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Descendants of Horham Jernegan

Generation No. 22

23. LEWIS22 JERNIGAN, JR (LEWIS21, WILLIAM20, WILLIAM19, THOMAS18 JERNEGAN, THOMAS17, THOMAS16, THOMAS15, GEORGE14, JOHN13, EDWARD12, JOHN11, JOHN10, THOMAS9, JOHN8, JOHN7, PETER6, WALTER5, HUGH4, HUBERT3, HUBERT FITZ2, HORHAM1) was born Abt. 1790 in Scotland County, NC, and died Abt. 1837 in Guilford County, NC. He married ZILPHA SANFORD, daughter of NOAH SANDERFORD and SARAH CASEY. She was born Abt. 1790 in Richmond County, NC, and died Abt. 1837 in Guilford County, NC.

Notes for L
From Frank Jernigan:Theories, ideas and random thoughts.

The first location that I have on Lewis is in Richmond Co., NC and this is only second hand; his oldest children claim to have been born there. As for Lewis himself it is safe to assume that he was either a "local boy," born in Anson or Richmond, or he was from "off yonder," Johnson Co. or some other Jernigan area. If he was from "off yonder" the possibilities are too many for me to consider now but if he was from that area then they are rather limited.

The Jernigan families that I know of in Anson-Richmond Cos. 1780-1800 Are:

1. Old David, the Regulator
2. William Sr. who married Margaret (Peggy) Evans around 1810 moved to Tennessee.
3. Samuel Sr. who Rachael Hand and was first in Richmond Co, then moved to Anson Co.
4. Ezekiel, who gave "Bill" Worley the "slip" in Chesterfield Co., SC and hasn't been heard from since.
5. The possibility that either Jean Jarnigan who married James Terry, Jr. or Hannah Journigan who Champ Terry were widows with a son Lewis, when they married the Terrys.
I believe Lewis was born ca. 1790 and Old David was getting quite old to have a new son by then (unless Old David was carrying around a young grandson by an unaccounted for son.)
A Tennessee History says that William, Sr had 7 sons but Anson Co. Census shows only six and we think we can account for all of these.
The family of Samuel, Sr. is well accounted for and no Lewis there. We can't account for any family of Ezekiel. I just don't believe Lewis was born in Scotland.
I believe Lewis was born ca. 1790 as the Randolph Co Census for 1830 lists him between 30 and 40. This Census also shows Zilpha as between 40 and 50, which might be an error as she has 3 sons after this Census, up to April 1835. However I will assume that the ages are approximately correct as I have nothing else to go by.


1. Old David Jernigan, the Regulator
David was in Anson Co., NC prior to Sept 4, 1770 when he sold his property in Johnston Co., NC to David Lee. He was on the east side of the Pee Dee River near the "head of navigation" and I believe that he was a "turpentiner" or in the Naval Stores business.
The 1790 census of Richmond Co., NC lists David with 2 males over 16 and 2 females. According to several researchers these are Old David, probably the oldest son of Capt Jesse Jernigan of Robeson Co., and his son Samuel (Later Samuel Sr. or Anson Co.) born 11/19/1771. These two females were Jean (Jane), born 1/12/1774 and Johannah (Joanna) born 7/19/1776. Both married Terrys on 8/24/1790.
No sign of Lewis here.

2. William Jernigan, Sr. and Margaret (Peggy) Evans
The first record that I have found for William is a land grant to him for r210 A. in Anson Co. This grant was on the east side of Pee Dee River, now Richmond Co, between the present village of Cordova and U.S. Hwy 74. In 1797 he bought 140 A in Anson Co. on the west side of the Pee Dee and in 1799 he sold all or part of his original grant, which was then in Richmond Co. He then gave his place of residence as Anson Co.
The 1790 census of Richmond Co., NC shows William Jernigan: 1 male over 16; 5 males under 16, 3 females. We believe that these are:

1. William Sr.
2. Jesse b. Apr 4, 1775
3. William J b. June 4, 1777
4. David b. Sept 26, 1782
5. Thomas b. ca. 1788
6. Britton or Braden (don't know where he fits in at)

Then there is Henry, b. between 1794 and 1800.

Goodspeed Publishing Co., in a History of Tennessee says that William, Sr and Peggy had 7 sons. As far as I know no one has proved or disproved this seventh son. William Sr and 6 sons moved to Robertson Co, Tenn 1807-1820.
This seventh son is the subject of the most of my Jernigan research at this time, and about the only "lead" that I have is a "Quaker connection."
William Sr. first settled in Anson Co., ca. 1769 and although he was, or became, Methodist, several of his neighbor families were Quakers. (Mooremans, Hayles, Almonds, et al) His son David, who married Mary Hinson, daughter of Benjamin Hinson had a land grant near the Quaker Cemetery in Anson Co. Another son, Thomas, married Nancy Diggs, daughter of Plesant Diggs, a former Quaker and his first wife, a Hinson. Plesant married secondly Elizabeth Jernigan, daughter of William Sr.
William, Jr. married Lucy Tarver.
When another son, (I believe it was Jesse) got his first land in Tennessee, it adjoined that of a present or former Quaker.
You will notice how closely our Lewis associated with the Quakers.

The following excerpt is from the files of Mr. Frank Jernigan of Sumter, South Carolina.

"Lewis and Zilpha (or Zeltha) were probably married in Richmond County, North Carolina ca. 1818 or 1819 as James, the first child, was born there December 29, 1820. They seem to have lived in Richmond until 1827 when they moved to near Ashboro in Randolph County, North Carolina, In 1832 they were in the Northwest corner of Randolph County and in February 1834 they were in Southwest Guilford County.
The last word that I have on Lewis is when he was brought into Guilford County Court in February 1834. The next record of any of this family is in November 1837 when the Court apprenticed my grandfather to Charles Starbuck and listed him as an orphan.
It seems to me that Lewis either died between 1835 and 1837 or he abandoned his family and headed for Florida, Indiana or "someplace else". Zilpha probably died around this same time.
James must have taken over the family as it seems that he tried to raise Louis, but he ran away. Eliab was living with him in 1850. James married Hannah Benson in 1845 when he was on the Sheriff's list of Insolvents for that year.
Sometime around 1840 Travis, who was just getting big enough to be some help to James, "lit out" back to Richmond County where he had not lived since he was 5 years old. The only reason that I can think of for him to go back to Richmond County was that he had a grandmother or other near relatives there.
When Louis ran away from James he too headed for Richmond County and Travis, and who else? This was most certainly their Mother's old home, if not their Father's.
The location of the homes of the women that these two young men, Travis and Louis, married could be a good clue as to where they were reared and possibly by whom. Their courting almost had to be within walking distance or an easy mule ride from their home (homes).
Catherine McLean, Louis' first wife, lived about 2 1/2 3 miles east of Ellerbe, and her family were members of Ellerbe Springs (now McLean) Presbyterian Church. Louis was a member here, but don't know when he joined or left.
Judith O'Brien, Travis' first wife, lived somewhere around Green Lakes Church, which is approximately 3 miles southeast of Ellerbe.
A close search of the Fair Grounds District of Richmond County, North Carolina 1830 - 1850 might give us some answers as to just who Lewis and Zilpha were.
The Court Clerks spelled his name Jonakin which is probably the way he pronounced it and I doubt if he could tell them any better. Someone, most likely Zilpha, taught the children to spell their name as it sounded - Journagan. This name was fairly common back in the old home community in Richmond County where the Jernigans and the Terrys tried to see how many times they could inter-marry.
One thing more that I will mention is the association of Lewis Jernigan and his family with Quakers. There was Eliab Jackson who went from Marlboro County, South Carolina (or possibly Richmond County, North Carolina) to Randolph and Guilford County. Lewis seemed to follow him. William Louis, his son, was apprenticed to a Quaker, Starbuck, and the Bensons were Quakers in Indiana and probably before they left North Carolina.
In order to try to get a clearer look at the little that I know about my great-grandfather, Lewis Jernigan, I am listing, first: what I feel is known about him and then a few theories of my own.
Mrs. Ethel Elmer of Route 5, Harrison, Ark (now deceased) gave me a list of the children of this family. They were: James, born 1830; Travis Christenbury, born 1822; Sarahan, born 1825; Eliza Jane born 1827; Lewis, born 1830 (my grandfather); Andrew, born 1833 and Eliab, born 1835.
The death certificate of Eliab (Eli), filed in Indiana, gave the names of his parents as Louis Journigan, born in Scotland and Zeltha Sanderford.
The 1830 Census of Randolf Co, NC page 32, line 4, lists Lewis Jarnican with 2 males age 10/15 and 1 male 30/40; 1 female under 5, and 1 between 5 and 10 and 1 between 40 and 50. This fits all the children except Travis who was only 8 and not between 10 and 15. Still, it is about as good as census records go.
Also in Randolph Co, NC the "Overseer of Roads" book lists Lewis Jonakin to work on the roads at various times from May 1827 through May 1832. This seems to be on one section of roads in 1827 and 1828, another in 1829 and still another in 1831 and 1832. In 1827 and 1828 he is along with Myal O'Bryan and in 1831 and 1832 he is with Eliab Jackson.
The Guilford County, NC Appearance Docket, February 1834, lists the case of 'J. Daniel to the use of Sidney Porter vs. Lewis Jonakin.' The Court Minutes for February 1834, same case, show that Eliab Jackson as special bail surrendered Lewis Jonakin, defendant and he was 'Admitted to take the Oath of Insolvency"
Additional information concerning Lewis deals with the possibly that his wife's parents may be James Sanderford and Judith Peele. However, Frank Jernigan can offer no proof for this. This is just information that he has been told.
One interesting side note is that Fannie Jernigan who married Harris Barfield is buried in the Peeles Cemetery at the Scotland Co, SC and Richmond Co, NC line. Fannie Jernigan is the daughter of Travis Christenbury Jernigan, son of Lewis and Zilpha Jernigan.


Birth, NC, ABT 1790
Death, Guilford Co NC, ABT 1837
Son of William Jernigan Sr. and of Margaret "Peggy" ??.

Census, 1820.
Census, 1830, Randolph Co NC, p32: Lewis Jarnican, males 2 10-15, 1 30-40, females 1 < 5, 1 5-10, 1 40-50.
Census, 1840.

The most likely parents of Lewis Jernigan are William and Margaret (Peggy) Jernigan who had land grants in Anson and Richmond Cos in the late 1700's but who then sold everything and moved to TN in the early 1800's. An early TN history says that Wm and Peggy had seven sons, but the Anson Co NC census only lists six of them.
Lewis lived portions of his life in Anson, Richmond, Randolph, and Guilford Counties in NC. He appears in records as having worked on the roads in those areas. His literacy was probably limited, at best, and he may have subsisted very close to the poverty level.
The Death Certificate of his youngest son, Eliab (Eli) Journigan, filed in Indiana, gave the names of his parents as Louis Journigan, born in Scotland and Zeltha Sanderford.
Lewis Jernigan and Zilpha Sanderford (probably the daughter of Noah Sanderford and Nancy Casey, daughter of Jeremiah), were probably married in Richmond Co NC about 1818 or 1819 as James, the first child, was born there on Dec 29, 1820. They seem to have lived in Richmond until 1827 when they moved to near Ashboro in Randolph Co and in Feb 1834 they were in southwest Guilford Co.
The last word on Lewis was when he was brought into Guilford Co Court in Feb 1834 for insolvency.
The next record of any of his family is in Nov 1837 when the Court apprenticed William Louis (son of Lewis b 1830) to Charles Starbuck [Quaker] and listed him as an orphan.
Sarahan, b. 1825 daughter of Lewis, married John M. Benson [Quaker] They moved to Indiana, lived with Quakers, and are both buried in a Quaker cemetery there.
REFERENCE: Info from Barry Hedden, descendant.
Another source thinks Zilpha may be the daughter of James Sanderford and Judith Peele.

Notes for Z

Birth, NC, CA 1801
Daughter of Noah Sanderford Sr. and of Sarah Casey
M., Richmond Co NC, ABT 1818, Lewis Jernigan, Birth, NC, ABT 1790, Death, Guilford Co NC, ABT 1837, Son of William Jernigan Sr. and of Margaret "Peggy" ??.

Census, 1810, Richmond Co NC: female <10 living with Noah Sanderford family.
Census, 1820.
Census, 1830.
Census, 1840.
Census, 1850, not located in 1850 census.
Census, 1860.
Census, 1870, Johnston Co NC, p 430: Zilpha Jernigan 74.
Census, 1880.

1. James Jernigan 1241 ID:009603, Birth, Dec 29, 1820
2. Travis Christenbury Jernigan 1242 ID:009606, Birth, NC, Nov 16, 1822, Death, Aug 29, 1910
3. Sara Ann Jernigan 1243 ID:009605, Birth, Richmond Co NC, ABT 1825
4. Eliza Jane Jernigan 1244 ID:015255, Birth, Aug 11, 1827
5. William Louis Jernigan 1245 ID:009604, Birth, NC, Oct 19, 1830, Death, Marion Dist, SC, Oct 10, 1899
6. Andrew Jernigan 1246 ID:015256, Birth, Apr 9, 1833
7. Eliab "Eli" Jernigan 1247 ID:009607, Birth, Apr 24, 1835

Children of L
24. i.   JAMES23 JOURNAGAN, b. December 29, 1820, Richmond County, NC; d. May 05, 1900, Lead Hill, AK.
25. ii.   TRAVIS CHRISTENBURY JERNIGAN, b. October 19, 1822, Richmond County, NC; d. August 29, 1910, Scotland County, NC.
26. iii.   SARAH JOURNAGAN, b. May 18, 1825, Richmond County, NC; d. May 09, 1898.
  iv.   ELIZA JANE JERNIGAN, b. August 11, 1827.
27. v.   WILLIAM LOUIS JERNIGAN, b. October 19, 1830, Randolph County, NC; d. October 10, 1899.
  vi.   ANDREW JERNIGAN, b. April 09, 1833.
28. vii.   ELIAB JOURNIGAN, b. April 24, 1835, Guilford County, NC; d. April 17, 1909, Webster, IN.

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