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Genealogy is...

Genealogy is about family. It's about our ancestors who braved untold hardships yet persevered. It's about walking the land your family has owned for over a century...the same country paths your Great-great Grandparents walked...over here another piece of land your Grandfather homesteaded, and passed on to you. Over this hill is the cemetery where nearly every stone identifies a relative...a Brother who died too young...Grandparents and Great-grandparents on both sides of the family, Uncles, Cousins, and more all resting in this plot of ground where time seems to stand still.

Genealogy is the pleasure of searching through old records in a small town courthouse. Many of the records are original documents, faded and torn, but still legible. It's the lump you get in your throat when you see and touch the signatures from two hundred years ago and know they are family. It's the tedious hunting for a clue for a Great-great-grandfather who seems never to have been...who was his father and mother?...where did he come from?...not a trace of him, except he married your Great-great-grandmother and fathered several children including your Great-grandmother.

Genealogy is the joy of finding previously unknown relatives through the Internet. It's the thrill when three cousins, who live nearby, meet face to face for the first time and feel you have know each other forever. You're not strangers, but family. Then when you share your pictures, it's the excitement of discovering this new found cousin has some of the same photos that you have, only you didn't know who they were...they are his Grandparents. It's about the shock you experience when the other cousin shares a picture of another cousin and it looks like your twin sister, only you don't have a twin. It's the thrill of renewing a friendship with cousins that somehow have drifted apart over the years. Then discovering that one is a very talented artist, and by chance lives just down the road from the family homestead, and just happens to have a beautiful oil painting of the old house.

It's the absolute crazy times you have while sharing your research. Leaving a small isolated cemetery, the car gets stuck in a ditch...cell phones don't work deep in these hills...there are no houses for is nearly dark, I mean REALLY dark...strange noises in the woods. Precious memories to treasure forever.

Genealogy is also about the glassy look that starts in the eyes of my family when I ramble on about census records, surnames, maiden names, cemeteries... Sort of like the look coming over your face as you read this. By the way, what is your Mother's maiden name? We may be kin!


Recently I began research on the other side of my children's line...the Buschelman/Buschelmann family. At the present time, I don't have a lot of information to share, but I have posted what I do have in the hopes that someone else may be researching the same line.


Did you ever notice how a simple family tree grows and spreads roots in all directions? Recently my Aunt Margaret shared her family genealogy with me. Some of her information was compiled by a cousin, Freda Wolfe Wilson. I am not researching the Cook and Winters family and what is presented here is the only information I have. Enjoy, Cousin Janet! Love you!
Boyd and Phelps Family
Updated March 22, 2008

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GEDCOM Trees (viewing trees requires 4.0 or later)

  • Buschelman(n) and Ohnstein Family Tree (17 KB)
    The Buschelman family came from Germany in the mid to late 1800's and settled in the Cincinnati Ohio and northern Kentucky area.
  • Phelps Family Tree (169 KB)
    This tree includes the ancestors of (Wilma) Doris Phelps from Pulaski County KY and beyond. The data presented here comes from many different sources, some of which are on-line. Much of the research is my own. One source are the various CD's from Family Tree Maker which are compiled from data which has been submitted from other researchers. Additional sources are listed as links at the bottom of this page. As always any additions or corrections are welcome.
  • Boyd Family Tree (35 KB)
    The ancestors of Noble Charles Boyd, primarily from Pulaski County KY area are included in this tree. The Williamson branch is believed to be from Tennessee.

Family Photos

  • John Tipton Barber (14 KB)
    John Tipton is son of John Bruce Barber and Sophia Isabell Dykes.
  • Robert Lee Phelps Family (23 KB)
    Seated - Robert Lee and Susan Ellen (Dykes); Center - Desdia; Standing back row - Effie, Robert Samuel, and Mary Mae. Robert Lee is the son of Robert Phelps and Anna Earp. Susan Ellen Dykes is the daughter of James Martin Dykes and Julia Ann Horton.
  • Robert Samuel Phelps (10 KB)
    Rob Sam is son of Robert Lee Phelps and Susan Ellen Dykes.
  • Rosie, James Carter, and Sophia Mounce (17 KB)
    James Carter Mounce is the son of George Washington Mounce and Elizabeth Barnes. Sophia Isabell Dykes is the daughter of Eli F. Dykes and Barbara Stephens. This was the 3rd marriage for both James and Sophia.
  • William & Arlie Hughes Dykes (15 KB)
    Written on the back: To Uncle Tom & Ant Lulia.(Tom and Lula Bray)
  • Noble and Junior Boyd, Tommy Phelps (16 KB)
    From left to right Noble Boyd, Junior (Henry Green) Boyd, and Tommy Lee Phelps. Noble married the sister of Tommy.
  • Phelps Homestead (19 KB)
    The old house is located in Hail, Pulaski County, Kentucky near the Cumberland River and Buck Creek.
  • Alta Thrasher (19 KB)
    Alta is the mother of Lloyd Burr Thrasher. The photo was found in the bottom of a box and has quite a few creases and a large hole near her nose. I only tried to smooth out the worst parts and colored in the hole.
  • William Elmer Bray (10 KB)
    Elmer is the son of Thomas Bray and Lula Barber.
  • Group Photo (58 KB)
    Written on the back of the photo by Bertha Bray: from left to right: Reta Dykes, 2 Rourke girls, unknown girl in front, Netha Sears, George Farmer(?), Estelle Price, Dewey Dykes, Vestil Hail, in front, Bertha Bray, Kessie Dykes, in front, Bertha Dykes, Flonnie Dykes, in front, Oddie Hail, Mabel Edwards, Ansel Baker, Bessie Edwards, Bode Farmer, & Winnie Edwards.
  • Chris Bray (15 KB)
    Christopher Columbus is the son of Martin Vanburen Bray and his 2nd wife, Polly Stogsdill. The photo is a post card with most of the writing still legible. Addressed to Mrs. Lula Bray, Ruth, KY, signed C.C. Bray, the postmark is Jun. 26, 1909 from Fairfield, KY. (Uncertain about Fairfield-difficult to read)
  • Lula Bray and Daughters (13 KB)
    Lula Bray seated, Julia on left, Bertha on right. Lula is the daughter of John Bruce Barber and Sophia Isabell Dykes.
  • Lloyd and Bertha Thrasher (11 KB)
    Although he was not a Grandfather by blood, he was a Grandfather by love. Lloyd is the son of Albert Beckett Thrasher and Alta Bell Reeves. Bertha Bray is the daughter of Thomas Bray and Lula Barber. Bertha was married first to Robert Samuel Phelps.
  • Providence Baptist Church (25 KB)
    Located in Pulaski County, Kentucky, the cemetery is located across the road in front of the church. Some of my Boyd kin are found here. There's a marker for 'Uncle Andrew Boyd', no dates, is this the father of Henry Green Boyd?
  • Granddaughter (32 KB)
    One of the rewards of growing older. My beloved youngest granddaughter.
  • Two Oldest Children of Noble Boyd and Doris Phelps (11 KB)
    Photo was taken between 1948-1950.
  • Ethel Dykes (12 KB)
    Ethel, wife of Jim Dykes, Lizzie Ethel Barber, daughter of John Bruce Barber and Sophia Isabell Dykes.
  • Randall Chapel Methodist Church (30 KB)
    Located in Pulaski County, Kentucky, the church doesn't appear to be in use. There is no cemetery at the church, however there is a small cemetery on a farm near the church. According to the Pulaski County Cemetery Book published by the Historical Society, Randall Chapel Cemetery is located on a nearby farm and there are several Phelps graves found there.
  • Greenwood Cemetery (26 KB)
    Located in McCreary County, Kentucky there are two Greenwood Cemeteries. The cemetery in this photo is down the road about 1/4 mile from Greenwood Baptist Church. The smaller Greenwood Cemetery is located next to the church.
  • Pat and Sophia Bray (19 KB)
    Pat Bray is the son of Martin Vanburen Bray and his 2nd wife, Polly Stogsdill. Sophia is the daughter of James Carter Mounce and Sophia Isabell Dykes.
  • Susie Boyd (22 KB)
    Susie Ellen Williamson, married to Henry Green Boyd,Sr. Susie is the daughter of James Perry Williamson and Rosie Duncan?(Note-unsure about Rosie)
  • Lakeside Mausoleum (36 KB)
    Located in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio, this beautiful setting is the final resting place for Tommy Lee Phelps, a dear Uncle.
  • Lloyd Thrasher (21 KB)
    Lloyd is shown here with one of his great-grandchildren.
  • Hail School (33 KB)
    Confirmed by a cousin, this is a photo of Hail School, Pulaski County, KY. If you have any additional information about photo or can identify any one in the photo, please e-mail me.
  • Mama Boyd (26 KB)
    Photo of Susie Ellen (Williamson) Boyd was taken in 1954.
  • Henry Boyd and Sons (16 KB)
    Junior, Henry, and Noble Boyd. Henry is the only known child of Andrew J. Boyd and Sarah Jane Silvers.
  • Elmer and Flora Bray (22 KB)
    The young girl in the photo is a granddaughter of Elmer and Flora.
  • Eli Mounce (11 KB)
    Eli is the son of James Carter Mounce and Sophia Isabell Dykes.
  • Mr. John Dykes (36 KB)
    Written on the back of the photo "Mr. John Dykes". Please let me know if you can identify this family. Photo was found in a box belonging to Lula Barber Bray.
  • Youngest Daughter of Noble and Doris Boyd (24 KB)
    This one is for you, little sister. I LOVE you!
  • Noble Boyd and Roscoe Mucallum(?) (24 KB)
    Written on the back: If you don't get a laugh out of these, you'll never laugh at anything. Pvt. Noble C. Boyd Hail, KY T/5 Roscoe Mucallum (writting is faded) Louiville, KY Photo was taken during WWII in the CBI area.
  • Buschelmann Monument (37 KB)
    Located in St. Mary Cemetery, St. Bernard, (near Cincinnati) Ohio. Aloysius Buschelmann 1852-1938 Catherine Buschelmann 1863-1926
  • Tommy Lee Phelps (32 KB)
    Tommy was born in Akron Ohio September 01, 1926 and died in Cincinnati Ohio April 01, 1997. He is the son of Robert Samuel Phelps and Bertha B Bray.
  • Thomas Bray Family (35 KB)
    Seated-Tom and Lula with Bertha on Lula's lap; standing on left-Elmer; standing on right-Julia; standing in back-Unknown may be Roxie Barber, sister to Lula. Tom Bray is the son of Martin Vanburen Bray and his 2nd wife, Polly Stogsdill. Lula is the daughter of John Bruce Barber and Sophia Isabell Dykes. John was 2nd husband of Sophia.
  • Noble Charles Boyd, Daddy (7 KB)
    Photo was taken about 1943 shortly after Noble enlisted in the Army. Noble was married to (Wilma) Doris Phelps. Noble is the son of Henry G. Boyd and Susie Ellen Williamson.
  • Doris Boyd with Daughter, Phyllis (that's me!) (21 KB)
    Photo was taken about 1944. Doris is the daughter of Robert Samuel Phelps and Bertha B Bray.
  • Fannie and Geraldine Dykes (17 KB)
    Fannie (Barber) Dykes and daughter Geraldine. Fannie (Frances)is the daughter of John Bruce Barber and Sophia Isabell Dykes.
  • Sons of Martin Vanburen Bray (15 KB)
    Pat, Chris and Nathan Bray are the sons of Martin Vanburen Bray and his 2nd wife, Polly Stogsdill.
  • Harrison and Cora Ledbetter (26 KB)
    On left in photo, Sam and Lizzie Stevens. Harrison and Cora Ledbetter on right. Harrison's parents are not known at this time. Cora is the daughter of John Bruce Barber and Sophia Isabell Dykes.
  • Greenwood Baptist Church and Cemetery (24 KB)
    Greenwood Church is located in the small community of Greenwood, McCreary County, Kentucky. Some of our Bray ancestors are from this area.
  • Hail (Mt. Zion) Cemetery, Pulaski County, Kentucky (21 KB)
    Hail Cemetery is located just over the hill from the Phelps Family Homestead in a peaceful setting where time has stood still.
  • Edwinna and Hessie (34 KB)
    On left, Edwinna Morrow, age 14, on right, Hessie Dykes, age 13. Written on back: Taken May 1918 [and mailed to] Mr. & Mrs. Tom Bray, Hail, KY. Hessie is the daughter of James Dykes and Lizzie Ethel Barber. Parents of Edwinna are not known.
  • Pine Thicket Cemetery, Pulaski County, Kentucky (22 KB)
    Located in the Bent area of Pulaski County, Kentucky, many of my Phelps ancestors rest here in this tranquil location. Martin Vanburen and his second wife Polly Stogsdill are also in Pine Thicket.
  • Sons of Matthew Bray (15 KB)
    On left, Clifford, standing, Aroma. Matthew Bray is the son of Martin Vanburen Bray and his 2nd wife, Polly Stogsdill.
  • Elmer and Flora Bray (32 KB)
    William Elmer Bray and his wife, Flora Hyden.
  • Rest Haven Cemetery, Blue Ash, Ohio (25 KB)
    Rest Haven is located in Blue Ash (Cincinnati area),Hamilton County, Ohio. This photo is the main road leading into the cemetery. Three generations of my family are found just to the right, beneath the pine trees. All are within a few feet of the road.
  • Ola Dykes (12 KB)
    Ola is the daughter of Robert Coss Dykes and Fannie Barber. Written on back of photo: To Aunt Lula & Uncle Tom From your niece, Ola. Taken Feb. 6, 1926.
  • Robert Dykes and Elmer Bray (25 KB)
    Uncertain of the relationship of Robert and Elmer. Robert may be the son of Jim and Ethel (Barber) Dykes.
  • Matthew Bray and Family (28 KB)
    Matt Bray and family. Matthew is son of Martin Vanburen Bray and his 2nd wife, Polly Stogsdill.
  • Lillie Dykes (31 KB)
    Although the photo is quite faded, I decided to post it anyway. Lillie is the daughter of Robert Coss Dykes and Fannie Barber. Written on the back: This is Lillie Dykes.
  • Cousins (45 KB)
    Phyllis Boyd and Edwards cousins, photos were taken in Barthel, Kentucky about 1947.
  • William Dykes (31 KB)
    Written on back: Lula Bray. Typed on back: Mr. William Dykes. Looks just a little too fresh in this picture.
  • Doris Boyd and Daughter Phyllis (26 KB)
    Uncertain of where the photo was taken, but thought to be the Hail Bridge. Written on the back of the photo: "This is the upper side of the bridge".
  • Roxie Ledbetter (21 KB)
    Roxie is the daughter of John Bruce Barber and Sophia Isabell Dykes.
  • William Perry Bray Family (36 KB)
    This copy of a photo of the William Perry Bray family was sent to me by a cousin. Big thanks, Cuz!
  • Matthew and Meacy Bray (18 KB)
    The following is taken from a newspaper clipping with this picture, source unknown: In the picture above Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bray of Yosemite prepare to cut their 50th Wedding Anniversary cake. By their side stand two of their three children, Arroma and Polly. Their third child, Clifford, Urbana, Ill., came later in the day. About the time Mr. Bray was 22 years old he came from Bent, Pulaski County, to visit his brother, John Bray. It was at this time that he met pretty Meacy Durham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ace McDowell Durham. They were married by Uncle Bob Staton who was something of a preacher as well as a magistrate at the time. Except for six years when they lived in Cincinnati Mr. and Mrs. Bray have lived in their community the 50 years. They have lived on their present farm for 26 years. The home is situated upon a hill overlooking Hatter Creek and it requires a drive of over a mile, partly through woods, to reach the Bray Homestead. It is a beautiful location and Mrs. Bray and Polly must be just about the county's neatest housekeepers. One can simply look around the home and farm and know that this a family that has had a wonderful 50 years of married bliss.
  • Children Of Samuel & Rushie (Tomlinson) Bray (20 KB)
    Four sons of Samuel & Rushie Bray - Everett, Charles, Roscoe, and Leonard.
  • Rosie, Sophia, and Lillie Mounce (20 KB)
    This photo shows Sophia with two daughters by her 3rd husband, James Carter Mounce. Written on the back of the photo: From left to right - Rosie Mounce, Sophia Mounce, Lily Mounce.
  • Hog Killing (39 KB)
    The date on the back of this photo is 1943. Some of the surnames of people in the photo include Bray, Edwards, Phelps, Whitaker, and Dykes.
  • Recall 66 Years of Marriage (30 KB)
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bray 929 Jackson Street sat for the picture above, at the open house which celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary Sunday in the home of their son Elder Ester Bray and Mrs. Bray 620 Lafayette Avenue. The large cake and flowers in the picture represent only a part of the many gifts and remembrances bestowed on the couple, by their family and friends, who numbered 200. They came from Ohio, Kentucky, Nevada, and Illinois. Among them were the three other children, William Bray, Anderson, Mrs. Lloyd Thrasher, Cincinnati, and Leonard Bray, Route 5, Lebanon; two brothers of Mr. Bray, C.C. Bray, Alcalde, Ky., and Matthew Bray, Yosemite, Ky.; two sisters of Mrs. Bray, Mrs. C.C. Bray and Mrs. Veal (typo-Neal) Collier, Alcalde, Ky. Of the younger generations there were 17 grandchildren, 65 of the 71 great grandchildren and 15 great-great grandchildren present during the afternoon and evening. Yesterday, Mr. and Mrs. Bray, the honored couple, received a note of congratulations on the 66th anniversary from Congressman Richard L. Roudebush, enclosing the clipping from The Lebanon Reporter announcing the celebration on Sunday.

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Related Files

  • Obituary for Noble Boyd (1 KB)
    Noble Charles Boyd was born April 29, 1920 and died June 07, 1958. He is buried in Rest Haven Cemetery, Blue Ash (Cincinnati) Ohio.
  • Obituary for Cora Ledbetter (1 KB)
    Cora Barber Ledbetter was born May 07, 1888 and died October 19, 1963. She is buried in Clay Hill Cemetery, Pulaski County, Kentucky.
  • Obituary for Robert C. Dykes (1 KB)
    Robert Cossin Dykes was born August 07, 1882 and died September 07, 1963. He is buried in Hail (Mt. Zion) Cemetery, Pulaski County, Kentucky.
  • Last Will and Testament of Frank F. Buschelmann (5 KB)
    Frank F. Buschelmann was born May 03, 1893 in Cincinnati, Ohio and died May 01, 1940 in Cincinnati.
  • Obituary for Sophia Mounce (1 KB)
    Sophia Isabell Dykes Barber Mounce was born October 24, 1858 and died February 01, 1944. She is buried in Rock Lick Cemetery, Pulaski County, Kentucky.
  • Obituary for Alta Thrasher (1 KB)
    Alta Bell Reeves Thrasher was born June 04, 1874 and died August 16, 1954. She is buried in Mt. Victory Baptist Church Cemetery, Pulaski County, Kentucky.
  • Obituary for Hilma Edwards (1 KB)
    Hilma Julia Phelps Edwards was born July 21, 1920 and died June 13, 2001. She is buried in Rest Haven Cemetery, Blue Ash (Cincinnati), Ohio.
  • Hail (Mt. Zion) Cemetery, Pulaski County, Kentucky (13 KB)
    Hail (Mt. Zion) Cemetery is located in Pulaski County, Kentucky. Situated near Mt. Zion Baptist Church, it has always been called Hail Cemetery by my kinfolk. Not all names found in the cemetery are listed here, only family members. Some are distant cousins several times removed, one is a brother who died before he had a chance to live. Although not on-line, I do have photos of many of the tombstones listed here
  • How Many Grandparents Do You Have? (1 KB)
    My son kept saying "When you finish our family tree, please give me a copy." Well! Finish? As in finding all our great-grandparents? Do you even realize how many great-grandparents we have?
  • Rock Lick Cemetery, Pulaski County, Kentucky (19 KB)
    Please note: some of the relationships listed here are not from my own research. Several errors have been corrected and additional information or corrections is always appreciated.
  • Obituary For Lula Bray (1 KB)
    Lula Barber Bray was born May 11, 1880 and died November 09, 1965. She is buried in Rest Haven Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Rest Haven Cemetery (2 KB)
    Rest Haven is located in Blue Ash, Hamilton County, Ohio.
  • Obituary for Harriet Barber (1 KB)
    Harriet Haynes Barber was born March 06, 1891 and died September 14, 1958. She is buried in Hail (Mt. Zion) Cemetery, Pulaski County, Kentucky.
  • Piney Grove United Baptist Cemetery (29 KB)
    Located in Pulaski County, Kentucky, Piney Grove United Baptist Church was organized on May 26, 1860. All the names listed here are NOT my family and I have no additional information.
  • St. Mary Cemetery, St. Bernard, Ohio (9 KB)
    St. Mary Cemetery is located in St. Bernard, near Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Obituary for Edwin Dale Edwards (1 KB)
    A very dear and special cousin. Born June 7, 1943 and died August 02, 1981.
  • Obituary for Susie Boyd (2 KB)
    Susie Ellen Williamson Boyd was born April 18, 1891 and died December 26, 1957. She is buried in Hail (Mt. Zion) Cemetery, Pulaski County, Kentucky.
  • Pine Thicket Cemetery, Pulaski County, Kentucky (19 KB)
    Located in the Bent area, many Phelps and Bray ancestors are found at Pine Thicket.
  • Obituary for Ester T. Bray (1 KB)
    Ester T. Bray was born about 1905 and died July 09, 1963.
  • Obiturary for Samuel Myers (1 KB)
    Samuel Myers was born November 1, 1895 in Kentucky, and died July 14, 1962, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery,Glendale, Ohio.
  • Obituary for Arroma Bray (1 KB)
    Arroma Bray was born September 8, 1907 and died April 5, 2000. He is buried in Salyers Cemetery in Casey County, Kentucky.
  • Obituary for Walter Francis Dykes (1 KB)
    Walter F. Dykes was born June 04, 1859 and died April 10, 1956. He is buried in Rock Lick Cemetery, Pulaski County, Kentucky.
  • Obituary for Andrew Nordheim (1 KB)
    Andrew Norheim, second husband to Katherine Myers, was born March 1, 1885 in Corntown, Kentucky. He died September 22, 1942 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery,Glendale, Ohio.
  • Obituary for Katherine Nordheim (1 KB)
    Katherine Nordheim, nee Myers, was born April 16, 1899 in Kentucky. She died September 27, 1959 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery,Glendale, Ohio.

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