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Ancestors of Alma Florine Love

Generation No. 7

      66. Thomas Sharp478, died Unknown. He married 67. Katharin Hollingham.

      67. Katharin Hollingham479, died Unknown.
Child of Thomas Sharp and Katharin Hollingham is:
  33 i.   Sarah Sharp, born 30 Jun 1725; died Unknown; married John Love.

      72. Solomon Hoover480,481, born Bef. 1730 in Germany482,483; died Bef. 1781 in Lincoln Co., NC483. He was the son of 144. Jacob Hoover. He married 73. Sybilla Abt. 1748484.

      73. Sybilla485,486, died Unknown.

Notes for Solomon Hoover:
Arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 23, 1749. Migrated to North Carolina prior to 1756. [Brøderbund Software, Inc., World Family Tree Vol. 3, Ed. 1, (Release date: February 9, 1996), "CD-ROM," Tree #1366, Date of Import: Jul 14, 1997.]

Solomon Hoover and wife Sybella came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 23, 1749 from the German Palatinate. A few years later Solomon's parents Jacob Hoover and wife followed their son to Pennsylvania and died there. On April 5, 1750, H. Thomas Hoover, the only child of Solomon and Sybella, was born in York Co., PA. His birth and baptism are recorded in Christ Lutheran Church, York, PA. Solomon and Sybella removed to North Carolina. They purchased a grant of 135 acres from the state on Oct. 13, 1756, on Killian's Creek in Anson County, the part of which is now in Lincoln Co., NC. [Terry R. Young, Our Wyant Family, (Gateway Press, Inc., 1986), 189]

The above referenced grant is recorded in North Carolina Patent Book 15, page 198.

Solomon Hoover was granted 135 acres of land "on the north branch of Killian Creek" by His Majesty's Patent dated October 13, 1756, in Anson County, NC (in what is now Lincoln Co., NC.) [Helen W. Peeler, The Descendants of Thomas Hoover, 1981]

"On the eastern side of the county, Henry Dellinger, Robert Ellis, George, Henry and William Hager, Solomon Hoover, Casper Keener, Andrew, John and Leonard Killian, Michael Miller, Peter Sealer, William Taylor and John Turner. [William L. Carpenter, Lincoln County Sketchbook, 25 August 1975, "The First Families of Lincoln"]

"January Court 1786. Pp. 796-797: John Jones & Martha Jones of Rowan Co., to Hugh Robison of same, farmer, for £ in Lincoln Co.,...including Solomon Hovers improvement, on W side Catawba, W side N branch of Killions Creek, adj. William Hagar, 135 A granted to Solomon Hoover 13 Oct 1756...13 July 1784...John Jones , Martha Jones M . Wit: John Montgomery, George Robison. Rec. Jan. term 1786." [Brent Holcomb, Deed Abstracts of Tryon, Lincoln & Rutherford Counties North Carolina 1769-1786 Tryon County Wills & Estates, Greenville, SC: Southern Historical Press, 1977, 122]\\\\

Sometime during the 1750's, a list was compiled of the members of the militia of Captain Samuel Cobrin (NC Archives Mil. TR 1-9). The original list is undated, but researchers have examined the names on the list, the known ages of some of the men and the time of arrival in North Carolina of others, and have determined that the list was not made in 1748 as some have believed, but later. The list includes the name of Solomon Hoofer. [Bulletin of the Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County, (Forest City, NC, 1993), 102-106]

More About Solomon Hoover and Sybilla:
Marriage: Abt. 1748487
Child of Solomon Hoover and Sybilla is:
  36 i.   H. Thomas Hoover, born 05 Apr 1750 in York Co., PA; died 10 Apr 1833 in Lincoln Co., NC; married Miriah Barbara Warlick Abt. 1773 in Lincoln Co., NC.

      74. Johann Daniel Warlick488, born Abt. 1710 in Stuttgart, Witenburg, Germany489; died Apr 1772 in Lincoln Co., NC (old Tryon County)490. He was the son of 148. Martin Wahrlock and 149. Katherine Klore. He married 75. Maria Barbara Cora Schindler 1746 in Northampton Co., Pennsylvania491,492.

      75. Maria Barbara Cora Schindler493, born 1720 in Germany?494; died Aft. Jun 1784 in Lincoln Co., NC495.

Notes for Johann Daniel Warlick:
Johan Daniel Warlick (Wahrlock/Warlick/Warleigh) arrived in Philadelphia on 17 August 1729 aboard the ship "Mortonhouse." He first settled in the section of Philadelphia County (now Montgomery County) near the Trappe Lutheran Church. Shortly after first son Daniel was born, he bought land in Oley Township in what is now Berks County.

[Robbins, Harold W., "That Old Time Religion," Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County Bulletin 5 1977, p. 4] "Perhaps the oldest of these primitive assemblies in Tryon County was that which became known as Daniel's Church (German Reformed) in present Lincoln County, N.C. Traditionally, it is said to have been led by Daniel Warlick, a pioneer German settler. In 1768, Nicholas Warlick, Peter Hefner, and other trustees of the congregation purchsed 50 acres of land from Matthew Floyd as a site for a school, church, and burying ground. Eighteen years later in 1786 they acquired a minister and were constituted as a church.

[Brøderbund Software, Inc., World Family Tree Vol. 3, Ed. 1, (Release date: February 9, 1996), "CD-ROM," Tree #5234, Date of Import: Jul 14, 1997.]
Warlock's moved to Lincoln Co., NC from Macedonia Township, Northampton Co., Pa. cir 1748. Deeds in Lincoln Co., NC 1700-01 refer to Warlock homeplace on Howard's Creek.

(Catawba Cousins, December 1997, pp 21) 1750 Account book of Abraham Bertolet, blacksmith of Oley Twp., Berks Co., PA. Outfitted the wagon of Heinrich Weidner, with 437 pounds of iron, including a strong tongue for the wagon and a number of agricultural tools. Heinrich Weidner had taken himself a wife, and was going to be a farmer. At the same time Daniel Warlick outfitted his wagon, and the two men, with their families, were going to Carolina.

[Information from research of Laura Warlick Griffith]
Johann Daniel Warlick and second wife Maria Barbara Schindler came to North Carolina from Pennsylvania circa 1753. They received land grants of approximately 5,100 acres. They were among the first white settlers west of the Catawba River, settling near the Daniels Church for which they gave the land where the church now stands. According to this researcher, Johann Daniel Warlick was born about 1710.

1769 - The Colonial Assembly of North Carolina appointed Thomas Neel, Henry Clark, William Yancey, Daniel Warlick, Jacob Forney, John Gordon and William Watson Commissioners to contract for the building of court house, prison and stocks for Tryon County and to levy a tax of two shillings on each taxable poll to meet this expense. [William L. Sherrill, Annals of Lincoln County, North Carolina, (The Observer Printing House, Inc., 1937), 13.]

From a marker at Daniels Community Cemetery, Lincoln Co., NC, transcribed by William D. Floyd:
Johann Daniel Warlick
Pioneer, emigrant from the Palatine in Germany.
Landed in Philadelphia from Ship Mortonhouse and made oath of allegiance August 19, 1729.
Later came to North Carolina about 1748-1749 was issued land grants for a total of 5100 acres in this area.
The local churches bear his name.
His wife Barbara Schindler Warlick, and their sons and daughters:
Daniel Jr., Killed in Indian Expedition,
Nicholas married ----- Eaker,
Phillip never married,
Valentine moved to South Georgia.
Elizabeth married David Ramsour.
Eve Catherine married Martin Shuford and later Jacob Summey.
Barbara married Thomas Huber.
Lewis married Mary Hoyle

More About Johann Daniel Warlick:
Date born 2: Abt. 1680, Stuttgart, Witenburg, Germany496
Dwelling: Lived on "Howard's Creek" Lincoln Co., NC497

  Notes for Maria Barbara Cora Schindler:
Barbara Schindler Warlick did Patriot Service during the Revolutionary War.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 100
Miss Magnolia Shuford.
DAR ID Number: 99547
Born in Ackworth, Ga.
Descendant of John Hoyle, John Shuford, and Barbara Warlick, as follows:
1. Elkanah Shuford (1807-85) m. 1876 Katharine C. McKay (1858-1905).
2. Jacob Shuford (1770-1844) m. 1789 Margaret Hoyle (1769-1840).
3. Martin Shuford (1744-80) m. 1766 Eve Katharine Warlick (1750-1822); John Hoyle (1740-1809) m. 1763 Margaret Castner (or Costner) (1745-1821).
4. John Shuford m. 1738 Mary Clare; Daniel Warlick m. Barbara Warlick.
John Hoyle (1740-1809), John Shuford (1718-90), Barbara Warlick were patriots who furnished food and other supplies to the troops of North Carolina. They were born in Germany; died in Lincoln County, N. C.

More About Maria Barbara Cora Schindler:
Military service: Revolutionary War - Patriot Service498

More About Johann Warlick and Maria Schindler:
Marriage: 1746, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania499,500
Children of Johann Warlick and Maria Schindler are:
  i.   Mary Margaret Warlick501, born Abt. 1746 in Oley Township, Berks Co., PA502; died 19 Oct 1818 in Lincolnton, Lincoln Co., NC502; married David Ramsour; born 22 Sep 1733502; died 14 Dec 1785 in North Carolina502.
  More About Mary Margaret Warlick:
Burial: Unknown, Ramsour Family Graveyard, Lincoln Co., NC

  ii.   Phillip Warlick503, born Abt. 1748 in Oley Township, Berks Co., PA504; died 20 Jun 1780 in Ramsour's Mill, Lincoln Co., NC504
  More About Phillip Warlick:
Burial: Unknown, Buried in grave with brother Nicholas and Israel Sain
Military service: Patriot army - killed at Battle of Ramsour's Mill

  iii.   Eve Katherine Warlick504, born 20 Feb 1749/50 in old Anson Co., NC504; died 24 Jan 1822 in Lincolnton, Lincoln Co., NC504; married (1) John Martin Shuford 1766; born 1744 in Pennsylvania; died 22 Jun 1780 in Lincoln Co., NC; married (2) Jacob Summey Aft. 1780; died Unknown.
  More About Eve Katherine Warlick:
Burial: Unknown, Lincoln Co., NC505

  Notes for John Martin Shuford:
Martin Shuford died from wounds received at the Battle of Ramsour's Mill in the Revolutionary War.

  More About John Martin Shuford:
Burial: Unknown, Lincoln Co., NC505

  More About John Shuford and Eve Warlick:
Marriage: 1766

  iv.   Barbara Elizabeth Warlick, born 17 Jun 1754 in Lincoln Co., NC506,507; died 14 Jun 1806 in Lincoln Co., NC508; married Christian Reinhardt 1770 in Lincoln Co., NC509; born 22 Jan 1734/35 in Nassau, Germany510; died Mar 1818 in Lincoln Co., NC510.
  More About Barbara Elizabeth Warlick:
Burial: Unknown, Reinhardt Family Cemetery, Lincoln Co., NC511

  Notes for Christian Reinhardt:
The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 29
Miss Ellen William Reinhardt.
DAR ID Number: 28860
Born in Hickory Plain, Arkansas.
Descendant of Christian Reinhardt.
Daughter of Daniel Forney Reinhardt and Margaret Amelia Shuford, his wife.
Granddaughter of Michael Reinhardt and Mary Moore, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of Christian Reinhardt and Elizabeth Warlick, his wife.
Christian Reinhardt, (1743-1818), served as paymaster in the Rutherford campaign against the Cherokee Indians, 1781. He was born in York Co., Pa.; died in Lincoln Co., N. C.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 45, page 246
Mrs. Anna Wilfong Goodman.
DAR ID Number: 44610
Born in Pettis Co., Mo.
Wife of George Caldwell Goodman.
Descendant of John Wilfong, George Wilfong, Jacob Forney, William Robeson, William Moore, Alexander Moore and Christian Reinhardt, all of North Carolina.
[p.246] Daughter of John Macon Wilfong and Susan Forney Abernathy, his wife.
Granddaughter of John Wilfong and Lavinia Summey, his wife; William J. Abernathy and Barbara Reinhardt, his wife.
Gr-granddaughter of John Wilfong and Hannah Sigmore (1768-1874) his wife; John D. Abernathy and Susan Forney, his wife; John Reinhardt and Anna Moore, his wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of George Wilfong and Mary Poffle Mull, his wife; Jacob Forney and Mariah, his wife; Alexander Moore and Elizabeth Robeson, his wife; Christian Reinhardt and Elizabeth Warlick, his wife.
Christian Reinhardt (1743-1818) served in the North Carolina line at the battle of Ramsours Mill. He was born in York Co., Pa.; died in Lincoln Co., N. C.

  More About Christian Reinhardt and Barbara Warlick:
Marriage: 1770, Lincoln Co., NC512

  37 v.   Miriah Barbara Warlick, born Abt. 1756 in Anson Co., NC; died 14 Feb 1826 in Lincoln Co., NC; married H. Thomas Hoover Abt. 1773 in Lincoln Co., NC.
  vi.   Lewis B. Warlick513, born 12 Jul 1763 in Lincoln Co., NC513; died 14 May 1834 in Newton, Catawba Co., NC513; married Mary Hoyle Jan 1785513,514; born 05 Apr 1767 in Lincoln Co., NC515; died 05 May 1838 in Newton, Catawba Co., NC515.
  More About Lewis B. Warlick:
Burial: Unknown, Grace Lutheran and Reformed Church516

  More About Mary Hoyle:
Burial: Unknown, Grace Lutheran and Reformed Church516

  More About Lewis Warlick and Mary Hoyle:
Marriage: Jan 1785517,518

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