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Ancestors of Clark Jay Holloway

Generation No. 5

      16. Josiah Holloway, born Jul 04, 1828 in Pickaway County, Ohio; died Apr 10, 1898 in Hamilton County, Indiana. He was the son of 32. Ebenezer Holloway and 33. Nancy Anna Justice. He married 17. Rosanna Smith Apr 03, 1850 in White River Township, Hamilton County, Indiana41.

      17. Rosanna Smith42,43,44,45,46,47, born 1833 in Ohio48,49; died Abt. 1860 in White River Township, Hamilton County, Indiana50,51. She was the daughter of 34. Rev. Ransom Smith and 35. Rebecca Strahl.

More About Josiah Holloway:
Property 1: Apr 01, 1856, Tipton County, Indiana52

More About Rosanna Smith:
Burial: Abt. 1860, Nevada cemetery in Tipton county, Indiana
Record Change: Dec 08, 200453
Children of Josiah Holloway and Rosanna Smith are:
  i.   Rebecca Holloway, born Mar 1851; died Mar 20, 1851.
  More About Rebecca Holloway:
Burial: 1851, Nevada cemetery in Tipton county, Indiana

  8 ii.   Ransom Smith Holloway, born May 12, 1853 in Hamilton County, Indiana; died Dec 25, 1918 in Ripley County, Indiana; married (1) Cassia Ann Carey Mar 25, 1875 in Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana; married (2) Mary A. Mills Aug 26, 1891 in Hamilton County, Indiana.
  iii.   Martha Ann Holloway, born Mar 17, 1856; died Unknown.
  iv.   Mary A. Holloway, born Feb 20, 1860; died Mar 21, 1860.
  More About Mary A. Holloway:
Burial: 1860, Nevada cemetery in Tipton county, Indiana

  v.   William Henry Holloway, born Sep 27, 1857; died Unknown; married Amelia Josephine Leonard Mar 29, 1879 in Hamilton County, Indiana54,55; born Mar 02, 1862 in Hamilton County, Indiana56,57; died Mar 1946.
  Notes for Amelia Josephine Leonard:
[John Smith & Rebecca Strahl.FTW]

16 grandchidlren
18 great grandchildren.

  More About Amelia Josephine Leonard:
Burial: May 04, 1946, Hamilton County, Indiana58,59
Census: 1910, 1910 US Census, White River, Hamilton, Indiana, gives name as Amelia J.
Record Change: Nov 12, 200459

      18. Joshua Holloway Carey, born 1811 in Worcester County, Maryland; died Mar 29, 1883 in Hamilton County, Indiana. He was the son of 36. Jonathan Carey and 37. Rebecca Timmons. He married 19. Cassia Ann Unknown Unknown in White River Twp., Hamilton County, Indiana.

      19. Cassia Ann Unknown60,61, born Abt. 1818 in Worcester County, Maryland; died Jul 30, 1856 in Hamilton County, Indiana.

More About Joshua Holloway Carey:
Property 1: Nov 06, 1834, Hamilton County, Indiana62
Property 2: Sep 30, 1835, Hamilton County, Indiana63

More About Cassia Ann Unknown:
Burial: Aug 01, 1856, Carey Cemetery, White River Twp., Hamilton County, Indiana
Record Change: Oct 11, 200464
Child of Joshua Carey and Cassia Unknown is:
  9 i.   Cassia Ann Carey, born Jun 30, 1856 in White River Township, Hamilton County, Indiana; died Abt. 1890 in Indiana; married Ransom Smith Holloway Mar 25, 1875 in Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana.

      20. Samuel McMaster65, born in Evenshire, Scotland; died Unknown. He married 21. Margaret McDonald.

      21. Margaret McDonald65, born in Evenshire, Scotland; died Unknown.

More About Samuel McMaster:
Record Change: Nov 26, 200465

More About Margaret McDonald:
Record Change: Nov 26, 200465
Children of Samuel McMaster and Margaret McDonald are:
  i.   Agnes McMaster, born Jun 10, 1840; died Unknown; married Abel Sellers Jan 20, 1859 in River John, Picton, Nova Scotia, Canada; born Mar 28, 1837; died Unknown.
  Notes for Agnes McMaster:
First name may be Annie

  10 ii.   John McMaster, born Aug 10, 1842 in Cape John, Nova Scotia; died Mar 08, 1941 in Porter, Washington; married (2) Anna Holmes Jun 19, 1873 in River John, Nova Scotia.

      22. George Holmes, born Jan 20, 1818; died Jan 14, 1902. He was the son of 44. George Holmes and 45. Annie Gratton. He married 23. Jessie Nicholson Jan 27, 1847.

      23. Jessie Nicholson65, born Feb 03, 1822 in Gulf Shore, Wallace, Nova Scotia, Canada; died Unknown.

More About Jessie Nicholson:
Record Change: Nov 26, 200465
Children of George Holmes and Jessie Nicholson are:
  11 i.   Anna Holmes, born Mar 19, 1848; died Sep 23, 1920 in Porter, Washington; married John McMaster Jun 19, 1873 in River John, Nova Scotia.
  ii.   George Holmes, born Feb 24, 1850; died Unknown; married Hannah Graham May 25, 1875 in River John, Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada; born Oct 21, 1851 in Earltown, Colchester County; died Unknown.
  iii.   John William Holmes, born Mar 03, 1852; died Unknown; married Mary C. Sellers Dec 31, 1880 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin; born Nov 10, 1848 in River John, Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada; died Unknown.
  iv.   Allan Holmes, born Apr 21, 1854; died Unknown; married Maggie C. McKenzie Jan 13, 1887; born Jun 20, 1862; died Unknown.
  v.   Alexander Mitchell Holmes, born Sep 10, 1856; died Unknown; married Rosina G. Sellers Jun 25, 1888 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin; born Oct 05, 1863 in River John, Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada; died Unknown.
  vi.   Simon Hugh Holmes, born Mar 03, 1859; died Unknown; married Kate Felick Jun 26, 1892 in Winona, Minnesota; died Unknown.
  vii.   Margaret Esther Holmes, born Jul 10, 1861; died Unknown; married James Graham Sep 25, 1879; born Dec 01, 1848 in Earltown, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada; died Unknown.
  viii.   Mary Elizabeth Holmes, born Apr 03, 1864; died Unknown; married George Mattatal Feb 28, 1885; born Oct 08, 1858; died Unknown.
  Notes for George Mattatal:
Five more children not identified.

  ix.   Christina Holmes, born Mar 08, 1867; died Unknown; married Elmer Huchinson Aug 26, 1904; died Jul 24, 1925.

      24. Sr. Henry George Scott65, born Dec 02, 1843 in England65; died Nov 10, 1911 in Robbinsdale, Hennepin County, Minnesota. He was the son of 48. Thomas Scott and 49. Unknown. He married 25. Elizabeth Louise Vine.

      25. Elizabeth Louise Vine65, born May 11, 1845 in England65; died Sep 30, 1918 in Long Branch, Pierce County, Washington. She was the daughter of 50. William Vine and 51. Harriet Unknown.

Notes for Sr. Henry George Scott:

BIOGRAPHY: Henry George Scott was born in England 2 Dec 1843. He was theson of Thomas Scott.
He brought his family [with the exception of the oldest son Harry to America, about 1877.
Julia [Prestidge] MacDonald had a Bible belonging to Henry. The inscription in the Bible said he and his wife Louise [Vine] Scott, had thirteen children in all.
Above Elizabeth Louise Vine and Henry George Scott in this Bible it reads Father born 2 Jan 1843 and mother born 11 May, 1844. Is this Henry's or Louise's parents? Under the above records it says Grandfather died June 3, 1881.
Another piece of information I have is that Henry was Scotch, born in England.

OCCUPATION: He was a vegetable farmer

HEALTH: He died from carcinoma of the stomach and liver.

**Mrs Henry Scott received a beautiful chrysanthemum plant in full bloom early this week. It was sent by the Missionary Society. The flowers so kindly sent during Mr. Scott's last illness were a source of pleasure and cheer to him.
**Mrs Will Scott and her parents Mr. and Mrs. Johnson of Big Lake were here Sunday to attend the funeral of Mr. Henry Scott.
**Rev. Will Scott was here from Friday till Monday evening to attend his father's funeral.
**Robbinsdale Tell-it March 17, 1911: Good potatoes for sale cheep. Inquire of Henry Scott, Robbinsdale.
**Robbinsdale Tell-it March 31 1911: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scott have given up farm life, and have taken up their residence in the Charles Prestidge home here.
**Robbinsdale Tell-It May 5, 1911
Henry Scott has been quite ill this week, but is recovering.
**Robbinsdale Tell-It May 5, 1911: Mr Thomas Scott and daughter Lillian of Rockford visited relatives here Sunday and Monday.
**Robbinsdale Tell-It May 12, 1911: Rev. Will Scott of Big Lake visited his father last week. Mr. Henry Scott is still quite ill at home here.
**Robbinsdale Tell-It July 21, 1911: Mr. and Mrs. H. Scott returned Sun. Evening from a visit with their son, Rev. Will Scott, at Big Lake, Minnesota.
**Robbinsdale Tell-It Aug 4, 1911: Mrs Charles Prestidge and her father Henry Scott drove to Rockford Minn. Wed. For a few days visit with relatives.
**Robbinsdale Tell-It Aug 11, 1911: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scott returned from Rockford where they have been visiting their son Tom and family.
**Rev. Will Scott of Big Lake occupied the pulpit in the Congregational Church Sun. He preached a good old fashioned sermon. Mr. Scott visited his sister, Mrs. George Nash until Tues.
**Robbinsdale Tell-It Oct 20, 1911: Mrs. Henry Scott and Mrs. G.S. Nash visited Mrs. Albert Dowland at her home near Minnetonka on Wed.
**Robbinsdale Tell-It Nov. 3 1911: Rev. Will Scott was down from Big Lake, Tue. And Wed. To see his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scott.
**Robbinsdale Tell-It Nov. 10, 1911: Will Scott of Big Lake and Thomas Scott of Rockford were here Tuesday to see their father, who is ill.

Sixty-seven years ago the 2nd day of last December there came to the balmy shores of England a life which was destined to lift the world a little higher by giving it another worthy, kindly man. Henry Scott ever lived and walked among the common men and common things, but as each oak which grows true and strong shields the breaking wind from weaker ones and as the simple lovely violet lends its beauty and its fragrance to all who will come near, so this man by growing true and strong helped others in life's battle. And by developing a tender, kindly spirit brought to those around a silent precious influence like the fragrant beauty of a modest flower.
The sterner and the gentler virtues were mingled in our friend, so that men not only honored his integrity but they measured back to him the love he gave. Neighbors speak of the real neighbor they have lost, the schoolboys miss the kindly face and heart, and all of us who knew him feel like the little friend of Phillips Brooks, when she exclaimed on being told that he had gone, "Won't the angels be glad to see him!"
Mr. Scott moved from England to America twenty-three years ago and one year afterward settled in Robbinsdale, which has been his home since then. Our townsmen honored him with the highest office in their power to give and he filled the chair of Mayor with credit to himself and honor to the place he held.
A family consisting of wife and seven children are left behind with a sorrow at the parting but with a firm hope of a reunion beyond all care and pain, for our friend early sought and found and always tried to follow the One who came to guide men home to God.
The last days were full of pain, but also with a peace too deep for pain. On the day preceding the departure as his pastor left him, Mr. Scott remarked, "If I am not here when you come back it is all right." His pastor came again and Mr. Scott was gone, but those who were with him believe that it is indeed "All right."
CARD OF THANKS We desire to thank the many friends and neighbors who have so kindly aided us in so many ways during the illness of our beloved father and husband. We assure each and everyone, we are grateful, and appreciate it all more then words can tell. Sincerely: Mrs. Henry Scott and family

More About Sr. Henry George Scott:
Burial: Unknown, Brooklyn Cemetery, Brooklyn Park, MN65
Record Change: Feb 10, 200465

  Notes for Elizabeth Louise Vine:

BIOGRAPHY: Elizabeth Louise Vine was born in England 11 May 1845. Shewas the daughter of William and Harriet Vine. I was told she was Irish, but born in England. The Irish part is undocumented

OCCUPATION: She was a homemaker

DEATH: Letter from Louise Vine Scott's daughter Caroline announcing her death, dated Oct. 3, 1918 [Caroline lived at R.R. No. Lake Bay, Washington]. After Louise's husband Henry George Scott died, she went to live with Caroline and died while there.
Dear Brother and Sister,
I am writing this to tell you the sad news that Mother has left us. She passed away on the morning of Sept. 30th at twenty minutes after 8. She was conscious till the last. She knew she could not live, but she had no fear and she was anxious to go and amidst all the pain and suffering she was so happy with the thought of going.
We buried her yesterday. Oct 2nd at Long Branch Cemetery. She looked so nice in her coffin, with a smile on her face. We shall miss her so much but we know she is so much better off.
It was beautiful the way she talked to those that came in to see her. Asked them to meet her over there. We cannot grieve as those who have no hope. Because we know if we are faithful, we shall all meet again over there and I don't think it will be long at the longest. The years fly by so swiftly. What a glorious meeting with all our loved ones again, just waiting for us over there. Not a doubt or a fear, but with a longing to go home.
She suffered so dreadful, the last week. She had hardening of the liver and doctor said she had a cancer, but that was not very bad yet, it was the liver enlarged and hardened that caused her death.
We never told her she had a cancer. The doctor told us not too, as it would do no good and perhaps make her feel worse. But you may guess how she suffered with that liver pressing on everything. She suffered so with her breathing.
We could not wish her back to suffer so. And the dear Lord knows what is best for us all. So we must submit to His will. I hope when my time comes to go, I will be as happy and ready to go as she was.
What do you think of their calling all these men in the draft? My boy is in that and I suppose will have to go. Lizzie's oldest boy is in France, and another is expecting to go anytime now. Isn't it sad, but the Lord will not give us burdens more than we can bear, so faith can safely trust Him come what may.
So now I must say good bye for this time with love from us all.
From you Loving Sister. Carrie
Mother died at our home, Lizzie and I both took care of her during her last sickness. We done everything we could for her. She had everything she wanted, and we got anything she could eat for her, but she could not eat anything the last day or two.

More About Elizabeth Louise Vine:
Burial: Oct 02, 1918, Long Branch, Pierce Co., WA65
Record Change: Mar 21, 200465
Children of Henry Scott and Elizabeth Vine are:
  i.   Jr. Henry George Scott, Jr., born May 09, 1864; died Bef. 1931; married Ellen Louise Collins; died 194065.
  Notes for Jr. Henry George Scott, Jr.:

He remained in England when the rest of the family immigrated to America.

  More About Jr. Henry George Scott, Jr.:
Record Change: Feb 09, 200465

  More About Ellen Louise Collins:
Record Change: Jan 16, 200465

  ii.   Elizabeth Louise Vine Scott65, born Nov 10, 1865; died Jul 18, 1960; married SR Henry Robert Curl Nov 12, 1889 in Hennepin Co, MN65; born May 22, 1856 in England65; died Mar 14, 194865.
  Notes for Elizabeth Louise Vine Scott:

BIOGRAPHY: Elizabeth Louise Vine Scott was born 10 Nov 1865, inPokesdown, Dorset, England. She was the daughter of Henry George and Elizabeth Louise [Vine] Scott.
Lizzie and her sister Caroline started the first Sunday school in Longbranch, Washington. Lizzie started teaching shortly after 1900, and taught until the church slid and wasn't safe anymore. Her great niece, Marjorie Otto Hall, was one of her students.

A well known resident of Longbranch, Mrs. Henry Curl, celebrated her 82nd birthday on November 10th, entertaining her family at dinner. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Curl and daughter Marguerite and son Lawrence. Mr. and Mrs. William Reeves were afternoon callers, and her three nieces, Mrs. Ogle Ing of Cosmopolis; Mrs. Bill Otto and Mrs John Schultz, of Longbranch, joined the afternoon party, bringing gifts and good wishes. Then on Wednesday, November 12th, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Curl celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary, having dinner quests Mr. and Mrs. John Krause and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Krause. All who know Mrs. Curl wish her many happy returns of her birthday and also wedding anniversary.
FROM THE PENINSULA GATEWAY; JUNE 13, 1947: Mrs. Agnes Nash, of Minneapolis, sister of Grandma Curl, is visiting at the Curl Home.

Mrs. Henry [Elizabeth Louisa] Curl, 94 died at her Longbranch home, Mon. She was born in Pokesdown, England, and had lived in Longbranch, since 1889.
She was a member of the Longbranch Community Church, a charter member of the Long Branch Ladies Aid and she founded the Longbranch Sunday School.
Surviving are two son, both of Longbranch, Fred and Henry; a sister, Mrs Agnes Nash of Robbinsdale, Minn. Two grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
Services will be held at 2 p.m. Friday at the Longbranch Community Church, with the Rev. R. D. Decker officiating. Burial will follow in the Longbranch Cemetery under the direction of the Perkins Funeral Home of Gig Harbor.

  More About Elizabeth Louise Vine Scott:
Burial: Unknown, Long Branch, Pierce Co., WA65
Record Change: Aug 21, 200465

  Notes for SR Henry Robert Curl:

Mr. Henry Curl Sr. passed away at his home Saturday night, March 13th. Seven weeks ago he had a severe heart attack from which he did not rally. Surviving him are his wife, Elizabeth, and two sons, Fred and Harry. Mr. Curl was a native of England. One of seven boys and two girls. He is the last one of that family to go at the age of 92 years. He has been a resident of Longbranch for 49 years. Another one of our fine pioneers who will be missed from our community. Mr. Marvin Curl and family of Olympia spent Sunday in Longbranch visiting relatives.

  More About SR Henry Robert Curl:
Record Change: Aug 21, 200465

  iii.   Caroline Scott65, born Jan 19, 1869; died Nov 21, 1932; married George Curl Dec 21, 1921 in Tacoma, WA65; born Jan 18, 1864 in England65; died Oct 02, 1941 in Long Branch, Pierce Co., WA65.
  Notes for Caroline Scott:

BIOGRAPHY: Caroline was the daughter of Henry George and Elizabeth Louise[Vine] Scott. She was born 19 Jan 1869, in England

HEALTH: She died from a heart attack.

CHURCH: She was affiliated with the Congregational Church.

Mrs. Agnes Nash, of Minneapolis, sister of Grandma Curl, is visiting at the Curl home.

DEATH: OBITUARY FOR Caroline Scott Curl:
Funeral services were held on Wednesday afternoon for Mrs. Caroline Curl, a pioneer resident of Longbranch. Mrs. Curl, wife of George Curl, died Monday night at the family home at the age of 63.
Funeral arrangements were made by F.M. Perkins.

  More About Caroline Scott:
Burial: Unknown, Long Branch, Pierce Co., WA65
Record Change: Aug 22, 200465

  Notes for George Curl:

OCCUPATION: He was a Fisherman, a Truck Driver and a Farmer.

DEATH: His death was caused by a stroke.

  More About George Curl:
Record Change: Aug 22, 200465

  iv.   Thomas Scott65, born Jul 22, 187065; died Abt. 1870.
  More About Thomas Scott:
Record Change: Feb 03, 200465

  12 v.   Sr. Thomas Henry Scott, born Sep 29, 1871 in South Hampton, Hampshire, England; died Nov 06, 1950 in Greenwood Township, Hennepin County, Minnesota; married Mary Harriet Prestidge Oct 04, 1897 in Rockford, Minnesota.
  vi.   William Charles Scott65, born May 04, 1873; died Mar 26, 1941; married (1) Velma Lee Johnson; born Sep 16, 1879 in Big Lake, MN65; died May 22, 1929 in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN65; married (2) Nora Cassie Woodward May 31, 1930 in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN65; born May 26, 1876 in Sweden65; died Aug 09, 1969 in Coon Rapids, MN65.
  Notes for William Charles Scott:

Big Lake friends will be interested to learn of the marriage in Minneapolis Saturday of W. C. Scott and Mrs. Nora Woodward, both former Big Lake residents and well known here. Mr. and Mrs. Scott will make their home in the city.

NEWSPAPER: **THE BIG LAKE MIRROR: Fri. March 31, 1899;
There will be a Salvation Army meeting every night this week, conducted by Ensign Scott and wife, and Miss Scott of Minneapolis. All are cordially invited to attend.
**THE BIG LAKE MIRROR: April 8, 1899:
The Salvation Army closed their meetings Monday evening. There has been a very good attendance at every meeting, and much interest manifested. Sunday morning thirty persons were taken into the M.E. Church on probation.
Mrs. Sigvart Johnson was called to Robbinsdale last Sat. To the bedside of her son-in-law, Captain Scott who is seriously ill. [pneumonia].
**THE BIG LAKE WAVE: July 22, 1910:
Union Congregational Church lists WM C. Scott as Pastor.
**THE BIG LAKE WAVE: Sept. 30, 1910:
W.C. Scott returned Tuesday from Minneapolis, where he has been made a full fledged minister, Congratulations.
**THE BIG LAKE WAVE: March 3, 1911:
Miss Cora Scott entertained a party of little girl friends Monday afternoon at a candy pull at her home.
**SHERBURNE COUNTY STAR NEWS: Thursday Jan 2, 1941:
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scott of Rockford called on his brother W.C. Scott who is ill, at his home here, last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Martin of Minneapolis called on the latter's father, Rev. Scott and Mrs. Scott on Sunday. Rev. Scott is seriously ill at his home here.
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Woodward, of Bemidji, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Scott. They are en route to St. Paul, where they will spend the winter.

Rev. Wm. C. Scott, aged 68 passed away at his home early Wednesday morning after an illness of several months duration. He was born at Southborne, England, and came to America when a young man, Deceased is survived by his wife, Mrs. Nora Woodward Scott, one daughter, Mrs. Edgar Martin and one son, Willard C. Scott, both of Minneapolis; one step-son, D.F. Woodward, of Bemidji. Funeral services will be held at Big Lake, on Saturday at 2:30 p.m., and interment will be in the big Lake cemetery.
The funeral services for Rev. Wm. C. Scott, beloved pastor of Big Lake Union church, were held Saturday afternoon at the church, and were largely attended, Rev. J. R. Sutter, Rev. Peter Waller, Rev. Harold Leppke officiated at the services. Carl Weigren sang two solos. Rev and Mrs. Waller sang two duets, and Miss Kellar at the piano, played the funeral music. The church was banked with palms and beautiful floral sprays and baskets of spring flowers, which bespoke the love and esteem held for the departed.
At the age of 67 years and some months, Rev. Scott has crossed the Great Divide, and the town and entire community deeply mourn his passing. His death is a real loss to this vicinity, and his memory will be honored in the years to come. He was a man of kindly heart, a staunch advocate of what was of value; to all who knew Mr. Scott intimately had for him the greatest admiration, a splendid Christian man, a loyal citizen and a most sincere friend. He had that English integrity, honesty and dependability. He did much for this community, aside from his church duties. He was loved by all. We pay tribute to a good neighbor who was a friend to all.
William Charles Scott was born at Southborne, England, May 4, 1873, the son of Henry and Louise Scott. He came to America at the age of 14 years, coming to Minneapolis from New York at the age of 17, he was made captain of the Salvation Army in Minneapolis, the youngest captain known in the Army. He had charge of the Army Barracks at Big Lake in the early days, later becoming pastor of the Union church. He was a resident of Minneapolis for may years, returning here over 10 years ago, he spent nearly a year in traveling.
Mr. Scott was married to Velma Lee Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sigvart Johnson, of Big Lake, on January 2, 1898, at Austin. Their marriage was blessed with two daughters and one son. Mrs. Scott died May 22, 1929, and a few months later his youngest daughter, Mildred [Mrs. Gilbert] died. Mr. Scott, in May 1930 married Nora C. Woodward, of Big Lake. Those who survive are his wife, Nora Woodward Scott, one daughter, Mrs. Cora Martin, one son, Willard Scott, both of Minneapolis, one step-son, David Woodward, three grandchildren, Lovena Martin, Jean Gilbert, and Gerald Scott, and five step grandchildren, and he also leaves one brother, Tom Scott, of Rockford, Minn., and three sisters, Mrs. Harry Curl, of Long Branch, Wash., Mrs. Geo. Nash and Mrs. Chas. Prestidge, of Robbinsdale, also many nieces and nephews, and a host of friends.
Interment was in Big Lake Cemetery. Sincere sympathy of the entire community is extended the bereaved family.

  More About William Charles Scott:
Burial: Mar 29, 1941, Big Lake Cemetery, MN65
Record Change: May 07, 200465

  Notes for Nora Cassie Woodward:

Nora Cassie Scott was born in Sweden, May 26,, 1876. When she was five years old the family came to the United States and settled in Albert Lea. After living there for several years, they moved to Glennville, Minn., where they lived until her marriage to William Woodard of Northwood, Iowa. Two sons, David Francis and Ralph Everest were born to them at Northwood. In 1910 the family moved to Big Lake, which has been her home since.
Mr Woodward passed away on July 27, 1925. She was married to Rev. William Scott of Minneapolis on May 31, 1930. Mr. Scott passed away in 1941. She was also preceded in death by her two sons.
Grandma Scott, as she was known to all, passed away August 9, 1969 at Mercy hospital, Coon Rapids, at the age of 93. Funeral services were held at the Assembly of God Church in Monticello with the Rev. Wesley Glennen officiating. Mrs. Canton Gullings, was the organist

  More About Nora Cassie Woodward:
Burial: Unknown, Mercy Hospital, Coon Rapids, MN65
Record Change: Feb 23, 200465

  Marriage Notes for William Scott and Nora Woodward:

Married in Minneapolis. Big Lake friends will be interested to learn of the marriage in Minneapolis Saturday, of W.C. Scott and Mrs. Nora Woodward, both former Big Lake residents, and well known here. Mr. and Mrs. Scott will make their home in the city.

  vii.   Agnes Scott65, born Oct 10, 1881; died 197565; married Sr. George S. Nash; born 187365; died 194665.
  Notes for Agnes Scott:

BIOGRAPHY: Agnes Scott was born in England, 10 Oct. 1881. She was thedaughter of Henry George and Elizabeth Louise [Vine] Scott.

One of the oldest churches in Robbinsdale was the Robbinsdale Baptist Church located at 4010 Hubbard Avenue. After having held services on Easter Sunday, 1922, at the original location, the Reverend George White, pastor dedicated the new wooden structure at 39th and Hubbard. One lot for the church was donated by Mrs. George Nash St. and another purchased from Joseph Morse, a Robbinsdale lawyer. Charter members were Mr. and Mrs. George S. Nash, George Jr. and Evelyn: Louisa Prestidge among others.
Mrs Agnes Nash, of Minneapolis, sister of Grandma Curl, is visiting at the Curl Home.

  More About Agnes Scott:
Burial: Unknown, Mound Cemetery, Brooklyn Center, MN65
Record Change: Jan 03, 200465

  Notes for Sr. George S. Nash:

BIOGRAPHY: The Robbinsdale park progress advertises George Nash's tin andsheet metal work [among other ads].
In 1908 George Nash helped to form a relief association, for the fire department. He along with several others wrote the articles of incorporation. The purpose of the relief association was to give aid to disabled firemen, to defray funeral expenses and pay pensions to firemen who serve the required number of years. George was fire chief for many years.
George Nash was also owner of Nash Hardware. He had weather flags above the store. Nash would telephone to the Minneapolis Weather Bureau to find out the weather predictions and signal this with various colored flags.
In 1931 many homes in Robbinsdale were connecting to the sewer system. At that time the only public place for which a sewer connection permit had been issued, was the Sacred Heart School. George Nash was hired to do the work on that sewer connection.

George S. Nash is Fire Chief of Robbinsdale.
When he is angry does George Nash his teeth?
George S. Nash has been appointed Justice of the Peace to fill the term of Charles Naagle who moved to the city.

  More About Sr. George S. Nash:
Burial: Unknown, Mound Cemetery, Brooklyn Center, MN65
Record Change: Jan 06, 200465

  viii.   Alice Martha Scott65, born Jan 19, 1884 in England65; died Mar 20, 1907 in Robbinsdale, Hennepin County, Minnesota.
  Notes for Alice Martha Scott:

BIOGRAPHY: Alice Martha Scott was the daughter of Henry George andElizabeth Louise Vine Scott. She was born 19 Jan 1884 in England.
Julia [Prestidge MacDonald remembers Alice coming to their home and combing the hair of Julia and her sister Louise "to make it pretty."

DEATH: She died suddenly of Spinal Meningitis. She was engaged to be married, at the time of her death.
Her niece Julia [Prestidge] MacDonald remembers being left with the neighbors during the funeral and standing in the yard watching as the funeral wagons went by.

  More About Alice Martha Scott:
Burial: Unknown, Mound Cemetery, Brooklyn Center, MN65
Record Change: Nov 13, 200265

  ix.   Harriet Scott65, born Jul 13, 188765; died Unknown.
  More About Harriet Scott:
Record Change: Nov 12, 200265

  x.   Louisa Scott65, born Jul 11, 1874 in Bournemouth, England65; died Jun 08, 1957 in Robbinsdale, Hennepin Co, Minnesota65; married Charles Henry Prestidge Nov 23, 189765; born Feb 28, 1870 in Rockford, Wright Co, Minnesota65; died Jul 26, 1932 in Robbinsdale, Hennepin Co, Minnesota65.
  Notes for Louisa Scott:

Louisa Scott was born at Bournemouth England, 11 Jul 1874. She was the daughter of Henry and Louise [Vine] Scott. She immigrated to the America, with her family at the age of fourteen. She had a new hat for the occasion, as she stood on he boat, waving goodby, a strong gust of wind blew it from her head, into the ocean. She felt so badly, she never forgot it, and has passed the story on to her children, and grandchildren.
Nola Mills [a niece of Louise's husband Charles Prestidge] remembers Louise whistling a silent whistle through her teeth, as she peeled potatoes at her daughter Julia's hotel in Robbinsdale. She always listened to the radio, as she worked. She listened to KSTP, but could never keep the call letters straight and called it KPTS or whatever other combination of letters popped into her head.
I remember her always having greeting cards for me to glue into scrapbooks when I visited her. I remember being alone with her at her home quite often. My father was ill at the time and when he had to see the Dr. in Minneapolis, our neighbor [George Dupont from Dupont Furniture in North Minneapolis] would give him and my mother a ride into town, from Rockford. They would drop me off at the hotel. I remember chasing her Grandson Jimmy MacDonald through the basement of the hotel and getting lost. I opened a wrong door trying to find the steps, standing inside the room was one man in an army uniform and another completely naked. It was my first sex education class. At least the first time I had seen a naked man.
Lillian [Scott] Snodgrass [Louise's niece] remembers the time that Aunt Lou who couldn't or at least didn't sew, bought a sewing machine from a door to door salesman. She paid sixty dollars for it. Her husband Charlie was UPSET. Louisa cried and threatened to go to Washington to be with her sisters, if he didn't let her keep it. She kept it.

One of the oldest churches in Robbinsdale was the Robbinsdale Baptist Church located at 4010 Hubbard Avenue. After having held services on Easter Sunday, 1922, at the original location,, the Reverend George White, pastor dedicated the new wooden structure at 39th and Hubbard. One lot for the church was donated by Mrs. George Nash St. and another purchased from Joseph Morse, a Robbinsdale lawyer. Charter members were Mr. and Mrs. George S. Nash, George Jr. and Evelyn: Louisa Prestidge among others.
80th BIRTHDAY--Mrs. Louisa Prestidge, a resident of this community for almost 70 years, was honored on her 80th birthday on Sunday, July 11 with a party at the Elwood Hotel in Robbinsdale. She came to Robbinsdale from England in 1885, married Charles Prestidge in 1898 and has been a resident here since. Since her husband's death, she has made her home with her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. A,J, MacDonald, proprietors of the hotel, located at 4088 Hubbard Ave. N. in Robbinsdale. She has four daughters - Mrs. Julia MacDonald of Robbinsdale, Mrs. Louisa Timmons, Mrs. Alice Robbins and Mrs. Clarissa Carriveau, plus a son, Henry all of Minneapolis. About 100 relatives and friends helped her mark her birthday.

Funeral services for Louisa Prestidge of 4088 Hubbard Ave. N. were held Friday, Jan. 11, at the Gearty-Davis Funeral Chapel. The Rev. Paul Halk, interim pastor of the Robbinsdale Baptist Church officiated at the services at 1:30 P.M.
Mrs. Prestidge was the mother of Mrs. Allen MacDonald, with whom she recently stayed. The MacDonalds own the hotel on 39th and Hubbard Ave. Born in England, she came to this community 63 years ago. She died Tuesday Jan 8 at the age of 82 years.
Survivors include her daughters, Mrs. D. Harris [Louise] Timmons of Minneapolis, Mrs. Allen [Julia] MacDonald Robbinsdale, Mrs. Wayne [Alice] Robbins and Mrs. James [Clarissa] Corriveau both of Minneapolis; one son Henry of Anoka: 13 grandchildren; 17 great grandchildren; two sisters, Mrs. George Nash and Mrs. Elizabeth Curl.
Interment was in Mound Cemetery, Brooklyn Park, MN.

  More About Louisa Scott:
Burial: Unknown, Mound Cemetery, Brooklyn Center, MN65
Record Change: Aug 19, 200465

  Notes for Charles Henry Prestidge:

BIOGRAPHY: Charles Henry Prestidge was born 28 Jan. 1870 at Rockford,Minnesota. He was the son of Thomas and Margaret [Holliday] Prestidge.
Charles became ill at the time of his father's death in 1913, and was never healthy after that time.
The children of Thomas and Hattie [Prestidge Scott always enjoyed their Uncle Charlie, and his family. [They were double cousins] Charles and Louisa and Thomas and Hattie had children the same ages in both families. Every July fourth, Charlie and family would go to Rockford to visit. Some of the time they would borrow a wagon for the trip.

OCCUPATION: He was a farmer and a cement worker, working for William Bossert.

MARRIAGE: Charles Prestidge formerly of Rockford, but now living near Robbinsdale, was married last Thursday to Miss Cora Scott. [he actually married Louisa Scott. News reporting was no more accurate in 1897 then it is today. They have Charles marred to the wrong Scott sister.\

HEALTH: Charles died of lung disease from work in the cement factory. He also never fully recovered after a bout with typhoid at the time of his father's death.

Chas Prestidge of Robbinsdale, who came up a week ago to see his father was taken suddenly ill with pneumonia, at the home of his sister, Mrs. Foust.
**Robbinsdale Tell-it Sept. 1, 1911:
Thomas Prestidge of Rockford visited his son Charles several days this week.
Frank Prestidge and Miss Lundell of Cambridge spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Prestidge.

The funeral of Charles Prestidge of Robbinsdale, but formerly of Rockford, was held at Robbinsdale, Friday afternoon. Relatives from Rockford attending the services were; Mrs. Wm. Foust and the Misses Celesta and Nola Foust, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Cowden, Mr. and Mrs. Hans Nielsen and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Sook.
C.H. Prestidge gone to Reward: Funeral Services will be held here tomorrow afternoon.
Charles Henry Prestidge highly respected resident of this community for many years died Tuesday morning at his home at 3827 Lee Avenue, after a long illness, the last seven years of which he has been practically confined to the house.
The funeral will be held Friday afternoon at the A.W. Larson Funeral Chapel and the interment will be in the Mound Cemetery, Brooklyn Center. Mrs. H.A. Morse and Mrs. William Gates will sing accompanied by Mrs. William A. Johnston. The Rev. M. Claude Durnam, of the Emmaus Church will be in charge.
Charles H. Prestidge was born in Rockford, this state, Jan 27, 1870, the son of Thomas and Margaret [Holiday] Prestidge, natives of England. He was reared in his native community and came to Robbinsdale some thirty-five years ago. For awhile he farmed on the Rockford Road, and for many years was employed as a cement worker by William Bossert.
He was married on Nov. 28, 1898 to Louisa Scott, who survives him. There are four daughters and one son: Louise [Mrs. Harris Timmons], of Minneapolis; Alice [Mrs. Wayne Robbins] of Minneapolis; Julia [who with her husband, Allan MacDonald lives at the Prestidge home]: Clarissa [Mrs. James Corriveau]. Of Fargo; and Henry, [Proprietor of Happy's Hamburger, Robbinsdale].
There are also eight sisters and six brothers who are widely scattered.
Mr. Prestidge was a quiet man who took his greatest contentment with his own family circle. He was a patient sufferer, always cheery, and he will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

  More About Charles Henry Prestidge:
Burial: Unknown, Mound Cemetery, Brooklyn Center, MN65
Record Change: Aug 19, 200465

  Marriage Notes for Louisa Scott and Charles Prestidge:

ROBBINSDALE THEN AND NOW: Charles Prestidge formerly of Rockford, but nowliving near Robbinsdale, was married last Thursday to Miss Cora Scott. [He actually married Louisa Scott. News reporting was no more accurate in 1897 then it is today. They have Charles married to the wrong Scott.] .

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