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Descendants of Ephraim Molock

Generation No. 3

4. SARAH ANNIE3 MOLOCK (ISAAC2, EPHRAIM1) was born Jun 24, 1875 in Dorchester County, Maryland, and died 1957 in Dorchester County, Maryland. She married (1) NOAH JACKSON, SR. 1892 in Linkwood, Md. , Dorchester County, Maryland, son of CHARLES JACKSON and RACHEL HILL. He was born 1864 in Dorchester County, Maryland, and died 1946 in Dorchester County, Maryland. She married (2) ALGIE SAMPSON Abt. 1950.

Marriage Notes for S

According to the marriage records in the Dorchester County Courthouse, Noah and Annie Molock was married in Linkwood, Maryland by the Rev. G. B. Coleman. Noah and Annie was married for 54 years until his death in 1946. Both were Christian People and were members of the singing and praying Band of John Wesley Church in Vienna. They had the following children: Fred, Hattie, Mary, Noah, Elsie, Draper, Lenora and three who died in infancy.

Around the turn of the century, they lived on the Maiden Branch Road near Reids Grove. During this time, Noah Jackson worked on the farm owned by Jim Holder. Annie Jackson did odd jobs such as housekeeping, working in the tomato cannery and picking string beans.

By the early 1920's they had moved to a tenant house on the Walter Ralph farm between Reids Grove and Vienna. They lived there until around 1940. Here "Grand pop Noah" worked on the farm and did some sharecropping as well. "Grandma Annie" also continued to do her various jobs.

Because of a Bible owned by Clarence Molock, brother of Grandma Annie, much is known about her family. She was the daughter of Isaac and Francis Nichols Molock And the granddaughter of Ephraim and Lacy Molock, all of Vienna. Nothing is known about Ephraim and Lacy's immediate families. It is known however, that Ephraim Molock was born in 1800. they had the following children: Emery was born March 10, 1822, Abraham was born December 3, 1827, John was born November 23, 1828, Isaac was born January 24, 1832 and Lacy was born December 10, 1833.

Isaac Molock married Frances Ann Nichols in 1858. Nothing is known about Frances Nichols family. We do know that after Grandma Annie's father died in 1885, her mother married William Jolley of Vienna. Frances Jolley died in Baltimore, Maryland in 1925 at the age of 84. Isaac and Frances Molock had the following children: Ephraim, born January 31, 1860; Mary Liza, born April 28, 1861; Isaac Wesley, born July 27, 1863; Martin Edward, born April 4, 1869; Sir Walter, born August 15, 1878; Sarah Annie, born June 24, 1875; William Anthony, born May 25, 1878; Alonza Scott, born April 10, 1881 and Clarence L., born October 20, 1883.

During World War II, They moved to Vienna next to the present Vienna Elementary School. The house has since been demolished. Noah continued to work for Walter Ralph whenever possible until his health failed. After his death, Grandma Annie married Algie Sampson and resided with him in Thompson Town until her death in 1957.

Noah and Annie Jackson was funeralized in John Wesley Church at Vienna and are buried in Reids Grove Cemetery.

Researched and written by
Rev. Keiford O. Jackson

Children of S
6. i.   FRED D.4 JACKSON, SR., b. Dec 17, 1890, Reids Grove, Maryland Dorchester County; d. Nov 13, 1980, Vienna, Maryland Dorchester County.
  ii.   HATTIE JACKSON, b. 1896, Dorchester County, MD.
7. iii.   NOAH JACKSON, JR., b. Sep 7, 1900, Dorchester County, MD; d. Oct 25, 1984.
8. iv.   MARY JACKSON, b. Apr 1901, Dorchester County, MD; d. Nov 26, 1969.
9. v.   ELSIE JACKSON, b. Aug 13, 1909, Dorchester County, MD; d. Jul 1931.
10. vi.   DRAPER JACKSON, b. Jul 3, 1907, Dorchester County, Vienna, MD.
11. vii.   LENORA JACKSON, b. Dec 24, 1915, Vienna, Dorchester County, Maryland; d. Jun 26, 1962.

5. LEVIN WESLEY3 MOLOCK (LACY2, EPHRAIM1) was born Aug 9, 1861, and died 1944. He married MARY LIZZY HUGHES. She was born 1861, and died 1944.

Marriage Notes for L
History Of Levin & Mary Lizzie Molock

Levin was the son of Lacey E. Molock. Lacey Molock was born in 1836 and died in 1911. There is no known information about his father. Family members have said his father was German. He went back to Germany and left the farm land to Lacey and her son Levin. Levin and his mother Lacey, cleared the land of trees. Levin was a farmer all his life and according to accounts, a very enterprising one. He and two other farmers brought a wheat thresher together and went around threshing other farmers wheat for profit. He also rigged up a contraption that would saw up wood. When crops were laid by, he sawed wood for other farmers. Evidence of being successful attest to the fact, he was among the first to own a new Oldsmobile car. One of his nephews told the tale that "he had a hard time learning to drive. Once he was following a friend riding a bicycle and every time the biker turned he followed him until he almost caused the biker to drive in the ditch." Most of his nieces and nephews remember the Oldsmobile being in the garage most of the time.

He had a very strong faith in God. He became local preacher at the Waters Chapel Church in Fork Neck. He could often be heard every Sunday morning singing loud and sometimes off-tune (smile).

One grandson's wife recalls he often preached very long sermons. She related an incident in which Benjamin Wilson pulled his coattail to try to get him to bring his sermon to an end. He interrupted his sermon and told him, "you better let go of my coattail."

His strong influence became a motivating factor in influencing three of his children to become ordained ministers.

Mary Lizzie was hired by a wealthy family as a nurse maid for their daughter and to do domestic work. This gave her an opportunity to travel to Europe and other countries with the family. She worked and saved her money. This accounts for the fact that she and Levin did not marry until she was twenty. Even though she was mother to nine living children, she took pride in keeping a well appointed home. She found time as her did to give time to the church. Her grandchildren remember spending unforgettable summers running around the farm. We especially recall eating delicious food on tables laden with food under the trees in the yard

Written By Norris Molock

Children of L
12. i.   CHARLES HENRY4 MOLOCK, b. Nov 27, 1884, Forkneck, MD; d. 1969, Philadelphia, PA.
13. ii.   MARY AUGUSTUS MOLOCK, b. Dec 12, 1885, Forneck, MD; d. 1985, Philadelphia, PA.
14. iii.   MINNIE L. MOLOCK, b. Dec 22, 1887, Forkneck, MD; d. 1979, Cambridge, MD.
15. iv.   LEVIN WESLEY MOLOCK, JR., b. Aug 9, 1889, Forkneck, MD; d. 1936, Seaford, DE.
16. v.   JOHN A MOLOCK, b. May 24, 1891, Forkneck, MD; d. 1951, Cambridge, MD.
17. vi.   PATIENCE LILLY MOLOCK, b. Jan 4, 1895, Forkneck, MD; d. May 1979, Cambridge, MD.
18. vii.   IDA JO ANN ELIZABETH MOLOCK, b. Mar 15, 1896, Forkneck, MD; d. 1929, Cambridge, MD.
19. viii.   FRANCIS MOLOCK, b. May 12, 1897, Forkneck, MD; d. 1961, Philadelphia, PA.
20. ix.   ROSA E. MOLOCK, b. Mar 26, 1901, Forkneck, MD; d. 1922, Forkneck, MD.

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