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Descendants of JOHN MOORE

Generation No. 2

2. ELIZABETH2 MOORE (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1627. She married HENRY RICE1 February 01, 1642/43 in Sudbury, MA2, son of EDMUND RICE and THOMASINE FROST.
Notes for H
Son of Deacon Edmund , Henry Rice, the first member of the Deacon's remarkable family, was born in Buckinghamshire, England, on January of 1617. He came with his parents to Massachusetts in 1638 and married Elizabeth Moore of Sudbury. He resided in Sudbury and Framingham, where he died February 10, 1710/11, at the age of 93 years.
Abigail, his 5th child married a Smith and she was the great grandmother of Abigail Smith who was the wife of John Adams and the mother of John Quincy Adams, both Presidents of the United States of America.

      Children of E
9. i.   MARY3 RICE, b. September 19, 1646, Sudbury, MA.
ii.   ELIZABETH RICE, b. August 04, 1648, Sudbury, MA; m. JOHN BREWER.
10. iii.   HANNAH RICE, b. Abt. 1651.
iv.   JONATHAN RICE, b. July 03, 1654, Sudbury, MA; m. (1) MARTHA EAMES; m. (2) ELIZABETH WHEELER.
v.   ABIGAIL RICE, b. June 17, 1657, Sudbury, MA; m. THOMAS SMITH.
vi.   DAVID RICE, b. December 27, 1659, Sudbury, MA; m. HANNAH WALKER.
vii.   TAMASIN RICE, b. February 02, 1660/61, Sudbury, MA; m. BENJAMIN PARMENTER.
Notes for T
Date of birth could be Feb 2, 1661/62.

viii.   RACHEL RICE, b. May 10, 1664, Sudbury, MA; m. THOMAS DRURY.
ix.   LYDIA RICE, b. June 04, 1668, Sudbury, MA; m. SAMUEL WHEELOCK.
x.   MERCY RICE, b. June 01, 1670, Sudbury, MA; m. ELNATHAN ALLEN.

3. JOHN2 MOORE II (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1628 in England, and died September 1702 in Lancaster, MA. He married ANNE SMITH November 16, 1654 in Lancaster, MA3, daughter of JOHN SMITH and ALICE ....

Baptized: November 11, 1628, Henham, Suffolk, England

      Children of JOHN MOORE and ANNE SMITH are:
i.   ELIZABETH3 MOORE, b. December 27, 1657; m. MATTHEW GIBBS , JR., 1705.
ii.   LYDIA MOORE, b. April 06, 1660; m. (1) JOHN WITHERBY; m. (2) SAMUEL WINCH.
11. iii.   JOHN MOORE III, b. April 07, 1662, Sudbury, MA; d. 1740, Bolton, MA.
iv.   JOSEPH MOORE, b. October 20, 1664.
v.   MARIE MOORE, b. December 04, 1665; d. September 20, 1705, Sudbury, MA; m. MATTHEW GIBBS , JR., November 12, 1678, Sudbury, MA.
vi.   ANNE MOORE, b. July 17, 1666, Sudbury, MA; m. EPHRAIN HILDRETH, October 08, 1686.
12. vii.   JONATHAN MOORE, b. May 19, 1669, Lancaster, MA; d. February 06, 1740/41, Bolton, MA.
viii.   MARIA MOORE, b. March 10, 1670/71; d. March 10, 1670/71, Lancaster, MA.

4. MARY2 MOORE (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1631 in Sudbury, MA. She married (1) RICHARD WARD4 September 08, 1661 in Sudbury, MA5, son of WILLIAM WARD and ELIZABETH .... She married (2) DANIEL STONE November 02, 1667 in Sudbury, MA.

More About M
Baptized: January 09, 1641/42, Berkhamsted, Hartfordshire, England

Notes for R
Richard Ward drowned in the Sudbury River on March 31, 1666.

      Children of M
13. i.   OBIDIAH3 WARD, b. April 19, 1663, Sudbury, MA.
14. ii.   LYDIA WARD, b. March 16, 1663/64, Sudbury, MA; d. January 10, 1739/40.
      Children of MARY MOORE and DANIEL STONE are:
iii.   DANIEL3 STONE, b. November 22, 1668, Sudbury, MA.
iv.   ANN STONE, b. January 15, 1669/70, Sudbury, MA.
v.   TABITHA STONE, b. March 04, 1672/73, Sudbury, MA.
vi.   SARAH STONE, b. February 14, 1674/75, Sudbury, MA.
vii.   MARY STONE, b. August 10, 1677, Sudbury, MA.
viii.   ELIZABETH STONE, b. November 08, 1678, Sudbury, MA.
ix.   ABIGAIL STONE, b. February 13, 1679/80, Sudbury, MA.
x.   JOHN STONE, b. June 10, 1684, Sudbury, MA.

5. LYDIA2 MOORE (JOHN1) was born June 24, 1643 in Sudbury, MA6, and died November 23, 1723 in Sudbury, MA. She married (1) SAMUEL WRIGHT May 03, 1664 in Sudbury, MA7. She married (2) JAMES CUTLER , JR. June 15, 1665 in Sudbury, MA, son of JAMES CUTLER and ANNA CAKEBREAD.
Notes for J
James Cutler, Jr. was the first Cutler born on American soil. He lived on or very close to the family homestead all his life. Anne, his mother died when he was nine years old. He purchased land from his father, and like his father was a farmer.
While James Cutler, Jr.'s father and the other colonists had benefited greatly from the advice and friendship of the GreatChief Massasoit, this great man's son, Metacomet became alarmed at the expanding number of colonists and the methodical way they settled on the land and killed off the game upon which the Indians depended for food. Cheif Metacomet decided that either the white man or the red man eventually had to dominate the natural balance, so he formed a colitiion of Indian Nations in a bitter war to drive the colonists out of America. The colonists named Metacomet "King Phillip" for some reason. King Phillip's War was the bloodiest and most crucial in which the Americans have ever engaged. Nearly one third of all colonists were massacred before King Phillip (Metacomet) and his armies were destroyed in Rhode Island in 1676. James Cutler, Jr. served in Captain Daniel Henchman's company during the war and was paid 1-4-3 for service.

      Children of L
i.   JAMES3 CUTLER, b. July 12, 1666.
ii.   ANN CUTLER, b. April 20, 1669.
iii.   JOSEPH CUTLER, b. May 02, 1672.
iv.   SAMUEL CUTLER, b. May 02, 1672.
v.   JOHN CUTLER, b. April 14, 1675.
15. vi.   THOMAS CUTLER, b. December 15, 1677, Cambridge, MA; d. December 23, 1759, Warren, MA.
vii.   ELIZABETH CUTLER, b. March 14, 1679/80.
16. viii.   ISAAC CUTLER, b. 1684; d. 1758.

6. JACOB2 MOORE (JOHN1) was born April 28, 1645 in Sudbury, MA8, and died 1716. He married ELIZABETH LOKER May 29, 1667 in Sudbury, MA9, daughter of HENRY LOOKER and ELIZABETH ....

      Children of J
ii.   JACOB MOORE, b. 1668, Sudbury, MA10; d. February 17, 1689/90, Sudbury, MA11.
17. iii.   RICHARD MOORE, b. September 12, 1670, Sudbury, MA; d. 1767, Oxford, MA.
iv.   JONATHAN MOORE, b. December 13, 1673.
v.   ELIZABETH MOORE, b. February 04, 1675/76.
18. vi.   NATHANIEL MOORE, b. June 21, 1678, Sudbury, MA; d. November 08, 1761, Worcester, MA.
vii.   HANNAH MOORE, b. July 18, 1680.
viii.   SARAH MOORE, b. January 28, 1682/83, Sudbury, MA12; d. February 09, 1682/83, Sudbury, MA13.
ix.   SARAH MOORE, b. March 03, 1683/84.
19. x.   DANIEL MOORE, b. April 13, 1687, Sudbury, MA.
20. xi.   SAMUEL MOORE, b. July 15, 1689, Sudbury, MA.
21. xii.   JAMES MOORE, b. Aft. 1689, Sudbury, MA.

7. JOSEPH2 MOORE (JOHN1) was born October 21, 1647 in Sudbury, MA, and died January 02, 1725/26 in Sudbury, MA. He married LYDIA MAYNARD Abt. 1668 in Sudbury, MA14, daughter of JOHN MAYNARD and MARY ....

      Children of J
i.   BENONI3 MOORE, b. April 14, 1669, Sudbury, MA15; m. MEHITABLE HATFIELD.
22. ii.   JOSEPH MOORE, b. August 01, 1670, Sudbury, MA.
iii.   HANNAH MOORE, b. January 02, 1672/73, Sudbury, MA; m. JOSEPH GLEASON, February 17, 1704/05, Sudbury, MA16.
iv.   THOMAS MOORE, b. December 09, 1676, Sudbury, MA.
v.   BENJAMIN MOORE, b. May 06, 1679.
vi.   MARY MOORE, b. May 07, 1681.
23. vii.   JOHN MOORE, b. May 08, 1683.
viii.   ELIZABETH MOORE, b. September 20, 1685; m. HENRY RICE, December 27, 1716, Sudbury, MA17.
ix.   LYDIA MOORE, b. January 05, 1686/87, Sudbury, MA.

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