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Ancestors of Peter Stanley Jackson

      50. Peter Mather, born Abt. March 1794 in Scotland; died 29 March 1864 in Thurlow, Hastings County. He married 51. Nancy Hays.

      51. Nancy Hays, born 24 January 1798 in USA; died 9 June 1887 in Thurlow, Hastings County.

Notes for Peter Mather:
Received a land grant July 5, 1830 by Assignment of Title for concession 6 N 1/2, lot 30. (Ontario land records, microfiche MG9D4, Thurlow, fiche #62 and archival reference RG-01 series C15, vol 001, page 108.)

In the 1861 census, a seven year old Robert Campbell is living with the Peter Mathers. Judging from his age, he could be a grandson, probably the son of Nancy who is listed as age 30 and living with her parents. In the 1871 census, Nancy is identified as Nancy Campbell and Robert's age is now 17. There is also a Cambell H.H. whose age is given as 19 and a Maggy Harrison who is 4. Robert, Maggy and H.H. are all listed as Irish descent while the others are Scotch. James is listed as head of the family and his mother Nancy is living with them.

The Mather farm is 250 acres and is in Concession 6, lot 29.

More About Peter Mather:
National Origin: Scottish
Occupation: Farmer
Religion: Free Church
Children of Peter Mather and Nancy Hays are:
  i.   John Mather, born 15 August 1821 in USA; died 2 February 1896 in Thurlow, Hastings County; married Elisabeth Mott Bef. 1 January 1850 in Victoria District; born Abt. 1 March 1830 in Ontario; died 20 November 1878 in Thurlow, Hastings County.
  Notes for John Mather:
In 1851 census, John Mather is living next door to his father Peter and both their names are spelled "Mador ". In the 1861 census, John is reported as being born in Canada West. Sarah J. Orr is living with them at the time of the census. I suspect that her mother was either expecting Emily or was ill at this time.

John Mather and his wife Elizabeth are buried with their son, John Junior, and daughter, Nancy J Mather, in the Gilead Cemetery, row 7, stone #8.

  More About John Mather:
Census Ref: 1861, Thurlow, part 1, p.76
National Origin: Scottish
Occupation: farmer
Religion: 1861, Free Church

  ii.   Archibald Mather, born 20 July 1823 in Upper Canada; died 16 November 1885 in Thurlow, Hastings County; married Elisa Jane Giborn; born Abt. 1832; died Abt. 1925.
  Notes for Archibald Mather:
Name may not be correct. Shown in 1851 census as a labourer living with John and his family.

  More About Archibald Mather:
Census Ref: 1871, Dist. 61, sub. B, div. 3. p. 52
National Origin: Scotch
Occupation: Farmer
Religion: C Pres

  iii.   Isabella Mather, born 25 April 182736
  More About Isabella Mather:
Baptism: 2 June 1830, Early Methodist Papers/ Thurlow

  25 iv.   Matilda Mather, born 23 May 1830 in Thurlow Township, Hastings County, Ontario; died Bef. 1870; married George Orr 21 June 1849 in Thurlow, Hastings County.
  v.   Nancy J Mather, born Abt. 1831.
  vi.   Elisabeth Mather, born Abt. 1834 in Upper Canada.
  vii.   James Mather, born Abt. 1837 in Upper Canada; died Abt. 1926; married Margaret Unknown; born Abt. 1843 in Upper Canada; died Abt. 1929.
  Notes for James Mather:
In 1871, James is head of the family and his mother is living with them.

  More About James Mather:
Census Ref: 1861, Thurlow, p. 76
National Origin: Scots
Occupation: 1861, Labourer
Religion: Free Church

  viii.   Margaret Mather, born Abt. 1840 in Upper Canada; married John M Harrison 11 January 1866 in Mother's home in Huntingdon; born in Madoc Village, Ontario.
  Marriage Notes for Margaret Mather and John Harrison:
Married by Rev James McCaul.

      52. John Moon, born 26 August 1796 in Claverack, Columbia Cty, NY State, USA37; died 5 October 1872 in Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County. He was the son of 104. John B. Moon and 105. Margaret Ann Murray. He married 53. Mary Alyea February 183038.

      53. Mary Alyea, born Abt. 1805 in Prince Edward County, Ontario; died 5 November 1872. She was the daughter of 106. John (Jan) Alyea and 107. Maricha Banta.

Notes for John Moon:
Death was registered by Marshall Moon of Ferry Point (Rossmore), Ameliasburgh.

The following is an extract from Elisha's obituary.

John Moon owned and operated the first ferry boat plying between Belleville and Prince Edward County, propelled by sweeps and horse power, which later gave way to steam.

Bands of Indians roamed at that time. The house was built of stone with walls, three feet thick. It was common to come down stairs in the morning and find a dozen or twenty Indians asleep on the floor before the big open fireplace, as there were no stoves in those days. John Moon always fed and sheltered the Indians and was always on friendly terms with them.

It would appear that Mary Alyea had passed on a description of the large Alyea house which was described in the Paterson Evening News, September 13, 1903, Editor's Van's Series (see the notes for Peter Alyea, b. Abt 1692) to her children but that in the telling, the time frame and location were confused. Mary Alyea and John Moon had eleven children, and John Moon had six from his previous marriage. Houses in Rossmore in the early part of the 19th century would be anything but palatial so the family history of a large house would have been a telling story passed on for generations.

A map of Ameliasburgh of 1835 shows the area now known as Rossmore to be named "Moon's Point" and shows a ferry line to Belleville named "Moon's Ferry".

The Ameliasburgh Directory of 1864 lists 7 Moons:

John, blacksmith, 1st C, part lot 61 (assumed to be this John, husband of Mary)
Elisha, yeoman, 2nd C, part lot 100 (son of John and Mary)
Jacob, yeoman, 1st C part lot 102 (son of John and Mary)
Marshall, yeoman, 1st C part lot 60 (son of John and Mary)
John, Jun., waggon maker, 1st C part lot 60 (son of John and Mary)
Daniel, labourer, Rednersville (assumed to be husband to Catherine and father to Augusta Almira)
James, B., yeoman, 1st C part lot 83 (no other information but in 1868 directory of Sidney, a Moon, J.B. is listed as the foreman at Mill Island).

Note that George and both Peters (son of John and Mary and son of Peter & Sarah or George & Sarah are missing). Peter, son of John and Mary is living with John and Mary in 1861 census and his age is given as 26 which would make his birth year 1834 or prior to April 1835.

In the 1878 directory of Ameliasburgh, Elisha is shown on 1st C part lot 62-f (f=freeholder as opposed to t=tenant) , Peter is a yeoman on 1st C, part lot 60 f, Jacob is on 1st C part lot 100 f, and Marshall is on 1st C part lot 85 f. There is also a listing for a Peter Moon, carpenter in Rossmore (which the directory says is better known as Moon's Point).

"Moon Cemetery, lot #61

In the village of Rossmore on the old Picton Road which later became #14 (this is now Ridley Street) then south, it was on this part of the road. The cemetery was located between the Wickey Ross Place or Babcock House and the De Field House in a bunch of bushes, now owned by Allan Blondin. This house is on the NW corner of the old Picton Road and the new Rednersville Road. I know there were stones here in 1920 as I worked on the road building the fence after it was taken over by Ontario roads. I had a chat with Mrs. Stillman Root who was Mag Belnap and lived most of her life around here and she could only recall a small child being buried here and could not remember any of the names on the stones so I think they must have been early as Mrs. Root is past 90 years. Old Picton Road ran between lots 60 and 61.

Mildred and Loral Wanamaker" (1966?)

John Moon's death certificate gives his birth location as Dutchess County, NY, USA and the information was provided by Marshall. However, the baptism records of the Claverack Reformed Church show the baptism on 25 Sep 1796 of John (b. 8-26) son of John Bemoon and Margreth Morry. Since John's father was normally referred to as John B. Moon, it is easy to see how the error was made.

More About John Moon:
Cause of Death: Intermittent fever for 6 weeks
Census Ref: 1861, Ameliasburgh, #3, page 35, line23
Occupation: Blacksmith
Religion: C of E

  Notes for Mary Alyea:
Page 743 of Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte states that an Alyea daughter married John Moon and settled in Belleville. Her mother's maiden name was Maricha Bontar and the family was from Holland. During the 1861 census, Marshall Moon is living with Peter and Elizabeth Alyea and family and Almien Moon is living with John and Elizabeth Alyea and family.

Children of John Moon and Mary Alyea are:
  i.   Catherine Moon, born 12 December 183038; died 4 September 191538; married Henry F Alyea; born 9 April 182739,40; died 5 September 1902 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA40.
  Notes for Henry F Alyea:
Henry and his wife are said to have died at the home of their son John in Grand Rapids Michigan.

  26 ii.   John Moon, born 3 February 1832 in Upper Canada; died 1 March 1900 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada; married (1) Clarissa E. Abraham 1855; married (2) Mary Lambert 21 September 1895 in Belleville, Ontario.
  iii.   Peter Moon, born 1 April 1834 in Rossmore, Prince Edward County, Ontario41,42; died 28 May 1916 in Rossmore, Prince Edward County, Ontario; married Isabella Moxley 19 November 1881 in Rednersville, Prince Edward County, Ont; born Abt. 1861 in Oswego, NY; died Bef. 1891.
  Notes for Peter Moon:
Buried in Albury Cemetery. Peter Moon's death certificate states that his father's name was Peter Moon. The informant was Leonard Moon. Leonard may have mistaken the question, thinking that it referred to his, Leonard's, father or he may not have known. The obituary in the Belleville paper states that Peter Moon was survived by his brother Samuel of Belleville which makes me think that this is the right Peter Moon to be the son of John and Mary and the death registration is wrong. Also Peter's marriage registration states that his parents were John and Polly Moon although the age is way off. (See wedding notes for discussion)

I have found no birth registration for Peter and Isabella's first child, Lululas, but she is listed in the 1891 census as being his 9 year old daughter and Clarence is his 8 year old son. Clarence's birth registration gives his birth date as 8 Oct 1882 and the wedding was Nov 1881 so Lululas was most likely born out of wedlock and not registered. This might account for the age difference between Peter and Isabella as well.

Peter registered Clarence's birth as NORE and Leonard's as BON but the ages are exact with the 1901 census.

Peter's birth date has caused some confusion. Mary Long's notes say 1 April 1834 and the 1861 census, taken in Mar 1861, gives his age as 26 which would make his birth year 1834 or prior to April 1835. It seems more likely that the eldest son would be named after the father and grandfather but this would be Mary Alyea's influence since there is no indication of this practice in John Moon's first marriage.

  More About Peter Moon:
Cause of Death: Apoplexy and old age
Census: 1901, Ameliasburgh p4 l. 46
Occupation: Carpenter

  Notes for Isabella Moxley:
Isabella is said to have been born in Canada and to be a resident of Oswego on her marriage registration but on the 1891 census return her children state that their mother was born in the US. She is not listed on the 1891 census so I have assumed her death to be prior to 1891.

Isabella's last name may have been Mosley or, according to Mary Long's notes, Moxom.

  Marriage Notes for Peter Moon and Isabella Moxley:
On the wedding registration, Peter Moon's age is given as 32. However, his parents names are John and Polly Moon. Peter Moon's birth year is given as 1832 on his gravestone so it may be that he gave the year of his birth to the person filling out the registration as '32 rather than his age. At this time he would have been 49 which is quite a difference.

  iv.   Margaret Moon, born 1 January 183543; died Abt. 1915; married Samuel Alyea 11 September 1855 in Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County; born 4 September 183044; died 1 August 189644.
  Notes for Margaret Moon:
According to 7th Town, When Margaret was an old lady living with her son John Smith Alyea in Rossmore, she put corn on a fish hook, let it dangle under the fence inside a neighbour's chicken yard and had herself an occasional chicken pie.

  Marriage Notes for Margaret Moon and Samuel Alyea:
The groom's name is illegible on the marriage registration so this date is a guess.

  v.   Jacob Moon, born 27 February 1837 in Rossmore, Prince Edward County, Ontario; died 30 March 1906 in Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County45; married Sarah Jane Shears; born 14 October 1838 in Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County46,47.
  Notes for Jacob Moon:
Lived in Consecon. Lived in Belleville in 1881 census.

  More About Jacob Moon:
Cause of Death: Acute Bright's Disease
Occupation: Farmer
Religion: Methodist

  vi.   Hannah Moon, born 4 November 1838; married Dr. W. Barringer.
  Notes for Hannah Moon:
Died in Childbirth

  vii.   Sarah Moon, born Abt. 1841; died 10 September 192048; married Elizah Williams.
  Notes for Sarah Moon:
According to Mary Louise Moon Long, there are 6 children.

  viii.   Marshall Moon, born Abt. 1843 in Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County; died 27 May 1919 in Hillier, Prince Edward County; married Lucinda Doolittle 13 June 1868 in Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County; born 21 January 1845 in Hillier, Prince Edward County49; died 15 March 1921 in Belleville, Ontario.
  Notes for Marshall Moon:
Buried in Newburr Cemetery, south side of concession 5, Hillier Township. Informant on his death registration was D.S. Ainsworth of Wellington.

  More About Marshall Moon:
Medical Information: Had arterio-sclerosis for several years.

  Notes for Lucinda Doolittle:
Buried in Newburr Cemetery, south side of concession 5, Hillier Township. Was living at 221 Coleman Street, Belleville, at the time of her death. The informant for the death registration was Jonathan Moon of Hillier. Her father's name is given as Jonathan Moon on the death certificate and only her mother's last name is given as REDNER. According to the paper she was living with her daughter Mrs. Emma Ainsworth.

  More About Lucinda Doolittle:
Medical Information: Had organic heart disease.

  Marriage Notes for Marshall Moon and Lucinda Doolittle:
Married by Rev James Thompson. Witnesses were Cush(?) L. Moon and Richard Potter.

  ix.   Elisha Moon, born 1 January 1845 in Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County; died 31 July 1930 in Collingwood, Ontario50; married Jemima Jane Alyea 28 September 1862 in Brighton, Northumberland County, Ontario51; born 13 March 1843 in Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County52; died 16 January 1921 in Bay City, Michigan, USA53,54.
  Notes for Elisha Moon:
The following is taken from the obituary carried in the Belleville Intelligencer.

Mr. Moon was the last of his family and the last of his generation. The son of John and Mary Moon, U.E. Loyalists, who settled on the south shore of the Bay of Quinte, in Prince Edward county. Elisha was the ninth of a family of eleven children. His father owned and operated the first ferry boat plying between Belleville and Prince Edward, propelling by sweeps and horse power, which later gave way to steam.

Bands of Indians roamed at that time and Mr. Moon could tell many interesting events of those days. The house was built of stone with walls, three feet thick. It was common to come down stairs in the morning and find a dozen or twenty Indians asleep on the floor before the big open fireplace, as there were no stoves in those days. His father always fed and sheltered the Indians and was always on friendly terms with them. (See the notes for Elisha's father, John, for comments on this story.)

Elisha Moon married Jemima Jane Alyea also of U.E.L. family, and for a number of years kept a grocery store in Belleville, later moving to Bay City, Mich., where they lived over thirty years. After the death of his wife in January 1921, he sold his interest there and came to live with his daughter in Collingwood. His only son, Frank D. Moon lumberman of Spokane, Wash., passed away suddenly in 1929, since which Mr. Moon has rapidly failed in health. He leaves besides his daughter Retta Elyea, one grandson, Clarence A. Moon, of Spokane, Wash.

The funeral service held at the house was conducted by Rev. H.O. Eastman on Friday evening and the remains taken to Brighton on Saturday to be laid at rest on Sunday in the old cemetery on the shores of the Bay of Quinte, where many U.E. Loyalists are sleeping (Albury Cemetery, Rednersville Road).

Mr. Moon was loved by old and young wherever he went, and was always glad to lend a helping hand to any needing it. - Collingwood Bulletin.

Miss Melissa Williams of 13 Forin St., Belleville is a niece.

  Notes for Jemima Jane Alyea:
Buried in Albury Cemetery.

  x.   Mary Sophrona Moon, born Abt. 1847 in Prince Edward County, Ontario; died 19 July 192555; married Peter Hunt 18 September 1867; born Abt. 1843 in Prince Edward County, Ontario.
  Notes for Mary Sophrona Moon:
According to Mary Louise Moon Long, there are 6 children.

  Notes for Peter Hunt:
Lived in Ameliasburgh.

  More About Peter Hunt:
Occupation: Farmer

  Marriage Notes for Mary Moon and Peter Hunt:
marriage date is given as 24 Aug 1867 in Ontario Archives document.

  xi.   Samuel Moon, born 18 July 1849 in Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County; died 15 January 1928 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada56; married Orissa Johnson 26 September 1869 in Canifton, Hastings County57; born 26 October 1849 in Sidney Township, Hastings County; died 18 September 1913 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada58.
  Notes for Samuel Moon:
At the time of James Herchimer's birth, Samuel was a labourer living in Wallbridge.

  More About Orissa Johnson:
Cause of Death: Cerebral Haemorrhage

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