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Ancestors of Mary Louise Howell

      6. Charles Edmund Borum, born 11 Sep 1862 in Nottoway Co., VA35,36; died 04 Jul 1938 in Nottoway Co., VA37. He was the son of 12. William Albert Borum and 13. Emily Frances Jeffress. He married 7. Mildred Haynie Carter 16 Jul 1890 in Virginia37.

      7. Mildred Haynie Carter, born 02 Feb 1869 in Nottoway Co., VA38,39; died 05 Aug 1945 in Nottoway Co., VA40. She was the daughter of 14. Asa Oliver Carter and 15. Mariah Sue Crafton.

Notes for Charles Edmund Borum:
The Borums of Burnt Hill

The Borums were a big happy middle-class family who lived on Dutchtown Road otherwise known as Route 628 in the Haytokoh District of Nottoway County, Virginia. This home is located four and a half miles north of Burkeville.
Charles Edmund (Edmond) Borum married Mildred Haynie Carter on July 16, 1890. They had ten children, all of whom lived to be grown and with the exception of Rob, had children of their own. This is the family of twelve whose descendants I wish to make acquainted. Charles Edmund was called Papa by his children and Mr. Borum by his wife. Mildred Haynie was Mama and Millie. I shall refer to them as Papa and Mama.
Pictures are scarce. One picture of Mama and Papa has hung in the same place for the forty-one years that I've been in the family. There are large pictures of each of them made when Papa was twenty-one years old and Mama was nineteen. Papa usually wore a hat, even when pictures were taken, so one learns little about his features. He was about 5 ft. 8 in. tall and weighed about 155 pounds. Mama was a little woman. She was quick of step. Her family said that she ran about her duties. She taught school before she was married.
All of the children had nicknames except Florence who sometimes was just called Flo. Albert was nicknamed Sigh, Haynie - Jiggs, Bernard - Duck, Asa - Shine, Rob - Giles, Louise - Rya, Jeffress - Flip, Walter - Hawk, and Emily was Mary Ann.
The farm where they lived was and is called Burnt Hill. Just how if got that nickname is somewhat vague. The most reasonable explanation is that farmers used to burn over their land, especially if broomstraw was prevalent, and if sheep had been pastured.
Grandpa owned large acreage, even to Flat Creek. This farm was a part of that homeplace. Papa bought additional acres from his sister, Mrs. Walter Johns, Aunt Jenny. The average price per acre for that purchase was $1.80. That land now belongs to Robert Asa Borum and is called the Clover Lot. At the present time Burnt Hill consists of one hundred seventy-three acres. This acreage is in two tracts although there is no separation. At Papa's death he willed Mama one hundred acres and the house her lifetime. An auction was held in 1939 to make it legal, that the property would be Rob's and Jeffress'. The family had already agreed to this arrangement as Jeffress was the only one who remained at home and Rob contributed financially.
The dwelling built in 1890 consisted of four rooms and a hall. This structure was a story and a half high. One daughter remembered an entrance which is now the south window of the dining room. There was a front door at the end of the hall. The kitchen was a separate building located ten or twelve feet from the house on the north side.
Mr. Louis Cook, a neighbor, built a kitchen adjoining the house in about 1909. Mama inherited some land from her aunt. Today that land is part of the City of Roanoke, Virginia. She sold the land and with the money the front part of the house at Burnt Hill was built in 1912. It consisted of a living room with a full story bedroom over that, a hall, and another small room upstairs. The walls of the older structure were not disturbed so that today the house has distinctly a back portion of five rooms and a front portion of three rooms. A fifteen inch door facing shows this add on. Separate stairs lead to the front upper level and back upper level. Three porches were built, too, one south, one north and one east. This addition was built by Emmett Toney and Joe Berry.
Changes have been made in the interior of the house but the floor plan has remained the same. Rob and a friend, Harry House, replaced plastering with (gypsum board) in the back portion of the house in 1932. Plastering remained in the front portion until 1956 when (gypsum board) was installed, one window was added and a wall removed to include the hall; thus making a large living area. Parrish Construction Company began this project on December 26, 1956. Since that time, new windows and storm windows have been installed, and some new flooring has replaced the original. A bathroom was made from part of the north porch in 1951. The house was totally insulated and vinyl siding added in 1985.
Rural electrification came into the area in the 1940s. The house at Burnt Hill was wired in 1944. Rob drew up a plan for ceiling lights and outlets. This soon brought the blessing of the refrigerator. The old smokehouse still stands where ice was packed before there was available electricity.
When Florence moved here she had a washing machine. This house had not been wired for electricity at that time. Albert put a gas motor into the electric machine.
The blessing or curse of the telephone reached Burnt Hill in 1963. It began as a four-party line.
When I came to live at Burnt Hill seven stately oaks shaded the house and yard. Other family members remember as many as eleven. Many reunions have been held in their shade. Sometimes more than a hundred relatives and friends attended. Lighting has struck all the oaks at one time or another. Only three large ones remain. In 1984 we lost the biggest one, which was located on the north side of the house. The County Forester, Mr. Starnes, who came to assess the damage, estimated the tree to be four hundred years old. There is a small young oak at the front that came up voluntarily in a flower bed. In 1979 that measured 13 inches in circumference at 14 inches from the ground. It will be interesting if some reader measures it fifty years hence. Jeff planted a pine seedling in 1969. At this time, it towers above the house. There is a black walnut tree in the back yard. Most years there is a bumper crop of walnuts.
Each lady of the house planted flowers and shrubs to suit her fancy. At the present time there is one pink dogwood. There are several large hydrangeas near the porches. These were potted plants given to me as Mother's Day or Easter gifts.
Papa had apple, peach, pear and damson trees. Asa planted two fig bushes which flourished for many years. Louise remembered that relatives would come for a week at a time in the summer to can and preserve fruit.
The road into the house from Dutchtown Road came by the Cook home until 1949 when a more direct driveway was built. It has hills but many of my readers will remember getting stuck on the old red hill, or rather than to take that risk, they walked in. In May 1989 part of the driveway became a dam for a newly constructed farm pond.
The first automobile at Burnt Hill was a 1939 secondhand Chevrolet named Luxurious. Even after Jeffress made that purchase, travel was often on horseback or foot in order to conserve gas.
As adults, the family represented many religious denominations. However, while at Burnt Hill they attended a small Presbyterian Church, Fairview, located within sight of the house. Preaching was held on Sunday with summer revival services lasting a week. Bethel Methodist Church was in buggy distance, also. Some of the family sang very well and their voices were an addition to the congregational singing. Church attendance not only provided worship experience but sometimes social ones as well. On one occasion Louise helped Jeffress to dress as a woman and he attended a box supper as Louise's cousin.
All of the children attended a little one-room school located on the farm about a half mile from the house. When this was closed, several neighbors together provided transportation to Burkeville by horse and wagon. One family furnished horses one week and another family furnished horses the next week. Louise and Emily graduated from high school. It was Haytokoh Agricultural High School, which had become Burkeville High School when Emily graduated.
As in all families, the Borums had their heartaches. Albert, Haynie and Asa served in World War I. Although they returned home without physical injury, Asa's death was believed to have been a direct result of gas in the war. Walter served in World War II and six grandsons were in World War II. They were Dick Webster, Jack Howell, Jr., George Webster, Jr., Carter Borum, Jr., M. J. Borum and Haynie Borum, Jr. Haynie Jr. lost his life at Anzio beachhead.
All of the stories that I can relate were handed down by children and grandchildren who lived here. It seems that summer, when school was out, brought many of the grandchildren "to help" Uncle Jeff or "Flip." The usual fun of damming branches, skinny dipping and playing pranks made the work day a fun day.
Papa liked to play pranks. A schoolteacher, Gladys Garnett, who later married a cousin, boarded here. She and Florence roomed together. One night, Papa met visitors at the front door. They were invited in and a fire was made in the living room. This was done because Papa knew that Gladys and Florence were listening. They dressed and came downstairs to receive beaus, who turned out to be Duck and Shine.
Once a traveling eyeglass salesman came by. At the time, glasses were little more than poor magnifying lenses. When asked if a pair improved his vision, Papa replied, "Well, yes! I can see a gnat over there on Henry Cook's barn!" It is not known if a sale was made.
Mama got into the fun times too. She loved to throw water on unsuspecting people. This was from the bucket and dipper which were always on the back porch. The water had been brought from the spring.
Watermelons used to be pulled and left in the upstairs hall until it was time to feast on them. When Albert was small, he pushed several melons down the steps.
Walter teased Emily one day until she took action. She was busy in the kitchen with a rolling pin in her hand. She threw the rolling pin and hit Walter in the middle of his back. He said that his back always hurt after that.
Each child had assigned chores. The front walk was to be clean, meaning bare. Louise had to see that no grass grew there. Emily and Walter had to clean under the porches which were not underpinned. Robert Asa remembers scrubbing the kitchen floor every Saturday. He came here to live in 1936.
One by one all married and/or moved from home. Death claimed some family members at an early age. Seven children, two grandchildren and Mama and Papa are buried in Sunset Hill Cemetery in Burkeville. Rob is buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Maryland. Louise is in Fort Hill Memorial Park Mausoleum, Lynchburg. Of the family of twelve only Emily is living.
By 1943 only Mama, Jeffress and Robert Asa lived at Burnt Hill. Mama's health was poor. She died in 1945. Florence was widowed. So, Florence and two of her children, Wrenn and George, Jr., moved here from Victoria, Virginia. In 1948 three things happened to change this arrangement. Wrenn graduated from high school and she and her Mother moved to Richmond. Robert Asa married and moved. Jeff and I were married. The house stood empty for twelve months except for an occasional week-end when Rob and Laura camped here. In 1949 Burnt Hill became home to me.
I appreciate the memories contributed by Louise, Emily, Jeffress and Robert Asa. My thanks to each of you who sent data on family members and to my daughter, Anne, for encouraging, typing and editing.
This paper is dedicated to Jeff's memory. He loved his family dearly and he loved Burnt Hill almost as much.

Julia Smith Borum
February 1990

I dedicate this to my parents and to all the descendants of Charles Edmund Borum and Mildred Haynie Carter who were lovers of good character, devoted to God and who claimed a place called Burnt Hill in Nottoway County, Burkeville, Virginia.
A loving daughter -
Emily Borum Anderson
February 1990

"Charlie Borum was known for his gift of gab. The blessing uttered at the table would not even be punctuated by a period. "Lord bless the bounty we are about to eat Shirley what's your Pa paying for hay?" [Roxanna Rosel, research, 13 Feb 1999]

More About Charles Edmund Borum:
1900 Federal Census: Haytokah Twp., Nottoway Co., VA - ED 63, sheet 9
Burial: Sunset Hill Cemetery, Burkeville, Nottoway Co., VA

  Notes for Mildred Haynie Carter:
Once Mildred in exasperation declared that she would give Charles Borum a dollar if he would keep his mouth shut for 5 minutes. He gulped in a big breath as if to hold it but one of his kids got under the table with some scalding tea water and poured it on his toe. Mildred didn't lose her money." [Roxanna Rosel, research, 13 Feb 1999]

More About Mildred Haynie Carter:
1900 Federal Census: Haytokah Twp., Nottoway Co., VA - ED 63, sheet 9
Burial: Sunset Hill Cemetery, Burkeville, Nottoway Co., VA

More About Charles Borum and Mildred Carter:
Marriage: 16 Jul 1890, Virginia40
Children of Charles Borum and Mildred Carter are:
  i.   Albert Carter Borum, born 17 Jun 1891 in Nottoway Co., VA41; died 28 Apr 1954 in Richmond, VA; married Bessie Sutton 16 Jun 1924; born 26 Aug 1906 in Deep Run, NC; died 13 May 1987 in South Pinellas, FL.
  Notes for Albert Carter Borum:
Albert C. Borum, of Burkeville, Dies
Albert Carter Borum, 62, of Burkeville, Va., died Wednesday, April 28, at McGuire Veterans Hospital in Richmond. Funeral services are to he held Saturday, May 1, at the Burkeville Baptist Church, with burial in the family plot at Sunset Cemetery.
Mr. Borum had lived in Burkeville most of his life, and was Past Master of Burkeville Lodge, AF & AM, 147.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. A. C. Borum; six sons: M. J. Borum, US Army, stationed in Puerto Rico; Albert C. Jr., USN, stationed in Japan; Calvin S., of Dunnellon, Fla.; Thomas J., Charles A. and Robert S., all of Burkeville. Four daughters: Clara Ellen, of Longwood; Mrs. R. E. Dunkum, of Meherrin; Holly and Betsy Borum of Burkeville.
Also surviving are three brothers: T. J. Borum of Burkeville; R. W. and W. C. Borum, of Washington, D.C. Three sisters: Mrs. Florence Webster; Mrs. Ralph Anderson, of Richmond; Mrs. J. B. (sic) Howell, of Glasscow (sic), Va.

  More About Albert Carter Borum:
1900 Federal Census: Haytokah Twp., Nottoway Co., VA - ED 63, sheet 9
Burial: Sunset Hill Cemetery, Burkeville, Nottoway Co., VA

  Notes for Bessie Sutton:
Obituary from "St. Petersburg Times," Thursday, May 14, 1987
South Pinellas
      Borum, Bessie S., 80, of 5840 37th Ave., N, St. Petersburg, died Wednesday (May 13, 1987) in the emergency room in East Pasco Medical Center, Zephyrhills. Born in Deep Run, N.C., she came here in 1956 from Burkeville, Va. She was past worthy matron for Fairfax Chapter OES and a member of First Baptist Church of Pinellas Park, where she was a member of the Young at Heart Club, teacher of the Beacon Light Sunday School class since 1967 and a choir member since 1956. Survivors include four sons, Albert C., Cecilia, Ky., Thomas J., Farmville, Va., Charles A., Pinellas Park, and Robert J., Tampa; four daughter, Clara E. Borum, St. Petersburg, Catherine L. Dunkum, Pinellas Park, Laura E. Bates, Seminole, and Gloria M. "Betsy" Howard, St. Petersburg; a sister, Ellen Hall, Zephyrhills; 20 grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. C. E. Prevatt Funeral Home, St. Petersburg.

  More About Albert Borum and Bessie Sutton:
Marriage: 16 Jun 1924

  ii.   Charles Haynie Borum, born 29 Nov 1892 in Nottoway Co., VA41; died 03 Jul 1949 in Farmville, VA; married Alice Louise Wiley 29 Nov 1921; born 14 Aug 1901; died Bef. 1998.
  Notes for Charles Haynie Borum:
Obituary, 03 July 1949
Haynie Borum Dies in Farmville; Burial, Burkeville
Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock in Farmville, for Charles Haynie Borum, 56, who died early Sunday morning of a heart ailment at his home in Farmville. The Rev. John Myers, pastor of the Farmville Methodist Church conducted the services. Interment followed in Sunset Cemetery, Burkeville with Masonic honors performed by members of the Farmville and Emphoria lodges A. F. & A. M.
Mr. Borum was born in Nottoway County near Burkeville on November 29, 1892, the son of Charles E. Borum and Mildred Carter Borum. He attended the Burkeville schools and for a number of years was associated with the late R. B. Cralle in the mercantile business in Farmville. He was a veteran of World War I.
About 18 years ago he became an agent for the Metropolitan Live In-
(article is continued on another page)

  More About Charles Haynie Borum:
Burial: Sunset Hill Cemetery, Burkeville, Nottoway Co., VA
Census 2: 1900, Haytokah Twp., Nottoway Co., VA - ED 63, sheet 9

  More About Charles Borum and Alice Wiley:
Marriage: 29 Nov 1921

  iii.   Florence Evelyn Borum, born 17 Oct 1894 in Nottoway Co., VA41; died 05 Dec 1965 in Richmond, VA; married George Thomas Webster, Sr. 12 Jun 1916; born 01 Jan 1874 in Amelia Co., VA; died 22 Aug 1942 in Virginia.
  Notes for Florence Evelyn Borum:
Obituary from "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Monday, December 6, 1965:

WEBSTER - Died at a local hospital, Sunday, Dec. 5, 1965, Mrs. Florence Borum Webster of 2333 Krouse St., widow of George T. Webster. She is survived by 3 daughters, Mrs. H. S. Monk, Mrs. H. C. Gilbert and Mrs. J. D. Owens, Jr., all of Richmond; 2 sons, Charles R. Webster, Colorado Springs, Colo., and George T. Webster of Raleigh, N.C.; two brothers, Robert W. Borum of Washington, D.C. and F. Jeffress Borum of Burkville, Va.; 2 sisters, Mrs. Louise B. Howell of Amherst, Va. and Mrs. Emily B. Anderson of Richmond and 12 grandchildren. The remains rest at the Joseph W. Bliley Funeral Home, 3d and Marshall, where services will be held Tuesday at 12 noon. Interment in Burkville Cemetery, Burkville, Va. at 2:30 P.M. (sic)

  More About Florence Evelyn Borum:
Burial: Sunset Hill Cemetery, Burkeville, Nottoway Co., VA
Census 2: 1900, Haytokah Twp., Nottoway Co., VA - ED 63, sheet 9

  Notes for George Thomas Webster, Sr.:
Obituary, August 22, 1942:

VIRGINIA - Funeral services were conducted Monday at the home for George Thomas Webster, Sr., 68, who died Saturday following a brief illness. Mr. Webster was born at Jetersville, Amelia County, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Webster, of Amelia County. He had been a member of the Methodist Church since childhood. he married Miss Florence Borum in 1916. She survives him with five children. Interment was in Burkeville Cemetery.

  More About George Thomas Webster, Sr.:
Burial: Sunset Hill Cemetery, Burkeville, Nottoway Co., VA

  More About George Webster and Florence Borum:
Marriage: 12 Jun 1916

  iv.   William Bernard Borum, born 11 Sep 1897 in Nottoway Co., VA41; died 14 Oct 1943 in Burkeville, Nottoway Co., VA; married Mamie Virginia Wiley 17 Feb 1926; born 05 Feb 1905.
  Notes for William Bernard Borum:
Obituaries, October 14, 1943:

BURKEVILLE, Oct. 16 - Funeral services for William Bernard Borum, 46, who died Thursday at Burkeville, will be held here at 2 P.M. Saturday at the residence of his mother, Mrs. C. E. Borum, of Burkeville, with burial in the cemetery there. Mr. Borum is survived by his wife; one daughter, Miss Mildred Borum; his mother, Mrs. C. E. Borum; three sisters, Mrs. George Webster, of Burkeville, Mrs. J. V. Howell, of Amherst, and Mrs. Ralph Anderson, of Richmond; five brothers, A. C. and J. F. Borum, of Burkeville; C. H. Borum, of Emporia; Robert W. and W. C. Borum, both of Washington, D. C.

Funeral services for William Bernard Borum, 46, who died Thursday in Burkeville, were to be held at 2 P. M. today from the residence of his mother, Mrs. C. E. Borum, with interment in the Burkeville Cemetery.

  More About William Bernard Borum:
Burial: Sunset Hill Cemetery, Burkeville, Nottoway Co., VA
Census 2: 1900, Haytokah Twp., Nottoway Co., VA - ED 63, sheet 9

  More About William Borum and Mamie Wiley:
Marriage: 17 Feb 1926

  v.   Richard Asa Borum, born 30 Jun 1899 in Nottoway Co., VA41; died 25 Mar 1937; married Grace Marie Cook 01 May 1927; born 13 Dec 1908; died 19 Nov 1936 in Nottoway Co., VA.
  Notes for Richard Asa Borum:
Obituary for Richard Asa Borum

Funeral services for Richard Asa Borum, 37, were conducted at Fairview Presbyterian Church Friday, March 26, 1937 at 10 o'clock by his pastor Rev. M. C. Bowling, the Presbyterian minister. Interment in the Burkeville Cemetery with American Legion in charge. He was born June 30, 1899 and died March 25, 1937. He attended Pine Grove School. He lived his life in or near Burkeville. He was so willing to do something for his country that he volunteered to fight in the World War and was called to service in July 1917. He made a faithful soldier and fought in six of the largest battles, the principle one being The Battle of Aragon. He rendered his services until May 1919. He was in the 29th Infantry Division.

Let us now think of him as he tried to live his life.

I'd like to think when life is done
That I had filled a needed post.
That here and there I'd paid my fare
With more than idle talk and boast;
That I had taken gifts divine
The breath of life and manhood fine
And tried to use them now and then
In service for my fellow men.

May 1, 1927 he married Grace Cooke who died November 19, 1936. Surviving are four children, Mary Henry 9, Robert Asa 7, Charles Lowry 5, and Thomas Joseph 6 months. He also leaves his parents C. E. and Mildred C. Borum of Burkeville, six brothers, A. C. Borum, Durham, N.C.; C. H. Borum, Emporia; R. W. and W. C. Borum, Washington, D.C.; W. B. and F. J. Borum of Burkeville; three sisters, Mrs. G. T. Webster, Victoria; Mrs. J. V. Howell, Amherst; and Mrs. R. F. Anderson, Richmond.

Let him be remembered by his country as this:

I'd like to think that here and there
When I am gone, there shall remain
A happier spot that might have not existed
Had I toiled for gain.
That someone's cheery voice and smile
Shall prove that I had been worthwhile.
That I had paid with something fine
My debt to God for life divine.

  More About Richard Asa Borum:
Burial: Sunset Hill Cemetery, Burkeville, Nottoway Co., VA
Census 2: 1900, Haytokah Twp., Nottoway Co., VA - ED 63, sheet 9

  Notes for Grace Marie Cook:
Obituary for Mrs. Asa Borum

Funeral services for Mrs. Grace Marie Cook Borum, 27, wife of Asa Borum, near Burkeville, were conducted Friday afternoon, Nov. at 2 o'clock from Fairview Presbyterian church, by Rev. M. C. Bowling, her pastor, assisted by Rev. Frank Fulcher of the Burkeville Methodist church. Interment was at Ward's chapel.
Mrs. Borum, who died at home near Burkeville Thursday morning at 4 o'clock after a brief illness, was the daughter of Henry Cook. She was born December 13, 1908, and married to Mr. Borum May 1, 1927. Mrs. Borum had been a member of the Fairview Presbyterian church for a number of years.
The deceased is survived by her husband and four children, Mary, Robert Asa, Charles Lowry and Thomas Joseph; her father, and two brothers, Joseph and Robert Cook.
Pallbearers were: Albert Borum, Bernard Borum, Haynie Borum, ---lie Schmidt, Charles Schmidt, and Edward Robinson.
Honorary pallbearers were: Madames W. S. Monk, George Po---, Herman Clark, Harry Garrett, and Maynard Crawford, and Misses Dorothy Crafton, Elizabeth Schmidt, Alma Robertson, Virginia Roberts and Mildred Webster.

  More About Richard Borum and Grace Cook:
Marriage: 01 May 1927

  vi.   Robert Witt Borum, born 19 Nov 1901 in Nottoway Co., VA41; died 29 Mar 1976 in Washington, DC; married Laura Ann Soper 25 Jul 1941; born 08 Jan 1908 in Cheltenham, MD; died 19 Jul 1968 in Washington, DC.
  Notes for Robert Witt Borum:
Former Interior Decorator
(photo accompanies article)
Robert Witt Borum, 74, a retired interior decorator, died Monday at Greater Southeast Community Hospital after a heart attack.
Born in Burkeville, Va., he came to Washington in 1923, and started work with W & J Sloane, Inc., a home furnishings store.
Mr. Borum was an interior decorator with the company's Washington store until his retirement in 1967.
He was a member of the District Heights Presbyterian Church. He lived at 5501 Marlboro Pike, District Heights.
He is survived by a brother, F. Jeffers (sic) Borum, of Burkeville, and two sisters, Louise B. Howell, of Amherst, Va., and Emily B. Anderson, of Richmond.

  More About Robert Witt Borum:
Burial: Cedar Hill Cemetery, Maryland
Occupation: Interior decorator

  Notes for Laura Ann Soper:
Mrs. Borum, 60, Sibley Hospital Nurse 29 Years
(photo accompanies article)
Mrs. Robert Borum, 60, a private-duty nurse at Sibley Memorial Hospital for 29 years, died Friday at Sibley of cancer. She lived at 5501 Marlboro Pike.
A native of Cheltenha, Md., Mrs. Borum was graduated from Brandywine High school. She attended the University of Maryland and interned at Sibley.
Mrs. Borum was a member of the District Heights Presbyterian Church and the Sibley Hospital Alumni Association.
She leaves her husband, Robert W. of the home address; one sister, Mrs. Miriam Soper, 608 Sligo Ave., Silver Spring, and two brothers in Silver Spring, Clarence of 811 Gist Ave., and Rudolph of 8115 Hartford Ave.
Friends may call after noon today at Lee's Funeral Home, 4th St. and Massachusetts ave., NE. Services will be at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow, at Lee's and burial will be at Cedar Hill Cemetery.

  More About Laura Ann Soper:
Burial: Cedar Hill Cemetery, Maryland
Occupation: Nurse

  More About Robert Borum and Laura Soper:
Marriage: 25 Jul 1941

  3 vii.   Maria Louise Borum, born 13 Nov 1903 in Burkeville, Nottoway Co., VA; died 10 Jun 1989 in Lynchburg, VA; married John Vincent Howell 01 Jun 1924 in Burkeville, Nottoway Co., VA.
  viii.   Felix Jeffress Borum, born 30 Jan 1906 in Nottoway Co., VA41; died 26 Sep 1983 in Richmond, VA; married Julia Ellen Smith 16 Jun 1948; born 11 Oct 1921.
  Notes for Felix Jeffress Borum:
Obituary from "The Crewe-Burkeville Journal", Crewe, Virginia, Thursday, 29 Sept 1983:
Jeffress Borum Dies Monday In Richmond Hospital
Felix Jeffress Borum of Burkeville died Monday, Sept. 26, in a Richmond hospital.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Julia Smith Borum; two daughters, Mrs. Mildred Hickman of Burkeville and Mrs. Anne Howell of Great Falls; one grandson, Jeffress Hickman; two sisters, Mrs. Louise Howell of Amherst and Mrs. Emily Anderson of Richmond.
Funeral services were held on Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 11 a.m. from the Burkeville Baptist Church. Interment was in Sunset Hills Cemetery. The Milton L. Jennings Funeral Home of Crewe had charge of funeral arrangements. Memorial contributions may be made to the Nottoway County Emergency Squad.

Obituary from "The Richmond News Leader", Tuesday, 27 Sept 1983:
Felix Jeffress Borum, of Burkeville, died Monday in a Richmond hospital. Survived by his wife, Mrs. Julia Smith Borum; two daughters, Mrs. Mildred Hickman of Burkeville, Mrs. Anne Howell of Great Falls; one grandson, Jeffress Hickman; two sisters, Mrs. Louise Howell of Amherst and Mrs. Emily Anderson of Richmond. Funeral services Wednesday at 11 A.M. from the Burkeville Baptist Church. Interment Sunset Hill Cemetery. Remains rest at the Milton L. Jennings Funeral Home, Crewe. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Nottoway County Rescue Squad.

  More About Felix Jeffress Borum:
Burial: Sunset Hill Cemetery, Burkeville, Nottoway Co., VA

  More About Felix Borum and Julia Smith:
Marriage: 16 Jun 1948

  ix.   Walter Carter Borum, born 03 Jun 1909 in Nottoway Co., VA41; died 22 Mar 1964 in Washington, DC; married (1) Lois Evelyn Sellers; married (2) Signa Schottroff.
  Notes for Walter Carter Borum:
BORUM - Died Sunday, March 22, 1964, at Providence Hospital, Walter C. Borum, of 3534 "B" St., S.E., Washington, D.C., father of William Joseph, Louie Richard, Walter Bernard, and Lois Evelyn Bowman; brother of Robert W., F. Jeffress, Mrs. Florence Webster, Mrs. Louise Howell, and Mrs. Emily Anderson. Friends may call at the Lee Funeral Home, Fourth and Massachusetts Ave., N.E., Washington, D.C., until 8:30 A.M. Wednesday, March 25. Requiem mass at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, 2nd and "C" Sts., N.E., at 9 A.M. Interment in Sunset Hill Cemetery, Burkville, Va.

  More About Walter Carter Borum:
Burial: Sunset Hill Cemetery, Burkeville, Nottoway Co., VA

  x.   Emily Wrenn Borum, born 03 Oct 1911 in Nottoway Co., VA41; died 22 Feb 2004 in Richmond, Virginia; married Ralph Francis Anderson 27 Nov 1934 in Virginia; born 04 Apr 1910 in Cherry Valley, Illinois; died 22 Jul 1984 in Richmond, Virginia.
  Notes for Emily Wrenn Borum:
Emily "Me-Me" Wrenn Borum Anderson, age 92, of Henrico County, widow of Ralph F. Anderson, entered into eternal rest on Sunday morning, February 22, 2004 surrounded by her family. She was the youngest and last survivor of the 10 children of the late Charles and Mildred Borum. She was preceded in death by her husband and heavenly partner, Ralph Francis Anderson, and is survived by a son, Edwin Borum Anderson and his wife, Jean; a daughter, Carole Jean Anderson Shahda and her husband, Fred; nine grandchildren, Cindy, Andy, Ted, Annette, Lisa, Robyn, Cheri, Christy, and Chris; nine great-grandchildren and two on the way, also many devoted nieces and nephews. Mrs. Anderson was a member of Hatcher Memorial Baptist Church since 1940. She was also a member of the Lady Blue Bird Club of the National Federated Craft and the Cardinal Club of the Local Craft No. 92. She was a charter member of NARF and also a charter member of "The Chatter" Club. She also volunteered at the Scottish Rite Temple. Visitation will be held Tuesday, February 24, 2004 from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. at the Parham Chapel, Woody Funeral Home, 1771 Parham Road where services will be held at 11 a.m. Wednesday. Interment Westhampton Memorial Park. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Hatcher Memorial Baptist Church, 2300 Dumbarton Road, Richmond, Va. 23228. [Obituary from Richmond Times - Dispatch. Richmond, Va.: Feb 25, 2004. pg. B.6]

  Notes for Ralph Francis Anderson:
Ex-Supervisor of Post Office Dies at 74 (July 22, 1984)
Ralph F. Anderson, a retired supervisor for the U.S. Postal Service, died yesterday in a local hospital of a heart attack. He was 74.
Mr. Anderson, who lived at 2713 Dellrose Ave., retired from the Capital Station Post Office, 10th and Main streets, in 1974 after 34 years with the postal service.
A native of Cherry Valley, Ill., he moved to Amelia County as a child and came to Richmond in 1934.
Mr. Anderson was a member of Hatcher Memorial Baptist Church and a charter member of the Lakeside Rescue Squad. He was a past master of Meridian Lodge No. 284, AF&AM, a former member of Glen Allen Lodge No. 131 and a member of Research Lodge No. 1777 and the A. Douglas Smith Lodge No. 1949 in Alexandria. He also was past president of the National Federated Craft, the South Eastern District Craft and the National Federated Craft No. 92. Mr. Anderson was a member of Lafayette Royal Arch, Scottish Rite Bodies, and Modern Woodmen of America. He also was associate editor of the National Federated News.
Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Emily Borum Anderson; a daughter, Mrs. Carole A. Shahda, both of Richmond; a son, Edwin B. Anderson of Charlottesville; two sisters, Mrs. Helen A. Wright of Laguna Hills, Calif., and Mrs. Virginia A. Call of Richmond; three brothers, the Rev. Marshall W. Anderson of Richmond, and Walter W. and Milton S. Anderson, both of Jetersville; and nine grandchildren.
A funeral will be held tomorrow at 2 p.m. at Woody Funeral Home, Parham Chapel, 1771 Parham Road. Burial will follow in Westhampton Memorial Park.

ANDERSON (July 22, 1984)
Ralph F. Anderson, age 74, of Richmond, died Sunday, July 22, 1984. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Emily B. Anderson; one daughter, Mrs. Carole A. Shahda of Richmond; one son, Edwin B. Anderson of Charlottesville; two sisters, Mrs. Helen A. Wright of Laguna Hills, Ca. and Mrs. Virginia A. Call of Richmond; three brothers, Rev. Marshall W. Anderson of Richmond, Walter W. and Milton S. Anderson, both of Jetersville, Va.; also nine grandchildren. Mr. Anderson was a member of Hatcher Memorial Baptist Church, past master of Meridian Lodge No. 284, AF&AM, former member of Glen Allen Lodge No. 131, a member of Research Lodge No. 1777, A. Douglas Smith Lodge No. 1949 of Alexandria, past president of National Federated Craft and past president of South Eastern District Craft, past president of Federated Craft No. 92, associate editor of the National Federated News, Lafayette Royal Arch, Scottish Rite Bodies and Modern Woodmen of America. Mr. Anderson was a retired US Postal supervisor and a charter member of Lakeside Rescue Squad. Remains rest at the Parham Chapel, Woody Funeral Home, 1771 Parham Rd., where services will be conducted 2 p.m. Tuesday. Interment Westhampton Memorial Park. A Masonic Memorial Service will be conducted 7:30 p.m. Monday at the funeral home.

  More About Ralph Francis Anderson:
Burial: Westhampton Memorial Park, Richmond, VA
Occupation: Supervisor, US Postal Service

  More About Ralph Anderson and Emily Borum:
Marriage: 27 Nov 1934, Virginia

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