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Descendants of William Horn

Generation No. 2

      2. William3 Horn (William2, Hypothetical1) was born Abt. 1713 in Nansemond Co., VA1, and died 1795 in Edgecombe County, NC. He married (1) Unknown Abt. 1735. He married (2) Ruth Unknown Aft. 1760.

Notes for William Horn:


Because a number of different persons named William Horn were present at this general time and place, it has been difficult to establish with any degree of confidence exactly which of the various records referred to the first son of William of Nansemond. The answer remains uncertain and controversial.

We may never be able to define with any degree of certainty the relationships of William, Jr., the son of William(1691-1759) of Nansemond. In his genealogically most excellent will, William of Nansemond appears to have named all of his children, including one who is deceased. The son named William has been thought by many who have studied this subject, e.g. the respected David Price, to be the William Horn who left the will of 15 March, 1795, proved at the May court, 1795, naming his wife, Ruth, and his daughters, to wit, Jemima (Glanden), Charity, Rachel, and Ruth. No sons were named in this William's will, although in the 1803 will of his wife, Ruth, there is a reference to a granddaughter named Polly Horn, raising the likelihood of a deceased son.

On the other hand, based in large part on an extensive and meticulous study of land records, it has been concluded by the impressive work of Edna Raiter that there was a William Horn, with three sons, John, James, and Elijah, who was the first son of William of Nansemond. Ray L Horn in his Book accepts the likelihood that such a William with the three sons is the son of Wm of Nansemond, . g. see p 144 and p 471 in his 1994 volume of "Horns, Hornes, and more Horn(e)s". Gwen Battle Horn also agrees there is a strong likelihood of the identity of these two Williams.\

I am strongly inclined to agree with several people who have studied this problem and concluded that it is possible, perhaps even very likely, that these two Williams are the same. That is, that it is very likely that (1) the William who married Ruth, had only daughters, and died in 1795 with an Edgecomb county Will, is (2) the same William whom, in an earlier phase of his life, fathered the sons John, Elijah, and James.

To my mind the one-William hypothesis is the best one currently available. In either case, I believe it is far more credible that the elusive parents of Elijah Horn(1740-1814) are William Horn, Jr and his first wife. Thus, at least until I change my mind, I am, in my genealogical charts, considering these two William Horns to be as one.

[Note added, 17 December, 2000: If the William(s) discussed above are two people, it may be that one of them is from the line of Richard of Northampton. See my website on this man and his descendants. Only two sons are known, but there may be a possibility that he also had a son named William. Furthermore, the possibility might be considered that the William with the daughters was a grandson of Richard of Northampton. Note the numerous other "Williams" named in the 1808 will of the William Horn with no children who was a grandson of RIchard of Northampton.]


Edna Raiter reports (p 29) the following: Wm Sr and Wm Jr had both received land grants on the south side of Conneho creek on 14 Feb 1729, land located then in Bertie co until the formation of Edgecombe in 1741. Later on the page she indicates that this land then became Halifax county, and in 1774 it became Martin county. Raiter then states, "William Sr remained on this farm until his death in 1754. William Jr. bough other tracts in Edgecombe co, sold his property in what was then Halifax county, and moved to Edgecombe where it is assumed that he lived out his life. Most of the Horn family lived in an area which now includes part of Rocky Mount and the land due south of that city."

On p 30 Raiter reports: "William Jr, b @1713; he bought his first land in 1739 on Conneho Creek in Central Bertie county; he bought more land there in 1745; sold this land and bought in Edgecombe county in 1760. He apparently lived the rest of his life on the latter tract although he bought and sold other land in the following years. There is no deed record after 1770 and no will or estate record for him." Raiter then names his three known sons, James, b 1736, John b @1739. and Elijah, b @1740-41. Note that the will of the William Horn who died in 1795 with wife Ruth and daughters is an Edgecomb county will.

The following abstract of Edgecomb County Deeds shows a James Horn and a John Horn witnessing a property sale by William Horn. In this document James and John are thought to represent the sons of William, Jr, while the witness Moses Horn is probably the brother of the seller.
" 483(116) WILLIAM HORN of Edge Co to JOHN CAIN of Edge Co 7 Feb 1749/50 35 pounds current money of Va 160 acres more or less on the south side of Conneho creek, joining BUXTON and the NS creek. Wit: MOSES HORN, THOMAS GARITT his mark, JAMES HORN, JOHN HORN I II his mark. Reg Edge Co May Ct 1750 B WYNNS CC. "

For transactions and commentary linking Elijah Horn to William Jr, see the Notes to Elijah Horn.

Children of William Horn and Unknown are:
  10 i.   James4 Horn, born Abt. 17362.
  Notes for James Horn:
Raiter states: James was referred to as "my son" in a deed of gift of land from William Jr on 29 June, 1757. Elijah and Charles Horn were witnesses: he sold this land on 22 Nov 1760: there is no other land purchase record; a James Horn d in 1783: his will named his wife, Elizabeth, as executor: revision to his children who were not named: no other record.

[*An abstract of the this deed (Edgecombe, 29 June 1757) which I have located differs slightly from the description of Raiter: Acc. to Stehen E. Bradley, Edgecombe Deeds, v 1, 1759-1768, the following is recorded: "64(100) William x Horn of Edgecomb County to his son James Horn. 29 June 1757. Deed of gift. 200 acres on the south side of Tar River. Wit: Jesse Green, William Gay, Elijah x Horn, Jun Ct 1760. Jms Hall CC." Comparison with the original is indicated.]

The following abstract of Edgecomb County Deeds shows a James Horn witnessing a property sale by William Horn. In this document James and John are thought likely to be the sons of William Jr.
" 483(116) WILLIAM HORN of Edge Co to JOHN CAIN of Edge Co 7 Feb 1749/50 35 pounds current money of Va 160 acres more or less on the south side of Conneho creek, joining BUXTON and the NS creek. Wit: MOSES HORN, THOMAS GARITT his mark, JAMES HORN, JOHN HORN I II his mark. Reg Edge Co May Ct 1750 B WYNNS CC. "

Is this the James Horn with the Edgecomb will of Aug 27, 1783, Wife & adm: Elizabeth, children not named. Published in Edgecomb Will Abstracts.?

  11 ii.   John Horn, born Abt. 17392.
  Notes for John Horn:
Raiter states: John was living in Halifax county on 8 June 1760, when his father sold him land in Halifax, which he, William Jr, had received as a land grant in 1745. no other record. The deed abstract follows:
"William Horne of Edgecombe Co. to John Horne of Halifax Co. 8 Jun 1760. 20 pounds proclamation money. 150 acres where John Horne now lives and which was patented to Wm Horn 4 Apr 1745, on north side of Coneho Creek "opposite John Wiggins land". William Horn(x) Wit: Jacob Watson, James Horne, Wm Gay. Dec Ct 1760. CC: Jos. Montfort"..

+ 12 iii.   Elijah Horn, Sr., born Abt. 1740 in Edgecombe Co, NC; died Abt. 1814 in Edgecombe Co, NC.
Children of William Horn and Ruth Unknown are:
  13 i.   Jemima4 Horn. She married Unknown Glanden.
  14 ii.   Charity Horn.
  15 iii.   Rachel Horn. She married Unknown Jones.
  16 iv.   Ruth Horn.
  17 v.   Patience Horn. She married Unknown Wood.
  18 vi.   Ann Horn.

      3. Henry3 Horn (William2, Hypothetical1) was born November 21, 1716 in Nansemond County, VA3, and died 1798 in Wayne, NC. He married (1) Ann Purcell 17373, daughter of Thomas Purcell and Elizabeth Unknown. She was born April 1, 1723, and died Aft. 1776. He married (2) Patience Aft. 1776. She died Aft. 1798.

Notes for Henry Horn:
The following short excerpt from a privately published source seems to be a credible synopsis.

"The Horne-Polk Family Connection in Southern Arkansas, by John S. Polk,
207 Belding Street, Hot Springs, Arkansas, 71901.

I. A Quaker, William Horn, of Nansemond Co, VA, was the father of Henry Horn,
b. 21 November, 1716.

II. Henry Horn, son of William, M/1 Ann Purcell in 1737. Residence was established in Edgecombe Co NC. Henry was a member of Rich Square monthly meeting of Quakers, Edgecombe Co. Children enumerated.

Henry's first wife, Ann died after 1776, and he M/2 Patience ___________, who died after 1798. Removing from Edgecomb Co about 1780, the family settled in Wayne Co, NC, where it is listed on the 1790 us census and where Henry died in 1798. etc."


Henry was born in 1716, probably in Nansemond County, Virginia or nearby North Carolina, where his father had obtained a grant of land by 1718. The family by 1730 had obtained property located at "the head of the branches of Ahoskey Pocoson", just south of Rich Square, the site of a Quaker meeting house. The family of Henry's wife, Ann Purcell, lived in Southampton County, VA, just west of Nansemond County.

Henry Horn, his wife Ann, and their children are frequently mentioned in the Quaker records of the Rich Square Monthly Meeting from 1761 to 1776, and in the Perquimans meeting from 1757 - 1759, consistent with their residing in the Ahoskie area, just south of Rich Square, during the early part of their lives.

[It originally appeared to me that Henry bought property in NC as early as 1730, when he was only 14 years old, based on this peculiar abstract of this Bertie deed [" C232(106) Henry Baker of Chowan Precinct to Henry (William) Horn (Horne). May 12, 1730. 30 pounds for 110 acres. On Ahoskey Pocoson, Adj John Gray. Land bought of William Faulk. Patent date Feb 1 1725. Wit: John Beverly, Henry Beverly."] In Feb 2000, I obtained a copy of the original of this deed and of the following deed, recording the sale of the same property in 1737 [E153(180) " Henry Horne to Thomas Horne July 6 1737. 20 pounds for 110 acres. On upper end of Ahoskey Pocoson adj. John Davison. Land bought of Henry Baker, and granted to William Faulk by patent for 110 acres. Feb 1 1725. Wit: Charles Horne, Michael Horne, Moses Horne. August Court 1737]. "

In the original of the peculiar 1730 Bertie deed above, the name Henry Horne is used multiple times as the purchaser. In only ONE location the name William Horne is clearly written in a context that suggests it may be an error by the scribe. The original of the deed recording the 1737 sale of clearly the same property by Henry Horne to Thomas Horne, contains no reference to a William Horne (see Bertie E153-180). Since Henry the Quaker was only 14 years old in 1730, it seems unlikely that he was buying this property. It nows seems more likely that the purchaser here is Henry Horne + Elizabeth, who d in 1761, probably the brother of William of Nansemond and Richard of Northampton.]]

Numerous property transactions are recorded in this Ahoskey area after 1741 involving "Henry Horn of Edgecomb County", but since both this Henry Horn and his presumed uncle, the Henry Horn who was married to Elizabeth Stephenson, both lived in this area prior to the older Henry's death in 1761, the particular Henry involved in a given transaction during this period is often not obvious.

A Henry Horn of Edgecomb County is recorded as having bought 250 acres on the north side of the Tar River in 1741, selling the same property, with his wife, Susana, a year later. The same couple bought 25 acres south of the Tar River in 1745. Initially I had no idea who this "Henry Horn and Susana" were, but the probability occurs to me that "Susana" may have been a familiar or alternative name for Ann Purcell, the wife of Henry the Quaker. I am aware of no alternative explanation for the identity of this couple.

In Jan of 2002, I have located evidence of a Tar River land patent to a Henry Horne in 1742, In Hoffman's Abstracts of Land Patents, 1735 - 1764, Colony of North Carolina: "Henry Horn, 5 May 1742, 170 acres in Edgecombe County on the S. side of the Tar River at the mouth of Dogwood Creek, joining the river.", providing further indication that Henry the Quaker began acquiring properties in the Tar River area about 1740.

The following deed abstract clearly records an early purchase of substantial property in the Rocky Mount area by Henry the Quaker. "THOMAS KERBY of Edge Co to HENRY HORN of Edge Co 10 Mar 1743/44 110 pounds current money of Va. 299 acres more or less on the north side of Tarr River now in the possession of the sd KERBY and ELIZABETH his wife and is part of a patent for 500 acres to the sd KERBY 6 Mar 1729." It appears that the residual 200 acres of the 500 acre 1729 grant to Kerby was bought by Henry and Ann in 1752, as recorded in the following abstract. "352(148) THOMAS KIRBY of Edge Co to HENRY HORN of Edge co 16 Sept 1752 20 pounds 200 acres on the north side of Tar river, joining Stoney creek all houses, orchards, fences etc. Wit: BENJAMIN BUNN, JAMES RICKS, CHARLES JONES. Reg Edge Co Nov Ct 1752 B Wynns CC."

I believe this is almost certainly HenryQ, since the location near Rocky Mount is in the area where he owned properties throughout much of his life, divesting himself through gifts to his descendants in the 1780's and 1790's. This may be the 200 acres Henry sold to his son Wm in 1761 ["254-(75) Henry Horn of Edgecomb Co to his son William Horn of same. 21 Dec 1761. 50 pounds Va. 200 acres on the north side of Tar river, joining Stoney Creek.Wit: John Page, Joseph Pittman(a Quaker), Isaac Horn. Dec Ct 1761. Jams Hall DCC]. I also suggest that this property might be the source of the name, Kirby's creek, employed in Henry's bequest to grandson Josiah in his will.

Some of Henry's assets may have been derived from his wife's endowment. Henry and Ann sold Virginia property in 1762, as documented in Southampton County Deed Book 3, pp 110-111. [Henry Horn and wife Ann of Edgecombe County, North Carolina to Newitt Drew, dated 14 Jan 1762. 100 acres on the west side of Angelica Swamp on Purcell's branch (given sd Ann, wife of sd. Henry, by father Thomas Purcell on 12 Dec 1745), S: Henry (signed) Horn and Ann (signed) Horn, W: Hardy (signed) Harris and Aaron (signed) Harris].

In his later years Henry moved south into Wayne County, where numerous deeds identify him as living "south of Contentnea Creek", below Wilson NC.

One of the earliest references to Henry Horn that I find in Wayne County records is in Deed Book 3, #409, p. 9. , recording William Alford in 1785 selling 400 acres to James Cobb: the deed locates the property adjoining Henry Horn. Several following references from this Wayne County Deed Book identify Henry Horn as living on property on the south side of Contentnea Creek.

I have not located a deed showing Henry Horn's initial acquisition of property in Wayne County. The handwritten text of Henry's will clearly indicates that the plantation left to his wife and thence to three of his sons was "bought of Richard...". The text appears to me to read "bought of Richard Horn(e)" with either a "Sr" or "Jr" interlineated above the "Horn(e)". However, I have as yet not found a deed transferring any property from a Richard Horn(e) or from any other "Richard" to Henry Horn. Wayne county was excised from Dobbs County in about 1780. At TSLA, with an extensive collection of NC County Records, I found that there are no Dobbs County records extant as such, since many were lost and others were transferred to the archives of the counties which were constructed from the "lost county" of Dobbs, suggesting that such records of Henry's property transfers prior to the formation of Wayne county (in 1779) might be in Wayne Co records. In Wayne County Deed Book 5E p 372 there is the following incomplete citation. Henry Horn, Senr of Dobbs County, NC bought land, witnessed by Thomas Horn, Sept 27 1777. I suggest that this citation may be a reference to Henry's purchase of his last plantation, probably from Richard Horne, Jr. This citation clearly indicates that Henry Horn is "of" and thus already lives in Dobbs County, which is soon to become Wayne County, in 1779.

Also in property not clearly accounted for in my analysis, Henry Horn received a Granville Grant of 425 acres in Johnston county in June 1756, property lying "on both sides of Poplar Swamp". In 1756 the lands of Wayne County-to-become (in 1779) was a part of Johnston County. At the present time I cannot locate a Poplar "Swamp" in this region. However, in a gazeteer of Place Names in this region, [William Murphy, Dobbs County Crown Patents, 1759-1775] Murphy identifies a Wayne County stream called Poplar Branch as flowing northeast into Black Creek. Black Creek is located south of and flows into Contentnea Creek. Therefore, it appears likely that in Henry Horn's final years, in Wayne County, he lived on or near the property he acquired by the Granville Grant of 1756.

The following Edgecomb County deed abstract refers to "Henry Horn of Wayne.." giving Edgecomb county property to his son Jacob. "535-(276) Henry Horn of Wayne Co to his son Jacob Horn of Edge Co. 1 Mar 1783. Deed of gift. 350 acres, joining Tar River, Hilliard, Compass Creek, sd Jacob Horn, a white oak marked "A", Joel Horn, Cool Spring Gut. Wit: Hardy Harris, Joel Horn, Jacob Johnson. May CT 1783. Edw Hall CC."

And the following 1785 Nash County abstract refers to Henry Horn "of Wayne County" selling two tracts of property in Nash County. "DB3-346 Henry Horn of Wayne Co to Joseph White Sr of Nash Co. Mar 25 1785. For 400 silver dollars two tracts of land: 1) 550 acres adjoining Robert Young, Joseph White, Widow Thompson, Whitehead's Mill Swamp, and Ready Branch; (2) 450 acres adjoining the aforesaid tract, Isaac Hilliard, and Little Pig Basket Creek. The first tract was granted to Nathaniel Folsome by Earl Granville on June 30 1760, came by descent to Israel Folsome and was conveyed by him to Ebenezer Folsome on June 22, 1762. The second tract was granted to Ebenezer Folsome by Carl Granville on Aug. 8 1761 and both tracts were conveyed to Henry Horn by Ebeneqer Folsome on Nov 24, 1772. Wit: John Bond, David Pridgen, and Redmun Bunn."

In accompanying annotated Maps I will attempt define the location of properties acquired and sold by Henry Horn, the Quaker.


On 8/25/97 RGH rec'd from Gwen Battle Horn of Sante Fe, NM a copy of the will of "Henry the Quaker", which she obtained 29 Aug 1984 at the NC State Archives. Acc. to Gwen "This will is recorded vol. 1, p 47, Wayne Co NC Will Book A-Z and the record there appears to be in a different writing."


Be it remembered that I, Henry Horn of Wayne County & State of North Carolina do make & ordain this my last will & Testament, revoking & all others heretofore made by me.
ITEM I give & bequeth to my wife Patience one feather bed & furniture (to wit) that on which we sleep, One black mare, one hunting saddle, one bridle, two young cows and calves, one sow and three pigs, one small pine chest, six earthen plates, two cups and four bowls, two basins, 2 dishes, ten pewter
plates, two silver spoons, Table & Tea spoons, 2 iron potts, 1 frying pan, one cotton wheel, one pair cards, one tub, one pail, one pigen, 3 setting chairs, one small pine table, one case of knives & forks, & six pewter spoons, to her & her heirs forever.
ITEM I lend to my above & wife the use of my Lands & plantation I bought of Richard ???? during her widowhood but no longer.
ITEM I give & bequeath to my sons and daughters viz William, Esther, Isaac, Henry, Charity, Joel and Demaris, the sum of five shillings each.
ITEM I give & bequeath to my daughter (to wit) Mourning, Phebe, & Selah, the sum of ten pounds current money to each of them, to them and their heirs forever.
ITEM I give & bequeath to my son Jeremiah all that Tract of parcel of Land called the Wiggins place, to him & his heirs forever.
ITEM I give & bequeath to my Grandson Josiah Horn, all my wright in the Lands on the North side of Tarriver and above Kirby's Creek whereon he now lives to him & his heirs forever.
ITEM I give & bequeath to my negrows, Will & Jude, their freedom & to them two cows, two sows & pigs to their only use & benefit in.
ITEM my will & desire respecting my other negroes (to wit) Isaac, Shadrack, Meshack, Duck or Patience, is that if at any time the laws of our Country will admit of their freedom, then they shall be free, but untill then, I do hereby deposit them in the care of my Executors as Guargians over them in all cases with equal authority as if I had made an absolute legacy of them, to them, yet not so as to sell them for gain.
ITEM I give & bequeath to my sons Jacob, Thomas, & Jeremiah all & every part of my Estate which is not heretofore bequeathed or directed, including the land lent my wife after her marryage or decease, to be Equally divided amongst them, to them & their heirs forever.
ITEM I do constitute & appoint my Sons Jacob, Thomas, & Jeremiah Horn's. executors of this my last Will & Testament, rattifying & confirming the same under my Hand & Seal this thirtieth day of March in the year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and ninety-seven.

Signed and acknowledged in presence of us, HENRY HORN S_E_A_L
Jesse Parker
John Doudna
Sarah Doudna

The Kirby's creek property which Henry mentions in the bequest to his grandson Josiah in this will above is probably the 200 acres which Henry had bought from Thomas Kirby in 1752 and then sold to his son Wm in 1761 "on the north side of Tar river, joining Stoney Creek", property sold by Col William to his Josiah in 1791. Henry's peculiar phraseology in the will, ie, "all my wright in the Lands on the North side of Tarriver", probably reflects that there was some question of ownership of this property, a circumstance which often afflicted Colonel William's assets.

Henry the Quaker was doubtlessly a man of substance and character. His abundant descendants are well documented, herein and elsewhere.

I salute him.

(a copy of these Notes is available in C:\FTW\Docs\HenryQNotes.rtf)

Notes for Ann Purcell:
The following information, supplied by Forrest King of Vienna, VA ( establishes clearly that Purcell is the surname of Henry's wife, Ann. See also notes to Ann's father, Thomas Purcell.

<<Southampton Deed Book 3, pp. 110-111: Henry Horn and wife Ann of Edgecombe County, North Carolina to Newitt Drew dated 14 Jan 1762. 100 acres on the west side of Angelica Swamp on Purcells Branch (given sd. Ann, wife of sd. Henry, by father Thomas Purcell on 12 Dec 1745), S: Henry
(signed) Horn and Ann (signed) Horn, W: Hardy (signed) Harris and Aaron
(signed) Harris>>

Children of Henry Horn and Ann Purcell are:
+ 19 i.   William4 Horn, born March 30, 1738 in Nansemond, VA; died Bet. 1795 - 1818 in ?.
  20 ii.   Esther Horn, born April 6, 1740 in Edgecombe, NC4; died Unknown. She married Andrew Ross, Jr. March 7, 17595.
  Marriage Notes for Esther Horn and Andrew Ross:
Marriage recorded in Hinshaw Quaker records, Perquimans monthly meeting.

+ 21 iii.   Isaac Horn, born May 7, 1742 in Wayne County, NC; died 1782 in NC.
+ 22 iv.   Henry Horn, Jr., born June 10, 1744 in Edgecombe, NC; died February 5, 1785 in Edgecombe, NC.
+ 23 v.   Jacob Horn, born March 10, 1747/48 in NC; died 1827 in Edgecombe County, NC.
+ 24 vi.   Mourning Horn, born March 10, 1747/48 in Wayne County, NC; died February 15, 1829 in Tuscaloosa Co, AL.
+ 25 vii.   Phebe Horn, born September 14, 1749 in Edgecombe, NC; died Unknown.
+ 26 viii.   Joel Horn, born August 14, 1751 in Edgecombe, NC; died 1793 in Nash, NC.
+ 27 ix.   Thomas Horn, born March 24, 1753 in Edgecombe, NC; died Abt. 1808 in Wayne County, NC.
+ 28 x.   Charity Horn, born November 19, 1755 in Edgecombe, NC; died Unknown.
  29 xi.   Selah Horn, born February 13, 1758 in Edgecombe, NC; died Unknown6.
  30 xii.   Demaris Horn, born May 31, 1760 in Edgecombe, NC; died Unknown.
+ 31 xiii.   Jeremiah Horn, born November 1, 1763 in Edgecombe, NC; died Bet. 1809 - 1840 in Wayne County, NC or Indiana.

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