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Ancestors of Dorothy Aldora Fleming

Generation No. 4

      8. John Fleming, born March 01, 1834 in Washington Township, Porter County, Indiana; died April 08, 1928 in Calumet City, Lake County, Illinois. He was the son of 16. Jacob Fleming and 17. Catherine Hesser. He married 9. Joanna Maxwell November 02, 1856 in Porter County, Indiana.

      9. Joanna Maxwell, born September 10, 1840 in Wayne County, Ohio; died 1902 in Manchester, Coffee County, Tennessee. She was the daughter of 18. Joseph Maxwell and 19. Catherine J. Crane.

Notes for John Fleming:
He was the 2nd of 13 children, and his sister was 1 when he was born. He was the second white male child born in Porter County. He and Joanna lived on a farm in Union Township in 1858, but left. His grandson, Louis, told of how John paid a cousin $1000.00 to take his place in the Civil War. He stayed home because he had children, and his cousin did not. They lived in Washington Township until 1870, then returned to Union Township and located on the old Caldwell place. At one time he owned all the land where Lake Eliza now stands, a man made lake near Valparaiso. In 1884, when the twins were a year old, the family moved to Tennessee. He returned to Indiana with daughter, Kate, when she was 17. John deserted his much loved democratic party one time, to vote for Abraham Lincoln. John and Joanna are buried in the Fleming section of Shady Grove Cemetery (near Morrison, Coffee County, Tennessee).
Children of John Fleming and Joanna Maxwell are:
  i.   Edward I. Fleming, born 1857 in Porter County, Indiana; died December 15, 1903 in DeMotte, Jasper County, Indiana; married (1) unknown Curtis; married (2) Emma Kyes 1879; born Abt. 1862; married (3) Eva Jane Dillie March 07, 1889; born February 11, 1857 in Porter County, Indiana; died October 31, 1931 in Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana.
  ii.   Elias Fleming, born 1859 in Porter County, Indiana; died 1951 in Lake Eliza, Porter County, Indiana; married Harriet Curtice July 05, 1880 in Porter County, Indiana; born 1860; died 1942.
  4 iii.   David Reid Fleming, born February 04, 1864 in Washington Township, Porter County, Indiana; died November 03, 1931 in Hobart, Indiana; married Nancy Anna Nearhoof February 19, 1888 in Jasper County, Indiana.
  iv.   George B. Fleming, born September 19, 1865 in Porter County, Indiana; died in Indiana.
  v.   John C. Fleming, born 1866 in Porter County, Indiana; married Celia Williams November 13, 1888.
  Notes for John C. Fleming:
Died as a young man, of sunstroke. Buried in a cemetery near Kouts, Indiana.

  vi.   Artemus Ward Fleming, born 1868 in Porter County, Indiana; died 1943 in Lake Eliza, Porter County, Indiana; married Amelia Augusta Denzien June 13, 1894 in Jasper Co., Indiana; born November 12, 1872; died March 16, 1949.
  vii.   Mary Catherine Fleming, born May 23, 1870; died November 24, 1946 in Jasper County, Indiana; married John Firman Pettet January 06, 1889 in Jasper County, Indiana; born March 03, 1861 in Delaware County, Ohio; died June 14, 1936 in Jasper County, Indiana.
  Notes for Mary Catherine Fleming:
My grandma, Ethel, remembers Mary had bright red hair.

  viii.   Emma Rancie Evelyn Joanna Fleming, born May 05, 1872 in Lake County, near Deep River, Indiana; died March 02, 1954 in Leavenworth, Kansas; married (1) John William Iliff March 21, 1889 in Rennselaer, Jasper County, Indiana; born March 08, 1865 in Jasper County, Indiana; died October 12, 1903 in Thayer, Indiana; married (2) Joseph Covert September 02, 1912 in Peru, Indiana.
  Notes for Emma Rancie Evelyn Joanna Fleming:
Emma's multiple middle names were provided to my family by her son Van Earl Iliff. I have this in his handwriting.

  ix.   Maud Fleming, born 1874.
  x.   Robert A. Fleming, born March 08, 1880 in Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana; died January 02, 1938 in Hammond, Indiana; married Lulu Anna Carnahan November 25, 1902 in Hammond, Indiana; born in Hammond, Indiana; died November 18, 1958 in Hammond, Indiana.
  xi.   Katie Ray Fleming, born June 05, 1883 in Indiana; died November 13, 1969; married Frank Luchene December 27, 1905 in Thayer, Indiana; born June 04, 1887 in Roselawn, Indiana; died August 14, 1953 in Roselawn, Indiana.
  xii.   Maggie Mae Fleming, born June 05, 1883 in Indiana; died November 12, 1974 in Manchester, Tennessee; married William Hugh Harrell 1899; born December 20, 1875 in Rutherford County, Tennessee; died December 22, 1956 in Shady Grove, Tennessee.
  More About Maggie Mae Fleming:
Burial: Shady Grove Cemetery, near Morrison, Tennessee

      10. Henry Nearhoof, born May 23, 1835 in Warriors Mark, Pennsylvania; died Aft. 1880 in Indiana. He was the son of 20. John Nearhoof and 21. Catheine Hannawalt. He married 11. Mary E. Gasaway Bef. 1868.

      11. Mary E. Gasaway, born 1844 in Jefferson County, Indiana; died 1920 in Indiana. She was the daughter of 22. Samuel Gasaway and 23. Nancy McMannis.

Notes for Henry Nearhoof:
In the 1870 census records, Henry and Mary may have lived in Clinton, Cass County, Indiana, but the records were unreadable except for the name. In 1880, they lived in Jefferson Township, Carroll County, Indiana with their four children, where he was listed as a carpenter. He left Mary with 4 children, sometime after the 1880 census was taken.

  Notes for Mary E. Gasaway:
Mary married four times. Nearhoff died, Grimes was mean - so she divorced him, Cover died (he was a good man who had 4 kids), and then she married White. My mother remembers, as a small child, calling her "Grandma White". In 1907 she wanted to go visit her son, Willis, in the state of Washington. Since my grandfather, Louis Fleming, was the oldest grandson, he was elected to acompany her. When it was time to go home to Indiana, Louis stayed in Washington. Mary died in 1920 in Indiana.
Children of Henry Nearhoof and Mary Gasaway are:
  i.   Ulysses Alfred Nearhoff aka Harry Weller, born Abt. 1868 in Indiana; died 1941 in Redding, California; married (1) Nettie Wimer; born November 1872 in Oregon; married (2) Mary Money 1900.
  Notes for Ulysses Alfred Nearhoff aka Harry Weller:
Ulysses was called "Ulle". My Aunt Virginia, (Mary Virginia Fleming), tells the story of how Uncle Ulle came to visit in Bremerton, Washington, when she was a girl learning to drive. She says he patiently taught her to drive, and was very nice.

Information from Betty Gustafson, descendant, as follows:
Ulysses went to Chicago and changed his name to Harry C. Weller. He married Mary Money, who he had met in Indiana, and they traveled around some - to Chicago, St. Louis, Michigan. They had maybe as many as six children, one was Harry Weller, Jr. and one was Betty's mother, Ellen. Per Betty, Ulysses was a scoundrel and may have had as many as five families. He eventually returned to California and worked on the Shasta Dam using his real name. After his death, he was cremated in Sacremento, and his ashes were sent to Michigan, where they were buried with his wife, Mary, after her death.

  More About Ulysses Alfred Nearhoff aka Harry Weller:
Burial: Michigan

  5 ii.   Nancy Anna Nearhoof, born May 20, 1870 in Indiana; died March 13, 1935 in Hobart, Indiana; married David Reid Fleming February 19, 1888 in Jasper County, Indiana.
  iii.   Jennie M. Nearhoff, born April 15, 1873 in Indiana; married Albert Dunn April 16, 1893 in Jasper Co., Indiana.
  Notes for Jennie M. Nearhoff:
Came to Washington in 1910 from LaCross, according to notes written by Ethel Fleming.

  iv.   Willis Webster Nearhoff, born June 04, 1878 in Indiana; died March 03, 1937 in Washington; married Mary-Bessie Shigley April 07, 1900 in Rennselaer, Indiana; born January 06, 1885 in Indiana; died December 30, 1968 in Seattle, Washington.
  Notes for Willis Webster Nearhoff:
The surname was originally Nearhoof, according to the census records. Willis was a boat builder on the Wabash River in Indiana before he came to Washington state, where he lived in the Fremont District. He logged old-growth timber on Whidbey Island before he began building ferryboats, and in 1919 started carrying passengers back and forth between Whidbey Island and Mukilteo. He was recorded as living at Orrs Landing in Island County, Clinton Precinct, in Washington, in the 1920 census. He was pressured to sell to Black Ball Ferries, but built a bigger ferry to carry more passengers instead. He was forced to sell about 10 years after he had pioneered the run. In 1929, he bought the Horluck Transportation Company which ran ferries between Port Orchard and Bremerton. He died in 1934. (Obituary states he died in 1937. This is confirmed by his descendants.)

Above information on Willis' ferry business courtesy of an article in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Sunday, Nov. 26, 1978.

  Notes for Mary-Bessie Shigley:
Bessie was born in January of 1885, and died in Seattle, Washington. After she and Willis divorced, she was married 3 more times. Bessie died as a result of a fire in her home in Port Orchard.

      12. Thomas Jefferson Spitler, born June 06, 1838 in Page County, Virginia; died March 01, 1875 in Indiana. He was the son of 24. George W. Spitler I and 25. Melinda Hershman. He married 13. Nannie Elizabeth Strickler September 18, 1861 in Page County, Virginia.

      13. Nannie Elizabeth Strickler, born October 28, 1838 in Virginia; died January 02, 1886 in Rensselaer, Indiana. She was the daughter of 26. John Strickler and 27. Nancy Kauffman.

Notes for Thomas Jefferson Spitler:
According to census records, Thomas was a lawyer in 1870, in Rensselaer, Indiana. He became a prominent attorney in Western Indiana, and prosecuting attorney of Jasper County. When Thomas died, each of his children received $2000.00 cash. His son George spent his, traveling.

More About Thomas Jefferson Spitler:
Burial: Rensselear, Indiana

  Notes for Nannie Elizabeth Strickler:
Nancy was known as Nannie, and was a music teacher. According to census records for 1880, Nannie was alone to finish raising the children. Per the Spitler book by Arlie Spitler, Nannie was born June 8, 1837. Will not change until I research this.
Children of Thomas Spitler and Nannie Strickler are:
  i.   William "Little Willie" Spitler, born Abt. 1863; died in as a baby.
  6 ii.   George Washington Spitler, born January 25, 1864 in Jasper County, Indiana; died October 24, 1952 in Oregon; married Aldora Sharp November 28, 1888 in Rensselaer, Jasper County, Indiana.
  iii.   John Eugene Spitler, born March 24, 1865 in Indiana; died August 06, 1906.
  Notes for John Eugene Spitler:
Gene remained a bachelor. He lived all his life in Rennselaer, Indiana, in the McKeever Hotel. He had a book store and also a pool room. He was especially fond of his niece, Ethel (my grandmother), as she was his only niece. He had 7 nephews. He was willed his dad's house in Rennselaer. He rented it to others for years.

  iv.   Etta Elizabeth Spitler, born December 13, 1866 in Indiana; died September 1908; married John or Asavel S. Baker September 15, 1887.
  Notes for Etta Elizabeth Spitler:
Etta was a Latin teacher in Rennselaer, Indiana. She & John had 3 children.

  v.   Mary C. (Mamie) Spitler, born November 30, 1870 in Indiana; married Thomas E. Teeter October 14, 1891.
  Notes for Mary C. (Mamie) Spitler:
In 1937 Mamie was living in Little Rock, Arkansas, according to the book "Spitler Family Genealogy" by Arlie Spitler. Mamie & Tom had 3 children.

  Notes for Thomas E. Teeter:
Tom was a lawyer. He had made money in cattle before he married. There was free open range in the Western Plains. Later on, people homesteaded the land and fenced it, and there was no more open range. He sold his cattle, moved back to Indiana, and married Mamie. They lived in Tipton and had 3 children.

      14. William Harrison Sharp, born May 04, 1844 in Delaware County, Indiana; died April 07, 1877 in near Lee, White County, Indiana. He was the son of 28. Colonel P. Sharp and 29. Ann Eliza Hunt. He married 15. Martha Jane Peterson March 20, 1864 in Jasper County, Indiana.

      15. Martha Jane Peterson, born May 05, 1845 in Defiance County, Ohio; died April 24, 1894 in Renssalaer, Indiana - at her home. She was the daughter of 30. Thomas Peterson and 31. Sarah.

Notes for William Harrison Sharp:
William served in the Infantry in the 151st Regiment of Indiana Volunteers. He enlisted on February 7, 1865 at LaPorte, Indiana, and reported & signed his enlistment papers on February 13th, in Rensselaer. He had blue eyes and light hair & was 5' 41/2" tall. He was honorably discharged on September 19, 1865. William died at 33, of what they called "lung fever", and was buried April 8, 1877.

  Notes for Martha Jane Peterson:
Martha married for the first time when she was very young, and her first child, Andrew Jackson Knight, was born before her 16th birthday. The following was told to my grandmother, Ethel Spitler-Fleming by her mother, Aldora Sharp-Spitler: Martha's husband, Jackson, came home one day in July or August and told her to put the baby out in the sun. She told him the sun was too hot for Jack's tender skin. (He couldn't have been more than 3 or 4 months old.) He wouldn't let her bring the baby in until late in the day, after he was badly sunburned. When Jackson left, she took the baby and his diapers, and went home to her mother. She divorced, and did washing and housework to support her baby. Later she married William, and their first child, Aldora, was born when Jack was 4 years old. When William died Jack was 16, Aldora 12, Mary 8, Hattie 5, Elva 3, and George 1 year or younger. Jack became the man of the family, worked and stayed at home, and helped his mother raise the children. The girls worked when they were old enough, and Martha took in washing, with which everyone helped. Jack built a house for his family that had 3 big rooms on the main floor and bedrooms upstairs. He married Bell after 1888, and they lived in the house with his mother and the ones who were still at home. Martha applied for widow's pension from the army in 1890. She received $8.00 per month for herself, and $2.00 per month for George until he turned 16. She died at age 49, and is buried in Osborn Cemetery, Hanging Grove Township, near or in Lee, Indiana.
Children of William Sharp and Martha Peterson are:
  7 i.   Aldora Sharp, born July 16, 1865 in Lee, Indiana; died December 17, 1945 in Seattle, Washington; married George Washington Spitler November 28, 1888 in Rensselaer, Jasper County, Indiana.
  ii.   Mary Alice Sharp, born September 12, 1869 in Lee, Indiana; died Abt. 1946; married (1) unknown Cordry Abt. 1887; married (2) unknown Appleby Abt. 1902; married (3) Walter Reason Aft. 1908; died Aft. 1946.
  Notes for Mary Alice Sharp:
Mary and her son, Linley, visited Aldora in Rensselaer, Indiana about 1897. She was ill, and Aldora put her to bed. Linley attended school in Rensselaer during this visit. In 1902, when he was about 14, Linley lived with his Aunt Elva and Uncle Louie for a short time. Linley attended school using the name, Appleby. Mr. Appleby was a mean step-father, and perhaps that is why Linley stayed with his aunt. Mary visited her sister, Aldora's, family in Aberdeen, Washington about 1908. She was unmarried at the time. She brought (Christine) Irene Appleby, age 5, with her, a child she and her 2nd husband had adopted. By this time, Mary was a Seventh Day Adventist. Mary's 3rd husband, Walter Reason, adopted Irene Appleby. Mary and Walter also adopted a little boy named Donald, and they talked about doing missionary work in the hills of Kentucky. Walter was a Seventh Day Adventist preacher. At some time, there was a fire, and Mary lost a trunk with a lot of pictures, etc.

  iii.   Hattie May Sharp, born March 20, 1872 in Renssalaer, Indiana; died May 07, 1946 in Washington state; married (1) Anders Christian Anderson October 09, 1895 in Renssalaer, Jasper County, Indiana; born January 04, 1862 in Villerslew, Denmark; died April 21, 1918 in Hanboro, North Dakota; married (2) John Calvin Bruer 1914 in Hanks, North Dakota; born 1872; died 1951 in Washington state.
  Notes for Hattie May Sharp:
Hattie couldn't have children, but she raised Mary Margaret Anderson as her own. They lived on Andy's farm near Rensselaer, Indiana for a few years, then moved to Tennessee for a few years, then to North Dakota, near what they called Devil's Lake. Mary grew up and married Albert O. Johnson in 1906. Hattie divorced Andy in 1914. Mary sided with her step-mother and never had anything to do with her father again. In 1915 or 1916, Hattie wed John C. Bruer in Mary and Albert Johnson's home in Hanks, North Dakota. In the 1920's Hattie and John sold their farm and moved to Seattle, Washington, where she was happy, as she was near her sister Aldora. John Bruer died in 1951.

  iv.   Elva Grace Sharp, born August 31, 1874 in Lee, Indiana; died January 26, 1938; married Robert Louis Shenk Abt. 1896; died 1922.
  Notes for Elva Grace Sharp:
My grandmother, Ethel Spitler-Fleming remembered that her Aunt Elva made wonderful home-made bread. Elva was married 7 years before she had any children. When the Spitlers visited in 1904, Ethel remembered Elva ironing lots of little white dresses and panties for baby Mildred.

  Notes for Robert Louis Shenk:
Louie had a big peach orchard in South Haven, Michigan. He put an ad in a newspaper saying he would like to meet a nice lady. Aunt Elva answered that ad and he came to see her at her home in Rensselaer, Indiana, where she lived with her older half-brother Jack Knight and his wife. They liked each other and married. My grandmother, Ethel, told of how her family visited the Shenk's in 1902 at their farm in South Haven. She found Indian arrowheads in the sand out in the orchard. Uncle Louie took the 3 Spitler children to Lake Michigan in a horse and wagon, or buggy. Ethel remembered him as a good man who loved children. The next time they visited was 1904, and the farm had been sold, the family moved to town, and a big house bought. They planned on taking in roomers, but had changed their minds. In 1918, Ethel & Louis Fleming and their 3 children visited the Shenks in Dowagiac, Michigan. Louie had a Ford for a pleasure car. He walked to work (it was a short way) at Round Oak Stove Company. He kept the car jacked up on blocks so the weight of the car wouldn't rest on the tires.

  v.   George Warren Sharp, born September 02, 1876 in Renssalaer, Indiana; died December 27, 1945 in Butte, Montana; married (1) Harriette Elizabeth Hulce Abt. 1897 in Renssalaer, Indiana; born September 22, 1881 in Renssalaer, Indiana; died September 06, 1908 in Indianapolis, Indiana; married (2) Annette Florence Cox February 12, 1912 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  Notes for George Warren Sharp:
George probably met Harriet in Peru, Indiana, as that is where she was from. He worked painting circus wagons for the Wallace Circus, which had it's winter quarters in Peru. He and Harriet lived in a big house on Main St. in Rensselaer with crystal chandeliers and a winding stairway. There was a white, bear rug in front of a fireplace. After Harriet and George, Jr. were killed, Margaret (age 5) lived with her aunts and Harold was placed with a couple who had no children. George married Nettie when Margaret was around 12, She went to live with her father, but as hard as he tried, George could not get Harold back to live with him. By 1915, the family, minus Harold, was living in Montana where George was a rancher, as Aldora and her son, Harvey visited them there in June of that year. George also served in the Montana House of Representatives. He is buried in Sunset Hills Cemetery, Bozeman, Montana.

  Notes for Harriette Elizabeth Hulce:
She was killed in a trolly car accident in Indianapolis. She had her 2 sons with her, (Harold and George, Jr.) and only Harold escaped death in the accident. She was 16 days shy of being 27 years old.

  vi.   Unknown Sharp, born September 02, 1876; died September 02, 1876.
  Notes for Unknown Sharp:
Twin of George died at birth.

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