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Descendants of Lodowick Hauksie

Generation No. 1

1. LODOWICK1 HAUKSIE1,2,3,4 was born Abt. 1636, and died Aft. 1704 in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts Colony. He married MARY PRESBURY4 Dec 1664, daughter of JOHN *PRESBURY and KATHERINE PRESBURY. She was born 03 Oct 1641 in Dartmouth, Plymouth Colony.

Notes for L
Alternate spelling; Hakse/ Hackse/ Haxie.

The following was written by (HENRY N HOXIE) in 1901:

"From researches made by myself in London and in this country, I am sure the name is very old. Of course, it is spelt variously, viz: Hocksley, Hawke, Hawksie, Hawksley, etc. I have authentic records of the name in London, easy of access there, in 1329, 1/25. In "Domesday Book", compiled about 1080, A.D., in the list of Yorkshire manor held by various lords on feudal tenure from the Archbishop of York occur the names of Ottlai, Roule, Gisels, Hanceford, alias Hauschsford, names that still survive in the modern manors of Ottley, Roule, Gyseiey and Hawkesworth. I have a list of ten places in as many counties in England-- Haxey in Lincoln, Hocksley in Hampshire, etc, - characterized by their names." .



Here are the first few pages of the book, "The Hoxie Family: Three Centuries in America" by Leslie Hoxie.

Lodowick Hoxie, the common ancestor of all persons surnamed Hoxie, as variously spelled, in the United States, arrived about 1650 and settled in the town of Sandwich, Mass, in the Plymouth colony. When or where he was born is unknown. His ancestry has been stated by various members of the family to have been Scottish, Welsh, English, and Dutch. There seems to be a widespread tradition among many branches of the family that we are of Scottish origin. It is to be hoped that further research will sometime establish the time and place of birth of Lodowick Hoxie.

It is quite possible that the name Hoxie is a corruption of some other name, such as Hawkes. In fact, records of Lodowick Hawkes in Plymouth Colony records which have been published almost certainly refer to our ancestor, Lodowick Hoxie. In the original records, the name is variously spelled Hawkes, Hakse, Hackse, Hauksie, Hoxie, Hoxy, and Hawksie. A family which may have an origin common with our own is spelled Hakes, being descendants of one Solomon Hakes. In a study of the Hakes family published in 1889, Mr. Harry Hakes discussed the possibility of the two families being closely related, but could find no actual records to establish or disprove the theory.

A list of landholders in Sandwich in 1658 included the names Lodowick Hoxie and Edward Hoxy. No further record has been found of this mysterious Hoxy. It seems safe to conclude that either he left no descendants bearing his surname, or that the spelling became changed. Several versions concerning the parentage of Lodowick Hoxie have been advanced. One is that his father was one Joseph Hoxie, who settled in Reheboth, Massachusetts. Another gave his father as one Barnabas Hoxie. As the present writer has been unable to unearth authentic records to establish the facts, he feels that there is little to be gained by mere speculation.

In a short history of the Hoxsie lines written by Lyman Kenyon of Westerly, R. I., about 1888, the following statement was made concerning Lodowick Hoxie, "We first find him apprenticed (indentured) to one John Dexter to pay for his passage to America. When his time was out with Dexter, who was a hatter, he established himself in the same business, at Spring Hill." The writer has been unable to verify this story, the only evidence bearing on the matter being that Thomas Dexter seems to have been the emigrant ancestor, a son John Dexter was born about 1660. Of course it is very possible that there may have been an elder John Dexter.

The Sandwich town records show that in 1657, William Bassett paid Lodowick Hoxie, for some service rendered the town, the sum of three shillings. Also, from Plymouth Colony records, among those who took the oath of fidelity in 1657, include Lodowick Hawkes.

In 1658, he had six acres of land laid out to him by the persons chosen by the town under order of the Court of New Plymouth, said order requiring the town of Sandwich to choose seven persons to view and set up bounds to every man's land and meadow, to prevent suits and trouble that might arise in regard to boundaries. This place once owned by Lodowick Hoxie was about midway between Sandwich and East Sandwich, on the south side of Spring Hill.

Lodowick Hoxie helped distribute powder to the militia and was one of the musketeers that went to Yarmouth to the general muster the first Wednesday in July, 1660. In 1661, he and two others were chosen raters (assessors) of the town.

On June 10, 1661, Lodowick Hoxie was fined twenty shillings for refusing to aid the Marshall Barlow in the execution of his duties. Said duties are not explained, but appear to have been connected with the attempt of Plymouth and Sandwich authorities to destroy the Society of Friends, or Quakers. Thus it appears that Lodowick Hoxie became a convert to the Quaker faith at about this time, and later records show beyond doubt that for at least sixty years all members of the family adhered to the Friends.

Ministers of the Society of Friends made their first appearance in this country in the year 1657, about ten years after the beginning of the Society in England. They were Christopher Holder and John Copeland, who landed on the Falmouth shore on the 20th of the 6th month, 1657, and proceeded to the town of Sandwich. There they found fertile soil in the then unsettled condition of religion belief, and by 1658 there were only about eighteen families in their flock. In that year, a regular monthly meeting was organized, being the first Friends organization in America. Severe persecution by Plymouth and Sandwich officials continued until about 1662, many adherents being forced to pay heavy fines for trivial offenses.

It appears that Lodowick Hoxie was disenfranchised as a result of his becoming a Quaker, at any rate, he again took the oath of fidelity in 1678, after being admitted a freeman on 23 Feb. 1675.

In 1686, the Colony laws being printed and ordered to be published in several towns, Thomas Tupper and Lodowick Hoxie were appointed by the town to divide the law-books among the citizens "according to the last year's country's rate.

The last record we have of Lodowick Hoxie is dated the first month, 1704, at which time Robert Harper was appointed to build a new Friends meeting house for one hundred eleven pounds sterling, "except the glass, plastering, and ground-pinning." One was to get the shells for lime, another wood, another stone, and Lodowick Hoxie to "Diet the carpenter, for his share."

Lodowick Hoxie married Mary Presbury in December, 1664. She was born at Sandwich the 10th of the 3rd month, 1644, daughter of John and Katherine Presbury. John Presbury was in Sandwich by 1643, he died 9 May 1648 and his widow married Richard Chadwell 22 July 1649. It is probable that there no descendants bearing the Presbury name. Children of Lodowick and Mary Hoxie, born in Sandwich, Mass.

i. Bashua (Bethsoa in record), b. 10 Oct. 1665,
m. Daniel Allen about 1685.
2. ii. Joseph, b. 15 March 1667, m. Sarah Tucker.
iii. John, b. 25 Feb. 1669, died young.
iv. Ann, b. about 1670, m. Jashub Wing.
3. v. Gideon, b. 25 Feb. 1672, m. Grace Gifford.
(Note- birthdate also given as 1670.)
4. vi. Hezekiah, b. 3 April 1675, m. Dinah Butler.
5. vii. John, b. 2 March 1677, m. Mary Hull.
6. viii. Solomon, b. 19 Oct. 1649, m. Elizabeth Wing.
ix. Content, b. 1381, m. Gerhom Ewing

It must be mentioned that records do not always agree as to dates and spellings of names. Where different dates are found, the one which seems most authentic or reasonable is used in this work. The same is true of spelling, which is made more difficult by the fact that in the eighteenth century, a man spelled his name as he pleased, though his father or brother might use another spelling. Thus came about the various ways of spelling the family name in use today.

Joseph Hoxie and John Hoxsie moved to Kings County, in Rhode Island about 1697, while the other sons stayed in Massachusetts. This in effect divided the family into Massachusetts and Rhode Island branches.

The first westward emigration of the Joseph Hoxie line occurred about 1760 when his son Zebulon Hoxsie moved to Dutchess County, N. Y. Present members of this line live principally in Rhode Island, New York, Michigan, Iowa, and California, and constitute about one fifth of all Hoxie's in America.

About the time of the Revolution, several of the John Hoxsie branch moved westward, to New York and Vermont, and by 1817 one family was living in Michigan. This branch is represented at present by families all over the United States except in the South, and comprises about one half of the total of those bearing the name Hoxie, Hoxsie, Hoxey, or Hoxsey. In fact, it is among the families of this branch that the greatest diversity of spelling occurs, it sometimes happening that brothers spell the name differently.

The descendants of Gideon Hoxie had moved into Maine and western Massachusetts by 1785, one family shortly afterward lived in Georgia. Those of this branch comprise about one fourth of all Hoxie's at present, all use the short spelling except the southern branch.

Only one son of Solomon Hoxie carried on the name, this line has lived since 1782 in Maine and comprises only a few families.

Descendants of Hezekiah Hoxie are also few in number, this line is now divided between a Cape Cod branch and an Oregon branch, the later being established by Obadiah Hoxie, a forty-niner."

End of "Three Centuries In America" Extract

The following is from a report from Floyd E. Hoxie Genealogy.

"It is believed that Lodowick Hawksie is buried in the first Friends Burial Ground near the First Friends Society in America. There are no stones to mark the graves. Some writers state Lodowick Hawksie was Dutch. No doubt his parents left Leyden where he was born, or some\where in Holland. He was young when he came to Sandwich, Massachusetts. Other writers suggest the Mother Country. Still others suggest Scotland and Wales. There are early records of Hawksie in Lancaster, England. In 1913 G.T. Hodkin, Verger of Saint Mary's Church Banbury, England was commissioned by the Wing Family to search the Parish Registers from their commencement in 1558 down to the 1700 in quest of all references to the Wing Family in Banbury. This revealed an item as follows "Roger Hoxe and Hrydegwyde Whyngs were married June 21, 1608."

End of "Floyd E. Hoxie Genealogy" Extract

compiled by
MAJNE, 1977

The first record of the name HOXIE appears in the DOOMSDAY Book London, 1080 A.D., when William the Conqueror had a survey made of the landowners and it has been recorded that there is a record of the name in a will preserved by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. I have made no attempt to verify the authenticity of this statement.

BATHSHESA, called RASHUA and also BATHSESA, was born October 15, 1665. She married Daniel Allen in 1685 and had five children and so recorded in the Sandwich, Mass., town records.

One of these was Cornelius Allen. He married Mrs. Anna (Spooner) Hatch. (See Spooner Memorial)

Note: Jesse Hoxie, with whom I corresponded for many years wrote under date of January 16, 1939: "Mary Chadwell, daughter of Richard, deceased, Nov. 2?, 1681 and buried the 28th, Sandwich town record, by will recorded in the old Plymouth record book of Barnstable County, leaves property to his daughter, wife of Ludowick Hoxie 1, and to his cousin Thomas Chadwell, son of Moses."

Solution: John Presbury died in 1648. Mary Presbury was born in l64l. Katherine, widow of John Presbury, married Richard Chadwell in 1650, Mary being nine years of age, Therefore, Mary Presbury was Richard Chadwe1l's step-daughter thus proving that Ludowick Hoxie had but one wife, Mary Presbury.

HAWKSHIE, HOXSEY HOXSIE, HOXIE et cetera, et cetera This manuscript is designed to show some of the descendants of LUDOWICK HOXIE, reputed to have come from Scotland the middle of the 17th century.

Since Ludowick is the only ancestor of that name, every Hoxie in America stems from this man.

The compiler worked with the late JESSE HOXIE of Sandwich, Mass., Mrs. Clara Emerson Hoxie of Waterville, Maine, both deceased, and others including Elsia Holway Burleigh of Vassalboro and Waterville, Maine, in an effort to obtain all possible information on the Maine branch of the family. Family records, genealogies, census and town records in both Maine and Massachusetts have been copied. In some instances whole Hoxie cemeteries (Quaker, Fairfield Ctr., Maine, and North Fairfield), were painstakingly copied. The inscriptions on some of the older stones were so badly washed by the elements that paper and pencil were used to obtain the record, the pencil being moved back and forth across the paper until the date came clear.

Leslie Hoxie, Ukiah, Oregon, and I do not agree on all of the Maine records. He published THREE CENTURIES OF HOXIES IN AMERICA. However, I had first hand information and believe the records here presented are as accurate as possible. Letters, innumerable letters, have been written to living Hoxies to whom I wish to express my thanks and appreciation. I have not attempted to cover the Rhode Island Hoxies, it being a work in itself. They appear as a separate story. This work places the Kennebec and Penobscot River families in their proper places.

It has been said "that the Hoxie family enjoys a prominent place among the old and distinguished houses of New England where it has been domiciled since the middle of the 17th century."

Ludowick Hoxie, presumably from Scotland, appeared in Sandwich, Mass., and was an Assessor of the town in 1661. It has been recorded that he arrived in Plymouth, learned the "hatting" business from one John Dexter and apprenticed himself to the man to defray his expenses to America. He settled in that part of Sandwich known as Spring Hill, The cellar of his shop may be seen at the present time.

The old Hoxie house was of the salt box variety, pictures of which appear in various publications. Six acres of land were laid out to Ludowick Hoxie after 1650 and he was admitted as a townsman in 1677. By vote of the Town Fathers, the names of all men who could prove their right to the privileges of the town were recorded in 1675. Ludowick's name appears two years later which would indicate that the debt to John Dexter had been paid and he was a "freeman."

He married Mary Presbury sometimes given as Presberry, daughter of John Presbury. They were married the tenth month which would would have been December, Old Style, since the calendar year began with March instead of January as at the present time, l664. Mary was born October 3, l64l, also given as "May 10, l64l." The former was no doubt the baptismal date.

Consulting Freeman's Cape Cod, I find that "Mr. John Presbury (Presburry) was buried May 9, l648." No record of his family.

John Presbury's wife was Katherine ... After his death, she married Richard Chadwell, July 22, 1650. (Consult Adv. Bristol & Bremen, p 76).

Ludowick signed the oath of fidelity 1678, Daughters of the American Colonists record. In 1657 he received pay for work done for the town.

The Hoxies were Friends and Quakers and for this reason little military record is to be found regarding them. The Friends held their first meeting at Spring Hill, the records of which appear in "quaint and solemn phraseology." They go back to 1675 and are preserved by the Society of Friends.

Ludowick.distribute gunpowder to the militia in July, 1660. His connection with the militia is surprising when one considers his religious views but this may have been required of him by the Town Fathers who were not concerned with the religious views of the citizenry. Ludowick; died and was buried in the First Friends' Burial Ground but there are no stones to mark the ancient grave. Ludowick and Mary (Presbury) Hoxie had the following recorded children: Children of Ludowick and Mary (Presbury) Hoxie:

1. Bathsheba (sometimes given as Bethsheba or Bashua)
b. 8m 15d 1665 (also given 13d)
m. Daniel Allen in 1635 (see p 4)
Since 17th century dates are Old Style this would be
October as we reckon today. The old year began with
March, as previously stated.

2. Joseph b in 1m 15d 1667
Founder of the Rhode Island branch of the family.
They settled in Narragansett and Hopkinton, R.I.
Joseph was admitted as a Townsman in Sandwich Oct.
89 1691 Freeman's Cape Cod p 82) The Vermont and
New York Hoxies came form this line for the most part.

3. Anne b 1670

4. Gideon b 12m 25d 1670 (S.T.R.) His descendants came
to Maine

5. Hezekiah b 2m 8d 1675
m. Dinah Sutler

6. John b lm 2d 1677
Went to Rhode Island with his brother Joseph
A contemporary gives another John b 1669 who died young.
I found no record of him

7. Solomon
b 8m l9d l679
His descendants came to Maine

8. Content
b 1681
m Gershom Wing 1701
(Someone called him Gershom "Emery", I believe
this is incorrect)

The Penobscot River Hoxies (Maine) are descended from the fourth child, Gideon. See following:

They were closely related to the Kennebec_Valley Hoxies who settled in Fairfield and Bloomfield, now Skowhegan.

Descendants of Solomon the seventh child, came to Maine and settled on the Kennebec River in the towns of Vassalboro and Sidney. Tradition states that they came from Massachusetts in a "whaling boat" skirting the coast.


Actual spelling of Surnames of his children in Sandwich Records vary.

Bethsoa Hackse - 15 day of October 1665
Joseph Hackse - 15 day of March 1667
Giddied Hackse - 25 of day February 1670
(Sandwich Vital Records, Bk1 1651-1691 Births,
Marriages, Deaths, p.242

From The Genealogical Dictionary of New England Settlers
Volume 2 page 385

Haxie, or Hauksie,
Gideon, Sandwich, son of Lodowick of the same, married Grace, daughter of John Gifford of the same, had

Mary, born 1 Apr. 1696;
Content, 13 Sept. 1697;
Bashua, 14 Oct. 1698;
Elizabeth 10 May 1700;
Joseph, May 1702;
Simeon, 31 May 1704;
Ann, 5 Ma 1706;
Gideon, 5 Sept. 1707;
Kezia, 13 July 1710;
Ludwick, or Lodowick, 27 May 1712;
Grace, 28 June 1714;
and he had second wife 1740, Hannah Allen, daughter of Caleb.

HEZEKIAH, Sandwich, born of the preceding married 23 June 1702, Dinah, daughter of Daniel
Butler, had
Solomon, born 30 Apr. foll.;
James, 13 Aug. 1704;
Desire, 5 Jan. 1706;
Hannah, 2 Dec. 1708; and
Peleg, 17 Nov. 1717.

JOHN, Hopkinton, R. I. born of the preceding by two wives. whose father's are unknown. to me, first, a Hull, and next, Ann Richmond of Richmond or Kingstown, R. I. had

Solomon, born Dec. 1710;
Benjamin; and
John, but whose. was mother of either of these is not told.

JOSEPH, Charlestown, R. I. by wife Sarah had

Peleg, born 23 June 1695; Joseph;
Deborah; and nothing more is known. to me.

LODOWICK, Sandwich, father of all the preceding is first meant. 1664 (but when, whence, or how he came is not learn.) married Dec. 1664, Mary Presbury, daughter perhaps of John, had

Bashua, born 15 Oct. 1665; married Daniel Allen
Joseph, 15 Mar. 1667;
John, 25 Feb. 1669, as is probably.;
Ann; married 11 Apr. 1701, Joshua Wing.
Gideon, 25 Feb. 1673;
Hezekiah, 8 Apr. 1677; and
Solomon, 19 Oct. 1679.

SOLOMON, Sandwich, youngest son of the preceding married 24 Apr. 1704, Elizabeth Wing, daughter perhaps, of Samuel of the same, had

Barnabas, born 14 Feb. 1705;
Maria, 19 Apr. 1707;
Samuel, 30 Mar. 1709;
Sherebiah, 16 Apr. 1712; John, 6 Feb. 1715; and
Peleg, 1 Sept. 1717.

By a second wife who. he found at Dartmouth, he had
Mary, born 20 Nov. 1722; and

A third wife Sarah, whose surname is unknown. died 18 May 1736; but first brot. him
Isaac, 1 Aug. 1724;
Silas, 27 Dec. 1725;
Solomon, 10 Oct. 1728;
Hezekiah, 16 June 1730; and
John, 10 May 1732;

and he took, as fourth wife Dorothy, wid. of Samuel Wing, and had
Sarah, 13 Dec. 1738.

End of "The Genealogical Dictionary of New England Settlers"
Volume 2 page 385 extract.

In the eighteenth century, a man spelled his name as he pleased, though his father or brother might use another spelling. The variance is further confused by pronunciation of "a" as in hay or water. Further yet it has been suggested some Germans pronounced "Hakes" in two symbols "Hak" "es". There was a "Solomon Hakes" in Connecticut, his descendants do not agree with our "Solomon Hoxie" descendants in Massachusetts.

Lodowick Hawksie was probably born in Holland, died sometime after 1704 in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

The true ancestry of Lodowick Hawksie (Hoxie) still remains uncertain.

Daughters of American Colonist vol I says he was born in Scotland. He may have been 21 yrs of age or more if he first took the oath of fidelity in 1657.

(no headstones)

He helped distribute powder to the militia.
When his time was out with Dexter, who was a hatter, he established himself in the same business
This place once owned by Lodowick Hoxie was about midway between Sandwich and East Sandwich, on the south side of Spring Hill.
It appears that Lodowick Hoxie was disenfranchised as a result of his becoming a Quaker

More About L
Burial: Aft. 1704, First Friends Burial Ground, Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts Colony
Emigration: Abt. 1650, from unknown
Misc: 1677, Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Occupation: 1657, was paid three shillings for some service rendered the town
Property: 1658, Sandwich, Plymouth Colony; Property: six acres of land laid out to him
Record Change: 29 Aug 2004
Religion: 1661, Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts; Religion: a Quaker

More About M
Record Change: 22 Aug 2003
Children of L
2. i.   BETHSHEBA2 HOXSIE, b. 15 Oct 1665, Sandwich, Plymouth Colony.
3. ii.   JOSEPH HOXSEY, b. 15 Mar 1667, Sandwich, Plymouth Colony; d. 1727, Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island Colony.
  iii.   JOHN HOXIE5,6, b. 25 Feb 1669, Sandwich, Plymouth Colony.
  More About JOHN HOXIE:
Baptism (LDS): 18 Mar 1966, PROVO
Endowment (LDS): 31 Mar 1966, OAKLA
Record Change: 22 Aug 2003
Sealed to parents (LDS): 25 Oct 1971, LOGAN

  iv.   JOB HOXIE7, b. 25 Feb 1669, Sandwich, Plymouth Colony.
  More About JOB HOXIE:
Record Change: 22 Aug 2003

4. v.   ANNA HOXSIE, b. Abt. 1670, Sandwich, Plymouth Colony; d. 16 Dec 1721, Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts.
5. vi.   GIDEON HOXIE, b. 25 Feb 1673, Sandwich, Plymouth Colony; d. Aft. 1740, Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts Colony.
6. vii.   HEZEKIAH HOXIE, b. 08 Apr 1675, Sandwich, Plymouth Colony; d. 02 May 1771.
7. viii.   JOHN HOXSIE, b. 02 Mar 1677, Sandwich, Plymouth Colony; d. 1767, Richmond, Washington, Rhode Island Colony.
8. ix.   SOLOMON HOXIE, b. 19 Oct 1679, Sandwich, Plymouth Colony; d. 09 Nov 1762, Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts Colony.
  x.   CONTENT HOXIE8,9, b. 1681, Sandwich, Plymouth Colony; m. GERSHOM EWING, 1701, Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts Colony; b. 1677, Barnstable, Plymouth Colony.
Baptism (LDS): 18 Mar 1966
Endowment (LDS): 01 Apr 1966, OAKLA
Record Change: 22 Aug 2003

Record Change: 22 Aug 2003

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