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Ancestors of Mary Louise Howell

      22. George Trenchard, born in Chaffeigh, Thorncombe, Devon (now Dorset), England; died 1832 in Maudlin, Thorncombe, Devon (now Dorset), England289. He was the son of 44. Hugh Trenchard and 45. Sara Trenchard. He married 23. Sarah Diana Burchell Abt. 1827 in England.

      23. Sarah Diana Burchell, born in Yeovil, Somerset, England.

Notes for George Trenchard:
"Julianna's father George Trenchard was a Clothier, as were many other of his uncles, cousins etc, i.e. they owned cloth-making 'factories' much of which was done in people's own homes. His uncle Hugh Trenchard, also a clothier, was worth 100,000 (c $150,000) at his death in 1830 - a multi-multi-millionaire by today's standards - but I have no idea of George's wealth.
"George's date of birth is unknown as also were those of his four sisters, again probably a reflection of their being non-conformist and the records now lost or 'mislaid'. His parents (who were cousins) were married in 1775. His date of death was 1832 at Maudlin - only two years after Julianna's baptism.
"George had four sisters, two dying in infancy while the other two, Ann & Susan, also married Chaffeys, Richard & John, in 1798 and 1806 respectively, brothers of George's first wife." [Diana Trenchard, research]

"This is the Last Will and Testament of me George Trenchard of Chaffeigh House in the parish of Thorncombe in the County of Devon"
The will was written before the births of his daughters Julianna and Emma. It mentioned his "present wife" Sarah Diana, and any issue of their marriage. Mentioned by name were his sons Sir Hugh Trenchard, William and Benjamin Trenchard. Also mentioned were daughters Susan wife of Benjamin Chaffey; Sarah wife of Robert Phillips; and Jane, unmarried and under twenty one. Also mentioned were several properties in various counties and parishes, and large bequests of money. Proving the will were the executors William Chaffey, Edward Burchell, Joseph (Price?), and John Baker.

More About George Trenchard:
Occupation: Clothier289
Will Probated: 25 Apr 1832, Will of George Trenchard, Gentleman of Thorncombe , Devon
Will Written: 06 Aug 1827

Marriage Notes for George Trenchard and Sarah Burchell:
[From the research of D. Trenchard]:
"I have no record of the marriage of George T & Sarah Burchell, but if it was a non-conformist one, then the records may well be lost or 'mislaid'. However, amongst the records at the Somerset County Record Office (SCRO), Taunton, is a marriage settlement dated 1827. I have never looked at this deed but my records show that it is described as 're: George Trenchard of Chaffeigh in Thorncombe, only son of Hugh Trenchard of Thorncombe, clothier, deceased, and Sarah Diana Burchell of Yeovil, spinster.' I have no idea how this has ended up in the Somerset CRO since Thorncombe was then in Devon, now in Dorset, unless this was the copy of the settlement held by Sarah's father of Yeovil, Somerset. I will add it to my list of things to look at when next I visit SCRO (not in near future) and will take a photocopy if suitable.
"Sarah Burchell was George's second wife, and the marriage only produced Emma Fitzer & Julianna as far as can be traced."

More About George Trenchard and Sarah Burchell:
Marriage: Abt. 1827, England
Children of George Trenchard and Sarah Burchell are:
  11 i.   Julianna Trenchard, born 1830 in Chard, Chaffeigh, Somerset, England; died 24 Aug 1911 in St. Mary's Parish, Longfleet, Poole, Dorset, England; married Robert Charles Allen Bet. Apr - Jun 1849 in Yeovil, Somerset, England.
  ii.   Emma Fitzer Trenchard289, born 1830 in Chard, Chaffeigh, Somerset, England.
  Notes for Emma Fitzer Trenchard:
Because records show that Emma Fitzer Trenchard was christened on the same day as her sister Julianna, I assume that they were twins.

  More About Emma Fitzer Trenchard:
Christening: 21 Sep 1830, Bridport, New Meeting Barrack Street-independent, Dorset, England290

      24. William Richard Borum, born Abt. 1772 in Amelia Co., VA291; died 12 Jun 1854292. He was the son of 48. Edmund Borum and 49. Edith Seay. He married 25. Elizabeth Ellington 23 Jul 1799 in Prince Edward Co., VA293.

      25. Elizabeth Ellington293,294, died 14 Jun 1849295. She was the daughter of 50. Hezekiah Ellington and 51. Ridley Ann Bruce.

Notes for William Richard Borum:
From a letter written by Margaret Howell Perry to the Harry F. Johnson family on October 10, 1996:
      "We do know that a land grant was issued to a Charles Borum in the early 1600s - frequently spelled any one of the following ways - Bourham, Borham, Borhum. It was originally thought that they came to this country from Germany; however, Mother [Maria Louise Borum Howell] did some research and the land grant was issued in England. It is thought that they may have left England during the religious uprisings there and then returned. That part is speculation. I took Mother to an old house that was built in the 1740's in what is now Mathews County, on a tributary of the East River that empties into Mobjack Bay. We found an old cemetery on the property. The cemetery was a Borum cemetery and there were a number of Charles Borums. Evelyn Borum and Edmond Borum were also names that were found more than once. The house - Mother had a picture of it - had been sold to a family from Washington, DC; however, they took us on a tour. It was a small house, very low ceilings and doorways. We also know that some time between the 1780s and 1830s, part of the family moved to Amelia County, which later split and became Nottoway County. Your great grandfather's name was Charles Edmond Borum. We know that he had a sister named Evelyn and that his father's name was William Albert Borum, mother - Emily Frances Jeffress. Grandfather [Charles Edmond Borum] inherited the property in Nottoway, outside Burkeville. The records for that area were destroyed in the courthouse that burned between 1815 and 1820. His grandfather was William Richard Borum; grandmother was only listed by her maiden name of Stokes."

More About William Richard Borum:
1850 Federal Census: Nottoway Co., VA; #274/274; age 78
Occupation: 1850, Farmer
Property Value: 1850, Real $500

  Notes for Elizabeth Ellington:
Anne Borum Howell, researcher gives first name as Elizabeth, surname unknown.
Margaret Howell Perry gives surname as Stokes, first name unknown.
Name may have been Elizabeth Stokes.

More About William Borum and Elizabeth Ellington:
Marriage 1: 23 Jul 1799, Prince Edward Co., VA296
Marriage 2: 15 Jul 1799, Prince Edward Co., VA297
Children of William Borum and Elizabeth Ellington are:
  i.   Robert Edmund Borum, born Abt. 1803 in Nottoway Co., VA298; married Levenia; born Abt. 1800 in Nottoway Co., VA298.
  More About Robert Edmund Borum:
1850 Federal Census: Nottoway Co., VA; #473/473; age 47

  More About Levenia:
1850 Federal Census: Nottoway Co., VA; #473/473; age 50

  ii.   Mary Borum, born Abt. 1807 in Nottoway Co., VA298
  12 iii.   William Albert Borum, born 08 Aug 1808 in Nottoway Co., VA; died 04 Jul 1865 in Nottoway Co., VA; married Emily Frances Jeffress 14 Dec 1838 in Lunenburg Co., VA.
  iv.   Richard E. Borum, born Abt. 1812 in Nottoway Co., VA298; married Nancy C.; born Abt. 1826 in Virginia.
  More About Richard E. Borum:
1850 Federal Census: Nottoway Co., VA; #391/391; age 38

  More About Nancy C.:
1850 Federal Census: Nottoway Co., VA; #391/391; age 24

  v.   Jesse David Borum299, born 17 May 1819 in Burkeville, Nottoway Co., VA300,301; died 31 Mar 1885 in Chariton Co., MO302; married (1) Martha Glenn 26 May 1847303; born in Virginia303; died May 1854303; married (2) Martha Jane Jeffress 11 May 1858304; born 10 May 1834 in Lunenburg Co., VA304; died 01 Oct 1911 in Brunswick, MO304.
  Notes for Jesse David Borum:
After moving to Missouri, became a farmer and specialized in fruit culture and livestock.

  More About Jesse David Borum:
1850 Federal Census: Nottoway Co., VA; #274/274; age 29
Burial: McCullough Cemetery, Chariton Co., MO305
Dwelling: Abt. 1850, Left Virginia for Chariton Co., Missouri
Occupation: 1850, Carpenter

  More About Martha Jane Jeffress:
1850 Federal Census: Nottoway Co., VA; #274/274; age 22

  More About Jesse Borum and Martha Jeffress:
Marriage: 11 May 1858306

      26. Richard J(ames?) Jeffress, born 18 Aug 1770 in Amelia Co., VA307,308,309; died 01 Apr 1841309. He was the son of 52. Thomas Jeffress, Sr. and 53. Mary Jane Gunn. He married 27. Nancy Bedford Hamlett 20 Oct 1803 in Charlotte Co., VA310.

      27. Nancy Bedford Hamlett, born 12 Jan 1786 in Charlotte Co., VA310,311; died 03 Dec 1821312. She was the daughter of 54. James Hamlett, Jr. and 55. Mary Coleman Bedford.

Notes for Richard J(ames?) Jeffress:
His father left him a bequest of 415 acres on both sides of Dry Creek in Lunenberg County. His mother left him a bequest of one equal part of her estate.

Last Will and Testament of Richard Jeffress
Lunenburg County Will Book 12, PP 22-24:
I, Richard Jeffress do this day make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner following. I will that all my just debts be paid by my executors herein after named.
I give my son Thomas B. Jeffress all the property he has received and all the money I have paid for him as Security and five hundred dollars after my decease to be paid to him as soon as convenient I give to him and his heirs forever.
I give to my daughter Saluda A. Stokes all the property she has received and one negro man named Collin to her and heirs forever.
I give to my daughter Martha C. Watson all the property she has received and a negro man named Allen to her and heirs forever.
I give to my son Richard J. Jeffress all the property he has received and a negro man named Miles and three hundred acres of land whereon he now lives lying on the East side of my tract and joining the lands of Mary Jeffress and the legatees of Coleman Jeffress dec'd, and Reuben H. Dejarnett. The line to run nearly North and South from R. H. Dejarnett to Mary Jeffress' line, crossing the North and South prongs of Dry Creek including two tobacco barns, also my desk, bookcase and clock.
After my decease if my son Richard J. Jeffress thinks proper to pay his four sisters fourteen hundred dollars on a Credit of one or two years he may take the balance of my land whereon I now live bounded by the lands of R. H. Dejarnett, Catherine Wilkinson, George Bridie, Samuel J. Morgan and Nancy Jeffress to each of them Three hundred fifty dollars.
To each on three hundred fifty dollars to Mary B. Blackwell, three hundred fifty to Emily F. Borum, three hundred fifty to Martha C. Watson, three hundred fifty to Saluda A. Stokes. But if Richard J. Jeffress is not willing to pay the above named sums to his four sisters, the land I will to be sold on the same Credit and the proceeds to be equally divided between himself and the before named four sisters.
I give to my daughter Mary B. Blackwell all the property she has received and a negro man Esekiah and three hundred eighty dollars after my decease which I give to her and heirs forever.
I give to my daughter Emily F. Borum all the property she has received and a negro boy named John to her and heirs forever.
I give to the children of my daughter Elmira J. Staples one thousand dollars to be put out at legal interest and to be paid to them as they become of lawful age, but should either of them, she or he, should die before they become of lawful age, then his or her portion to be equally divided among the surviving child.
All the reminder of my estate not herein disposed of I will to be sold on a credit of twelve months and my part of the estate of Capt. James Hamlett deceased, which is now in the hands of George Roberts in the County of Charlotte, to be sold on the same credits and the proceeds after my debts and legatees are paid to be equally divided between my four daughters Saluda A. Stokes, Martha C. Wilson, Mary B. Blackwell and Emily F. Borum which I give to them and theirs forever.
I hereby appoint my son-in-law Drury Y. Stokes and my son Richard J. Jeffress executors of this my last will and testament. 10 Feb 1841      Richard J. Jeffress
Edward A. Pool
Joseph M. Jeffress
John N. Poultney

More About Richard J(ames?) Jeffress:
Will Probated: 14 Jun 1841, Lunenburg Co., VA Will Book 12, pp 22 -24
Will Written: 10 Feb 1841

More About Richard Jeffress and Nancy Hamlett:
Location of Ceremony: The bride's home313
Marriage: 20 Oct 1803, Charlotte Co., VA314
Children of Richard Jeffress and Nancy Hamlett are:
  i.   Thomas B. Jeffress, born 26 Mar 1805315; died 29 Nov 1876315; married Mary "Polly" Haynie Carter 18 Aug 1824 in Lunenburg Co., VA316.
  Notes for Thomas B. Jeffress:
A source states that he married Rebekah McGowan and Nancy Vincent. Another source names four wives, including a wife named Polly Hurt.

The Jeffress Family Chart compiled in 1906 by Edna Florence Jeffress states that he married (1st) to Polly Hurt and by her had five daughters and four sons; that he married (2nd) Rebekah McGowan and had one son.

  More About Thomas Jeffress and Mary Carter:
Marriage: 18 Aug 1824, Lunenburg Co., VA316

  ii.   Saluda A. Jeffress, born 09 Dec 1806317; died 1873317; married Drury Young Stokes 11 Aug 1823 in Lunenburg Co., VA318; born 1799319.
  More About Drury Stokes and Saluda Jeffress:
Marriage: 11 Aug 1823, Lunenburg Co., VA320

  iii.   Elmira J. Jeffress, born 12 Dec 1808321; died 11 Nov 1840321; married Joshua C. Staples 15 Nov 1826 in Lunenburg Co., VA322.
  More About Joshua Staples and Elmira Jeffress:
Marriage: 15 Nov 1826, Lunenburg Co., VA322

  iv.   Martha C. Jeffress, born 03 Mar 1811 in Lunenburg Co., VA323,324; died 11 Feb 1858 in Callaway Co., Missouri325,326; married Sam Watson 27 Apr 1831 in Lunenburg Co., VA327; born 1804 in Prince Edward Co., Virginia328; died 09 Mar 1876 in Fulton, Callaway Co., Missouri328.
  More About Sam Watson and Martha Jeffress:
Marriage: 27 Apr 1831, Lunenburg Co., VA329

  v.   Mary B. Jeffress, born 21 Dec 1813330; died in Henderson Co., KY; married (1) James Jeffress Blackwell 29 Mar 1836 in Lunenburg Co., VA331; married (2) John R. Jeffries 03 Oct 1852 in Henderson Co., KY332.
  More About James Blackwell and Mary Jeffress:
Marriage: 29 Mar 1836, Lunenburg Co., VA333

  vi.   Richard J. Jeffress, born 09 Mar 1814 in Virginia334; died 01 Apr 1877334; married (1) <?> Robertson; married (2) Martha C. Hurt 28 Jan 1834 in Lunenburg Co., VA335; born Abt. 1814 in Virginia.
  More About Richard J. Jeffress:
1850 Federal Census: Lunenburg Co., VA; #496/496; age 36

  More About Martha C. Hurt:
1850 Federal Census: Lunenburg Co., VA; #496/496; age 36

  More About Richard Jeffress and Martha Hurt:
Marriage: 28 Jan 1834, Lunenburg Co., VA335

  13 vii.   Emily Frances Jeffress, born 10 May 1820 in Lunenburg Co., VA; died 27 Sep 1902 in Virginia; married William Albert Borum 14 Dec 1838 in Lunenburg Co., VA.

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