co., GA and died November 28, 1945 and is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery with her husband. Vickie White Herring, a gggranddaughter, sent this picture to me.
  • Mona, February, 1970 (28 KB)
    This is the picture taken when I was sworn into the Air Force at Gunter Air Force Base, Montgomery, AL.
  • Airman Basic Mona L. Herrin, February 1970 (47 KB)
    This is the photo that was taken for my first Military ID badge at Lackland AFB, TX.
  • Samuel Glenn Mozley, 1855-1936, Cobb Co., GA (78 KB)
    Samuel Glenn Mozley was the son of Hiram Harry Mozley and Mary G. Wood. Hiram Harry Mozley was the son of Samuel G. Mozley and Elizabeth Bankston. Hiram Harry Mozley's son, Samuel Glenn and Mary G. Wood Mozley were the grandparents of Raymond Mozley who researched the Mozley family for many years, proving with the help of other family memebers including Russell J. "Rusty" Mozley, that Edward Mozley, Jr. was the father of Samuel G. Mozley who married Elizabeth Bankston, linking the Mozley family of Cobb Co. and Campbell Co/Douglas Co., GA back to the rest of the Mozley family who moved from Bedford Co., VA to Wilkes Co., GA in the late 18th century. Samuel Glenn Mozley married Virginia Florence Buice and is buried in Citizen's Cemetery in Marietta, Cobb Co., GA. I recieved this picture from my cousin Rusty Mozley who recieved it from Raymond Mozley.
  • Shannon, 1992 (578 KB)
    This is the picture that Shannon put into a homemade Mother's Day Card. She was really cute!
  • Mona with Colleen, Scott, and Shannon, 1988 (127 KB)
    This picture was taken for the Church Directory, 1988.
  • Lowell Isaiah Mozley (99 KB)
    This is my grandfather as a young man, probably about 12 or 13 years old. It was taken at Nixon Chapel, Marshall Co., AL.
  • Scott, June 2003 (174 KB)
    This picture was taken on Father's Day, June 2003.
  • Unknown Mozley Male, circa late 1800s (45 KB)
    This is an unknown male picture that David Mozley, a desc. of William Franklin Mozley, son of Isaiah Irvin Mozley of Douglas Co., GA, recieved from a family member. David is unsure whether these pictures came from the Allred side of the family or from the Mozley side, I believe this is a Mozley, but cannot guess just who it is. If anyone recognizes this picture, please contact me.
  • Shannon, June 2003 (203 KB)
    This picture was taken at Shannon's grandmother's on Father's Day, June 2003.
  • Henry Spurgeon with his father and brother (64 KB)
    This is my father, Henry on the left, his father Charlie, brother Marvin, and a friend named James. This picture was taken after WWII when Daddy and Marvin had returned from the war.
  • William Carl Mozley, 1899-1987 (2 KB)
    This picture was taken after Uncle Carl moved back to Alabama, about 1986.
  • Samuel Bankston Mozley, 1832-March 23, 1865 (103 KB)
    This is a picture of Samuel Bankston Mozley, son of Samuel G. and Elizabeth Bankston Mozley. He died of smallpox while a prisoner of war. He was in the Confederate Army, Co. K, 41st Regt., Ga. Inf. called the Salt Springs Guards
  • Cousins (124 KB)
    This picture is younger part of the grandchildren of Clara and Bill Herrin.
  • Scott, 2003 (98 KB)
    This is another pic of Scotty taken Father's Day, 2003.
  • Airman Basic Mona L. Spurgeon, April 1970 (28 KB)
    This snapshot was taken in the dayroom of our baracks at Lackland AFB, TX.
  • James and me, June 1970 (25 KB)
    This is my baby brother James and me just before I went to my first assignment at Maxwell AFB, Al in Montgomery, Al. James had just turned 3 a few days before this.
  • Fredrick Askegren Herrin, 1968 (67 KB)
    This is Fred's 1968 Senior picture. He graduated from Waukegan Township High School, Lake Co., IL.
  • James Lowell Spurgeon, Fall 1973 (11 KB)
    This is James' first grade picture.
  • James Lowell Spurgeon, 6/6/1967-2/22/1985 (56 KB)
    This is James' senior picture taken in the fall of 1984. James died before he graduated in a motor cycle accident on Fefruary 22, 1984. He is buried at Nixon Chapel Cemetery, Nixon Chapel, Marshall Co., AL with my grandparents. Our great grandparents, great-grandmother, and many other relatives are also buried in this little country cemetery in the little community where my grandfather, Lowell Mozley, grew up.
  • Hugh Jack White, 1894-1946, Cobb Co., GA (156 KB)
    Hugh Jack White was a son of Ella Dora Mozley and Lucius J. White. His picture was sent to me by his great granddaughter, Vickie White Herring. It was taken about 1942 with grandson, Hugh Zack White on the left, and granddaughter, Ruby Jackie White, on the right.
  • Colleen Erina Herrin (31 KB)
    Colleen is the eldest daughter of Fred and Mona Spurgeon Herrin. This is one of her senior pictures taken in 1991 in Mobile, AL. She graduated from Davidson High School.
  • Hugh Jack, Claude, and Winnie Mozley (13 KB)
    Children of Ella Dora Mozley and Lucius J. White. This picture was sent to me by Vickie White Herring. Pictured clockwise from front: Hugh Jack, Winnie, and Claude.
  • Shannon Marie Herrin (28 KB)
    Shannon is the youngest daughter of Fred and Mona Spurgeon Herrin. This picture was taken in the fall of 1998.
  • Hugh Zack White, son of Hugh Jack White (13 KB)
    This is the son of Hugh Jack White sent to me by his dughter, Vickie White Herring. The picture was taken in 1938, when he was 24 years old. He favors my great-uncle, John Boyd Mozley a great deal.
  • Shannon's senior picture, January 2001 (47 KB)
    This is one of Shannon's senior pictures.
  • James Taylor Spurgeon and Mary Lee Odell (73 KB)
    James Taylor Spurgeon was born 1855 in TN and married Mary Lee Odell July 15, 1872 in TN. They moved to Jackson Co., AL before 1880. James died in 1905 when he had a gall bladder problem and was operated on. Mary Lee Odell Spurgeon was born 1857 in Cocke Co., TN, the daughter of William Odell and Lavinia "Malvina" Webb. She died in 1942 in Jackson Co., Al. James and Mary are buried at Peter's Cove Cemetery, Jackson Co., AL. The are my great grandparents.
  • Daniel and Shannon Herrin Entrekin with Samantha (80 KB)
    This is Daniel, Shannon, and their new baby in the room on Oct. 8, 2003
  • Lowell Mozley and Tina Courtney 50th Anniversary (50 KB)
    July 18, 1981 marked the 50th wedding anniversary for my grandparents, Lowell Isaiah Mozley and Tina Jane Courtney. They married July 18, 1931 in Lamar Co., MS where my grandmother was born and grew up. They lived in Childersburg, Talladega Co., AL in 1981 next to my aunt, Brenda Mozley Burton.
  • Mary Lee Odell Spurgeon, Betha, and Unknown Lady (54 KB)
    This picture seems to have been taken about 1899 or 1900. We are not sure which of the older ladies is Mary, but Daddy believes that the one on the left is his grandmother. The older lady on the right may be Mary's sister. The young girl is supposed ot be Bertha Spurgeon, Mary and James' daughter.
  • My First GRANDCHILD! (65 KB)
    This is Shannon with Samantha Marie Entrekin, born Oct. 8, 2003 at 5:10 am, weighing in at 6 pounds 10 ounces and 20 inches long!
  • Henry Battle Spurgeon, Sr. (37 KB)
    This is my father, Henry Battle Spurgeon, Sr., son of Charles Haddon and Mattie Pearl Smith Spurgeon. He served in the Marine Corps in WWII in the Pacific Theater.
  • Unknown Woman (58 KB)
    This is another picture that my cousin David Mozley recieved from a family member. She is not identified, but if you recognize this picture, please contact me.
  • Ada Norton Mozley and one of her children (162 KB)
    I think that this might be Uncle Quill as it looks like a pic that I have seen of him as a baby.
  • Henry Grady and Myrtle May Smith Mozley (52 KB)
    This is my great-uncle, Grady Mozley with his wife, Myrtle, and son Edsel Hue Mozley. This picture was taken about 1941.
  • Zolpha Theotis Mozley with Baby (145 KB)
    I am not sure which child this is, but I assume that it is one of the younger of my grandfather's siblings.
  • Medora Winn McLarty (26 KB)
    This is a picture of Medora Winn who married Thomas Shelby McLarty. Medora was a daughter of Elizabeth Stewart and William P. Winn, sister to Francis Emma Winn who married Isaiah Mozley in Douglas Co., GA. I believe that the Elizabeth Winn buried at Nixon Chapel, Marshall Co., AL is the same Elizabeth Stewart Winn who is the mother to these ladies. Thomas Shelby McLarty was the first Post Master of McLarty, a community near Nixon Chapel and still the Post Office there. McLarty was named for Thomas Shelby McLarty. Isaiah and Thomas were neighbors in the area in 1880, before Isaiah Mozley moved his family to TX. A few years later, Thomas McLarty moved to TX also. This photo was sent to Joe Baggett from a McLarty desc., Eddie (Curtis) Guest. Joe sent this to me.
  • Scott, Suzanne, Nathan, and Isaiah (150 KB)
    Christmas 2005
  • The Hiram Thomas Mozley family 1904 (682 KB)
    This is Hiram Thomas Mozley and Mary Roseanna Lane Mozley. In it are 6 of their 7 children. This photo was sent to me by Sam Mozley, a desc. I bleieve that Mary Roseanna Lane was a neice of Adoniram Judson Lane who married Roxanna Self, the sister of my ancestress, Lucinda Helen Self Mozley. Hiram Thomas Mozley was a son of Miles G. Mozley and Sarah Ann Temperance Humphries. Miles was a brother to my ancestor, Isaiah Irvin Mozley, father of James Samuel Mozley who married Lucinda Helen Self.
  • Transcribed Letter from Samuel Bankston Mozley (702 KB)
    This is a letter that SBM wrote to his brother Glenn Owen Mozley. His GGGGranddaughter, Lisa Riddell-Vaught, transcribed the letter and also sent to me a copy of the original letter. This letter was dated Unknown Month, 10th day, 1862. This is the front of the letter.
  • Agnes, Brenda, and Marjorie Mozley, circa 1946 (83 KB)
    The children of Lowell Isaiah Mozley and Tina Jane Courtney Mozley.
  • Second Letter from Samuel Bankston Mozley (806 KB)
    This is the back side of the letter that SBM wrote to his brother Glenn Owen Mozley.
  • Zolpha and Ada Norton Mozley (86 KB)
    These picutres were probably taken about the turn of the century. Ada still looked quite young. Each of them was holding an unidentified (and unidentifable now) baby.

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