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History of the Hulse Family Clan V. One Great Family.

Updated June 23, 2012

Harvey Frank Hulse
225 Saguaro Dr
Gallup, NM 87301
United States

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First of all I would like to give credit to John Slayton who originally did the initial research on the Document Clan V. His research sets the tone for the entire completion of the book and all the history he researched. I would also like to give credit to Sally Byers for her great contribution to many valuable historical documents and pictures. Thanks Sally. Sally is the GGD from Thomas Critenden Hulse and GGGD of Samuel Patton Hulse. I would also like to give much thanks to Randy Jobe, Cheryl Copas, Ann Jobe Brown and to Donna Briggs for their contributions. A special thanks to Linda Peveto for her connection to the Texas Connection side of the Hulse Clan V and all the information she provided. An Additional thanks to all the Hulse Clan V. Thanks to all for being patient.

This book is dedicated to my Mom and Dad, McKinley Hulse and Lydia Hulse,and all the Hulse Family Clan V,all the departed souls who have gone on to Glory before us and to those of us who will carry on the Tradition.

The Hulse Family Clan V started when Meverell Hulse The Immigrant had the courage to board a ship and sail to America in the Year of Our Lord 1650. He was a young man of 20 at the time and settled in Charles Maryland. I'm not sure why Meverell decided to come to America, maybe he was an indentured servant; maybe he was just wanting a change or challenge. I have tried to connect with some of his ancestors prior to America in England but without Luck. Meverell met and married Sarah Greenfield, daughter of Thomas Greenfield in Charles, Maryland. Their first son was William Hulse. William's line goes into The west in Ohio and beyond and I have little information for his line.
**Meverell then married Mary Pearle. This line starts the second line of Meverell Hulse the immigrant of which we have knowledge. It is not known when Meverell's first wife died for it is sure she did. Divorce was not a commonality. Meverell had a second son James Pearle Hulse,per Mary Pearle. Meverell Hulse's second son continues the legacy of the Hulse family.

James married Catherine Barber about 1695 in Charles Maryland.. James was born in 1674 in Charles Maryland. He died 1751 in St. Mary, Maryland. He had sons Meverell II, John and Luke Barber Hulse.
James's second son (John) was born on 1 October 1704 in Charles Maryland. He died in Fredrick Virginia. He married Sarah Moran. She was born 22 October 1710. She was the daughter of Gabriel Moran and Elizabeth Villett. Gabriel was from County Clare, Ireland. (A Wee Bit of Irish blood passed on in the Hulse family). John and Sarah had one son. This son was also named John. He was born 17 November 1728 in Fredrick Virginia. He married Elizabeth Sevier. He died in 1790 in Virginia. His son William Pearle Hulse was born 1755.and died 1850 in Falls Branch, Washington County, Tennessee. He married Elizabeth Nellie Howard. John and Elizabeth Sevier Hulse also had a second son named James Pearle Hulse(see Hulse Clan V Document for that line)which branched out toward the west.. William Pearle's wife, Nellie Elizabeth Howard was born in 1758 and died between 1840-1850. Their Son John married Mary Craft.John Hulse and Mary Craft Hulse had a total of 9 children.

One of John Hulse and Mary Craft Hulse sons was Samuel Patton Hulse. He was born on a cold winter's day December 5, 1834 in Washington County Tennessee. He married Nancy Jane Copass. She was the daughter of William Copass and Rhoda Jackson. Nancy was born 13 Feb, 1834 in Washington County Tennessee. Samuel died June 22 1904. Nancy died 12 May 1891.Samuel married again to an Eliza Raborns but had no children by her.Samuel and Nancy's oldest son, James Peart Hulse was born in Washington County Tennessee on 5 September 1852. He married Fatima C. Copass, daughter of Thomas Matthew Copass and Rose Ann Alvis. Rose Ann was the daughter of Henry Harris Alvis and (Morning Thacker) wa full blood Cherokee. Rose Ann's father was a Scottish descendant.

My Family History


Family Photos

  • Herschell Burr Hulse (236 KB)
    Yougest son of James Peart Hulse and Fatima Copas born November 22, 1894 in Cumberland County Kentucky
  • My Great Great Grandfather (33 KB)
    This is Samuel Patton Hulse, my GGGF. He was born December 5 1834in Washington County, Tennessee. The Country was still young and growing fast. Samuel grew up in East Tennessee. He was one of the youngest of 8 children of John Hulse and Mary Craft.
  • Herschell Hulse & family (739 KB)
    This is Uncle Herschell's Family at the funeral of their mother, Mrytle Foster Hulse who died in 1944, From Left to right, Paul Hulse, Uncle Herschell, Eddie,James,Ruby,Noxie,Roxie,Roxie's husband Evert,Besie, & Joyce, missing are Marvin and Bill who were in Europe in WW2
  • GGGM. 13 Feb 1834-12 May1891 (32 KB)
    This is Nancy Jane Copas. She was the daughter of William Copas and Rhoda Jackson. Nancy Jane is said to have met my GGGF Samuel Patton Hulse in Washington County, Tennessee. She got on the Horse behind him and never saw her family again but this isn't exactly true for it is noted she had many Copas family members in Monroe County, Ky
  • John Wesley Hulse and Esther Frank Melton (193 KB)
    This is John Wesley Hulse and Esther Frank Melton's Grave Stone located at Chestnut Grove, Cumberland County, Kentucky
  • Mrytle Foster Hulse (223 KB)
    Died October 1944, Uncle Herschell's wife
  • Sarah Hulse born 15 November 1861 (6 KB)
    She was the daughter of Samuel Patton and Nancy Jane Copas . She married a Carver, a doctor and moved to Texas. in 1889. Little is known since of her family
  • Jesse L. Hulse (199 KB)
    Jesse L. Hulse was born May 16, 1958 to Hank Hulse and Shelby Riddle. He died in an Auto accident on Feb 22 1985
  • Herschell Hulse and James Hulse (52 KB)
    Only known picture of Herschell and James Hulse together
  • Thomas L.C.Hulse and Mary Francis Bow Hulse (18 KB)
    Thomas Lewis is my GGF's youngest Brother. He was the youngest son of Samuel Patton Hulse and Nancy Jane Copas. He is Sally Byers GGF. He and Mary had 10 or 11 children. He was a Methodist Minister. they lived in Louisville Kentucky for a time and then back to Cumberland County
  • Dollie Susan Hulse Tuggle (92 KB)
    This is my Great Aunt Dollie Susan Hulse Tuggle. She married Moses Tuggle and had numerous children
  • Emma Nannie Hulse Plumlee (183 KB)
    This is the grave stone of Emma Nannie Hulse Plumlee, Husband to Everette Plumlee Sr. She is buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery at Lebanon, Tennessee
  • Grandpa John Wesley Hulse & Unknown (67 KB)
    This is John Wesley Hulse & Unknown man, belived to be Kathleen Hulse's Husband
  • Thomas Lewis Oldest Children (22 KB)
    Edwin Gleason Hulse on Horse and brothers and sisters on a farm in Kentucky
  • Edith Hulse Ruby Blythe Hulse (101 KB)
    Eddie was the son of Herchel Burr Hulse, my Great Uncle. Eddie was killed in a car accident
  • Clifton Hulse, Johnny Gulley, Clay Gulley (94 KB)
    This was taken about 1942-43 During WW2 Notice the Soldiers hat on Clif. Clay and Johnny Gulley are the sons of my Great Aunt Ivy Gulley and Walter Gulley. Aunt Ivy is my Mother's Aunt
  • Dad, Mom, Annie & Joyce (29 KB)
    Mckinley, Lydia, Annie & Joyce Hulse
  • Hulse Family Reunion (62 KB)
    Back Row:JC Blackburn,Arlan Hulse,Sammy Hulse,Annie Williamson, Joyce Blackburn ,Aunt Margaret Osaile, Aunt Tommy Denson and Harvey Frank Hulse. Aunt Margaret and Aunt Tommie are my mother's sisters, maiden name of Biggs
  • Edward Alvis tuggle (21 KB)
    One of Dollie and Moses tuggles sons
  • Obit for Jenetta Balding and Elsie Allison. Sister (492 KB)
    Jenetta and Elsie have the same mother but different fathers. Dolly Ann Hulse married Henry Wade Vibbart after her husband John William York passed away. Elsie's father was John William York. Jenetta's Father was Henry Wade Vibbart
  • Cecil, Joyce, JC, Annie, Mom & Dad (22 KB)
    Mack, Lydia, JC Blackburn, Cecil Williamson, Annie & Joyce
  • Harvey Frank Hulse and Daughters (10 KB)
    Harvey, Melinda ,Robin, Alanna and Pia. Taken at lebanon, Tennessee, 2004
  • Elsie Love York Allison and Roy Allison (135 KB)
    My First Cousin Elsie and Roy
  • Bessie Hulse Willis, Paul Willis and family (248 KB)
    Bessie Hulse Willis is daughter to Herschell Hulse, who was Son of James Peart Hulse and Fatima Copas.
  • Esther Frank Melton (103 KB)
    This is the only picture I have of Esther Frank Melton. She was my Grandmother. John Wesley Hulse's Wife Born 1878. She died May 10, 1955 What I remember about her was she was a gentle woman.
  • Family Reunion (53 KB)
    Hulse Family Members at The Family Reunion August 2004, Cumberland County, Kentucky
  • My Grandmother Ester Melton Hulse (51 KB)
    This another Picture of my Grandmother Ester Melton Hulse that I got from another family member. Not sure when this picture was taken
  • Mckinley Hulse, Lydia Hulse, son Frank Hulse 1946 (71 KB)
    Mckinley Hulse, Lydia Hulse and son Harvey Frank Hulse 1946. probably taken about September 1946 in Goodlettsville Tennessee. My father was just out of the Navy, my mother 31 years old.
  • John A.Hulse, Otis Ba, Johns Family , Gina,Richard (243 KB)
    This is a collection of pictures of John Allen Hulse, Otis Barger Brother in Law, John with Gina Williamson and her husband Richard Smallwood , John, John's Son Terry and Terry;s Son David and John, Pauline, Pam & Ferry
  • Samuel Patton Hulse and Nancy Jane Copas Hulse TS (677 KB)
    Burial Head Stone for My GG Grand Father and GG Grandmother, Rest in peace
  • JR, Ernestine,Dall,Lillian and Sammie Plumlee (4354 KB)
    Taken at The Hulse family Reunion 2005 at Cedar Forrest State park,Lebanon,Tennessee.
  • Grandpa Biggs, Raydar Williamson,Joyce and Jaycen (97 KB)
    This is rare picture of Thomas Harvey Biggs who I was named after. My Grandfather on my mothers side , also Mckinley Hulse with Ray Williamson, son of Annie Hulse and Cecil Williamson and Joyce Hulse Blackburn and Thomas Jaycen Blackburn
  • My Grand father John Wesley Hulse (6 KB)
    My Grand father was a big man. some say a mean man. He was three days away from his 90th birthday when he died on May 1965. I was on my way to Vietnam
  • John Wesley Hulse Grandfather 1906 (838 KB)
    This was the picture of the Cumberland County Tie Hacks, A lumber jack company in Kentucky 1906
  • My Great Uncle sometime around 1917 in WW1. (439 KB)
    He was born in 1892 , the youngest of My Great Grand Father James Peart and Fatimas Copas children.
  • McKinley Hulse , Lydia Hulse taken about 1975-1980 (685 KB)
    This picture I think was taken about 1975 to 1980. Of my mother and father, compare to WW2 picture
  • Arlan, Anna Barger, Ramona, Sonya,& Felicia Hulse (169 KB)
    This picture was probably taken about 1967-68, not sure in New Castle Indiana, Though I know that Melissa isnt pictured and she was born in Lebanon, Tennessee
  • Aunt Dolly,Elsie,Flora Bell Hulse (132 KB)
    This is Dolly Ann Hulse York with her Child,either Vernon York or Elsie York. This was taken about 1920. The older woman is belived to be Flora Bell Hulse or Roxie Hulse , either Roxie or Flora Bell, not exactly sure but one of the two.Taken in Kentucky. Aunt Dolly was married to William York. He died in 1922 and Aunt Dolly remarried Henry Wade Vibbart. They had four children, James Clurry(Deceased as child), Jenetta, Henry Fred, and Esther. Aunt Dolly died August 12, 1938. Wade remarried Elizabeth York/Balding. They had three children, Janie, Sue and Bennie Vibbart
  • Betty Joyce Hulse (230 KB)
    This is Betty Joyce Hulse, daughter of Samuel Mckinley Hulse and Lydia Brown Biggs. Joyce was born in April 20, 1934 , Nashville, Tennessee. She married J.C. Blackburn
  • Harvey & Sammy Hulse (671 KB)
    Taken at Olan Mills about 1956-7 Our mother Lydia was always one for fashion.
  • Emma,Hulse/Plumlee/Fann, Barnetta & Jim Hulse (96 KB)
    This is Nannie Emma Hulse, my fathers sister who married Everette Democrat Plumlee, Barnetta Allison Hulse and husband Jim Hulse, my Fathers brother.
  • Joyce and JC (167 KB)
    Joyce Hulse Blackburn and JC Blackburn
  • Paul Hulse (66 KB)
    Son of Herschell B Hulse and Mrytle Hulse
  • Uncle JT Hulse,Herschell,Hulse&Cathead Crawford (960 KB)
    Uncles J.T.Rassie,& Herschell Hulse with Cathead Crawford(thought to be a cousin) taken around 1915 in Kentucky prior to Uncle Herschell going in the Army WW1
  • Eddie Hulse and Family (298 KB)
    This is one of Great Uncle Herschell's boys and his family. Eddie was killed in a car accident February 16, 1962
  • Roy Allison and Elsie Allison (99 KB)
    Elsie Allison was the daughter of Dolly Hulse,and John William York. Dolly was the daughter of John Wesley Hulse and Esther Frank Melton
  • Harvey Frank Hulse (103 KB)
    Taken In Vietnam 1967-8
  • The Texas Connection to Clan V. (739 KB)
    This is Thomas Mckinney Hulse, Retta Hulse, Talvo Hulse and Tassie Hulse. The men to the left are boarders at The Hulse Hotel in Rising Star Texas
  • Harvey Frank Hulse (40 KB)
    Taken in Vietnam in 1965, 19 years Old
  • Fatima Copas Hulse & Ruby Blythe Hulse (327 KB)
    This is the only known Picture of Fatima Copas that i know of. If there are any others please send them to my email.
  • Hulse Brothers from Texas.These are Six Brothers (659 KB)
    Hulse Brothers from Texas.These are Six Brothers of The Hulse Clan who went to Texas. These are James Pearle Hulse (# 63 from Hulse Clan V Document )Children by his last wife Rebecca Adleine Henry as best as I know. Their names are: From bottom far right (1) Jacob Henry(Jake) Hulse born 1868 in Hope, Arkansas died 1949 in Magdelena, Lincoln , NM in 1949. (2) Bottom Middle is Lee Edmund Finis Hulse born 1875 in Hood Texas, died 29 June 1957 in Throckmorton,Texas and Bottom far left is (3)Bascom Jewell Hulse, born 1871 in Hope,Arkansas, died 1958 in Throckmorton,Texas. Top row, left to right Alcuin Fisk Hulse born 14 September 1878 in Brown Texas, died 15 Sept 1967 in Throckmorton,Young County, Texas.John Blakely Hulse born 24 June 1873 in Hope Arkansas, died 21 march 1962 in Elbert,Young Texas. Bascom Jewell Hulse born 1871 in Hope,Arkansas, died 1958 in Throckmorton,Texas. and. Talvo Ransom Hulse born 8 October 1880 in Rising Star, Texas, died 28 August 1933 in Elbert, Young, Texas his picture was probably made sometime around 1900-1910.
  • Harvey Frank Hulse US Army 1964 (110 KB)
    Taken right after basic training
  • Jenetta, Fred and Esther Vibbart (94 KB)
    These are Aunt Dolly's children by her second husband Wade Vibbart
  • Grave Stone McKInley and Lydia Hulse (184 KB)
    This is Dad and Moms Grave Stone
  • Paul and Bessie Willis (73 KB)
    Bessie is the daughter of Herschell B Hulse and Mrytle Foster Hulse
  • Mckinley Hulse, Lydia Biggs Hulse Grave Stone,Leba (297 KB)
    This is Samuel Mckinley Hulse,born December 24,1906 in Cumberland County Kentucky, son of John Wesley Hulse and Esther Frank Melton Mckinley died August 17, 1983 in Lebanon, Tennessee. Lydia Biggs born July 3, 1915 , Jackson County Tennessee . Lydia died Feb 15,1985. My Mother & Father, God Bless their souls, Married 53 years
  • Arlan Clifton Hulse and Shelby Hulse (132 KB)
    Arlan, Shelby and Petee
  • Paul Willis and Bessie Hulse Willis and family (248 KB)
    This picture was taken when Paul and Bessie first were married and children were young
  • Samuel McKinley Hulse & Lydia B Biggs Hulse (470 KB)
    My Mother & Father Taken during WW2 around 1942. I am not sure if before my dad went to the Pacific or when he came home.
  • School days Goose Creek Kentucky (1357 KB)
    this is the Goose Creek School Picture 1926 in Cumberland or Clinton County Kentucky. Some Hulse children are in this picture.
  • John Gladys Plumlee, Emma,Lydia H, Twins, Betty (130 KB)
    This is John Denton Plumlee, Gladys Plumlee, Emma Hulse Plumlee, Fann, Lydia Hulse, Betty Blackburn and Twins
  • Everette Democrat Plumlee Sr (177 KB)
    This is the Grave stone of Everette Democrat Plumlee Sr. He was born in 1989 and died in 1967. he was the husband of Emma Nannie Hulse. They had five children all boys. See Hulse Clan V doc
  • Mose Tuggle and Susan Dolly Hulse (273 KB)
    This is Mose Tuggle Husband of Susanah (Susan) Dolly Hulse,Sister of James Peart Hulse
  • Ed Plumlee Grave Stone (247 KB)
    This is Ed Plumlee's Grave Stone located at Cedar grove Cemetery in Lebanon, Tennessee
  • My Aunt Dollie and Cousin Elsie (1190 KB)
    My Aunt died young, was married twice. First to John William York. She had three children from John. Elsie, Vernon and William. Her second marriage was to Wade Vibbart after John York Died. She had three children from him, Jenetta, Fred and Ester.
  • Eddie Tyree and Clarkie Bell Allison (77 KB)
    Family Photo. Clarkie Bell Allison was Johnie Roy Allison's sister and a midwife. She was sister in law to Elsie Love York Allison

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  • Obit (27 KB)
    Anna Barger Hulse: Wife of Arlan Clifton Hulse, Mother of Ramona, Sonya, Felicia and Mellissa Hulse
  • Obit (27 KB)
    The Obit of Roxie Hulse Moon, daughter of Herschell B. Hulse and Mrytle Foster.
  • Hulse Clan V (610 KB)
    The History of Clan V

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