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Kinship of Jacob Hodil

NameRelationship with Jacob HodilCivilCanon
Clark, Ronald Grant3rd great-grandsonV5
Clark, Ronda Gean3rd great-granddaughterV5
Coulter, InaWife of the great-grandson  
Cox, CharlesHusband of the 3rd great-granddaughter  
Cox, Patricia Jean4th great-granddaughterVI6
Cox, Robby Chas4th great-grandsonVI6
Culver, Yvonne MaureenPartner of the 4th great-grandson  
Dalrymple, Martha J.Wife of the 2nd great-grandson  

Wife of the 3rd great-grandson  
Davis, RaymondHusband of the 2nd great-granddaughter  
Deere, MildredWife of the 2nd great-grandson  
Dilworth, Particia FernWife of the 3rd great-grandson  
Dollan, Jacob HoeidleGrandsonII2
Dyer, Bell J.Wife of the great-grandson  
Eatmon, CordelaWife of the 2nd great-grandson  
Elford, PamelaWife of the 3rd great-grandson  
Ellington, RonaldHusband of the 3rd great-granddaughter  
Ellington, Ronald Bradley4th great-grandsonVI6
Emery, Evelyn4th great-granddaughterVI6
Emery, MartianHusband of the 3rd great-granddaughter  
English, SamuelHusband of the 2nd great-granddaughter  
Ewalt, Anna2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Ewalt, Donald H.2nd great-grandsonIV4
Ewalt, Floyd W.2nd great-grandsonIV4
Ewalt, George H.2nd great-grandsonIV4
Ewalt, Harris CunninghamHusband of the great-granddaughter  
Ewalt, Hellen Mae2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Ewalt, James L.2nd great-grandsonIV4
Fallon, Gary Michael4th great-grandsonVI6
Fallon, Joseph PeterHusband of the 3rd great-granddaughter  
Fallon, Lori Ann4th great-granddaughterVI6
Fallon, Megan4th great-granddaughterVI6
Federkeil, Andrew J.Great-grandsonIII3
Federkeil, Andrew Roy2nd great-grandsonIV4
Federkeil, Edith Elizabeth3rd great-granddaughterV5
Federkeil, Elva2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Federkeil, Ethel Louise3rd great-granddaughterV5
Federkeil, GeorgeGreat-grandsonIII3
Federkeil, George Cornelius2nd great-grandsonIV4
Federkeil, Harry2nd great-grandsonIV4
Federkeil, JohnHusband of the granddaughter  
Federkeil, John W.2nd great-grandsonIV4
Federkeil, Lerenza A.Great-granddaughterIII3
Federkeil, Margaret CGreat-granddaughterIII3
Federkeil, MarhaGreat-granddaughterIII3
Federkeil, Mary C.2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Federkeil, Roland Coenelmius3rd great-grandsonV5
Federkeil, Ruth Ellen3rd great-granddaughterV5
Federkeil, Walter H.Great-granddaughterIII3

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