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Ancestors of Kerry W. Holloway

Generation No. 7

       64. Gideon Holloway, died 1838-1844 in Charlestown, RI. He was the son of 128. Joseph Holloway and 129. Elizabeth. He married 65. Dorcas Card November 22, 1787 in Charlestown, RI.
       65. Dorcas Card, born Abt. 1762 in Charlestown, RI. She was the daughter of 130. John Card and 131. Dorcas Potter.

Notes for Gideon Holloway:
Charlestown records show married by Elder Charles Boss Nov 22, 1787

       Children of Gideon Holloway and Dorcas Card are:

  i.   Dorcas Holloway, married (1) Holloway 1838; married (2) Acus Card Tucker 1846 in Charlestown, RI.

  Notes for Dorcas Holloway:
moved to Franklin, ( ) state unknown ( most likely CT )
Notes for Acus Card Tucker:
Moved with Dorcas to Windham, CT

  ii.   Gideon Holloway, born in Charlestown, RI.

  Notes for Gideon Holloway:
married by Elder Charles Boss

  iii.   Mary Holloway, married Martin Carter March 27, 1846.

  Notes for Mary Holloway:
moved to Windham, CT

  iv.   Rebecca E. Holloway, married William E. Beckwith March 27, 1846 in Charlestown, RI.

  Notes for Rebecca E. Holloway:
Lived in New London,CT moved from RI 27mar1846

Notes for William E. Beckwith:
Moved to New London, CT

  32 v.   Joseph Porter Holloway, born Abt. 1790 in South Kingston, RI; died November 24, 1873 in Groton, CT; married Esther Lamb November 28, 1824 in Preston, CT.

  vi.   John Holloway, born 1792 in Charlestown, RI; died February 06, 1876 in Exeter, RI; married Martha Sweet Briggs.

  Notes for John Holloway:
Farmer , children born 1814-1822

  vii.   Isaiah W. Holloway, born 1793; died December 05, 1868; married Nancy Bentley May 21, 1817.

  Notes for Isaiah W. Holloway:
Listed in Mystic Seaport Library as a ships master or captain. Appears that he worked with his brother JOSEPH P. HOLLOWAY on the ships. In 1820 census listed as having 1 male 16-26, 2 females 16-26 and 1 person engaged in agriculture.

       66. Aaron Lamb, born January 18, 1773 in GROTON, CONNECTICUT; died May 08, 1849. He was the son of 132. Timothy Lamb and 133. Mary Holdridge. He married 67. Sibel Baker.
       67. Sibel Baker, born February 16, 1776; died November 17, 1854.

       Children of Aaron Lamb and Sibel Baker are:

  33 i.   Esther Lamb, born Abt. 1799 in Ledyard, CT; died January 05, 1844 in Groton, CT; married Joseph Porter Holloway November 28, 1824 in Preston, CT.

  ii.   Amanda Lamb, born February 1797; married William Holdridge September 22, 1816.

  iii.   Elisha Lamb, born December 04, 1890; married Sally C. Chapel.

  iv.   Betsey Lamb, born September 12, 1803; married Reuben Heath.

  v.   Abigail Lamb, born July 01, 1805 in Groton, CT.

  vi.   Avery Lamb, born May 06, 1807; died May 12, 1890; married Charlotte Chapel May 27, 1832.

  vii.   Lyman Lamb, born March 22, 1811; married Drusilla Madden November 11, 1832.

  viii.   Louisa Lamb, born April 12, 1813; married William S. Noyes November 06, 1830.

  ix.   Raymond Lamb, born April 29, 1813; died September 08, 1888; married Lydia Ann Rogers May 24, 1835.

  x.   Henry A. Lamb, born March 04, 1816.

  xi.   Emily Lamb, born April 20, 1818.

  xii.   Alfred Lamb, born May 12, 1820.
       96. David Perry, born in Hebron, CT. He was the son of 192. David Perry and 193. Hannah Sherwin. He married 97. Polly Calvin December 1802.
       97. Polly Calvin.

Notes for David Perry:
From Elwell Perry's "Perry-Long Genealogy" Polly's last name possibly Colvin

Notes for Polly Calvin:
Possibly spelled Colvin.

       Children of David Perry and Polly Calvin are:

  i.   Thomas Perry, born December 27, 1803; married Abigail Griffing March 12, 1826 in Hebron, CT.

  Marriage Notes for Thomas Perry and Abigail Griffing:
Married by Rev. Peter Griffing

  ii.   Nancy Perry, born December 03, 1806; married William Ellis 1821.

  iii.   David Perry, born March 03, 1808; married Eunice A. Coats January 15, 1834 in Hebron, CT.

  Marriage Notes for David Perry and Eunice Coats:
Married by Rev. Leonard Griffing Hebron Vital Records

  48 iv.   Judson Perry, born April 03, 1809 in Hebron, CT; died April 04, 1856 in Montville, CT; married Aurelia Fidelia Coates March 23, 1831 in Hebron, CT.
       98. Nathan Palmer Coates, born in Stonington, CT. He was the son of 196. John P. Coates and 197. Zipporah Palmer. He married 99. Betsy Smith.
       99. Betsy Smith, born in Montville, CT. She was the daughter of 198. John Smith and 199. Lydia Ames.

       Children of Nathan Coates and Betsy Smith are:

  49 i.   Aurelia Fidelia Coates, born September 05, 1808; died November 03, 1875; married Judson Perry March 23, 1831 in Hebron, CT.

  ii.   Nathan Ellsworth Coates.
       102. Perez Hewitt, born April 29, 1770 in North Stonington, CT; died July 13, 1857 in Quaker Hill, Connecticut. He was the son of 204. Charles Hewitt and 205. Hannah Stanton. He married 103. Nancy Williams February 12, 1797.
       103. Nancy Williams, born September 13, 1779; died March 31, 1849. She was the daughter of 206. George Williams and 207. Nancy Hewitt.

Notes for Perez Hewitt:
Became a resident of Waterford, CT about 1831, engaged in farming.

Notes for Nancy Williams:
Of Waterford, CT

       Children of Perez Hewitt and Nancy Williams are:

  51 i.   Eunice Hewitt, married Austin Hewitt.

  ii.   Perez Hewitt, born February 24, 1798; married Abby S. Crandall.

  iii.   Mary Hewitt.

  iv.   Cynthia Hewitt.

  v.   Hannah Hewitt.

  vi.   Henry Hewitt.

  vii.   George Williams Hewitt, born May 26, 1811 in North Stonington, CT; died February 19, 1895 in Norwich, CT; married Louisa Brown October 1841.

  viii.   Charles Hewitt.

  ix.   Nancy Hewitt.
       112. Azel Rogers, born July 27, 1765 in Montville, CT; died August 17, 1841 in Montville, CT. He was the son of 224. Thomas Rogers and 225. Sarah Fitch. He married 113. Sarah Baker January 31, 1789.
       113. Sarah Baker, born February 24, 1769 in Montville, CT; died August 19, 1841 in Montville, CT. She was the daughter of 226. Joshua Baker and 227. Abigail Bliss.

Notes for Azel Rogers:
He Settled in Montville. Was a farmer and Blacksmith. The farm on which he lived and died was the homestead* of his father and is now owned and occupied by his grandson Stephen C. Parker and is about one mile east of the Montville Center Congregational Church. He held the office of Town Clerk and Selectman for several years. Both were buried in the family burying lot on the farm. From History of Montville by Henry Baker

*This house burned about 1905 and was rebuilt. Is now owned and occupied by Mr. Moran.

He and his wife were buried in the family burying lot on the farm where he lived, which was the homestead of his father, and is now owned and occupied by his grandson, S. C. Parker. From James Rogers and his Descendants.

       Children of Azel Rogers and Sarah Baker are:

  i.   Joshua Rogers, born July 26, 1790 in Montville, CT; married Maria Church.

  56 ii.   Azel Fitch Rogers, born December 18, 1791 in Montville, CT; died January 24, 1869 in Montville, CT; married Elinor Fox October 18, 1821.

  iii.   Abby Baker Rogers, born July 07, 1794 in Montville, CT; died June 04, 1869; married Stephen Congdon December 25, 1814.

  Notes for Stephen Congdon:
Married, settled in Waterford, then removed to Montville.

  iv.   Sarah Ann Rogers, born November 22, 1803 in Montville, CT; married James Parker January 26, 1825.

  Notes for James Parker:
He was a farmer and cooper.

  v.   Caleb Baker Rogers, born June 25, 1806; married (1) Harriet S. Webb; married (2) Iduella T. R. Gardner; married (3) Eleanora H. Krebs.

  vi.   Frederick William Haughton Rogers, born June 13, 1813; married Abby Ann Gardner.
       114. Daniel Fox, born July 19, 1766; died May 09, 1820 in Montville, CT. He was the son of 228. Elisha Fox and 229. Anna Fitch. He married 115. Lucy Angel December 30, 1792.
       115. Lucy Angel, died September 18, 1843 in Vicksburg, MS. She was the daughter of 230. James Angel.

Notes for Daniel Fox:
He lived on the farm occupied by his father and grandfather. He was a farmer.

Notes for Lucy Angel:
After her husband died, she, with her sons and daughter, Amy removed to Mississippi about 1830, where they all married and settled.

       Children of Daniel Fox and Lucy Angel are:

  i.   James Angel Fox, born March 19, 1794.

  ii.   John Brown Fox, born May 26, 1797; married Sophia A. Gilbert.

  iii.   Amy Brown Fox, born December 26, 1799; married Edward Randolph.

  57 iv.   Elinor Fox, born February 16, 1802 in Montville, CT; died in Montville, CT; married Azel Fitch Rogers October 18, 1821.

  v.   Samuel Sherwood Fox, born April 25, 1805; married Elizabeth Brown.

  vi.   Elisha Fox, born April 17, 1810; married Lucy Moore.
       118. Nelson Worthy. He married 119. Elizabeth Bolles.
       119. Elizabeth Bolles.

       Child of Nelson Worthy and Elizabeth Bolles is:

  59 i.   Eliza James Worthy, married James Moore.
       122. ??? Smith. He married 123. ??? Gardiner.
       123. ??? Gardiner.

       Child of ??? Smith and ??? Gardiner is:

  61 i.   Sarah Gardener Smith, born November 02, 1804; died February 03, 1884; married Benjamin Jerome.
       124. Rufus Perkins. He was the son of 248. John Perkins and 249. Mary Sholes. He married 125. Polly Freeman.
       125. Polly Freeman, died 1847.

       Child of Rufus Perkins and Polly Freeman is:

  62 i.   Austin Freeman Perkins, married (1) Mary Moore Way; married (2) Louisa Wightman; married (3) Harriet Moore.
       126. Elisha Way.

Notes for Elisha Way:
Fought in Revolutionary War. Died aged 85 yrs.

       Child of Elisha Way is:

  63 i.   Mary Moore Way, born 1806; died 1852; married Austin Freeman Perkins.

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