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Descendants & Ancestors of JOHN P. Hopper

25. WILLIAM RILEY HOPPER5 SR. (JOSHUA HOPPER4, WILLIAM DECON HOPPER3, DAVID HOPPER2 JR., DAVID HOPPER1 SR.) was born Abt. 1769 in Henry County, VA., and died 1855 in Russell County, Kentucky. He married HESTER STEVENS May 18, 1793 in Henry County, Virginia, daughter of WILLIAM STEVENS and ANN FOX. She was born 1774 in Henry Coounty, VA., and died 1825 in Adair County, Kentucky.

Notes for W
Russell Co, KY 1850 Census showed William living with his son, Sampson & Christina Hopper. His Daughter Lucy Ann was also living with them.
There Seems to be a question as to whether he is the son of Joshua and Lucy(Cotton) Hopper or Thomas and Mary(Mourning) Hopper.
Hopper Family history: Lewis & Marilyn Hopper Owens, Marion Hopper has a copy. William arrived in the present Russell, KY. to Adair Co. about 1807 as on October 2, 1807 he received a land grant of 75 acres in Adair, on Caney Fork of Wolf Creek and would later receive patents on additional tracts of 50 and 100 acres all on Caney Fork, a branch of Wolf Creek.
On May 6, 1811 he was appointed the surveyor of a road in the room of John Dunbar.
This is the area Joseph and Joshua Hopper would settle, and where descendents would remain for over 100 years. Two sons, William Jr. and Sampson would live and have large families. While these two sons would become large land owners, William Sr. was satisfied with the original 255 acres as records indicate he owned this amount through 1850. Apparently Hester died about 1820-1830 and William continued life on the farm with his oldest child, Lucy Ann Hopper. In 1850 he and Lucy Ann were living with Sampson Hopper and in 1851 he sold the three tracts of land to Sampson. William Sr. apparently died about 1855 as he is last listed in Russell County Tax records in 1854.

Children of W
  i.   LUCY ANN6 HOPPER, b. 1794, Henry County, Virginia.
  Notes for LUCY ANN HOPPER:
Listed in the 1850 Russell County, Ky Census Lucy Ann age 56, living with her brother, Sampson and his wife Christina. Also listed was their Father, William age 82.

  ii.   OBIDIAH HOPPER, b. 1795.
Not proven to belong to William and Hester

  iii.   BETHENIA 'THENY' HOPPER, b. 1796; m. WILLIAM STEPHENS, July 27, 1811, Adair County,Kentucky; b. 1796.
  iv.   JOSEPH HOPPER, b. 1796, Nortgh Carolina; m. MARY HAMILTON.
70. v.   JANE HOPPER, b. 1798, North Carolina; d. September 07, 1876.
  vi.   ELLENDER HOPPER, b. January 22, 1803, Kentucky; d. July 11, 1881, Morgan County, Illinoids; m. THORTON SHEPHERD, May 26, 1823, Adair County, Kentucky.
Thorton Shepherd was a primitive Baptist preacher. The Shepherd Children began to think of homes for themselves in a location other than Adair, Russell or Casey Counties, Kentucky. Some of the older children had migrated to Illinois, so it was logical for the others to follow.

In the spring of 1832 they heard of two settlements NE of John Castelberry's place where there was
an abundance of both timber and water. The same year John Ruyle settled east of them.

71. vii.   MOURNING HOPPER, b. December 28, 1804, Henry County, Virginia; d. September 21, 1871, Macomb,McDonough County,Illinois.
72. viii.   JESSE HOPPER, b. 1805, North Carolina or Kentucky; d. 1835.
73. ix.   WILLIAM RILEY HOPPER, b. 1806, Nortgh Carolina; d. 1875, Russel County,Kentucky.
74. x.   SAMPSON HOPPER, b. 1809, Adair County, Kentucky; d. Russell County, Kentucky.

26. JOSHUA HOPPER5 JR. (JOSHUA HOPPER4 SR., WILLIAM DECON HOPPER3, DAVID HOPPER2 JR., DAVID HOPPER1 SR.) was born 1770 in Virginia, and died Abt. 1855 in Morgan County, Illinois. He married (1) MARGARET VARI 1794 in North Carolina, daughter of WILLIAM VARI and SUSANNAH SHEPPARD. She was born Abt. 1780, and died in Illinois. He married (2) SARAH SHEPHERD November 20, 1820, daughter of LEWIS SHEPHERD and ALLEY JOHNSON.

Notes for J
Joshua Hopper is first listed in Adair Co., Kentucky tax records in 1809, with no land. In 1810 he had two sons and a daughter, all under 10 years old. Joshua Hopper lived in the same area as William and Joseph Hopper, and in 1826 had tracts of 40, 50 and 200 acres of land on Alligator Fork of Wolf Creek. In March 1835, he sold the 40 acres and August 1835 the 50 acre tract. The family is not listed further in Adair Co. or Russell Co., Kentucky records.

In 1943, a granddaughter of Abel Hopper was living in Metcalf Co., Kentucky, and did not know why descendants of Joshua Hopper were spelling their name "Harper".

Source: Mariion Hopper<<>>

State: NC.
County: Rockingham
page #626
Census/Enumeratiion year: 1820
1850 census for Illnois, Green County
I. JOSHUA HOPP ER born in Virginia 1770 wed to Margaret born in VA1780

Taxable: Judd's District, Wilkes County
-1782, Thomas Hopper Jr., unmarried, James Sheppard unmarried, John Sheppard, John Sheppard, Sr., William Vairs1, 50
-1784, Thomas Hopper 1,100; James Sheppard Jr. 1,150; Robert Sheppard 1,300; James Sheppard, 3,210; John Sheppard Sr. 1,505; William Viars 1,50.
-1785, John Hopper 1; John Sheppard 645,1; James Sheppard Sr. 200, 3; William Viars 50,1.

Tax list, Wilckes County, NC
-1786, John Hopper 1; Robert Sheppard 250,1; John Sheppard, Jr. 2; James Jr., 100,2; John 645,1; James 210.1; William Viars 1.

1790, Federal Census, Judds District:
Thom Hopper 1110
Robert Sheppard 2170, Jno 1110, John 3140.
William Viars 1340.

-1795, Taxable, Judd's Dist, Wilkes Co. NC
Lewis Sheppard 100,1; James 1003,1; John Sr. 225; Robert 250,1; Stephen 90,1;
John Jr. 342,1; Wm Viars 250,1.

-1797, Taxable, Judd's Dist, Wilkes Co. NC
Lewis Sheppard 1,100; John Sr. 0,215; Robert 1484'; James 4; Stephen 1,90, Wm, Viars 1,210.
Children of J
75. i.   JOSHUA6 HOPPER, b. 1798, Kentucky; d. August 18, 1853, Athensville, Greene County, Illinois.
  ii.   SUSANNAH HOPPER, b. 1803, Adair County, Kentucky; m. URIAH DAVIS, August 31, 1824, Wayne Co., Kentucky; b. Abt. 1803.
There's a marriage permit written by Joshua Hopper;" this day I certify that I am willing that my daughter Susanner Hopper and married Davis should be marad and request the clerk of the court of Wayne to give them licens to be maried given under my hand Joseph Hopper. James Hall, Bond dated 31 Aug 1824.

76. iii.   CAVIL A. HOPPER, b. 1805, Cumberland,Casey County, Kentucky; d. 1895, Dora, Ozark County, Missouri.
77. iv.   RHODA HOPPER, b. 1808, Virginia.
  v.   THOMAS JOSEPH HOPPER, b. 1810, Adair County, Kentucky; d. 1850; m. REBECCA, 1830, Kentucky.
Not proven to be child of Joshua and Margaret.

  vi.   TINSELY HOPPER, b. 1812, Adair County, Kentucky; d. 1860, Kentucky.
  vii.   LUCY ANN HOPPER, b. 1815, Mairimony Creek, Rockingham County, North Carolina; m. DANIEL DUFFTY, November 03, 1834, Greene County, Illinois.
78. viii.   ABEL ALBERT HOPPER, b. 1817, Metcalf, Adair County, Kentucky; d. May 11, 1872, Metcalf, Adair County, Kentucky.
  ix.   FRANCIS M.6 HOPPER, b. 1844.

27. RHODA RODOCK5 HOPPER (JOSHUA HOPPER4 SR., WILLIAM DECON HOPPER3, DAVID HOPPER2 JR., DAVID HOPPER1 SR.) was born 1776 in VA orNC, and died in Warwick County, Indiana. She married WILLIAM STEPHENS JR. REV 1798 in Henry County, VA., son of WILLIAM STEPHENS and ANN FOX. He was born 1778 in Henry Coounty, VA., and died September 1853 in Russel Springs, Russell County, Kentucky.

Notes for W
They moved to Warwick Co., Ind and were parents to Joshiah, Joshua, Beachame, Jackson, Nathaniel, William, Thomas, Lucy, Rhoda, Lucinda, and Nancy Stevens.
If the ages are right, William would have been around 33 when the oldest child was born, not unusual, but men wed rather early than this. Perhaps the ages have been transposed in coping at some time. It is also noted that William must have been living in Henry Co. in 1790 when the youngest child was born, or his wife could have been visiting her mother.... This Information was contributed by A. Maxim Coppage, Editor Stephens Stevens, (even Steven), 1356 Elberry Dr. Concord, CA. 94521. Mr. Coppage is descended from another William Stephens and says that one or\ both of the Williams had the title Reverend.

****The following information was extracted from "The Early Families of the North Carolina Counties of Rockingham and Stokes, the Revolutionary Service, Volume II', It was the compiled and published by members of James Hunter Chapter, National Society, Daughters of American Revolution of Madison North Carolina, 1981, May order copies from Mrs. Lee McCollum, 307 Street, Madison, NC 27025.
Tradition indicates that in 1818, William Stephens Sr. sold to Joseph Hopper, 100 acres of land on Caney Fork of Wolf Creek, which he sold in 1845, while living in Adair County, KY. to William Hopper Jr., who was the son of William Hopper Sr.

Children of R
  i.   THOMAS6 STEPHENS, b. September 19, 1800, Virginsa; d. January 09, 1866; m. LISIATHA LIZON, 1840.
  ii.   JOSHUA STEPHENS SR., b. May 05, 1801, Virginia; d. January 24, 1864, Warwick County, Indianna; m. (1) MARY E. BRASHIER; m. (2) MARY ANN 'POLLY' BARROW, September 26, 1820, Adair County, Kentucky.
  iii.   WILLIAM STEPHENS, b. May 26, 1803, Virginia; d. December 02, 1860; m. CATHERINE GROSSER, July 23, 1824.
  iv.   LUCINDA STEPHENS, b. March 07, 1805, Virginia; d. December 27, 1874; m. JOHN FREEMAN, September 14, 1833.
  v.   BEACHAME STEPHENS, b. 1808, Kentucky; d. 1850.
  vi.   LUCY ANN STEPHENS, b. May 23, 1810, Kentucky; d. September 13, 1875; m. SMITH BOYD, August 30, 1837.
  vii.   NANCY STEPHENS, b. 1811, Kentucky; d. Bet. 1830 - 1905, Indiana; m. CALVIN FERNMAN, July 30, 1833.
  viii.   NATHANIEL STEPHENS, b. 1811, Kentucky; d. 1870; m. MARGARET RAY, 1839; b. 1815.
  ix.   JACKSON STEPHENS, b. 1814, Kentucky; d. 1865; m. SARAH EDWARDS, 1833.
  x.   JOSHIAH STEPHENS, b. March 07, 1816, Kentucky; d. 1881; m. SARAH WILSON, November 05, 1836.
  xi.   NANCY RHODA STEPHENS, b. 1817, Kentucky; m. WILLIAM STEPHENS; b. 1814.

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