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Ancestors of Nancy Mason

Generation No. 3

      4. Perez Mason, born 9 Apr 1747 in Swansea, Ma; died 17 Mar 1825 in North Monroe, NH. He was the son of 8. John Mason and 9. Zerviah Olmsby. He married 5. Martha Lois Barney 10 May 1772.

      5. Martha Lois Barney, born 18 Feb 1754 in Rehobath, Ma; died 13 Mar 1823 in North Monroe, NH. She was the daughter of 10. Joseph Barney and 11. Lois Martin.

Notes for Perez Mason:
Private, Col. Johnathan chase Reg. in N.H. Continental Army at Ticonderroga May 1777

      Children of Perez Mason and Martha Barney are:
  2 i.   Parley Mason, born 24 Jul 1774 in Swansea, Ma; died 31 Jan 1856 in Monroe, Nh; married Ruth Paddleford 25 Nov 1802 in Lyman, NH (now Monroe, NH).
  ii.   Perez Mason, born 30 May 1776; died 1777.
  iii.   Reuben Mason, born 27 Jul 1778; married Mary Hibbard.
  iv.   John Mason, born 16 Mar 1780; died Nov 1825.
  v.   Joseph Mason, born 10 Oct 1781.
  vi.   James Mason, born 30 Jul 1783.
  vii.   Candace Mason, born 6 Jul 1785.
  viii.   Martha Mason, born 7 Jun 1787.
  ix.   Paris Mason, born 21 May 1789.
  x.   Lois Mason, born 23 Feb 1792.
  xi.   Hale Mason, born 6 Feb 1794.
  xii.   Experience Mason, born 14 Feb 1797.
  xiii.   Philena Mason, born 21 Mar 1799; married Erasman Day 25 Dec 1817.

      6. Philip Paddleford, born Oct 1755; died 8 Mar 1832 in Lyman, NH (now Monroe, NH). He was the son of 12. Jonathan Paddleford and 13. Mary Marcy Ferman. He married 7. Ruth Bullock 3 Sep 1778 in Enfield, NH.

      7. Ruth Bullock, born 22 Nov 1758; died 11 Feb 1847 in Lyman, NH (now Monroe, NH). She was the daughter of 14. Benjaman Bullock and 15. Jane Kilton.

Notes for Philip Paddleford:
The toomstone inscription reads died "8 March 1832" however the records show that the death date was 8 March 1831.
The information found at the Enfield library in Enfield, New Hampshire pointed out by Marjorie A. Carr, Historian regarding Philip Paddleford's participation in Colonel Jonathan Chase's Regiment is listed below.
Revolutionary War Services
Philip Padelford, of Enfield, N.H., signed the New Hampshire Association Test, dated June 11, 1776, reading: " We, the Subscribers, do hereby solemnly engage, and promise, that we will, to the utmost of our Power, at the risque of our Lives and Fortunes, with ARMS, oppose the Hostile Proceedings of the British Fleets, and Armies, against the United American COLONIES." (7:49)
Philip Paddleford, of "Pelham" (Relhan), is listed in an outdated Muster and Pay Roll as a Private in Colonel Jonathan Chase's Regiment of New Hampshire Militia which marched from the County of Cheshire at the requisition of Major General Gates to reinforce the Army at Ticonderoga, engaged October 28, 1776; returned November 18, 1776. His service 22 days, rate per month 40s.; wages one pound nine shillings and four pense; 130 miles travel at 2d. per mile one pound one shilling and eight pense; total two pounds eleven shillings. ( 6:110)
Phillip Paddleford was in Captain Joshua Handee's Company; Colonel Jonathan Chase's Regiment, 1776. Was discharged "the 20" 1777, being out 48 days. (101:92)
Philip Padlford is listed in a return dated Enfield, N.H., September 25, 1777, made by Captain John Basell to Colonel Jonathan Chase, of the men belonging to his company. (20:611)
Philip Paddleford is listed in a Pay Roll dated December 30, 1777 as a Private in Colonel Jonathan Chase's Regiment of New Hampshire Militia which marched and reinforced the Northern Continental Army at Ticonderoga, by Major General Nathaniel Folsom's orders. He was discharged June 18, 1777; service 1 month, 12 days; rate per month 4.10 pounds; wages 6.6 pounds; travel 110 miles to Ticonderoga at 3d. per mile 1.7.6 pounds; travel 70 miles home at 2d. per mile, with allowance of 2 days provisions 11s. 8d.; total 8.5.2 pounds. (4:17)
Philip Paddleford is not listed in the index of the Revolutionary War Pension Applications. (10)

      Children of Philip Paddleford and Ruth Bullock are:
  i.   Seth Paddleford, born 30 Jun 1779 in Enfield, NH; died 5 Jan 1852 in N. Monroe, NH; married Patience Moulton 21 Jan 1803.
  Notes for Seth Paddleford:
Mrs. Murray O. Wheeler lists conflicting findings on Seth Paddleford. She writes that he was born June 20, 1799 in Enfield, NH. He married Patience, who was the daughter of Job Moulton, January 1, 1803. She lists Seth's death date to be January 21, 1852. He and many members of his family are buried at N. Monroe.

  ii.   Philip Paddleford Jr., born 17 Mar 1781; died 27 Jun 1856; married Abigail Moulton.
  3 iii.   Ruth Paddleford, born 26 Mar 1783 in Lyman, NH (now Monroe, NH); died 16 Jun 1848 in Lyman, NH (now Monroe, NH); married Parley Mason 25 Nov 1802 in Lyman, NH (now Monroe, NH).
  iv.   Peter Paddleford, born 14 Sep 1785 in Enfield, NH; died 18 Oct 1858; married Dolly Sherburne 9 Jun 1814.
  Notes for Peter Paddleford:
Peter Paddleford (1785)
The following information was found at the Enfield library and was given to the library by Mrs. Murray O. Wheeler of Tolland, CT.
Peter was famous in this area as a master bridge builder and designed the Paddleford truss which was used in many covered bridges. Two covered bridges still in existence outside Woodsville have this style truss, one at Stark, NH on the way to Groveton, and one over the Black River at Coventry, VT are also still in existence. He was quite a prominent man in the histories of Littleton and Lancaster, NH. For more about his bridges, see a new publication, entitled Covered Bridges, by ______ Allen, printed about 1957.

  v.   Jean Paddleford, born 25 Dec 1787 in Enfield, NH; died 15 Apr 1792.
  vi.   Nancy Paddleford, born 18 Aug 1790 in Enfield, NH; died 15 Apr 1804.
  vii.   Comer Paddleford, born 8 Feb 1793; died 10 Jun 1877; married Hannah Nelson.
  viii.   Benjamin Paddleford, born 27 Oct 1795 in Lyman, NH (now Monroe NH); died 6 Sep 1835; married Hannah Moulton.
  Notes for Benjamin Paddleford:
In a document sent to Marjorie A. Carr, Historian from Mrs. Murray O. Wheeler the following information was listed:
Colonel Benjamin Paddleford
      b: Oct 27, 1795, Lyman, NH, now Monroe
      m: Hannah Moulton, daughter of Jonathan and Martha (Gibson)
      Moulton of Littleton, NH, b: 13 Dec 1803, d: Dec 14, 1844, (aged 41). She remarried to Freeman Hyndman Mar. 13, 1839
He was listed as a farmer and probably his rank which was engraved on their toomstones in N. Monroe, NH, is a rank in the state militia.

  ix.   Mary Paddleford, born 30 Mar 1799; died 6 Jan 1832; married Willard Spencer.
  x.   Peleg Paddleford, born 8 Apr 1802; died 3 May 1837 in Fayetteville, GA.

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