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Descendants of Thomas Hinton

Generation No. 7

22. Thomas30 Hinton III (Thomas29, Thomas Phillip28, William27, Thomas26, John25, Thomas24, Anthony23, Thomas22, John21, Richard20 Hynton, John19 De Hynton II, John18, Thomas17, Thomas16, Philip15, Henry14, Geoffrey13, John12, John11, John10, Hugh9, Richard8, Hugh7, Richard6, Robert5, Elias4, Edward3, Rauld2, Eurald1) was born 1738 in Montgomery Co. MD, and died June 11, 1821 in Colerain Twp. Ross Co. OH. He married Deborah Seborn 1765. She was born 1751 in Virginia, and died August 19, 1835 in Delaware Co., Ohio.

Notes for Thomas Hinton III:
Thomas Hinton was in Coleraine Twp. Ross Co. OH by 1796.

Notes from Grace Albert McKinley genealogy:

PIONEERS of 1796 - 1815

Colerain was settled nearly as early as any of the twp. of Ross Co.
In 1796, Zedekiah and Thomas Dawson, brothers, left their home in VA and built a cabin on the east bank of the second stream of water east of Hallsville. Thomas Hinton settled nearby on the Northen quarter of sect. 9 at the same time. Mr. Hinton remained 2 yr., on the above mentioned place, when, owing to much sickness caused by the damps and dews of the prairies in which he was living, he moved to a place a mile to the southeast, where the land was higher and drier. There he took up the east half of sect. 10. He had 8 boys and 3 girls. He died aged 84 yr., leaving his youngest son, Elias on the farm.

Buried: June 1821, old cemetery on hill, Adelphi, OH

Charles Townsend genealogy had Thomas married to a Wife Layton, and had Ezekiel L. Hinton died on November 1825 and married Martha Caldwell on March 07, 1795 in Harrison Co., Kentucky.

From Janice Parker: Thomas served with the Montgomery County Militia, Middle Battallion, Company 5 during the American Revolution.

Children of Thomas Hinton and Deborah Seborn are:
  i.   WILLIAM31 HINTON, b. ABT 1765, Maryland; d. 1848; m. CASSANDRA LAYTON.
1827 tax records show he owned 1 horse val $40.00, 2 cattle val $16.00

  ii.   SARAH HINTON, b. March 1779; d. October 27, 1855, Delaware Co., Ohio; m. WILLIAM DUVALL, October 21, 1799, Bourbon Co. KY; b. 1764, Aprx dte, Frederick, Md; d. August 22, 1848, Delaware Co., Ohio.
  Notes for SARAH HINTON:
Kentucky Marriages - Early to 1800, list Sarah's name as "Sara".

28. iii.   JAMES HINTON, b. 1772, Frederick, Md; d. 1819, Harrison Co., Ky.
  iv.   LEVI HINTON, b. 1774, Bourbon Co. KY; m. MARY IRWIN, January 10, 1799, Bourbon Co. KY.
29. v.   EZEKIEL LAYTON HINTON, b. 1775, Maryland; d. December 1825, Nicholas Co. Ky.
  vi.   PHILIP HINTON, b. 1776.
  vii.   MARTHA HINTON, b. 1778; m. WILLIAM REED, January 15, 1798, Bourbon Co. KY; b. 1776.
30. viii.   THOMAS W HINTON, b. 1782, Maryland; d. 1842, Indiana.
  ix.   REBECCA HINTON, b. August 6, 1785; d. July 12, 1855; m. DANIEL ROBERTS, March 6, 1804, Ross Co., Ohio; b. March 9, 1773; d. July 23, 1839, Delaware Co., Ohio.
Built the first hewed log house in Adelphi, Colerain Twp. Ross Co. OH.

31. x.   SEBORN HINTON, b. 1787, Maryland; d. January 11, 1861, Ft Dodge, Douglas Twp, Iowa.
32. xi.   ELIAS HINTON, b. December 29, 1795; d. July 17, 1877, Ross Co. OH.

23. James30 Hinton (Thomas29, Thomas Phillip28, William27, Thomas26, John25, Thomas24, Anthony23, Thomas22, John21, Richard20 Hynton, John19 De Hynton II, John18, Thomas17, Thomas16, Philip15, Henry14, Geoffrey13, John12, John11, John10, Hugh9, Richard8, Hugh7, Richard6, Robert5, Elias4, Edward3, Rauld2, Eurald1) was born 1739 in Frederick, Md, and died 1828 in Harrison Co., Ky. He married Rebecca Sellers November 16, 1819 in Harrison Co., Ky.

Notes for James Hinton:
Rebecca Sellers was not the mother of the children of James. Rebecca came after the children were grown.
(From Grace Albert McKinley) The first wife name was Catherine ?.

James Hinton migrated from Frederick Co. MD to Berkeley Co. WVA, had 11 children.

RE: from Bevins History of Scott County though Buildings:
The Hintons were very important to the development of northern Scott County, leaving behind several landmarks known as "Hinton houses" as well as a road and a rail stop in the area northeast of Sadieville. The first of the clan to settle in this area were John Hinton and his son Asher Hinton, who located their log cabin in 1790 on a slight incline on the north bank of Eagle Creek between the areas which were to become Turkeyfoot and Sadieville. Nearby Hinton erected a log barn. The second generation erected a larger log house in a hollow back of the first house.

RE: from Scott County Families & History:
"Hinton - James Hinton came to Turkeyfoot about 1792, with his sons, daughter, sons-in-law and daughter-in-law, but where he came from is a mystery. Several of his children were married in Fredrick Co., Va, but there is no record of his having lived there. A 1815 deed lists his wife as Catharine. In January of 1818, he joined the Klk Lick Baptist Church, but was expelled in September of 1818 "for drinking too much and keeping a woman about his house that is under a bad character". He married Rebecca Sellers in Harrison County in 1819. His will, filed in Harrison County in August of 1828, leaves everything to Rebecca. He names his sons Solomon, Jeremiah, James, Asher and William, his daughters, Rebecca, Deborah, Polly, Eleanor, and Caty. He states he has already portioned them off. To daughter Darcus he leaves fifty cents.
"Asher was born in Virginia in 1782. Before 1808 he married Nancy Mitchell, daughter of William and Susannah(?) Mitchell. Asher's farm was on the Burgess Smith Road. Asher and Nancy's children were: Thomas, Lucinda, Susan, William, Mary, Catherine, Elizabeth Amanda, George W., and Asher, Jr. Asher died in 1856 and Nancy died in 1874. They were both buried on the home place..." This article was submitted by Rollie Hinton.

From Scott County genealogy society book, Gone, Forgotten, Now Remembered:
Buried in the Hinton Cemetery on Burgess-Smith Road, Northen Scott County-
Asher Hinton, b. April 15, 1782, d. April 12, 1856.
Nancy Hinton, b. 1790, d. December 20, 1874 - wife of Asher.
Asher Hinton Jr., b. March 23, 1833, d. September 2, 1859.
Also buried in this cemetery is Calton Bailey and Mary Bailey.

From the History of Bourborn, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky: In 1867 Jacob Perkins was married to Cannarissa, daughter of Calton and Margaret (Hinton) Bailey, of Scott County.

James left a will in Harrison Co., Ky.

From the Kentucky Gazette 1787 - 1800: James Hinton, living on Eagle Creek in Scott County, found a mare.

Notes for Rebecca Sellers:
From the Genealogy of James Sellars SSgt. E-mail ""

Document 8
Estate of Isaac Sellers

To the Hon. the judge of the Harrison Circuit Court in Chancery Humbly complaining showeth unto your honor your orater James Adams & Eleanor his wife that about the year (blank) a certain Isaac Sellers, Senr departed this life intestate leaving the following named children to wit: Jonathan, Isaac, Elizabeth, John, Rebecca, Eleanor, Martin, Polly Henry.
That Jonathan departed this life intestate about the year (left blank) leaving the following children viz: Lewis, Edward, Elizabeth and Amanda who are still alive in Rockcastle county in Kentucky. That Isaac, the son of Isaac Sellers first named in this bill removed to the state of Indiana where he departed this life leaving the following children: Rebecca, Laurahannah, Nancy, Isaac, Elizabeth, Mary Ann and John. That Rebecca Sellers intermarried with a certain (blank) who is unknown to your orator, and died leaving a child, the other Children of Isaac Sellers, who moved to Indiana, are residing still in that state. That Elizabeth Sellers, the third named child of Isaac Sellers Senr intermarried with a certain Joseph D. Brockman and resides in this county. That John Sellers, the fourth named child of Isaac Sellers decd departed this life intestate leaving the following children viz: Cassandra, Elvina and Harriet. That
Rebecca the fifth child of Isaac Sellers Decd intermarried with a certain John Adams & resides in this county. That Eleanor the sixth named child of said Isaac Sellers Senr Decd intermarried with your orator James Adams. That Martin Sellers the seventh named child of Isaac Sellers Decd lives in
Scott county Kentucky. That Polly Henry the eighth named child of said Isaac Sellers Senr Decd intermarried with a certain Joseph Vance and resides in Scott county.
That at the death of said Isaac Sellers Senr he left a widow
Rebekah who has since intermarried with James Hinton who has departed this life. Your Orator would further states that at the time of his father in law, Isaac Sellers Senr he died seized and possessed of a considerable quantity of personal property consisting of horses, cattle, household and kitchen furniture, hogs, etc. amounting in value to about the sum of five hundred dollars.
That no administration on the estate of said Isaac Sellers Senr Decd was granted to any individual but the property belonging to him as above stated was taken into possession by his wife Rebekah, now Rebekah Hinton, who with the proceeds thereof purchased a tract of land which she has since sold for about the sum of between $250 & $300 and your Orator states and charges that after paying for said tract of land a considerable quantity of household & kitchen furniture remained on hand in the
possession of said Rebecca Hinton, also several articles of stock not known to your Orator.
Your Orator states and charges that these actings and doings on the part of sd Deft. Rebekah Hinton took place before your Orator intermarried into the family of Isaac Sellers to his daughter Eleanor. And at a time when your Orator and Oratrix were of young and tender years and your Oratrix incapable of looking after and attending to her own concerns.
Your Orator and Oratrix state and charge that said Rebekah Hinton intends so to dispose of all her property which she has unjustly obtained from the estate of her first husband & a part of which rightfully belongs to your Orator and Oratrix, in such a manner as to wholey exclude your Orator & wife from any interest or share in the same to which they humbly conceive and believe themselves to be equitably entitled to part thereof.
All which actings and doings are contrary to Equity and good conscience and tend to the manifest injury and oppression of your Orator. In tender consideration whereof and for as much as your Orator and wife are (illegible) in the premises & relievable only in chancery (the proof in this case resting in Defts Rebekah Hinton knowledge alone) and relievable only in Chancery where matters of this kind are cognizable.
To the end therefore that the said Rebekah Hinton, Lewis, Edward, Elizabeth and Amanda (children of Jonathan Sellers Decd) Rebecca, Laurahannah, Nancy, Isaac, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, John Sellers, the children of Isaac Sellers Decd & the unknown heir of Rebecca late Rebecca Sellers Decd, Elizabeth Brockman and Joseph D. Brockman her husband. Cassandra Sellers, Elvina Sellers and Harriet children & heirs at Law of John Sellers Decd. That Rebecca Adams & John Adams, Martin Sellers, Polly Henry Vance & Joseph Vance her husband all of whom your Orator and Oratrix pray may be made defendants to this bill may be full true and perfect answers make to all the matters and charges herein contained on Oath what amount and kind of property of her first husband Isaac Sellers Decd came to her hand. What
disposition she has made of the same. What property of sd Sellers is still in her hands. What she has done with the proceeds thereof.
And that finally by a decree of this Hon. Court the Deft. Rebecca Hinton may be compelled to pay over to your Orator & wife the full and just portion to which they are entitled as heirs or (illegible) of Isaac Sellers Senr Decd and that they may have such other and further relief as to Equity Belongs & the nature of their case may require may it please your Honor to grant to your Orator & wife the (illegible) the writ of Sp__ etc directed etc Co___ing etc and _____ duty bound they will ever pray etc. Sept 18th 1834, State of Kentucky, Harrison County Hodges for Complts.
Source: Harrison County, Kentucky, Bundle 229, Case 6299.

Children of James Hinton and Rebecca Sellers are:
  i.   DEBORAH31 HINTON, b. Bet. 1760 - 1789; m. PETER ANTLE, May 30, 1789, Frederick, Va.
  ii.   JAMES HINTON, b. Bet. 1760 - 1788; d. 1804; m. SALLY, Bet. 1779 - 1803.
  Notes for JAMES HINTON:
Found two Sally marriages to a James Hinton.

Sally Hughes Oct 15, 1815 Logan, Ky
Sally Waugh July 1, 1819 Fleming, Ky

From Doris Reed of Scott Co., Ky : Their was a James Hinton who died in 1803-4 with a wife Sally who remarried a Tully or Tulfy. James Hinton was the executor , but of course with the court house burning so many records were destroyed. We kind of think that James who died in 1803-4 was the son of James but there are some who think James Jr. went to Indiana.

  iii.   POLLY MARY HINTON, b. Bet. 1760 - 1789; m. JACOB CAMBELL, December 20, 1788, Frederick Co., Va.
  iv.   REBECCA HINTON, b. Bet. 1760 - 1789; m. WILLIAM VANCE, February 6, 1787, Frederick Co., Va.
33. v.   JEREMIAH HINTON, b. 1765; d. 1850.
34. vi.   SOLOMON HINTON, b. Bet. 1760 - 1789; d. 1839.
  vii.   DORCAS HINTON, b. 1780; d. 1865, Boone Co., Mo.; m. JOHN GIBSON, 1800, Fayette Co., Ky (At the house of Peter Antle); b. April 20, 1761, Caroline Co., Virginia; d. March 17, 1834, Scott Co. Kentucky (At the home on Cagh? Creek).
  Notes for DORCAS HINTON:
Dorcas went to Mo with her children after her husband died.

35. viii.   ASHER HINTON, b. April 15, 1782, Virginia; d. April 12, 1856, Hinton Cemetery on Burgess-Smith Rd. Northern Scott County Ky..
  ix.   WILLIAM HINTON, b. 1783; d. 1867; m. ELIZABETH COPE.
From Doris Hinton: Moved to Jefferson Co., Indiana. He was active in the Hebron Baptist Church. His will left everything to Livisa Green Hinton and her children.

36. x.   CATHERINE HINTON, b. 1787; d. 1847.
  xi.   ELEANOR HINTON, b. Bet. 1760 - 1789.

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