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Descendants of Johann Georg Haugen

Generation No. 2

2. FREDERICK (HAUG)2 HOUCK, SR. (JOHANN GEORG1 HAUGEN) was born November 12, 1711 in (probably) Stetten, Germany, and died April 4, 1795 in Coventry, Chester, PA. He married ANNA SARA NEGLE June 24, 1743 in Beutelsbach, Germany, daughter of DANIEL NEGLE and CHRISTINA BEERWARTHEN. She was born September 1, 1715 in Beutelsbach, Germany, and died Aft. 1795.

Notes for F
Georg Friedrich Haug's birth record was not listed in the records of Beutelsbach. Since his Father was from Stetten, Georg Friedrich was most likely born in Stetten. (Note: Beutelsbach and Stetten are adjacent to each other, a short distance east of Stuttgart, Germany.)


FHL Film No. 1184738: He attended school and knows how to write and read. He worked for 4 years in Stetten, then he went to Stuttgart and worked for two years. He went back home (Beutelsbach) for a while and came back (to Stuttgart) and worked for 7 years. He left with his wife and children on 4 May 1750 to "Pensylvanicn".

From "Pennsylvania German Immigrants 1709-1786", Don Yoder:

"HAUG, GEORG FRIEDRICH (2) - Beutelsbach (1750) Vinedresser (Weingartner). B. 11-12-1711. Wf: ANNA SARA nee NEGLE, b. 1715. Ch: (1) Catharina Magdalena, b. 1-26-1744; (2) Johann Friedrich, b. 11-16-1745; (3) Johann Georg, b. 11-16-1748. "To Pennsylvania, 5-4-1750, with wife and children. //GEORGE FRIEDRICH HAUG, "Patience", Aug. 11, 1750, Hinke, 1, 427"


From: "Auswanderung aus Wurttemberg" --

40 Haug, Georg Friedrich Beutelsbach, Stadt Weinstadt, WN 1750 Nordamerika, Pennsylvania
Ehefrau A(nna) Sara, geb. Negle und 3 Kinder: Catharina Magdalena, * 26.01.1744 Johann Friedrich, * 16.11.1745 Johann Georg, * 16.11.1748


Frederick Houck arrived in Philadelphia aboard the ship Patience, Captain Hugh Steel, August 11, 1750, listed on the ships list as George Friedrich Haug. The ship sailed from Rotterdam to Cowes, England, and then to Philadelphia. He is on 1768 Coventry Twp. tax list as "Immate" (no property). The 1790 Coventry Twp. census lists 1 male over 16 and 2 females.


Brief description of Frederick Houck's Will, West Chester Archives, #4431:

ITEM # 1:
      I do order that my beloved wife Sarah Houck, upon my death, shall receive one of the beds in the house. Also the following:

One cow of her choice
Two hives of bees
One large hog
One table and two chairs
Such kitchen furniture as she may choose and have need for.
All the rest of my personal Estate, which does not belong to my beloved daughter, be sold to defray my debt.

ITEM # 2:
      To my daughter Catherine Houck, all my place in Coventry Twp., where we now live, with all the appurtenances thereunto, which includes 47 acres. My daughter Catherine is to pay 175 Pounds for the property, and the Executers shall make and Execute a good deed.

Item #3:
      I do order that my beloved wife Sarah Houck is to live on the land of my daughter Catherine Houck, and have equal shares of the income during her natural life. After her death, it shall be given to my daughter Catherine Houck.

ITEM # 4:
      I do order in my WILL that my daughter Elizabeth, (married to John Miller), and my Grandson, Thomas Watts, each one of them shall have out of the money my daughter Catherine Houck has to pay for the property, 10 pounds each. This money shall not be paid till one year after my wife Sarah Houck has died.

ITEM # 5:
      I do order that my son Frederick Houck and my daughter Mary, who was married to William Watts, each and every one shall receive of my Executors the sum of Seventy Shillings which shall be deemed their full share of my Estate.

ITEM # 6:
      I do order that any money from the sale of my personal and real estate I allowed my daughter Catherine Houck for the care of my wife Sarah Houck.

ITEM # 7:
      I do order that the Bond which I had given to my daughter Catherine Houck in the amount of 110 pounds shall be considered a full satisfaction for her trouble during the time stayed with me over her age and for some Honey she delivered to me. Lastly I do nominate and constitute and appoint my beloved friends, Henry Christman & John Titlow, to be my Executors to this last Will & Testament on the 6th day of December, 1794.

(Will filed March 20, 1795. Chester Co., Wills #4431)

(Elizabeth probably died between the making of her Father's will in 1794 and the settlement of the estate in February 1798 as no payments are recorded as being paid to her, but a payment was made to John Miller. Couple probably childless. Mary's husband William Watts was deceased at time of her Father's death.)

From Pennsylvania Wills:

December 6, 1794. March 20, 1795.
Provides for wife Sarah. To daughter Catharin Houck my place in Coventry for which land of 47 acres she is to pay 160(pounds) specie. To daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Miller, and grandson Thomas Watts 10(pounds) each. To son Frederick and daughter Mary, wife of William Watts, 20 shillings each. Executors: Henry Christman, John Titlow. Wit: Henry Steits and "a duchman."

More About F
Census: 1857, Warwick, Chester Co., PA index, PA0286901
Census(ies): Bet. 1790 - 1857, Coventry - Warwick
Occupation: Wine Gardener

Notes for A
Source: "Evangelische Kirche, Beutelsbach". FHL Film No. 1184736:
Born and Christened on 1 Sep 1715 was Anna Sara, daughter of Daniel Negler and wife Agatha.
1. Joh. Philipp Beerwarth, Court Officer. He was not present and in his place functioned proxy Joh. George Lederer. 2. Anna Sara, wife of Joh. Jacob Ritter. 3. Maria Catharina, wife of Joh. Georg Ritter.


FHL Film No. 1184738: She lived with her Parents, did survive the Head (?) illness during her youth. Because something was wrong with her eyes she could not get a job. She was married to George Friedrich HAUGES and left with her husband in 1750 to emigrate to "Pensilvanien".

Marriage Notes for F
Source: Marriage Records of Beutelsbach, Germany. FHL Film No. 1184737:
Married on the 1 June 1743 were Georg Friedrich Haug, son of the deceased Johann Georg Haugen, a resident and Wine Gardener in Stetten and Anna Sara, daughter of the deceased Daniel Neglins, a resident and Wine Gardener here.

There are two male burials in East Vincent Reformed Cemetery: Johannes George Hauge, age 16, and Johannes Peter Hauge, age 15. These may be children of Anna and Frederick.

More About F
Marriage: June 24, 1743, Beutelsbach, Germany
Children of F
3. i.   K. MARY3 HOUCK, b. January 8, 1739/40, Coventry, Chester, PA; d. Aft. April 4, 1795, Coventry, Chester, PA.
  ii.   CATHARINA MAGDALENA HOUCK, b. January 26, 1743/44, Germany; d. Aft. 1795, Chester Co., PA.
Probably never married.

  iii.   JOHAN FREDERICK HOUCK, b. November 16, 1745.
  iv.   ELIZABETH HOUCK, b. October 10, 1746, Coventry, Chester, PA; d. Bef. 1798; m. JOHN MILLER; b. 1742, Coventry, Chester, PA.
HISTORY OF ZION'S, OLD ORGAN CHURCH. Pg. 126 on parish record's of this church in Pikeland, Chester co., PA; under Jacob Van Buskerk, Pastor:
HAUCK, Fried. - Sarah
Elizsabeth, b. Oct. 10, 1762; bap. July 10; sp: Anna Elisabeth Haetterling

  v.   JOHAN GEORGE HOUCK, b. November 16, 1748.
  vi.   ANNA MARIA HOUCK, b. January 8, 1750/51.
4. vii.   FREDERICK ( HAUCK) HOUCK, JR., b. October 13, 1752, Warwick, Chester, PA; d. November 17, 1829.

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