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Ancestors of Robert JW Hysler

      162. Joseph Addington, born Aug 25, 1805. He was the son of 324. Charles Cromwell Addington and 325. Anna (Addington) Doaty. He married 163. Nancy (Addington) Easterling.

      163. Nancy (Addington) Easterling, born Abt. 1807.
Children of Joseph Addington and Nancy Easterling are:
  i.   Charles Cromwell Addington, born Apr 16, 1833 in Scott County, Virginia; died 1914; married Mary (Addington) Broadwater Jul 3, 1871 in Scott County, Virginia; born 1856 in Scott County, Virginia.
  81 ii.   Rebecca Jane (Strong) Addington, born May 16, 1831 in Virginia; died Aug 10, 1905 in Gate City, Va; married Thomas Richard Strong Oct 13, 1858 in Scott County, Virginia.
  iii.   Malinda (Quillian) Addington, born Apr 28, 1829; married John Quillen Apr 27, 1847.
  iv.   Nancy E. Addington, born Abt. 1838.
  v.   Joseph William B. Addington, born Abt. 1840 in Scott County, Virginia; died 1915 in Scott County, Virginia; married Sarah (Addington) Kilgore Feb 20, 1866 in Scott County, Virginia; born 1844.
  vi.   John M. Addington, born Abt. 1842.

      166. William R. Bellamy, born 1805. He was the son of 332. James M. Bellamy and 333. Nancy (Bellamy) Pace. He married 167. Julia (Bellamy) Winager.

      167. Julia (Bellamy) Winager
Child of William Bellamy and Julia Winager is:
  83 i.   Susan (Meade) Bellamy, born Bef. 1875; married Charles C. Meade Mar 13, 1879 in Malinda Bellamy's home.

      168. Thomas Combs, born Abt. 1800 in Surry County N.C.; died in MOCCASIN GAP VA.. He was the son of 336. John "The Revolutionary" Combs and 337. Mary Polly (Combs) __________. He married 169. Presilla (Combs) Moss Abt. 1835.

      169. Presilla (Combs) Moss, born Abt. 1810 in VA; died Aft. 1884. She was the daughter of 338. Wilkins MOSS.

Notes for Thomas Combs:
On October 10, 1853 purchased 400 acres of land from a man named James Gibson, This property is located in Moccasin Gap. Va. Deed Book #23, Pages 309-311

  Notes for Presilla (Combs) Moss:
10 Jan 1855 Pressella/Pricisla/Priscilla/Priscelle COMBS signed a power of attorney. on 10 Jan 1855, Washington Co, VA to agent to apply for pension of her father, Wilkins MOSS, witnessed by Hugh and William JOHNSTON. His bounty land application was rejected. Priscilla mentioned her fathers wife's death date was 3/1826 and soldiers death date was 2/6/1836..... (RW Pension File: R7460, Reel 1781 F-R7460; Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data From Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records, Volume 3, p. 313; .Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Abstract Files, Virgil D. White, 1995)

Children of Thomas Combs and Presilla Moss are:
  i.   Unnamed Daughter Combs, died in DIED AT BIRTH.
  84 ii.   William Combs, born 1836 in Washington Co., Virginia; died 1875 in MOCCASIN GAP VA OF TYPOID FEVER; married Elizabeth (Combs) Kestner Bef. 1858.
  iii.   Jane (Pritchart) Combs, born 1840 in Washington Co., Virginia; married Isaac Pritchart.
  iv.   David Combs, born 1844 in Washington Co., Virginia.
  v.   John L. Combs, born 1852 in Washington Co., Virginia; married Catherine (Combs) Whicker Feb 22, 1871; born Abt. 1852.
  vi.   Sarah Combs, born 1841.

      170. John M. Kestner, Sr., born Bef. 1800. He was the son of 340. Phillip Kestner and 341. Elizabeth (Kestner) Marchant. He married 171. Elizabeth (Kestner) __________ 1809 in Washington County, Va..

      171. Elizabeth (Kestner) __________, born Bef. 1828.
Children of John Kestner and Elizabeth __________ are:
  85 i.   Elizabeth (Combs) Kestner, born 1838 in Washington Co., Virginia; died 1875 in MOCCASIN GAP VA OF TYPOID FEVER; married William Combs Bef. 1858.
  ii.   Hiram Kestner, born 1843.

      172. Anson Cook Martin, born 1810 in Lee County, Virginia; died Bet. 1846 - 1850. He was the son of 344. John Martin and 345. Polly. He married 173. Margaret (Martin) Herrell.

      173. Margaret (Martin) Herrell, born 1812 in Hancock Co., Tennessee; died Aft. 1890. She was the daughter of 346. William Herrell and 347. Mary (Herrell) McDowell.
Children of Anson Martin and Margaret Herrell are:
  86 i.   James Monroe "Roe" Martin, born Dec 29, 1836; died Nov 15, 1914 in Middlesboro KY.; Stepchild; married Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" (Martin) Bolton Abt. 1856 in Middlesboro KY..
  ii.   Evaline (Busic) Martin, born Mar 11, 1830; died Feb 1, 1905 in Whitley County, Kentucky; married Alexander Calvin Busic; born 1827 in Claiborne Co., Tennessee; died Jan 7, 1863 in Triune, Tennessee.
  iii.   William Martin, born 1835; married Rachael (Martin) Marcum.
  iv.   John Martin, born 1835; died Apr 1, 1918 in Claiborne Co., Tennessee; married Hannah Smith; born 1835; died Feb 7, 1908 in Claiborne Co., Tennessee.
  v.   Surrelda Jane (Smith) Martin, born 1836 in Hancock Co., Tennessee; died 1890 in Hancock Co., Tennessee; married Pleasant Smith; born 1822 in Washington or Giles Co., Virginia; died 1895 in Hancock Co., Tennessee.
  vi.   Mary Marlene Martin, born Mar 10, 1839; died Feb 17, 1893; married Edward Hilton Clarkston Mar 11, 1860; born Sep 13, 1835; died Jan 28, 1905.
  vii.   Malinda Rachel Martin, born Jul 31, 1842; died Jun 30, 1903; married James Hilton Parks; born Feb 22, 1843; died Sep 19, 1916 in Whitely County, Kentucky.
  viii.   Alexander Martin, born 1844.

      174. Joseph Preston Bolton, born Jul 28, 1816 in Botetourt County, Va.; died Dec 28, 1887 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. He was the son of 348. Henry Bolton, Sr. and 349. Nancy (Bolton) Mann. He married 175. Mary (Bolton) Tanksley Mar 26, 1838 in Giles Co., Va..

      175. Mary (Bolton) Tanksley, born 1822; died Bet. 1850 - 1860. She was the daughter of 350. Plesant Tanksley and 351. Polly (Tanksley) __________.
Children of Joseph Bolton and Mary Tanksley are:
  i.   Daniel Marson Bolton, born Jun 2, 1846; died Aug 7, 1924; married (1) Sylvia (Bolton) Jones; born Nov 5, 1857; married (2) Martha (Bolton) Carmony.
  ii.   Matilda (Cunningham) Bolton, married Morgan Cunningham.
  iii.   William Bolton, born 1841; died Jan 5, 1927; married Susan "Tude" Parks; born Sep 18, 1838; died Jan 6, 1914.
  Notes for William Bolton:
He was a wagon master during the Civil War. He and his wife live in Harrogate Tennessee near Cumberland Gap. They are buri3ed in the Harrogate Cemetery, near their old home place. William and Susan had six children.

  iv.   James Bolton, born 1844; died 1913; married Martha Jane (Bolton) Parks.
  Notes for James Bolton:
James Bolton was a Baptist and belonged to the Springdale Church. James owned a large tract of land in the valley, and it is still owned and operated by his descendents. (1985)

He was the father of Rev. Wint Boltons who for many years was pastor of East End Baptist Church in Middlesborro, Ky. James and Martha had nine children. They and their descendents up to the present time (1985) are listed in this book.

Three of Joseph Bolton's boys married three daughters of Jacob Parks: (James; Milton; William) -- (Martha Jane, Nurissa, and Susan Parks)

  v.   Milton Bolton, born 1845; married Nurissa (Bolton) Parks; died 1905.
  Notes for Nurissa (Bolton) Parks:
He was the owner of a "grist" mill and a carding machine. He and his wife belonged to Little Sycamore Baptist Church, one of the oldest churches in Claiborne County, Tenn. During the Civil War the church served as a hospital for the wounded soldiers. The church is still in existence today. (1985)
Milton and Nursissa had four children.

  87 vi.   Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" (Martin) Bolton, born Jun 25, 1837; died Jan 2, 1922 in KY; married James Monroe "Roe" Martin Abt. 1856 in Middlesboro KY..
  vii.   Joseph "Dode" Bolton, born Sep 18, 1853; died Feb 23, 1920; married Margaret N. Clarkston; born Jul 28, 1851; died Mar 11, 1920.

      176. Alexander Skelton, born Jun 1, 1793 in Amherst Co. Virginia; died Nov 15, 1874 in Church Hill Tn.. He was the son of 352. John Skelton and 353. Elizabeth (Skelton) Roberts. He married 177. Susanna (Skelton) Dollins Sep 4, 1809 in Hawkins Co..

      177. Susanna (Skelton) Dollins, born Sep 4, 1791 in VA; died Sep 23, 1866 in Hawkins Co. Tn.
Children of Alexander Skelton and Susanna Dollins are:
  i.   Mary (Housewright) Skelton, born Jun 20, 1810; died Aft. 1876; married Tolliver Housewright; born 1813 in Virginia.
  ii.   Elizabeth (Sanders) Skelton, born Mar 5, 1814; died Aft. 1877; married Ira Sanders.
  iii.   Sally (Housewright) Skelton, born Dec 11, 1815; died Aft. 1877; married Jechonias Housewright.
  88 iv.   William Skelton, born Apr 11, 1817 in Hawkins Co., Tenn; died Oct 14, 1884 in Church Hill Tn; married (1) Rebecca (Skelton) Skelton; married (2) Jane (Varner Skelton) Myers Nov 26, 1865.
  v.   John Skelton, born May 22, 1819 in Hawkins Co., Tenn.
  Notes for John Skelton:
John left Hawkins County before 1850; moved to Texas and did have children

  vi.   Alexander Skelton, born Dec 3, 1820; died Apr 1, 1904 in Hawkins Co., Tenn; married (1) Rebecca (Skelton) Burchfield; married (2) Polly (Skelton) Hughes; married (3) Elizabeth (Skelton) Stokes Jun 17, 1866; born 1831.
  vii.   Susanna Skelton, born Nov 16, 1822 in Hawkins Co., Tenn; died May 9, 1845.
  viii.   Nancy (Arnold Winigar) Skelton, born Jun 29, 1824; died Aft. 1876; married (2) Clemons Winigar; born Feb 4, 1874 in Ky; married (3) William Arnold Jul 13, 1848.
  ix.   Joseph Skelton, born Jun 1, 1826; married (1) Jane (Skelton) Flannregan; born 1843 in Virginia; married (2) Catherine (Skelton) Bradshaw 1843.
  x.   Lewis Skelton, born Jul 22, 1828; married Matilda (Skelton) Harroll Jan 22, 1851.
  xi.   Margaret Skelton, born Mar 27, 1831; died Mar 31, 1831 in Hawkins Co., Tenn.

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