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Descendants of Adam

      1136. Tsar Paul I Petrovich99 Romanoff (Tsar Peter III Federovich98, Karl Friedrich IV King of97 Denmark, Frederick IV Duke of96 Holstein-Gottorp, Fredrika Amalia Princess of95 Denmark-Norway, Frederik III King of94 Denmark, Christian IV King of93, Frederik II King of92, Dorothea Princess of91 Saxe-Lauenburg, Katherina Princess of90 Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, Heinrich I Duke of89, Wilhelm II Duke of88, William I the Old Duke of87, Heinrich II Duke of86 Brunswick-Luneburg, Magnus II Duke of85 Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, Magnus I Duke of84, Albrecht II "der Fette" Duke83 Brunswick-Oettingen, Albrecht I "der Grosse" Duke of82 Brunswick-Lunebu, Otto I "das Kind" Duke of81 Brunswick-Luneburg, Wilhelm Prince of80 Saxony, Heinrich V "the Lion" Duke of79 Bavaria-Saxony, Heinrich "the Proud" Duke of78, Heinrich IX (Welf) Duke of77 Bavaria, Judith (Fausta) Countess of76 Northumbria, Richard III Duke of75 Normandy, Richard II the Good IV Duke of74, Richard I the Fearless III Duke of73, William I Longsword II Duke of72, Ganger Rolf (Rollo) I Duke of71, Ragnvald I the Wise Eysteinsson of70 More-Romsdal, Oystein Ivarsson Jarl of Upplands69 Glumra, Ivar Halfdansson Jarl of68 Upplands, Ragnhilde67 Sigurdsdatter, Sigurd Hiort Helgesson King of66 Ringerike, Aslaug65 Sigurdsdatter, Sigurd Snog-Oie Ragnarsson King of64 Danevelde, Ragnar Sigurdsson63 Lodbrok, Sigurd Ring Randversson King of62 Sweden, Randver Radbardsson Sub-King of61, Aud Ivarsdatter Princess of60, Ivar Vidfavne King of59, Halfdan III Snjalle58 Haraldsson, Harald den Frode VII57 Valdarsson, Valdar56 Hroarsson, Hroar Krak-Rolfsson of55 Denmark, Rolf-Krak Helgesson of54, Helge53 Halvdansson, Halvdan52 Frodesson, Frode V Haddingsson King of51 Denmark, Hadding Gramsson King of50, Gram Skjoldsson King of49, Skjold Lothersson King of48, Lother Olavsson King of47, Olav the Mild King of46, Vemund the Sage King of45, Frode II King of44, Havar43 Frid-Leifsson, Frid-Leif42 Fred-Frodesson, Fred-Frode41 Frid-Leifsson, Frid-Leif40 Skjoldsson, Skjold King of39 Denmark, Odin "Woden" of the38 North, Fritholaf37, Frithowulf36, Finn35, Flocwald34, Godulf33, Geata32, Tacti31, Beowa30, Scealdea29, Sceaf28, Heremod27, Itorman26, Atra25, Hwala24, Bedwig23, Bedweg22, Seskif21, Magi20, Moda19, Vingener18, Vingethorr17, Eindridi16, Hloritha15, Vingenor14, Tror13 "Thor", Helen of12 Troy, Priam King of11, Laomedon King of10, Ilus King of9, Tros Builder and King of8, Erichthonius King of7, Dardanus King of6, Zerah5, Judah4, Jacob3, Isaac2, Abraham1) was born October 01, 1754 in Summer Palace, St. Petersburg, Ingria, Russia, and died March 24, 1801 in Mikhail Palace, St. Petersburg, Ingria, Russia. He married (1) Natalia Alexeievna Princess Hesse-Darmstadt October 10, 1773 in St. Petersburg, Ingria, Russia, daughter of Ludwig Hesse-Darmstadt and Karoline Birkenfeld. She was born June 25, 1755 in Prenzlau, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, and died April 26, 1776 in St. Petersburg, Ingria, Russia. He married (2) Maria Feodorovna of Wurttemburg October 07, 1776 in St. Petersburg, Ingria, Russia, daughter of Friedrich II Eugen Duke of Wurttemburg. She was born October 25, 1759 in Stettin, Mecklinburg, Germany, and died November 05, 1828 in Pavlovsk, St. Petersburg, Ingria, Russia.

Notes for Tsar Paul I Petrovich Romanoff:
It has been suspected that Tsar Paul I's mother was known in history books as the WIDOW GROOTH. SHE WAS THE WIFE OF COURT PAINTER IN ST. PETERSBURG from Stuttgart, L. F. Gustafsson GROTH. (See GROTH files.
Ian Grey. "Catherine the Great." Phila. & New York: Lippincott, 1962, p. 53.

ftnote 21: According to Catherine's MEMOIRS, p. 208, CHOGLOKOVA in St. Petersburg and in Oranienbaum, shortly before the court moved to Moscow, had been busily intriguing to bring the Grand Duke (Peter) together with a pretty young widow, named MADAME GROOT (wife of court painter from Stuttgart, L. F. GUSTAFSSON GROOT - see their files - wj). It would seem from the MEMOIRS that she was acting with the knowledge of the Empress, and presumably her purpose was to prove that the Grand Duke was impotent. This having been proved, the Empress would have more readily agreed to CHOGLOKOVA's proposal that Catherine should have a child by LEV NARYSHKIN or SERGEI SALTYKOV.

ftnote 23: There can be little doubt that SERGEI SALTYKOV, not Peter, was the father of Paul. Peter was incapable of consummating his marriage in August 1752, and there is no reason to doubt Catherine's statement (MEMOIRS, 23) THAT HER MARRIAGE WAS STILL UNCONSUMMATED SEVEN YEARS LATER. The cause of his impotence is not known; it may well have been psychological, although Castera (I,74) states that he suffered from a physical defect which any rabbi or surgeon could readily have corrected, but Peter would not consider it. So far as is known, none of Peter's numerous affairs resulted in any of his mistresses falling pregnant by him. ELIZABETH VORONTSOVA (niece of the vice chancellor), his mistress for several years, bore him no children, but marrying within a year after their affair had come to an end, she promptly gave birth to a son and then a daughter. It is, in fact, a reasonable and obvious assumption that Peter remained impotent all his life.

While the Tsars occupied the throne, Russian historians naturally avoided discussing the legitimacy of Paul, especially as it involved questioning whether Paul himself and his successors were of the Romanov blood. Even BILBASOV, although writing in Berlin, refrained from discussing it, but later in his study he, almost inadvertently, referred to SALTYKOV as the father of Paul (I, 349).

Catherine herself, in her Memoirs, WITHOUT STATING BLUNTLY THAT SALTYKOV WAS THE FATHER OF HER SON, leaves the reader strongly under the impression that he was. She does this by reporting CHOGLOKOVA's conversation with her, proposing that she should submit to the embraces of Naryshkin or Saltykov - a SECTION WHICH INCIDENTALLY WAS OMITTED FROM THE MEMOIRS as printed by the Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg IN THE REIGN OF NICHOLAS II - and by her subsequent references to SALTYKOV as the author of her sufferings (MEMOIRS, 231). To the question why she should have half admitted this in memoirs intended for her son and her grandson to read, the chief answer is probably that SALTYKOV, as a member of the old Russian nobility, would be more acceptable as a father than the Russophobe Holsteiner, Peter III, who, although the grandson of Peter the Great, had made himself so hated by his people.

It is sometimes said that PAUL in his ugliness resembled Peter III and was therefore probably his son. But from Catherine's description of SERGEI SALTYKOV's brother (see page 49) he may just have readily have taken after the SALTYKOVS, among whom, if we accept Catherine's description, SERGEI was an exception in his beauty. See also Nisbet Bain, 198n.

Notes for Natalia Alexeievna Princess Hesse-Darmstadt:
Natalia died at St. Petersburg April 26, 1776, without giving birth to the child with which she was pregnant.

Notes for Maria Feodorovna of Wurttemburg:
She was born Sophia Dorothea Auguste Louise of Wurttemberg.

More About Maria Feodorovna of Wurttemburg:
Burial: Petropavlovsk Fortress Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia
Children of Tsar Romanoff and Maria Wurttemburg are:
  1186 i.   Tsar Alexander I Pavlovich100 Romanoff, born December 12, 1777 in St. Petersburg, Ingria, Russia; died May 16, 1826 in Bieleff, Kaluga,. He married Luise Marie Auguste of Baden; born January 24, 1779 in Karlsruhe, Baden, Prussia; died May 16, 1826 in Bieleff, Russia.
  1187 ii.   Tsar Nicholai I Pavlovich Romanoff, born June 25, 1796 in Gatchina, St. Petersburg, Ingria, Russia; died February 18, 1855 in St. Petersburg, Ingria, Russia. He married Tsarina Alexandra Fedorovna; born July 13, 1798 in Charlottenburg, Berlin, Prussia; died November 01, 1860 in Tsarskoie-Selo, St. Petersburg, Ingria, Russia.
  Notes for Tsarina Alexandra Fedorovna:
She was born Fredrike Louise Charlotte Wilhelmine of Prussia.Born Victoria Alix Helena Louise Beatrix of Hesse-Darmstadt.

  1188 iii.   Constantine Pavlovich Grand Duke Romanoff, born Abt. 1800. He married Juliana of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld-Gotha.
  1189 iv.   Maria Pavlovna Grand Duchess Romanoff, born February 04, 1786 in Tsarskoe Selo, St. Petersburg, Russia; died June 23, 1859 in Belvidere Palace, Weimar, Saxe-Weimar-Eisanach, Thuringia, Germany. She married Karl Friedrich Grand Duke Saxe-Weimar-Eisanach; born Abt. 1765.

      1141. Hugh Kevelioc III Earl of99 Chester (Maud of98 Gloucester, Robert de Caen I Earl of97, Henry I (II) Beauclerc King of96 England, William I the Conqueror 1st King of95, Robert I the Magnificent Duke of94 Normandy, Richard II the Good IV Duke of93, Richard I the Fearless III Duke of92, William I Longsword II Duke of91, Ganger Rolf (Rollo) I Duke of90, Ragnvald I the Wise Eysteinsson of89 More-Romsdal, Oystein Ivarsson Jarl of Upplands88 Glumra, Ivar Halfdansson Jarl of87 Upplands, Ragnhilde86 Sigurdsdatter, Sigurd Hiort Helgesson King of85 Ringerike, Aslaug84 Sigurdsdatter, Sigurd Snog-Oie Ragnarsson King of83 Danevelde, Ragnar Sigurdsson82 Lodbrok, Sigurd Ring Randversson King of81 Sweden, Randver Radbardsson Sub-King of80, Aud Ivarsdatter Princess of79, Ivar Vidfavne King of78, Halfdan III Snjalle77 Haraldsson, Harald den Frode VII76 Valdarsson, Valdar75 Hroarsson, Hroar Krak-Rolfsson of74 Denmark, Rolf-Krak Helgesson of73, Helge72 Halvdansson, Halvdan71 Frodesson, Frode V Haddingsson King of70 Denmark, Hadding Gramsson King of69, Gram Skjoldsson King of68, Skjold Lothersson King of67, Lother Olavsson King of66, Olav the Mild King of65, Vemund the Sage King of64, Frode II King of63, Havar62 Frid-Leifsson, Frid-Leif61 Fred-Frodesson, Fred-Frode60 Frid-Leifsson, Frid-Leif59 Skjoldsson, Skjold King of58 Denmark, Odin "Woden" of the57 North, Fritholaf56, Frithowulf55, Finn54, Flocwald53, Godulf52, Geata51, Tacti50, Beowa49, Scealdea48, Sceaf47, Heremod46, Itorman45, Atra44, Hwala43, Bedwig42, Bedweg41, Seskif40, Magi39, Moda38, Vingener37, Vingethorr36, Eindridi35, Hloritha34, Vingenor33, Tror32 "Thor", Helen of31 Troy, Priam King of30, Laomedon King of29, Ilus King of28, Tros Builder and King of27, Erichthonius King of26, Dardanus King of25, Zerah24, Judah23, Jacob22, Isaac21, Abraham20, Terah19, Nahor18, Serug17, Reu16, Peleg15, Eber14, Salah13, Arphared12, Shem11, Noah10, Lamech9, Methuselah8, Enoch7, Jared6, Mahaleleal5, Cainan4, Enos3, Seth2, Adam1) He met Noname Concubine.
Child of Hugh Chester and Noname Concubine is:
  1190 i.   Amicia100 des Meschines. She married Ralph de Mainwaring.

      1143. Mahon99 (Turlock "Theocloric" King of98 Munster, Cathal King of97 Thomond, Hugh Caomh King of96, Conall Prince of95, Eochaidh Babdearg King of94 Munster, Carthan Fionn King of93 Thomond, Bloid King of92, Cais King of91, Concie Eachluath King of90 Munster, Liughdeach Mean King of89, Aongus King of88, Fireuirb King of87, Modha Ciurb King of86, Comac Cas King of85, Oilioll Olum King of84, Eogan More King of83, Modha82 Neid, Dearg Prince of81 Munster, Deirgthine King of80, Eanu Munchaoin Halfking of79, Muigheach More King of78, Mofents Prince of77, Muireach King of76, Eochaidh King of75, Duach Donn Dalta Deaghadh 84th Monarch74 Ireland, Carbre Loisgleathan King of73 Munster, Lughaidh Luaghne 82nd Monarch of72 Ireland, Jonadhmhar 80th Monarch of71, Niadh Seathamhuin 76th Monarch of70, Adamhar Seathan Luin 71st Monarch of69, Fearchorm 68th Monarch of68, Modhchorb67, Coghagh Coem 59th Monarch of66 Ireland, Reachta Righdhearg King of65 Munster, Lughaidh Laighe 54th Monarch of64 Ireland, Eochaidh 51st Monarch of63, Oileoll Finn 50th Monarch of62, Art 48th Monarch of61, Luighaidh Lamhdhearg 44th Monarch of60, Eochaidh Uairceas 44th Monarch of59, Lughaedh Jardhoinn 42nd Monarch of58, Eadna Dearg 41st Monarch of57, Duach Fionn 39th Monarch of56, Seadhna Jonaraicc 37th Monarch of55, Breasrigh 35th Monarch of54, Art Imleach 32nd Monarch of53, Art Imleach 30th Monarch of52, Rotheachta 29th Monarch of51, Roan Prince of50, Failbhe King of49 Munster, Cas Cead Coingniodh King of48, Aldergoidh 20th Monarch of47 Ireland, Munheamhoin 19th Monarch of46, Cos Clothach King of45 Munster, Firarda Prince of44 Ireland, Rotheachta43, Rosa42, Glass41, Nuaghat40, Eoochaidh Faobharglas 11th Monarch of39 Ireland, Conmasl 7th Monarch of38, Herber Fionn Joint Monarch of37, Milesius King of36 Spain, Bile35, Breoghan34, Brath Lord of33 Gothland, Deagh Lord of32, Arcadh Lord of31, Alladh Lord of30, Nuadhad Lord of29, Nenuall Lord of28, Febric Glas Lord of27, Agan Fionn of26, Heber Clunfionn Lord of25, Lamhfionn24, Agnan23, Tait22, Oghaman21, Beouman20, Heber19 Scott, Sruth18, Easruth17, Gaodhal16, Niul15, Phoeniusa Farsaidh King of14 Scythia, Baoth13, Magog12, Japhet11, Noah10, Lamech9, Methuselah8, Enoch7, Jared6, Mahaleleal5, Cainan4, Enos3, Seth2, Adam1) was born 683.
Child of Mahon is:
  1191 i.   Antuan Prince of100 Munster.

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