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Ancestors of Jean Melvin Joy

      92. George Farrar, Sr., born 1692 in Farrar's Island, Henrico Co., VA368,369; died 1772 in St. James Parish, Mecklenburg Co., VA370,371. He was the son of 184. Maj. William Farrar III and 185. Priscilla Baugh. He married 93. Judith Jefferson Bet. 1715 - 1717371.

      93. Judith Jefferson, born 30 Aug 1698 in Osbornes, Henrico Co., VA372,373; died Nov 1786 in Mecklenburg Co., VA374,375. She was the daughter of 186. Thomas Jefferson II and 187. Mary Field.

Notes for George Farrar, Sr.:
In 1729, Thomas Jefferson deeded to son-in-law George Farrar the plantation "Gilly's Mill," which George and his wife Judith occupied for the next thirty years. Miss Alvahn Holmes wrote in "Some Farrar's Island Descendants" that "the deed describes the plantation as being in Henrico County Southside (which later became Chesterfield County), south side of Swift Creek, both sides of Reedy Run, near Curles...Described as on John and Frederick Baugh's line, it was also in the neighborhood of the Jefferson Plantation." During the time that he lived at Gilly's Mill, George Farrar was active in the community, serving on the jury, acting as appraiser and processionar of land in 1736. In 1759, George and Judith Farrar moved to Mecklenburg County, Virginia (formerly Lunenburg County) to be near her brother, Field Jefferson.

More About George Farrar, Sr.:
Dwelling: Grill's Mill, willed to Judith Jefferson
Will Probated: 12 Oct 1772, Mecklenburg Co., Virginia
Will Written: 16 Mar 1772

More About George Farrar and Judith Jefferson:
Marriage: Bet. 1715 - 1717375
Children of George Farrar and Judith Jefferson are:
  i.   Abel Farrar, born Abt. 1716 in Chesterfield Co., VA376; died Abt. 1761376
  Notes for Abel Farrar:
[Family Tree Maker, Genealogies of Virginia Families II, Cl-Fi, The Farrar Family p. 744, Broderbund Software, Banner Blue Division] In an act for paying militia who had been in active service, passed in 1765 (Hening), there appears, under the head of Chesterfield county, a payment for services in 1760 to George Farrar for balance of Abel Farrar's pay as Lieutenant.
In the Journal of the House of Burgesses, November 16, 1764, is an entry of the submission of a claim of Abel Farrar as a Lieutenant in the new recruits for 139 days' service.

  More About Abel Farrar:
Military service: Died in the French and Indian War.376

  46 ii.   William Farrar, Sr., born 1718 in Chesterfield Co., VA; died 1788 in Granville Co., NC; married (1) Winifred Clark; married (2) Lucy Medley 24 Jul 1780 in Mecklenburg Co., Virginia.
  iii.   George Farrar, born 1720 in Chesterfield Co., VA376; died Abt. 1761 in Mecklenburg Co., VA376; married Diana Hillsman Howard; died Unknown.
  Notes for George Farrar:
I am making the assumption that death occurred in Mecklenburg Co., Virginia and not Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina. Source says only that he died in Mecklenburg County.

  iv.   Mary Farrar, born 1720376; died Abt. 1793376; married Thomas Moore Abt. 1744 in Mecklenburg Co., VA; born Abt. 1794; died Unknown.
  More About Thomas Moore:
Will Probated: 13 Jul 1795, Mecklenburg Co., Virginia
Will Written: 31 Mar 1793

  More About Thomas Moore and Mary Farrar:
Marriage: Abt. 1744, Mecklenburg Co., VA

  v.   Field Farrar, born 1724 in Chesterfield Co., VA376,377; died Aft. 1772 in North Carolina378; married Martha; died Unknown.
  Notes for Field Farrar:
Field Farrow granted a deed on 6 Nov 1752 in Lunenburg County, Virginia.

  vi.   Thomas Farrar, born 10 Aug 1726 in Farrar's Island, Henrico Co., VA378; died 16 Sep 1809 in Franklin Co., GA378; married Elizabeth Howard Abt. 1752 in Franklin Co., GA; died Unknown.
  Notes for Thomas Farrar:
May have been born in Chesterfield Co., Virginia.

His obituary in Franklin County, Georgia stated that he was a cousin of President Thomas Jefferson. (Warren, M. B.: Marriages and Deaths in Extant Georgia Newspapers, 1763-1831, page 35; Athens, Georgia Express 9 September 1809; Augusta, Georgia Chronicle 10 September 1809, noted in Genealogical Journal Vol. 15, Summer 1986.)

  More About Thomas Farrar:
Military service: Revolutionary War - Major378

  More About Thomas Farrar and Elizabeth Howard:
Marriage: Abt. 1752, Franklin Co., GA

  vii.   Capt. John Farrar, born 1728 in Virginia378; died 1808 in Wake Co., North Carolina378; married (1) Rebecca Puryear Bef. 1788; died Unknown; married (2) Judith Williams 1788 in Wake Co., North Carolina378; died Unknown.
  Notes for Capt. John Farrar:
John Farrar took the oath as a Second Lieutenant on 08 Feb 1778; he took the oath as Captain on 09 Jun 1783.

  More About Capt. John Farrar:
Military service: Revolutionary War - Second Lieutenant, Captain

  More About John Farrar and Rebecca Puryear:
Marriage: Bef. 1788

  viii.   Peter Farrar, born 06 Jun 1730 in Chesterfield Co., VA378; died Abt. 1815 in Edgefield Co., South Carolina378; married Mary Magdalene Chastaine 17 Jan 1754 in Henrico Co., VA378; died Unknown.
  Notes for Peter Farrar:
Peter Farrow of Amelia County, Virginia and wife Mary Magdalene granted a deed for 395 acres in Lunenburg County on 26 June 1760.

  More About Peter Farrar and Mary Chastaine:
Marriage: 17 Jan 1754, Henrico Co., VA378

  ix.   Priscilla Isabel Farrar, born 09 Jun 1729 in Chesterfield, , Virginia379; died Abt. 1808 in Madison/Carlton, Franklin, GA380,381; married Henry Howard 06 May 1762 in Mecklenburg Co., VA382; born 09 Jun 1729 in Lunenberg Co., VA383; died 02 Dec 1781 in Winterville, GA383.
  More About Priscilla Isabel Farrar:
Date born 2: 1740384

  More About Henry Howard and Priscilla Farrar:
Marriage: 06 May 1762, Mecklenburg Co., VA384

      104. Robert Lazenby II, born Abt. 1720 in Maryland385; died Bet. Mar - Jun 1785 in Rockville, Prince George Co., Maryland385. He was the son of 208. Robert Lazenby and 209. Ann. He married 105. Lucy Harding Abt. 1749.

      105. Lucy Harding, born 14 Oct 1724 in Frederick Co., Maryland385,386,387; died 1765 in Maryland388. She was the daughter of 210. John Harding and 211. Elizabeth Beall.

Notes for Robert Lazenby II:
Robert Lazenby came into possession of Wolf's Den, his father's property, in what is now Montgomery Co., Maryland. The homeplace included 217 acres of land, located near the Northwest Branch. The house stood until 1953; on the mantle, someone burnt the name "Lazenby." [Mary Elinor Lazenby, "Joshua Lazenby 1759-1840," 1953, 2]

Owned 'Wolf's Den,' 217 acres, value 189-17-16: no improvements listed, 167 acres cleared, sapling land and thin soil.
Robert Lazenby also owned 'Beall Christy', 100 acres, value 50: 1 old framed dwelling house, 1 tobacco house, old log houses, all cleared, thin soil.
[Rod James Fields, The Fields Family Homepage, (Family Tree Maker User Home Page), "Electronic."]

Robert Lazenby mentions his children in his will in this order, which is not the order of their birth:
Ann Jones
Elizabeth Farrell
John Lazenby
Robert Lazenby
Elias Lazenby
Thomas Lazenby
Alexander Lazenby
Henry Lazenby
Joshua Lazenby

Robert Lazenby stated in his last will and testament that it was his desire that no one be appointed administrator of his estate. He bequeathed one-third of the real property, including his house and orchard, and one-tenth of her personal estate, a child's share, to his wife, Martha. All remaining land was to be sold and the money equally divided among his nine children. The parish records taken during the time of his death have been destroyed.

Robert Lazenby's children and his stepson, Thomas Odell, requested that he make a distribution of his personal property, which he did on May 13, 1785. The distribution was recorded in ten separate deeds of gift. Robert Lazenby apparently died shortly after making the deeds of gift. His second wife, Martha Odell, made exception to the arrangements and claimed one-third of the personal property as well as the real estate. At the time of Robert Lazenby's death, son Elias was in Georgia. [Mary Elinor Lazenby, Lazenby - Some Account of Families in the United States Which Bear the Name, (Old Neighborhoods Press, Washington, DC, 1942), 11.]

Among the distributions:
Martha Lazenby - one pair of hand millstones
Ann Jones - received the sheep
Joshua Lazenby - 3,000 pounds of tobacco
John Lazenby - 1,000 pounds of tobacco
Robert Lazenby - 1,000 pounds of tobacco

More About Robert Lazenby II:
Estate Inventory: 01 Jul 1785, Value of undevised property was 286389
Military service: 1748, Colonial Militia, Prince George Co., MD390
Will Probated: 14 Jun 1785, Rockville, Maryland391,392
Will Written: 03 Mar 1785393,394

  Notes for Lucy Harding:
Her birth was recorded in the Rock Creek Parish Register.

More About Lucy Harding:
Date born 2: 24 Oct 1724394

More About Robert Lazenby and Lucy Harding:
Marriage: Abt. 1749
Children of Robert Lazenby and Lucy Harding are:
  i.   Robert Lazenby III, born 27 Mar 1750 in Maryland395; died Abt. 1835 in Bedford Co., Virginia396; married (1) Margery Ridgway; born 08 Dec 1751397,398; died 28 Oct 1821 in Jefferson Co., VA399,400; married (2) Mary Aft. 1821; died Unknown.
  Notes for Robert Lazenby III:
Robert Lazenby acquired land in Bedford County, Virginia on May 11, 1801. The land was located on the south side of the Staunton River. [Mary Elinor Lazenby, Lazenby - Some Account of Families in the United States Which Bear the Name, (Old Neighborhoods Press, Washington, DC, 1942), 13]

Robert Lazenby probably married a second time, because his surviving wife was named Mary.

  More About Robert Lazenby III:
Date born 2: Abt. 1750, Maryland401,402
Date born 3: 02 Mar 1749/50403
Died 2: 13 Jan 1835404,405
Military service: Patriot Service - Maryland406

  Notes for Margery Ridgway:
Margery Ridgway was probably the same Margery Ridgway who married Robert Lazenby. Robert Lazenby's wife was named Margery. Margery Ridgway's sister Sarah married Thomas Lazenby, brother of Robert. Robert Lazenby settled in Virginia, where Margery Ridgway died.

  ii.   John Lazenby, born Abt. 1750 in Maryland407,408; died 22 Oct 1787 in Georgia408; married Deborah; died Unknown.
  Notes for John Lazenby:
John Lazenby was executor of his father's estate. He and his wife Deborah sold the family farm, "Wolf's Den," on 22 Oct 1787 to Samuel Bonifield (Bonifant?) for 297.

John Lazenby joined his brother Elias in Georgia. He settled in Warren County, on Hart's Creek, about ten miles north of Camak. In Georgia, he was known among his descendants as Jones Lazenby. One of his descendants had tax papers and other papers relating to Wolf's Den, the homeplace in Maryland. [Mary Elinor Lazenby, research]

  More About John Lazenby:
Military service: Patriot Service - Maryland408

  Notes for Deborah:
May have been Deborah Jones.

  iii.   Elias Lazenby, born 18 Mar 1751/52 in Maryland409; died 31 Jul 1819 in Columbia Co., Georgia410; married (1) Elizabeth Zachary; died Unknown; married (2) Martha Jones 29 Aug 1792411; born 30 Nov 1759 in Maryland412,413; died 19 Apr 1815 in Columbia Co., Georgia414,415.
  Notes for Elias Lazenby:
Elias Lazenby was probably named after his mother's brother, Elias Harding.

Elias settled in Richmond County, Georgia, in an area that was later incorporated into Columbia County. Descendants also live in Alabama and Texas. He probably had two wives. Family records indicate that he married Martha Jones when he was forty years old, and there were Lazenby men listed in the census who might have been children of his first marriage. [Mary Elinor Lazenby, research]

  More About Elias Lazenby:
Military service: Ensign in Maryland Line, Revolutionary War416
Property: 03 Jun 1786, Secured land in Richmond (now Columbia) Co., GA417

  Notes for Martha Jones:
"The will of Samuel Jones, on record at Upper Marlborough, Maryland, speaks of daughters Martha and Deborah, and from family names it appears at least possible that the wives of John and Elias Lazenby were sisters and daughters of Samuel Jones." [Mary Elinor Lazenby, Lazenby - Some Account of Families in the United States Which Bear the Name, (Old Neighborhoods Press, Washington, DC, 1942), 27.]

  More About Elias Lazenby and Martha Jones:
Marriage: 29 Aug 1792418

  52 iv.   Thomas Lazenby, born Abt. 1755 in Frederick Co., MD (now Montgomery Co.); died 05 Apr 1840 in Iredell Co., NC; married Sarah Ridgway 1786.
  v.   Alexander Lazenby419, born Abt. 1753 in Montgomery Co., MD420; died Unknown in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN?420
  Notes for Alexander Lazenby:
A will for an Alexander Lazenby was recorded in 1839 in Nashville, Davidson Co., Tennessee. He may have been the son of Robert Lazenby and Lucy Harding.

  More About Alexander Lazenby:
Military service: Flying Camp of Maryland & Revolutionary War421

  vi.   Joshua Lazenby, born 1759 in Layhill, Montgomery Co., Maryland422; died 02 Sep 1840 in Iredell Co., NC423; married Keziah Belt 1785 in Montgomery Co., MD424; born Abt. 1753425; died 05 Jan 1826 in Iredell Co., NC.
  Notes for Joshua Lazenby:
"Six months after his father's death, [Joshua Lazenby] was in Rowan County, NC, as is proved by a cancelled note, dated December 1785, for 85 pounds, made by him to Thomas Bell and David Beall. David Beall had married Rachel Odell, the daughter of Joshua's step-mother." [Mary Elinor Lazenby, "Lazenby - Notes on the American Families," 1929, 22.]

Joshua Lazenby settled on 200 acres of land on White Oak Branch, near the farms of his brothers Thomas and Henry and sister Elizabeth on Fifth Creek in Iredell Co., NC.

The last will and Testament of Joshua Lazenby names sons Rezin, Henry, James and Robert. It also mentions "children of my two sons Robert and James."

The pension application for Joshua Lazenby was never filed. Descendant Mary Elinor Lazenby forwarded his application to the pension bureau on 15 Dec 1927. The application was written on 22 Aug 1832, and mentioned brothers Alexander, Henry & Elias Lazenby. He stated that he left Maryland between 1785 and 1790, and settled near Statesville, Iredell Co., North Carolina.

Joshua and Keziah Lazenby and four of their sons were buried in the Lewis family burying ground, located on the farm of Daniel Lewis - who was a friend and neighbor to Joshua in Maryland and in North Carolina.

  More About Joshua Lazenby:
1790 Federal Census: Iredell Co., NC; 158; 01-02-01-00-00
Burial: Unknown, Lewis Family Graveyard, Fifth Creek, Iredell Co., NC426
Estate Settled: 1842, R. Lazenby and Henry Lazenby, exrs.427
Military service: Co I, 29th Lower Battalion, Rev. War428
Will Probated: Nov 1840, Iredell Co., NC Will Book II, pp 215429
Will Written: 27 Sep 1834429

  Notes for Keziah Belt:
Her name may have been Keziah Bell. According to Mary Elinor Lazenby, Keziah may have been the sister of Thomas Bell, who married Rachel Odell. Rachel was the step-sister of Joshua Lazenby.

  More About Keziah Belt:
Burial: Unknown, Lewis Family Graveyard, Fifth Creek, Iredell Co., NC430

  More About Joshua Lazenby and Keziah Belt:
Marriage: 1785, Montgomery Co., MD431

  vii.   Henry Lazenby432, born 1760 in Maryland433; died Aft. 1830 in Tennessee433; married Elinor Baggerly; born 20 Mar 1763 in Rock Creek Parish, Maryland434; died Unknown.
  Notes for Henry Lazenby:
Henry settled on Fifth Creek in Iredell Co., NC. In 1812, he sold fifty acres of land to Rezin Gaither. In 1814, he donated land for the construction of a Methodist Church. The land wasn't used to build the Methodist Church, but Providence Church was built on the site about 25 years later. [Mary Elinor Lazenby, Lazenby - Some Account of Families in the United States Which Bear the Name, (Old Neighborhoods Press, Washington, DC, 1942), 34.]

  More About Henry Lazenby:
1790 Federal Census: Iredell Co., NC; 158; 01-01-03-00-00
Military service: Soldier in Maryland Line - Revolutionary War435

  viii.   Elizabeth Lazenby, born 12 Feb 1763436; died Bef. 1826 in Iredell Co., NC437; married John Farrell; died Abt. 1826 in Iredell Co., NC.
  Notes for Elizabeth Lazenby:
Elizabeth Lazenby and her husband John Farrell left Maryland and settled on Fifth Creek in Iredell County, North Carolina, near her brothers Thomas, Henry and Joshua.

  More About John Farrell:
Will Written: 13 Nov 1826, recorded in Iredell Will Bk 2, p. 43

  ix.   Ann Lazenby, died Unknown.
  Notes for Ann Lazenby:
She may have been the Ann Lazenby who married Zechariah Duly, recorded in 1799 at Rockville, Maryland. If this was Ann Lazenby daughter of Lucy Harding and Robert Lazenby, her brothers and sisters had all left Maryland by this date.

There is also a version [Family of Robert Lazenby I] which states that Ann Lazenby married Josiah Jones, who was co-executor with John Lazenby of Robert Lazenby's estate.

Other researchers refer to her as Ann Jones Lazenby, believing that her grandmother Ann's maiden name was Jones; and that she was named for her.

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