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View Tree for Richard GorsuchRichard Gorsuch (b. Apr 19, 1637, d. Bef. Apr 02, 1677)

Richard Gorsuch (son of John Gorsuch and Anne Barne Lovelace) was born Apr 19, 1637 in Walkern, Hertfordshire, England, and died Bef. Apr 02, 1677 in Talbert Co., MD.

 Includes NotesNotes for Richard Gorsuch:
He was "transported" by Thomas Powell, July 16, 1659 from VA to Baltimore Co., later owner of "Richardson" 1661 on north side of Patapsco River.

On Feb. 14, 1660, Patapsco River, Maryland - Richard Gorsuch records deed for Richardson's Tract 500 acres east side of Welshman's Creek.

On January 14, 1661, Patapsco River, MD - Richard Gorsuch assigns Richardson Tract 300 acres to Thomas Powell

He appears to have been married prior to May 13, 1661 probably before coming to MD.

May 13, 1661, Patapsco River, MD - Thomas Powell and Richard Gorsuch entered rights for transporting various members of the Powell and Gorsuch families into MD.
(Richard Gorsuch entered rights for transporting 6 person, among them Elizabeth Gorsuch into the province, assigns deed for 300 acres to Thomas Powell.

Richard Gorsuch (b: 1637) records "old town", 400 acres or half of the 800 acre tract purchased with Thomas Powell

March 24, 2665/6 Talbot Co., MD DBA-1:169. Acknowledgement. Thomas Powell to Richard Gorsuch that 800 acres at the head of the north west branch of the Great Coptank ("Old Town") had been surveyed for Thomas Powell and Richard Gorsuch, but as the patent had been issued to Powell, he acknowledges that half this land belongs to Gorsuch. Attached is a letter from Edward Roe certifying that he witnessed the acknowledgement. According to Gibb's Supplement..., Edward Roe immigrated by 1666 with with "Mary Roe, Elizabeth Roe, et al" (EE:319 Film #: SR 8203, Transcript. 9:333 (SR 7351); MSA SC 4341-4683). Like Edward Roe, Thomas Powell, also came from Lancaster Co., VA. In his 1679 Talbot Co will, Thomas Howell's bequests included one to noted Quaker Activist Wenlock Christenson, indicating that Powell, too, was probably a Quaker - as were Lovelace and Richard Gorsuch. Gibbs states that Thomas Powell had immigrated by 1661 with Howell Powell, Elizabeth Powell, Ann Powell, Edward Grainger, Ann Powell, Phillip Jones, Jeremiah Clarke, William Williams, John Brittain, Richard Gorsuch and Elizabeth Gorsuch (4:551-2 Film #SR 7346). Also, one William Powell of Talbot Co immigrated from VA by 1665 with Bridgett, Ann, and Charles Powell and John Wilkinson (EE: 299 Film # SR 8203, Transcript. 9:313 (SR 7351) MSA SC 4341-4657.

Seven of the children, Katherine, Robert, Richard, Anna, Elizabeth, Charles and Lovelace came to Virginia about 1652. Katherine married and apparently returned to England and the other six removed to Maryland about 1654 settling on the north side of the Patapsco River where the city of Baltimore now stands.

Charles and Thomas and Anna Todd remained in Maryland as permanent settlers on the Patapsco. Richard and Lovelace Gorsuch and Katherine and Howell Powell, after remaining in Baltimore Country for a few years, later moved to Talbot County on the Eastern Shore with which section they were later identified. Robert Gorsuch returned to England a few years after coming to Maryland and does not reappear in the colonies.

From the Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol #24, 1916 pg 317-326 - (Jerry L. Clark -

the Gorsuch and Lovelace Families: Richard Gorsuch, baptized April 19, 1637 at Walkern, Herts. He was one of the four younger children for whose transportation Thomas Hoane received land on the Rapphannock Feb. 22, 1652. He joined in the petition to the Lancaster Court April 1, 1657, asking for the appointment of guardians. With Thomas Powell July 16, 1659, he entered rights for 300 acres of land for Powell and himself in Baltimore Co. (Maryland Patents: 4; 54), The tract "Richardson" on the north shore of the Patapsco on the east side of Welshman's Creek was surveyed for him July 30, 1659 and patented Feb. 14, 1659-60. (Idem: 4; 234 and 341).

May 13, 1661, he entered rights for transporting six persons, among them an Elizabeth Gorsuch, into the province (Iden; 4; 551). Richard Gorsuch (no wife mentioned in the deed) "14th of 1st month, 1661" assigns to Thomas Powell the tract (unnamed), 300 acres on the north side of the Patapsco surveyed for him in 1659 (Baltimore Co. deeds R.M.; H. S:5); and again Nov. 12, 166405

Richard Gorsuch and his wife Elizabeth convey to Thomas Powell, by what seems to be a confirmatory deed, 300 acres of land, apparently this same tract, but here called "Walnutt Neck", on the east side of Feb. 1664-5, when his wife Elizabeth joins him in transferring Welshman's Creek (Idem I. R; P. P: 66). If the Elizabeth Gorsuch mentioned above for whose transportation he claimed rights was his wife Elizabeth, it seems probable that he married her before coming to Baltimore Co, although it just possible that this Elizabeth was his sister who, about that time, married a Powell.

It is certain that Richard Gorsuch married prior to the Nov. 12 called "Walnutt Neck" (for "Richardson"). He probably removed to Talbot Co soon after disposing of this tract, for his name as well as that of his brother Lovelace and of the Powell family soon appear On the he records of this county.

Richard Gorsuch and his brother Lovelace appear as executors of the will of Thomas Powell of Talbot Co., dated Jan. 17, 1669-70 and proved April 11, 1670. Soon after this time Richard Gorsuch appears to have wandered into the Province of New York where his uncle, Col Francis Lovelace was then Governor, as there can be little question that the following reference applies to Him;

"Richard Gorsuch, conveyed his right to a patent for a tract of land on the west side of Delaware River to Governor Lovelace. It is described as "bounded on ye North by a Creek called ye Indyans Quiackkitkunck Creek also Nicambanack Creek. (General Entreis, vol 4, page 189) dated in an order relating thereto, Aug 12, 1672 (New York Executive Council Minutes; 1668-1683, Administration of Francis Lovelace; Albany, 1910 Vol I, page 167). In the minutes of the Executive Council of the Province of the New York Jan. 28, 1672, there is an entry "relating ye miscarriage of a packett from his Ma'tie (Majesty), which Mr. Gorsuch was to give account of but his letter is not arrived. (Idem; the editor of the recently published minutes of the executive council, identifies Mr. Gorsuch the bearer of the packett as Richard Gorsuch the patentee of the tract on the Delaware, but on what grounds he does not state.

It seems possible, however, that his brother Robert Gorsuch, whose whereabouts at this time is not known, might well have been in New York. : in later deeds this tract is referred to as "Richardson" vulgarly know as "Walnutt Neck" - see deed from James Todd to Mark Swift (Baltimore Deeds; H.W.: No. 2, 153), Richard Gorsuch, Oct. 3, 1663, before he finally left Baltimore Co., purchased from Edward Lloyd 200 acres on the north west side of Dividing Creek on the north side of the Choptank River, part of a large tract of 2050 acres patented by Lloyd and known as "Hier Dier Lloyd" (Talbot Co. deeds 1;6), where Richard Gorsuch and his descendants appear to have afterwards lived.

There is an acknowledgement from Thomas Powell, dated March 24, 1665-6 to Ricahrd Gorsuch, which recites that a tract of land at the head of the north west branch of the Great Choptank (Old Town) containing 800 acres, had been surveyed for Thomas Powell and Richard Gorsuch, but as the patent had been issued to Powell, he wished to acknowledge that half of this land belongs to Gorsuch (Talbot Co., deeds A no 1; 169)

With it is filed a letter from Edward Roe certifying that he was a witness to this acknowledgement. This tract was afterwards resurveyed by his son, Richard Gorsuch, under a special warrant issued Marcy 3, 1695-6. (Annap. Warrents liber A; 76). Henry Parnam of Talbot, Jan. 20, 1671 deeded his personal property and all of his lands by deed of gift to Richard Gorsuch, the latter agreeing to supply Parnam "with sufficient food and rement honestly performed as becometh a man and nourished in sickness or in health-during this my natural life (idem; 34). It was doubtless in this way that Richard Gorsuch acquired "Rigby Marsh". 300 acres, afterwards sold by his on, Richard Gorsuch March 11, 1703-04 to Howell Powell (Talbot Deeds 9; 307). This tract lying on the Cabin Branch of the Choptank had been sold Oct. 3, 1665 by James Rigby and his wife Catherine Ringold Rigby to Henry Parnam (Talbot deeds A no 1, 23). The Annapolis Testamentary proceedings show that such acted as Deputy Commissary for Talbot Co in 1674, 1675, and 1767. "Mr. Richard Gorsuch, Jan. 20, 1673-4 was a Commissioner of Talbot Co (Talbot Co. deeds I No A; 273) Richard Gorsuch was appointed March 2, 1675-6 one of the Gent. Justices of Talbot (Archive Md., 15; 71)

It is uncertain whether Richard Gorsuch became a Quaker, as his brothers Charles and Lovelace and his sister Elizabeth Powell are known to have done. It is of course possible that the purchaser, Thomas Powell, was responsible for the Quaker phraseology of the two deed already referred to by which Richard Gorsuch transferred land on the Patapsco to Powell. Under the will of Edward Roe of Talbot Co., dated March 4, 1675 and proved July 3, 1676, Thomas Duncan, the son of the testator's wife, received the tract "Bachelor's Plantation" while the remainder of the land was left to his wife Mary and to his daughter Elizabeth. He left 10,000 pounds of tobacco to Anne Gorsuch, the daughter of Richard Gorsuch and an additional 10,000 pounds to be divided among the rest of Richard Gorsuch's children. The widow, Mary Roe, Capt. Philamon Lloyd, Capt. Peter Sayer and Richard Gorsuch were appointed executors. (Annap. Wills 5; 59)

Ricahrd Gorsuch died interstate and his estate was administered upon April 2, 1677 by his widow Elizabeth (Annap. Test. Proc. 9, 23). the inventory filed June 23, 1677 showed a personal estate of 35, 624 pounds of tobacco appraised by Thomas Alexander and Richard Girling (Annap. invs. & accts. 4; 187)

A petition was filed in the Prerogative Court March 12, 1682 by Samuel Hatton and his wife Elizabeth, relict of Richard Gorsuch, in which it was recited that Edward Roe left a legacy of 10,000 pounds of tobacco to Ann, daughter of Richard Gorsuch and a like amount tobacco divided among Gorsuch other children.

It is further recited that Ann Gorsuch died unmarried and that Richard Gorsuch at the time of the death of Edward Roe had four children then living, viz. Mary, Richard, Elizabeth and Sarah, one of whom, Mary had since married Richard Keene.

the Court ordered the two executors, William Combs and his wife Mary, the daughter of Edward Roe (the other executors appointed under the will of Edward Roe having renounced) to make distribution of the legacies (Annap Test. Proc. 13; 13). Entered at the end of Liber II of the Talbot Co. Court Proceedings are to be found a number of seventeenth century records of births. Among these entries are the following; Richard Gorsuch, the son of Richard Gorsuch was born Fe. 1672; Charles Gorsuch, the son of Richard Gorsuch born Feb. 1676.

These are both unquestionably the sons of Richard Gorsuch. The date of Charles Gorsuch's birth being really Feb. 1676-7 explains why he did not share with his brother and sisters the legacy of Edward Roe who had hied before his birth. From the above evidence Richard Gorsuch appears to have married prior to May 13, 1661, probably before coming into MD. The surname of his wife Elizabeth is not known. It would appear that there may be a relationship between her and henry Parnam who deeded his property to Richard Gorsuch in 1671.

It is also possible that there may have been a connection between her and Edward Roe who left legacies to the Gorsuch children. It is known from he petition of Marcy 12, 1682 that she married secondly Samuel Hatton of Talbot Co. She appears to have married him prior to Sept. 23, 1678, when Samuel Hatton, Gentlemen, and his wife Elizabeth convey their moiety in the tract "Hatton" to Geo. Conoley (Talbot Co deeds 3; 245). Samuel Hatton in a deed dated Jan. 20, 1673-4 conveys a tract called "Chairpinham" in St. Michael's River to Abraham Bishopp, in which Hatton describes himself as of the city of Bristol, England, merchant. (Idem A. No 1; 287-7)

There was evidently a close relationship between this Samuel Hatton and a "Thomas Hatton of Tewksbury in the county of Glouster in the Kingdom of England, brother and heir of John Hatton formerly of London, as all three are mentioned in a Maryland Chancery suit about 1668-71 (Annap. Chan. Proc. CD 87 - 91)

In this suit a tract "Persimmon Point," 400 acres in Baltimore Co on Rumley Creek purchased by John Hatton is one of the tracts involved. Samuel Hatton and his wife Elizabeth March 11, 1678-9 gave power of attorney to Charles Gorsuch and James Phillips to convey this tract to Miles Bibson describing it; which land has come into the hands of Samuel Hatton (Balto deeds IR pp 32-33) Samuel Hatton probably died in 1687-8 as his estate was administered upon by Elizabeth Hatton March 8, 1687-8 (Test. Proc 9; 474) Whether Samuel and Elizabeth Hatton had issue is not know.

The widow married very promptly a third husband, as Herman Ffoakes and Elizabeth his wife soon afterwards file an account (Test . Proc 10; 184) Nothing further has been learned in regard to this last marriage.

From the petition in regard to the distribution of the estate of Edward Roe it has been seen that Richard Gorsuch and his wife Elizabeth had five children born prior to July 3, 1676 viz. Anne, Mary, Richard, Elizabeth and Sarah while from the he old Talbot register of births not only the date of the birth of the eldest son Ricahrd, is learned but the fact that there was another son, Cahrles born Feb. 1676-7. Down to this point we are on comparatively solid ground.

When an attempt is made however to trace the descendants of the two sons, Ricahrd and Charles difficulties are at one encountered in establishing identities.

It will be recalled that Ricahrd Gorsuch and his younger brother Lovelace were the only two of the four Gorsuch brothers who came to Maryland, who settle permanently upon the Eastern Shore, the former establishing himself in Talbot and the latter in Dorchester, the adjoining Co. Fortunately the line of Lovelace Gorsuch can be thoroughly worked out by wills, deed and the Tred Avon Quaker Meeting Records

There remain however a considerable number of individuals bearing the name Gorsuch found recorded in the he registers of the established church of Talbot Co., and among the other county records, during the first half of the eighteenth century, definitely know not to be of the line of Lovelace Gorsuch, who certainly appear to be descendants of Ricahrd and Charles, sons of Ricahrd Gorsuch. In view of the impossibility of drawing positive conclusions from the insufficient data now in hand, it seems best at this point to give all the Gorsuch entries in the Register of old St. Peters Parish, Talbot Co and to construct therefrom and from the few other Gorsuch references of this period available what must be a more or less tentative pedigree of these later lines. It is hoped that the publication of this pedigree may be the means of bringing to light additional evidence from sources not available to the writer. The writer wishes to take this opportunity of thanking Miss Harriet P. Marine, of Baltimore, for the invaluable assistance she has rendered by her researches among the Talbot Co Court Records, and for the interesting data which she has unearthed.

Ricahrd Gorsuch and Elizabeth. Martin, married Dec. 3, 1686

Charles Corsuch and Sarah his wife married June 12, 1700 by Mr Nobbs, minister

More About Richard Gorsuch:
Ancestral family lines: 1600, CD 17/F&P.
Baptism: Apr 19, 1637

More About Richard Gorsuch and <Unnamed>:
Marriage: Nov 12, 1664, Tolburt, VA.

Children of Richard Gorsuch are:
  1. Richard Gorsuch, b. Feb 1671/72, d. date unknown.
  2. Charles Gorsuch, b. Feb 1675/76, d. date unknown.
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