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Ancestors of George C. "Skip" Ingalls

      3482. John Bent, died Unknown. He married 3483. Hanna Stone.

      3483. Hanna Stone, died Unknown.
Child of John Bent and Hanna Stone is:
  1741 i.   Hannah Bent, born May 06, 1661; died Unknown; married John Adams.

      3484. William Goddard, died October 06, 1691 in Watertown, MA. He was the son of 6968. Edward Goddard and 6969. ??? Doylay. He married 3485. Elizabeth Miles.

      3485. Elizabeth Miles, died 1698. She was the daughter of 6970. Benjamin Miles and 6971. Elizabeth Child.
Children of William Goddard and Elizabeth Miles are:
  1742 i.   Joseph Goddard, born Abt. 1655 in Eng.; died July 25, 1728; married Deborah Treadway May 25, 1680.
  ii.   Willaim Goddard, born Abt. 1653 in London, Eng.; died Unknown; married Leah Fisher; died Unknown.
  iii.   Robert Goddard, born in London, Eng.; died Unknown; married Elizabeth Shattuck; died Unknown.
  iv.   Thomas Goddard, born June 08, 1667; died July 1667.
  v.   Benjamin Goddard, born August 17, 1668 in Watertown, MA; died Unknown.
  vi.   Elizabeth Goddard, born January 22, 1671; died Unknown.
  vii.   Josiah Goddard, born in Watertown, MA; died Unknown; married Rachel Davis; died Unknown.
  viii.   Edward Goddard, born March 24, 1675; died Unknown; married Susanna Stone; born November 04, 1675; died Unknown.

      3486. Nathaniel Treadway, born Abt. 1615; died July 20, 1689 in Watertown, MA. He was the son of 6972. Nathaniel Treadway and 6973. Mary Howe. He married 3487. Sufferana Haynes.

      3487. Sufferana Haynes, born Abt. 1618; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 6974. Walter Haynes and 6975. Elizabeth [Haynes].
Children of Nathaniel Treadway and Sufferana Haynes are:
  1743 i.   Deborah Treadway, born August 02, 1657; died Unknown; married Joseph Goddard May 25, 1680.
  ii.   Jonathan Treadway, born November 11, 1640; died Unknown.
  iii.   Mary Treadway, born August 01, 1642; died Unknown.
  iv.   James Treadway, born Abt. 1644; died Unknown.
  v.   Elizabeth Treadway, born August 03, 1646; died Unknown.
  vi.   Lydia Treadway, died Unknown.
  vii.   Josiah Treadway, died Unknown.

      3492. John Balch, born Abt. 1605; died 1648 in Salem, MA. He married 3493. Margaret/Margery [Balch].

      3493. Margaret/Margery [Balch], died Unknown.
Children of John Balch and Margaret/Margery [Balch] are:
  1746 i.   Benjamin Balch, born Abt. 1629 in Bridgewater, Somersetshire, Eng; died Unknown; married (1) Sarah Gardner Abt. 1650 in Beverly, MA; married (2) Abigail _____ Clark February 05, 1689 in Beverly, MA; married (3) Grace Mallet March 15, 1692 in Beverly, MA.
  ii.   John Balch, born Abt. 1631; died June 16, 1662; married Mary Conant; born Abt. 1632; died Unknown.
  iii.   Freeborn Balch, born Abt. 1634; died Abt. 1658 in Salem, MA.

      3494. Thomas Gardner, born Abt. 1592; died December 29, 1674 in Salem, MA. He married 3495. Unk.

      3495. Unk, died Abt. 1636 in Salem, MA.
Children of Thomas Gardner and Unk are:
  i.   Seeth Gardner, born Abt. December 25, 1636; died Unknown; married (1) Joseph Grafton; died Unknown; married (2) Joshua Conant Bef. 1657; born Abt. 1630; died Unknown.
  ii.   Thomas Gardner, born Abt. 1614; died Unknown; married (1) Elizabeth Horne; born Abt. 1634; died Unknown; married (2) ??? Hapscott Bef. 1643; died Unknown.
  iii.   George Gardner, born Abt. 1616; died Unknown; married (1) Elizabeth Freestone; born Abt. October 17, 1619 in Horncastle, Lincolnshire, Eng.; died Unknown; married (2) Hannah ??? Bef. 1644; died Unknown; married (3) Elizabeth Allen Aft. 1663; died Unknown.
  iv.   John Gardner, born Abt. 1624; died July 06, 1706 in Nantucket, MA; married Priscilla Grafton February 20, 1654 in Salem, MA; died Unknown.
  v.   Samuel Gardner, born Abt. 1629; died Unknown; married (1) Mary White Abt. 1658; died Unknown; married (2) Elizabeth ??? August 02, 1680; died Unknown.
  vi.   Joseph Gardner, born Abt. 1630; died Unknown; married Ann Downing; born Bef. April 12, 1633 in St. Brides Fleet Street, London, Eng.; died April 19, 1713.
  vii.   Richard Gardner, born Abt. 1632; died 1724 in Nantucket, MA; married Sarah Shattuck; died Unknown.
  viii.   Miriam Gardner, born Abt. 1635; died Unknown; married John Hill Abt. 1657; died Unknown.
  1747 ix.   Sarah Gardner, born Abt. 1627; died April 05, 1686 in Beverly, MA; married Benjamin Balch Abt. 1650 in Beverly, MA.

      3496. Samuell Corning, died Unknown. He married 3497. Elizabeth [Corning].

      3497. Elizabeth [Corning], died Unknown.
Children of Samuell Corning and Elizabeth [Corning] are:
  1748 i.   Samuell Corning, born Abt. 1641; died May 11, 1714 in Beverly, MA; married Hannah [Corning].
  ii.   Elizabeth Corning, born April 04, 1643 in Salem, MA; died Unknown.

      3504. Simon Stone, born Abt. February 09, 1586 in Great Bromley, Essex, Eng.; died September 22, 1665 in Watertown, MA. He was the son of 7008. David Stone and 7009. Ursula ???. He married 3505. Joane Clark August 05, 1616 in Great Bromley, Essex, Eng..

      3505. Joane Clark, died Unknown.
Children of Simon Stone and Joane Clark are:
  1752 i.   Simon Stone, Deacon, born Abt. 1630 in Boxted, Essex, Eng.; died February 27, 1708 in Watertown, MA; married Mary Whipple Abt. 1655 in Watertown, MA.
  ii.   Frances Stone, born Abt. January 20, 1619; died Unknown; married (1) Henry Green, Rev.; died Unknown; married (2) John Horne/Orne; born Abt. 1602; died November 1684 in Salem, MA.
  iii.   Mary Stone, born Abt. October 01, 1621; died Unknown.
  iv.   Anne Stone, born Abt. 1624; died Unknown.
  v.   Mary Stone, born Abt. 1632; died Unknown; married Nathaniel Stearns, Capt.; died Unknown.
  vi.   John Stone, born March 1635; died Unknown; married Sarah Bass Bef. 1663; born April 26, 1643 in Braintree, MA; died Unknown.
  vii.   Elizabeth Stone, born April 05, 1639; died Unknown.

      3506. John Whipple, died Unknown. He married 3507. Sarah [Whipple].

      3507. Sarah [Whipple], died Unknown.
Children of John Whipple and Sarah [Whipple] are:
  1753 i.   Mary Whipple, died Unknown; married Simon Stone, Deacon Abt. 1655 in Watertown, MA.
  ii.   Sarah Whipple, died Unknown.

      3512. John Prescott, born Abt. 1605 in England; died Unknown. He married 3513. Mary Platts April 11, 1629 in Sowerby, Halifax Parish, York, Eng.

      3513. Mary Platts, born 1607 in Sowerby, Halifax Parish, York, Eng; died Unknown.
Children of John Prescott and Mary Platts are:
  1756 i.   Jonas Prescott, Capt, born June 1648 in Groton, MA; died December 31, 1723; married Mary Loker Abt. November 14, 1672 in Lancaster, MA.
  ii.   Lydia Prescott, born August 15, 1641; died Unknown.
  iii.   Sarah Prescott, died Unknown.
  iv.   John Prescott, died Unknown.
  v.   Jonathan Prescott, died Unknown.
  vi.   Martha Prescott, died Unknown.

      3514. John Loker, died June 08, 1653 in Sudbury, MA. He married 3515. Mary Draper.

      3515. Mary Draper, died Unknown.
Children of John Loker and Mary Draper are:
  1757 i.   Mary Loker, born September 28, 1653 in Sudbury, MA; died October 28, 1735; married Jonas Prescott, Capt Abt. November 14, 1672 in Lancaster, MA.
  ii.   John Loker, died Unknown; married Sarah Rice; died Unknown.

      3584. Ezra Rolfe, born in England; died June 1654 in Salem, MA. He was the son of 7168. Robert Rolfe. He married 3585. Hester Fowler.

      3585. Hester Fowler, died Unknown. She was the daughter of 7170. Philip Fowler and 7171. Mary Winsley.
Children of Ezra Rolfe and Hester Fowler are:
  1792 i.   Ezra Rolf, died October 20, 1689 in Haverhill, MA; married Abigail Bond March 02, 1676 in Haverhill, MA.
  ii.   Daniel Rolfe, died December 19, 1675 in Battle of Narragansett Fort.

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