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Ancestors of Thomas Blaine Hicks

Generation No. 6

      48. Joshua Atchley, born in New Jersey; died in Loudoun Co., Virginia. He was the son of 96. James Atchley. He married 49. Mary Martin.

      49. Mary Martin

Notes for Joshua Atchley:
1750 living near Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey

Joshua Atchley and family emigrated to Loudoun Co., Virginia. He was a Baptist.

Joshua Atchley had five sons who served through the American Revolutionary War under General George Washington. All five sons emigrated to Tennessee in 1787, where they settled on Alder Branch, waters of French Broad River, in what is Sevier County, TN. These sons, some of them, intermarried into the Christian, Dunlop and Smith families of Virginia.

Source: 'The Townsend Heritage', Kathy Townsend, 1984, p 21, 51.
Children of Joshua Atchley and Mary Martin are:
  i.   Daniel Atchley, born in Middlesex Co., New Jersey; died 2 Mar 1863 in Sevier Co., Tennessee; married Sarah.
  Notes for Daniel Atchley:
1830 Census -- Sevier Co., Tennessee, page 5.
MILITARY: Soldier in the Revolutionary War
He emigrated to Loudoun Co., Virginia and while there residing he enlisted in and served in, the American army during the Revolutionary War. He emigrated, about 1787, to Sevier Co., Tennessee. The tombs of Daniel Atchley and wife, Sarah, are in the Old Pate (or Long) Cemetery, located near French Broad River and one or two miles northwest of Providence Church.
Tombstone: Died March 2, 1863.

  Notes for Sarah:
Her maiden name was probably either Dunlop or Christian.

  ii.   Joseph Atchley, born in Middlesex Co., New Jersey; died 1829 in Rhea Co., Tennessee; married Christener.
  Notes for Joseph Atchley:
Soldier in the Rev. War. There is a DAR record on him. Joseph applied for a pension 1825. Said his name was Axley or Ashley (he used both names). That he was 78 years old in 1825. Wife was 60 yrs old. At home he had a crippled son named Moses, age 17 and his daughter, Therse, was 16 and an unnamed boy age 10. It said he was a farmer by occupation and that he was poor. He owned:
1 mare & 1 colt, 13 years old       $30.00
3 cows & 1 calf       $15.00
7 hogs       $4.00
1 bed       $4.00
2 biggins & 1 pail       $0.50
8 chickens       $0.25
Cupboard ware       $1.50
It says he cannot live without the charity of the government. It says he enlisted in March 1775 for a term of 9 months in the state of New Jersey in the Company commanded by Capt. Gallaway in the Regiment Commanded by Maj. John Dunn and Col. Herd in the New Jersey Continental troops of Generals Lee Mullenbury & Gen Washington. Says he served 6 months in Virginia and when Cornwallis was defeated. He said he was poor and ignorant and did not know how or in what manner to apply and pursue the act of 1st May 1820.

  iii.   Martin Atchley, born in Middlesex Co., New Jersey; died in Meigs Co., Tennessee; married (1) Annie Catlett in Sevier Co., Tennessee; married (2) Zephery Tyler 1785 in Botetourt Co., Virginia.
  Notes for Martin Atchley:
Martino Atchley and family left Sevier Co., TN and lived for a few years in Washington Co., TN. Later they settled in what is now Meigs Co., TN. Martino was a member of Pisgah Baptist Church, and it is believed that his remains were buried in the cemetery near that church, which is located about four miles north of Decatur, Meigs Co., TN.
Married a third time to unknown person.
MILITARY: Revolutionary War Soldier.

  iv.   Mary Atchley, born 1747 in Middlesex Co., New Jersey; died 1809 in Montgomery Co., Virginia; married (1) John Holmes in Loudoun Co., Virginia; born 1730 in Coleraine Co., Ireland; died 1781 in Frederick Co., Virginia; married (2) Enoch Muirheid; born 1755; died 1805 in Montgomery Co., Virginia.
  Notes for Mary Atchley:
After the death of John Holmes, in 1781, she married Enoch Muirheid. About 1790, the family emigrated from near Winchester, Frederick Co., Virginia, to a farm near the confluence of Peake Creek with New Rilver, about 80 miles east of the towm of Pulaski. This farmstead then was located in Montgomery Co., but county lines being later changed place the location in Pulaski Co. Here, Mary Atchley Holmes Muirheid died and was buried. Bh her grave was buried her second husband, Enoch Muirheid, and her sons, George Muirheid and Alexander Holmes. The grave of Mary is unmarked.
She died in 1809 in Montgomery Co. (now Pulaski County), Virginia

  Notes for John Holmes:
He was from Coleraine County, Antrim, Ireland. He came to the United States, June 8, 1757. He was a Greek scholar and taught in the Virginia schools. He was a member of the Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons.

  24 v.   Thomas Atchley, born 3 May 1755 in Middlesex Co., New Jersey; died 11 Oct 1836 in Sevier Co., Tennessee; married Lydia Richards 1780 in Loudoun Co., Virginia.
  vi.   Abraham Atchley, born 25 Oct 1759 in Princeton, Mercer Co., New Jersey; married ??? Alsey.
  Notes for Abraham Atchley:
MILITARY: Revolutionary War Soldier

      56. Hugh Duggan, born in Norstrom, England; died Bef. 1794. He married 57. Margaret Wilson.

      57. Margaret Wilson, born in Scotland; died Aft. 1794.

Notes for Hugh Duggan:
Hugh Duggan and wife, Margaret (Wilson) Duggan, who was Scotish, came to America on a sailing ship about 1775. The ship required six weeks to cross the Atlantic, landing on Good Friday. Protestant services were held in thanks for a
safe crossing. Daniel was born on board ship during the crossing.
Source: 'Sevier County, Tennessee and its Heritage', 1994, p 190.

  Notes for Margaret Wilson:
Source: 'Sevier County, Tennessee and its Heritage', 1994, p 190.
Children of Hugh Duggan and Margaret Wilson are:
  i.   William Duggan
  ii.   Hugh Duggan
  Notes for Hugh Duggan:
1830 Census -- Sevier Co., Tennessee, page 93.

  iii.   Robert Duggan, born 1765; died 1844 in Sevier Co., Tennessee; married Margaret Dunn.
  Notes for Robert Duggan:
1830 Census -- Sevier Co., Tennessee, page 93.

  28 iv.   Daniel Duggan, born 1775 in On Ship.

      60. Archibald McMahan, born 1731 in Ireland; died 1834 in Jackson Co., Alabama. He was the son of 121. Catherine Cole. He married 61. ??? McNulty.

      61. ??? McNulty

Notes for Archibald McMahan:
1746 -- It is believed that Archibald McMahan left his home in Ireland and came to America about 1746 to seek his fortune in the wilderness of the new world. Archibald McMahan, then 16 years of age, landed in either the state of Virginia or North Carolina.
There is debate over Archibald's given name. Descendants of Sanders McMahan have always been told that the father of Saunders was 'Redmond' McMahan and they have a bible record to prove it. We now believe Archibald and Redmond are one in the same. No one knows for sure how the two names came about since they have not been found to be used together.
Smoky Mountain Historical Newsletter 1991, Vol XVII, No 4 lists the following form Dick Fox, RR9, Box 355, Sour Lake, TX 77659:
'Redmond McMohan was apprenticed to David Stuart as a cooper to begin 9 Aug 1747. Redmond was listed as a white male; his mother was listed as Catherine Cole. This is from the Augusta Parish Vestry Book, 1746-1780, p 101. Catherine Cole was listed in other Augusta Co., Virginia records as a servant of David Stuart.'
According to 'The South Carolina Regulators', Redmond McMahan was an outlaw in Upper South Carolina. When the Regulators or Rangers crushed the outlaw bands in the late 1760's, they scattered to other states. Maybe this explains the use of his alias.
Pennsylvania Archives, Vol 1, Series VI?, page 15, Officers and Soldiers in Province of Pensylvania lists 'Men in Command of Samuel Perry':
Redmand McMahan, age 20, born in Ireland, enlisted 13 July, laborer.
Included is a date (4 August 1746) that could be his birth or immigration date.
It is not clear if this is the same Redmond since the original source can not be found. The age of 20 does not match the pension application papers.
'Montgomery County Virginia: The First 100 Years' (text by Judge C. W. Crush, index by Mrs. Frances Terry ingmire; FHL 975.5785 H2c p 47) lists Redmond McMahon as one of the members of Captain Cox's company who signed an oath of allegiance to the Commonwealth of Virginia, refusing allegiance to George the third, King of Britain.
On page 69 there is an abstract from Montgomery Cjounty Court Records (volume and page not cited) as follows:
'Whereas Redmond McMahon was taken Prisoner in the Battle of Kins's Mountain by the Virginia and Carolina Militia on the March to the Moravian Town, he had made his escape & came into Montgomery County where he surrendered himself to an Officer of the Militia. And whereas there is no Prison in Said County to confine the said McMahon until an Exchange takes Place Therefore We the Subscribers do here bind ourselves Jointly & Severally our Joint & Severally our Joint & Several heirs Exrs. & Admrs. to the Hon'ble Thomas Jefferson Esqr. Governor of Virginia or the Governor for the time being In the Just and full sum of five thousand Pounds Current Money of Virginia that the said Redmond McMahon will at any Time deliver himself up when legally called for, to the proper officer, as a prisoner of War to be exchanged or otherwise dealt with as the other Prisoners in the same Situation with him may be dealt with. As witness our hand this 6th day of February 1781.

Redmond McMahon

John Price

Dasswell Rodgers (mark)


William Preston

James McGavock
He was imprisoned for what we believe is dissertion since his pension application was denied on grounds of dissertion.
1787 -- The 'Personal Property Tax Lists for the Year 1787 for Montgomery County, Virginia (Netti Schreiner-Yantis, Genealogical Book in Print, 1987; FHL 975.5 R4sy vol 8, p 454-455) show that Redman McMahan and George Byrd were enumerated on the same day, so they were probably neighbors. Redman's son Archibald married George's daughter Elizabeth Byrd.
1811 Nov 4 -- Warren County, Tennessee deed book A, page 22, 4 Nov 1811. Redmon McMahan to Enos Holbert 100 acres in Warren County on Barren Fork of Collins river, granted to McMahan by State of Tennessee 23 Aug 1808.
1816 Jan 8 -- Deed book C, page 125, 8 Jan 1816, Redmond McMahan to Nathan Randolph for $120 par of grant from State of Tennessee 25 August 1802.
1826 -- In 1826, Archibald McMahan was making his home with his son Sanders in Alabama.
1834 -- Redman McMahan applied for a Revolutionary War Pension from Warren County, Tennessee in 1834 at the age of 103, making his birth date 1731. Thomas Brown claimed he knew Redman McMahan before their repective arrivals inf Warren County, Tennessee. As mentioned earlier, his application was denied because of dissertion.
During Archibald's lifetime he accumulated quite a bit of ealth and at the time of his death he owned seventeen slaves.
It is not clear where Archibald 'Redmond' McMahan was buried. Some say he was buried in the McMahan family graveyard in McMahan Cove near Stevenson, Alabama. Others say he was buried in McMinnville or Morrison, Tennessee.
Buried in McMahan Cove, Jackson Co., Alabama.
Source: 'McMahan Family Tree', Glenn F. McMahan, 10 March 1932, p 1. T. D. W. McMahan records, Johnny Scott Large, p 63. Rosa Lee Downey notes, 16 July 1983, p 1-2, 4. Ann Turner, 2 January 1995. 'Yancy County, Buncombe County Heritage'
Children of Archibald McMahan and ??? McNulty are:
  30 i.   Jr. Archibald McMahan, born 1773; died 27 Feb 1853 in Sevier Co., Tennessee; married Elizabeth Byrd 28 Sep 1793 in Grayson Co., Virginia.
  ii.   James McMahan
  iii.   William McMahan
  iv.   Stephen McMahan
  v.   Ely McMahan
  Notes for Ely McMahan:
1830 Census -- Sevier Co., Tennessee, page 20

  vi.   Saunders E. McMahan
  vii.   Sarah McMahan
  viii.   Jonathan McMahan

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