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Ancestors of Noelle Ruth Smith

Generation No. 6

      36. David Hamilton33, born April 20, 1807 in Pennsylvania33. He married 37. Emily Applegate.

      37. Emily Applegate33, born February 07, 180733.

More About David Hamilton:
Occupation: Farmer33
Children of David Hamilton and Emily Applegate are:
  i.   John W. Hamilton33, born September 15, 1827 in Pennsylvania33
  ii.   Alfonzo W. Hamilton33, born September 22, 1829 in Pennsylvania33; died January 12, 1902 in Chemung, NY; married Jane; died February 28, 1919.
  More About Alfonzo W. Hamilton:
Burial: Chemung Village Cemetery, NY
Occupation: Insurance Salesman

  More About Jane:
Burial: Chemung Village Cemetery, NY

  18 iii.   Alonzo Babbitt Hamilton, born April 02, 1832 in Pennsylvania; died November 13, 1906 in California; married Olivia Anderson.
  iv.   Jacob D. Hamilton33, born August 29, 1834 in Pennsylvania33
  v.   Polly Hamilton33, born February 17, 1837 in Pennsylvania33
  vi.   Martha F. Hamilton33, born October 03, 1839 in New York33; died 1916; married James Griswold February 07, 1864; born May 11, 1838; died 1901.
  More About Martha F. Hamilton:
Burial: January 30, 1916, Ashland Cemetery,

  More About James Griswold:
Burial: Riverside Cemetery, Lowman, NY

  vii.   Jane D. Hamilton33, born February 17, 1842 in New York33; died May 24, 1853.
  More About Jane D. Hamilton:
Burial: Baptist Church, Wellsburg, NY

  viii.   Mary E. Hamilton33, born March 20, 1844 in New York33
  ix.   George D. Hamilton33, born May 27, 1847 in New York33

      39. Elizabeth33.
Child of Elizabeth is:
  19 i.   Olivia Anderson, born 1844 in Michigan; died in California; married Alonzo Babbitt Hamilton.

      40. Heman Merwin33, born January 09, 1794 in Leyden, New York33; died April 14, 1862 in Somonauk, Illinois33. He was the son of 80. Heman Merwin and 81. Anna Brooks. He married 41. Sophronia Belden.

      41. Sophronia Belden33, born August 27, 180533; died June 17, 189233.
Children of Heman Merwin and Sophronia Belden are:
  i.   Charles B. Merwin33, born December 14, 1825 in Castille, New York33; died January 26, 182633
  ii.   Charles Merwin33, born February 07, 1827 in Castille, New York33
  iii.   Elizabeth C. Merwin33, born October 13, 1828 in Castille, New York33
  iv.   Amanda Merwin33, born January 07, 1830 in Castille, New York33
  v.   Henry Merwin33, born April 14, 1831 in Castille, New York33
  vi.   Hannah B. Merwin33, born February 24, 1835 in Castille, New York33
  vii.   James W. Merwin33, born September 07, 1836 in Castille, New York33
  20 viii.   George Brooks Merwin, born July 11, 1844 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; died July 23, 1922 in Palo Alto, California; married Adelaide Maria Letts December 01, 1868 in Blackberry, Illinois.

      42. Rev. David Letts33, born January 01, 1827 in Waterloo, Canada33; died January 29, 1881 in Buck Grove, Iowa33. He was the son of 84. Jeremiah Letts and 85. Mahala Baxter. He married 43. Olive Cleveland December 30, 1847 in New Lenox, Ill33.

      43. Olive Cleveland33, born November 25, 183033. She was the daughter of 86. John Wesley Cleveland and 87. Sally Lyon.
Children of David Letts and Olive Cleveland are:
  i.   Infant Letts33, born November 14, 184833
  21 ii.   Adelaide Maria Letts, born July 03, 1850 in New Lenox Township, Illinois; died August 07, 1930 in Palo Alto, California; married George Brooks Merwin December 01, 1868 in Blackberry, Illinois.
  iii.   William Wesley Letts33, born June 05, 185333
  iv.   Willis Robinson Letts33, born April 22, 185533
  v.   Charles Cleveland Letts33, born August 02, 185733
  vi.   Harrison Arthur Letts33, born October 13, 185933
  vii.   Carrie Jane Letts33, born March 23, 186233
  viii.   Belle Eugenie Letts33, born August 02, 186433
  ix.   James Herbert Letts33, born February 06, 186733
  x.   Ward Wayland Letts33, born September 26, 187033
  xi.   Robert Jeremiah Letts33, born November 14, 187333
  xii.   Mabel Edith Letts33, born March 27, 187733

      48. Samuel Baird33, born in County Antrim, Ireland33; died 1824 in Washington County, Pennsylvania33. He married 49. Elizabeth Anderson.

      49. Elizabeth Anderson33, born in Ireland33; died in Washington County, Pennsylvania33. She was the daughter of 98. James Anderson and 99. Sarah Jane Cane.

Notes for Samuel Baird:

There is a discrepancy in the Baird Family History, compiled by Edward Baird's cousin, Esther Baird. The earliest Baird ancestor that we know of for sure is Samuel Baird, Edward Baird's great-grandfather who came to Pennsylvania from Ireland. Esther felt strongly that Samuel was a great-grandson of John Baird since he was said to have been the ancestor of all the Bairds in Washington County, PA. John Baird had one son, Absalom Baird who in turn had six children. There are records of all of Absalom's children except for his eldest son, John Baird. So Esther attatched Samuel as the son of John Baird who was the logical choice. However, if you look at the dates of birth for this John Baird, 1784 and the date of birth of Samuel, 1772, it is impossible for Samuel to be the son of John. Additional evidence against this connection is the fact that John Baird was born in Pennsylvania and then moved to Ohio while Samuel was born in Ireland.
I have been in contact with Elizabeth Moore, a Baird 'cousin', who became the custodian of the Baird Family History after Esther's death and she also believes that we are not related directly to the John Baird branch. There is a Baird 'cousin' who is going to Ireland this summer to do more research about the parentage of Samuel Baird.

Children of Samuel Baird and Elizabeth Anderson are:
  i.   James Baird33, born May 12, 180833; married Jane Carson.
  More About James Baird:
Children: Had 12 children and lived in Madison, Indiana33

  ii.   Jane Baird33, born May 10, 181033; married James Hannum.
  More About Jane Baird:
Residence: Morning Sun, Iowa33

  iii.   Samuel Baird33, born June 08, 181533
  More About Samuel Baird:
Individual Note: Died a young man33

  iv.   Jonathan Baird33, born April 22, 181733; died 1851 in Chicot County, Arkansas33
  More About Jonathan Baird:
Individual Note: No children33

  24 v.   Thomas Baird, born May 22, 1822 in PetersTownship, PA; died February 04, 1888 in PetersTownship, PA; married Martha Jane Wilson March 11, 1851.

      50. Thomas Wilson33. He was the son of 100. ?? Wilson and 101. ?? Denny. He married 51. Martha Hiles.

      51. Martha Hiles33.
Children of Thomas Wilson and Martha Hiles are:
  25 i.   Martha Jane Wilson, born January 26, 1833; died in PetersTownship, PA; married Thomas Baird March 11, 1851.
  ii.   Agnes Esther Wilson33, married Speer Patterson.

      52. Philip Sigler33, born December 07, 1787 in Westernport, Maryland33; died December 02, 1862 in Westernport, Maryland33. He was the son of 104. Jacob Sigler, Jr. and 105. Mary Michaels. He married 53. Martha Reese December 22, 180933.

      53. Martha Reese34,35, born April 10, 1790 in New Creek, Virginia36,37; died November 18, 184538,39.

More About Philip Sigler:
Source 1: 1850 Census of Doddridge County, W. Virginia39
Children of Philip Sigler and Martha Reese are:
  i.   Elinor Sigler39, born October 26, 181039; married John Rineheart March 16, 183039.
  ii.   Mary Sigler39, born December 23, 181139; died 187639; married Eli Taylor May 16, 183339.
  iii.   Jacob Sigler39, born April 25, 181339; died May 14, 186239; married Seneth Jacobs.
  iv.   William Sigler39, born February 02, 181539; died April 01, 181539
  v.   William Sigler39, born March 16, 181639; died May 16, 181639
  vi.   Jane Sigler39, born April 03, 181739; died December 04, 187539; married David Michael 183939.
  vii.   Otho Sigler39, born September 07, 181839; died August 26, 186039
  26 viii.   Jefferson Reese Sigler, born March 03, 1820 in Westernport, Maryland; died March 24, 1894 in Cairo, West Virginia; married (1) Mary Stevens March 21, 1844; married (2) Jane Moats December 06, 1849 in Harrisville, West Virginia.
  ix.   Silas Sigler39, born May 26, 182139; died August 10, 189539; married (1) Olive Menear; married (2) Goldie Totten 184639.
  x.   Philip Sigler39, born November 22, 182239; died May 10, 190239; married (1) Harriet Fast; married (2) Sarah Wilt 184739; married (3) Mary Koonta 188539.
  xi.   Martha Ann Sigler39, born June 26, 182439; died June 30, 190039; married (1) Mark Bell; married (2) John Potter 184639.
  xii.   John Sigler39, born January 16, 182839; died February 02, 182839
  xiii.   George Sigler39, born May 08, 183039; died March 22, 187439; married Elizabeth Koontz 185039.

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