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Descendants of James Mozley

10. DAVID3 MOZLEY (EDWARD2, JAMES1) was born Bet. 1770 - 1780 in VA, and died Abt. 1850 in Rabun Co., GA. He married ELIZABETH ANN OXFORD TERRELL Bet. 1797 - 1800 in Prob. SC, daughter of HENRY TERRELL and ANNE DABNEY. She was born 1772 in Bedford Co., VA, and died Bet. 1860 - 1870 in Marion Co., AL.

Notes for D
According to Melody Hauch, David spelled his name Mozley as did Henry Terrell Mozley to begin with. It is spelled Mozley and Mozeley in records. "In a microfilm copy of the original 1800 Pendleton Co., SC Census, his name is clearly spelled 'David Mozeley'." Melody states that the first record found of him was in 1792 in Franklin Co., GA Franklin is located next to Wilkes Co. David was found in the 1830 Rabun Co., GA Census. It is unknown whether David moved to Wilkes Co. with his father. The Terrells lived in Albemarle and later, Bedford Co., VA about the same time as the Mozleys. They moved from Bedford Co., VA to present-day Stokes Co., NC about 1784 and to Pendleton Co., SC around 1792. Melody goes on to state that the marriage of David Mozley and Elizabeth Terrell appears to have taken place between 1797 and 1800 because Henry's will written in 1797 refers to her as Elizabeth Terrell. There are many references to both Elizabeth and David Mozley and citations that read "David Mozley who intermarried with Elizabeth A. Terrell. There is a great deal of information available concerning David Mozley.

Mozeley, David SC PENDLETON DIST. pg. 36 1800

I male under 10 (born 1791-1800)
2 males 15-25 (born between 1775-1785)
1 male 26-44 (born between 1756-1774)
1 female 26-44 (born between 1756-1774)
They owned 7 slaves.

David would appear to have been born about 1770-1774, according to this census. Elizabeth is supposed to have been born in 1772, which is confirmed by this census.

1810 Census Pendleton Dist., SC:

David Mosely: 30010-10101-6

3 males under 10
1 male 26-44
1 female under 10
1 female 16-25
1 female 45 and over
They owned 6 slaves.

This may be my David Mozley. The documented ages of the children correspond with the ages indicated on this census. I don't know who the 45 and over female is.

D. Mosely:

3 males under 10
1 male 26-44
1 female under 10
1 female 26-44
They owned 2 slaves.

Or this could be my David Mozley. The ages are also correct for this one.

In 1820, there was three David Mosleys in SC, one in Greenville Dist., SC, living near a Thomas Mosley; one in Spartanburg Dist., SC who was 16-25; and one in Pendleton Dist., SC. There are records that indicate that my David Mozley was in Rabun Co., GA by at least 1820, if not there around 1813-1815.

In DEEDS OF FRANKLIN Co., GEORGIA 1784-1826, ABSTRACTED AND COMPILED BY MARTHA WALTERS ACKER, 1976, found at the Linn Henley Research Library in Birmingham, Al:

Pg. 23, "p. 52, 52b: Deed dated GA 25 Aug 1792, rec. 6 Oct. 1792, from George Clarke of Franklin Co. to David Mosely of same. In cons. of 50 pds., conveys 230 ac. in Franklin adj. Clarke. Signed ' Geo. Clarke.' Wit: Abner Franklin, J. P.

"p. 52b-53: Deed dated 6 Oct 1792, rec. 6 Oct 1792, from David Mosely (x) to Abner Franklin, both of Franklin Co. In cons. of 100 pds., conveys 230 ac. in Franklin Co. on a branch of Oconee Riv., adj. Clarke. Wit: Jno. Smith, J. P."

Pg 303, "p. 79-81: Power of Attorney dated GA.3 Mar. 1813, rec. 14 Apr 1813, from George W. Terrell, lately of Pendleton Dist. SC, and David Mozley of same who intermarried with Elizabeth A. Terrell, and William H. Terrell of 'Chuttuhoochie', being the only legal heirs of their father Harry Terrell, to John D. Terrell of Franklin Co.'the fourth legal heir of said Harry Terrell.' To take out a land warrant in their names, to which their father Harry Terrell, formerly of Bedford Co., Va and lately of Pendleton Dist. SC, who died in military service in the Virginia Continental Line as a Captain or major, was entitled. Signed: ' G. W. Terrell, W'm H. Terrell, David Mzoley.' Wit: Charles Ward, Benjamin Cleveland, James Blair. Sworn to by Blair and Ward before Dudley Jones, C.S.C. and J.P., 13 April 1813."

From MILITARY RECORDS: VIRGINIA IN THE REVOLUTION AND WAR OF 1812, VIRGINIA SOLDIERS OF 1776, VOLS. I, II, & III, Virginia Soldiers, Pg. 717-718, Copyright,, October 19, 2001:

"The representatives of Harry Terrill are entitled to the proportion of land allowed a Major of the Contl. line for three years service. Council Chamber, Aug. 27, 1813, J. S. Barbour, Gov.

Recieved of the Register, four warrants, Nos. 6098 for 3999-1/3 acres, 6099-6100 and 6101 for 444-2/3 acres each, issued to the heirs and legal representatives of Harry Terrill, dec'd, for his military services during the Rev. war. Signed, John D. Terrill, Atty.

Pendleton District, So. Car. Court Of Common Pleas, 4th Monday on March, 1813, Capt. William Lynch and Amos Ladd, Sen. came into open cort, the Honorable Charles Colcock presiding; under oath they deposed that they were well acquainted with maj. Harry Terrill, formerly of Bedford Co., VA during his residence there, his residence in North Car. and in the Pendleton Dist. S. C. until his death.

That John Terrill of Franklin Co., Georgia, George W. Terrill of Jackson Co., GA, William H. Terrill of Chattahochee, and Elizabeth A. Mozeley, who married David Mozeley of this District have from their infancy been considered children and heirs of the said Harry Terrill, major, and that they were so acknowledged to be in the last will and testament of Maj. Terrill which is on record in this District. The foregoing affidavits were sworn to 23 Mar., 1813, beofre William Lynch and Amos ladd, Certified by John T. Lewis, Clerk, Certified true copy, John T. Lewis, Clerk, 23 Mar., 1813. Attest, Charles J. Colcock.

The above is a copy from the original, filed in the Council Chamber. Attest J. W. Pleasants, Clerk.

Franklin Co., Georgia. Whereas our father, Harry Terrill, formerly of Bedford Co., VA rendered services in the VA Contl. line both as Captain and Major, etc. we, George W. Terrill, lately of Pendleton Dist. S. C., David Mozeley who married Elizabeth A. Terrill of the said Dist. and William H. Terrill of Chattahoochee, being the only legal representatives of said Harry Terrill, appoint John D. Terrill of Franklin Co., GA (who is the fourth legal heir and rep.) our lawful atty. Signed 3 Mar., 1813.

James Blair made oath that he saw David Mozeley sign the above Power of Atty. Attest, Dudley Jones, Clerk.

Charles Ward swore that he saw George W. and William H. Terrill sign the same. Attest, Young Gresham, Judge, Franklin Co. court."

Pg. 329, "p 13: Power of Attorney dated Franklin Co. 3 Aug 1815, rec. (no date), from George W. Terrell of Chatahoochee, GA Wiliam H. Terrell of Madison Co., Mississippi Territory, and David Mozley, who married Elizabeth A. Terrell of Pendleton Dist. SC to John D. Terrell of Franklin Co. To lease or sell their lands in Ohio, parts of the Virginia Military land warrants issued to them from the land office in Richmond, VA 7 Aug 1813 (#6098), consisting of 3999-1/3 ac., as follows 4441/4 ac and 5441/4 ac. as the property of and for George W. Terrell; 55413/4 ac. as the property of and for William H. Terrell; 4441/4 ac. as the property of and fro David Mozley. Signed 'W'm H. terrell, David Mozley, Geo. W. Terrell'. Wit: John Bowman, Boley Conner, JP"

1820 Census Reconstructed for 1820 Rabun Co., GA:
Mozeley, David (Elizabeth Terrell Mozeley)
Mozeley, Henry T. (not yet married)

1830 Census Index for Rabun Co., GA
Census Year: 1830 State: Georgia Co.: Rabun Page No: 229, Enumerated by: Moses G. Anderson:

David Mozley: The first space is smeared, I am not sure if there is anything there or not-this would be the space for male child under 5 years old. In the next spot is what appears to be a 1, but it is backwards from all the rest, so it may be a 1 or just a mark, not indicating anything. The next age to be clearly marked is the of 20 and under 20, of 30 and under 40, and of 50 and under 60. There is no female marked as being in the household.

1 male 20-30 (Henry Terrell Mozeley-born 1801)
1 male 30-40 (William?, born about 1800)
1 male 50-60 (David)

David would have been about 60 in 1830. His sons would have been about 20-30, so the male 20-29 could have been one son, and if William were born in 1799, then the son 30-39 could have been him. Where is Edwin G.? And where is Elizabeth???? David had one male slave who was 5-10, one female slave who was 24-36, and one free male colored person who was 24-36.

Cherokee Land Lottery, 1827, found on, which is a reprint of the OFFICIAL REGISTRATION OF LAND LOTTERY OF GEORGIA 1827 14TH DAY'S DRAW-March 22.
Page 41.
Fortunate Drawer:David Mozley, Captain's Dist: do, Number: 40, District: 11, Co.: Muscogee Co.

Estate of John Coffee, 1822

Note from transcriber: the records below appear here exactly as they appeared in the original documents, to the best of my ability to make it so.

Deed Book A, pp. 17-18, Rabun Co., GA
Georgia, Rabun Co.
Know all men by these presents that we Edward Coffee and Winneford Coffee and William Jones and Benjamin Odell are held and firmly bound unto their Honours the Judges of the Court of Ordinary for said Co. and their successors in office in the just and full sum of one thousand dollars for the judgements of which sum to the said judges and their successors the bond ourselvs our heirs Executors and administrators in the whole and for the whole sum jointly and severally and firmly by these presents sealed with our seal
and dated this fifth day of December eighteen hundred and twenty two. The Constitution of the above obligation is such that if the above bound Edward Coffey and Winniford Coffey, administrator and administratix of the goods and chattles and credits of John Coffee, late of this Co., decest, do make a
true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods and chattles and credits of the said decest which have (sic) on shall come to the hands purcession on knowledge of the said Edward and Winneford Coffee or into the hands on purcession of any person or persons for them and the same so made do Exhibit unto the Said Court of Ordinary when they shall be there unto required and such goods, chattles and credits do well and truly administer according to law and do make a just and true account of there actings and doings therein when they shall be there unto required by the Courts of Ordinary for said Co. and all the rest of the goods, chattles and credits shall be found remaining upon the acoumpt (sic) of the said administration the same being first made aloude of by the court shall deliver and pay to such person or persons respectively as are entitled to the same by law and if it shall hereafter appear that any Last Will and
Testament was made by the said decest and the same be proved before the court and the Executors obtains a Certificate of the probit there off and the said Edward and Winniford Coffees do in such if required render and deliver up the said Letter of the said administration the this obligation to be void els to remain in full force. Signed and acknowledged.
In open court Edward Coffee (seal)
Thomas Kelly senior D. P. Winniford (her x mark) Coffee (seal)
Cark C. O. William Jones (seal)
Benjamin Odell (seal)
Benjamin Odell, clk.

(the above transcribed on Deed Book Q, page 308)

Minutes, 1826-1839, Rabun Co., GA pp. 1-4
Georgia, Rabun Co.
November Term 1822

Edward & Winniford Coffee did mak application for Letters of Administration on the Estate of John Coffee
late of said Co. deceased the Court of Ordinary
Thomas Kelly D. N. C. of C.

Georgia, Rabun Co.
Decemter #5, 1832 (sic) the fifth on thousand eight hundred a twenty two that Edward & Winiford Coffe did obtain Letters of Administration from the Court of ordinary on the Estate of John Coffee lat of said Co. deceased
Thomas Kelly D. P. COC

Inventory and appraisment of the Estate of John Coffe deceased
N01 Gray Horse $100.00
2 fifty two hogs 102.00
3 ninteen head cattl 132.00
4 three potts two ovens 8.00
5 plows & iron tools 5.50
6 sum wooden vessels 5.50
7 wheel beadsted feet & cord 2.50
8 two peaces leather 3.00
9 six chears Augers & smoothen iron 3.25
10 chest & drawrs furniture 14.00
11 bead & furniture & beadsted 33.00
12 sifter bell pail churn 2.25
13 bell two chissles padlock lumbers(?) one heffer 10.00
14 cune(?) combs 2.80
15 bell one stat book lumbers (?) one heffer 9.00

we do certify (illegible) upon oath that as fair as was produce to us by the Administrators the Above and foregoing contains a true appraisment of the goods chattls and credits of the estate of John Coffe deceased to the best of our judgment and understanding
William Jones\
David Mozley Appraisor\
William Price

I do hearby certify that the Above Appraisers were sworn to perform the duty as Appraisors according to Law this ninth day of December one thousand eight hundred & twenty two
Thomas Kelly PP
Thomas Kelly COC

Inventory of the personally estate of John Coffe deceased sold at publick sail on the twenty fifth day of December at twelve month(?) credits

Andrew Miller, Nots $191.75
Winefed Coffee 70.75
James Coal 35.00
Jacob Capehart 17.80
John H. Henson 15.87
Samul Ward 11.00
Stephen White 11.50
Chesly M. Kinsey 9.75
William Godfey 7.00
H. T. Mozly 4.25
James B. Henson 3.62
James B. Nevill 3.00
Thomas Suffad (Swafford?) 3.43 3/7
George Rusell 3.00 (could be 30.00 )
William Price 1.62
Elisha Coffee -- .50
Edward Coffee 6.08
Green Price 8.06 1/11

Reddy money to the amount of fore hundred and forty five dollar & fifty cents in the hands of Edward Coffee & Winifad Coffee of the estate of John Coffee deceased
Thomas Kelly CCO

Edward Coffee and Winiford Coffee Administrators on the Estat of John Coffee deceased and William Jones and Benjamin Odell ther suretys
Thomas Kelly Sr. DPCoC

1850 Census Rabun Co., GA Index:

Mozeby, Isiun Terrell GA RABUN CO. 587TH DISTRICT 326 1850
Mozely, Simpson GA RABUN CO. 552TH DISTRICT 339 1850
Mueey, Coleman GA RABUN CO. 636TH DISTRICT 317 1850

War of 1812 Service Records

Name: David Mozley
Rank - Induction: CORPORAL
Rank - Discharge: CORPORAL
Roll Box: 150
Roll Exct: 602

Notes for E
Information from Melodey Mozeley Hauch a desc. of David Edwin Mozley thru Henry Terrell Mozley: Elizabeth Terrell Mozeley went to live with dau. Elizabeth who married Lewis A. White in the 1850s and 1860s. Elizabeth and Lewis White lived in Marion Co., AL They are # 258, Dist. #14, Marion Co., AL 1850. Also living near by was George Washington Terrell and Parmelia R. This is probably "Milly" Mozeley, the dau. of James H., and neice to David Edwin Mozley. In I found info on Henry Terrell Mozeley and Elizabeth OXFORD Terrell. I have Elizabeth A. Terrell in my data base. Apparently, Elizabeth's full name was Elizabeth Ann Oxford Terrell.

1850 census of Marion Co., Al, page 145A, Elizabeth Mozeley, age 73, born VA, living in the household of A. L. White.
Children of D
  i.   WILLIAM4 MOZLEY, b. 1800, Edgefield, South Carolina; d. Unknown, ?.
Lost to research.

29. ii.   HENRY TERRELL MOZLEY, b. July 14, 1801, Pickens, South Carolina; d. March 02, 1885, Rabun Co., GA.
  iii.   EDWIN G. MOZLEY, b. Abt. 1803, Poss. Edgefield, South Carolina; d. Unknown, Marion Co., AL?.
  Notes for EDWIN G. MOZLEY:
There is an Edward G. Mozeley who is the clerk of the court in Marion Co., AL about 1850. There was an Edwin G. Mosley in the 1830 C. of Marion Co., AL living near Archibald McDaniel Mozley. There is a land patent for an Edwin G. Moseley for land in Marion Co., AL February 01, 1843. I believe that the Edwin G. Mozley in the 1830 census of Marion Co., AL is this Edwin G. He is the only one that I have found that was born between 1800-1810.

From (Copywrited 10/21/2001): MILITARY RECORDS: VIRGINIA IN THE REVOLUTION AND WAR OF 1812, Virginia Soldiers of 1776, Vols. I, II, & III, Virginia Soldiers, Pg. 1268-1269:

"Marion Co., Ala, Probate Court, 8 Nov., 1852. John D. Terrill, Pres. Judge." This is dealing with motion pertaining to the Revolutionary service of Col. Henry Aimes and is signed by John D. Terrill. Edward Terrill deposed at the same court on behalf of Samuel and Fisher Aimes as the only heirs of Col. Henry Aimes; that Richard Camfield, the only heir of Captain Aaron Camfield was living; that Richard Goggin was the only heir of Lieut. John Gookin was still living; that James Watkins, the only heir of Ensign Robert Watkins was living; that John McReynolds, the only heir of Capt. Thomas McReynolds was living; and that Cornelius Dabney of said line (Cont'l Line) is also living. "Sworn to and Signed by Edw. G. Terrill, 1834."

"At the same court, Richard K. Meade of Pickens Co. and Cornelius Dabney of Laurens Co., AL, deposed to the same facts, except that they deposed that Col. Henry Aimes moved from Henry Co., VA to Rowan Co., N. C. and then to Liberty Co., GA Sworn to and signed 3 Feb., 1834. Edwin G. Mosley, clerk certified to the above, and that ' Richard K. Meade and Cornelius Dabney were old Revolutionists and are reputable citizens.' Signed John D. Terrell. 'Note. The official seal is absent as there was no public seal of office.' J. D. T."

"Samuel Aimes and Fisher Aimes of Monroe Co., AL appointed Chas. S. Morgan as their Atty. Witnesses, John Scott, William Woods, and J. D. Terrell.

Note. There is on file another power of Atty. dated 10 Nov. 1852. Notice date of first deposition given above (1852) and the others (1834) Hanover Co. Sup. Ct. Chanery, Apl. 28, 1834. On motion of Samuel and Fisher Aimes of 'Sumter' Co., AL and upon testimony of Meade and Dabney taken before court of Marion Co., AL certified (as above). Phillip Winston, clerk."

30. iv.   ELIZABETH TERRELL MOZLEY, b. Abt. 1805, SC; d. Unknown.

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