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Descendants of Andrew PICON PICKENS

Generation No. 2

2. ROBERT ANDREW PICON/3 PICKENS (ANDREW PICON2, ROBERT1 PICON) was born Bet. 1644 - 1654 in France/Scotland/Ireland, and died 1699 in Limrick, Ireland (Source: (1) Pickens.FBC.FTW., (2) Pickens. Family Genealogy.GED.FTW., (3) Betty Alvin Phillips, pg 1.). He married (1) ESTER JEAN BONNEAU (Source: (1) Pickens.FBC.FTW, Date of Import: Dec 25, 1999., (2) Pickens. Family Genealogy.GED.FTW, Date of Import: 30 Apr 2000.) Abt. 1660 in Rochell, France (Source: (1) Pickens.FBC.FTW., (2) Pickens. Family Genealogy.GED.FTW., (3) Betty Alvin Phillips, pg 1.). She was born Abt. 1650 in LaRochell, France (Source: (1) Pickens.FBC.FTW., (2) Pickens. Family Genealogy.GED.FTW.), and died in Northern Ireland (Source: (1) Pickens.FBC.FTW., (2) Pickens. Family Genealogy.GED.FTW.). He married (2) JANE ESTHER BENOIT Abt. 1665 in in of Rochelle, France. She was born Abt. 1644.

Notes for R
from material sent by Betty Alvin Phillips 01 May 200:
"Robert was born in Scotland and migrated to La Rochelle, France about 1660. After the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, 1685 he returned to Scotland for a short time. England and Scotland were still in a row about their church doctrines and he then moved to Limerick on the Shannon River in Ireland where his sons, (who moved to America) John, Robert and Andrew were born."
Children of R
  i.   WILLIAM HENRY4 PICKIN (Source: E. M. Sharp, PICKENS FAMILIES OF THE SOUTH, (E.M. SharpMemphis, Tennessee1963), QUAY 2.), b. Abt. 1670, France/Ireland, questionable; d. Abt. 1750, Lancster Co., Pennsylvania, questionable.
Based on the works of Thomas Monroe Pickens

pg 2 PICKENS FAMILIES OF THE SOUTH by E.M. Sharp pb 1963 Memphis TN
In the records of the Dutch Reform Church, Bensalem, Bucks Co.,
Penn. under the heading of "Entries mad by Elder Chirstophel Van-Sandt,
during the Ministry of Rev. Malachi Jones 1719 - 1722", there is a list
of "Newcomers from Earlandt" who joined the church in which we find:
1719 - Willem Pecken and his wife, by certificate.
1720 - Iserell Pecken by profession.
1722 - Margaret Picken by profession (From; Bolton's
"SCOTCH-IRISH PIONEERS" Church, (Neshaminy) Bensalem, Bucks Co.: No. 5,
It must be remembered that the period of two years difference may
account for the old custom of keeping all members on probation for two
years. And now to better understand the situation at Bensalem we quote
"Among the various elements of the early population of the
township, the Dutch were the first to provide themselves with church
privileges. As early as 1710 the Vandegrifts and Vansants were
associated with their co-religionist of Southampton in the organization
of the "Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ at Bensalem, Sammeny,
Yermantown and Outlying villages" of which the Rev. Paulua Van Vlecq
was Pastor. In 1711 Thomas Stevenson executed a deed of trust for a
church site. The congregation which worshipped here was united in
organization with the body since known as the "Church of North and
South Hampton". The separation occurred in 1719 and was caused by
friction between the Dutch and the Scotch-Irish who formed the
membership of the former place. In December 1710 the fifteen (15)
members were all Dutch names. The number had increased so to forty two
(42) in 1719-20 of whom went seven (27) were Scotch-Irish. The
proportion of Dutch names the following year was still smaller, there
being but 3 communing members. It may be correctly inferred that this
was caused by dissatisfaction among them in regard to introduction of
the English language and Presbyterian usages into the church services;
and from that time they were employed almost exclusively."
"On page 484 Battles says that a settlement of Scotch Presbyterians
at Abingdon had been organized into a church by Rev. Malachi Jones,
and calls him a Welchman. Abingdon is just across the line from Bucks
county in Montgomery county, Penn. The Abingdon church records record
the marriage between LUCY PICKENS and MATTHEW GILESPIE, on September 2,
1722. (Penn. Archives-Second Series -Vol. 9, p. 199)
Andrew Pickens of Fayette Co. Tenn. in 1833 was interviewed by
Lymon C. Draper, the celebrated organizer of the Wisconsin Historical
Society and Archives. He told Draper about the Pickens coming to
America (See Appendix No. II, Par. 4). Whoever the parents were he
stated there were at least four brothers named, Israel, Andrew, John
and Gabriel. Traditions add ROBERT and possibly WILLIAM. We believe the
LUCY PICKENS GILLESPIPE was also a child of the same family.
NOTE: Please note that ISRAEL is not mentioned here as a son of\
WILLIAM. This is where the confusion starts. Later it is noted that
William had a son named ISRAEL. BUT, not the Israel that came from
Ireland. It is this authors belief that ISRAEL that came to the
colonies was William's brother. It is also my belief that this same
ISRAEL stayed in Pennsylvania and did not move south with the rest of
the family. This belief is supported by the facts in the 1790 census,
that show several PICKENS/PICKIN families living in various parts of
JOHN PICKENS from Paxton Township, Lancaster Co. Penn. moved to
Orange Co. VA. where he proved his importation into the colony on
Thursday, July 24, 1740, stating that he brought himself, Eleanor,
Margaret, Margaret ye younger, Gabriel Pickens and William Baskin. It
appears that Margaret the elder woman may have been his mother,
Margaret the younger his sister, and we know Gabriel was is brother."
ID Number: 112

Family Line: 1951, Kate Pickens Day, Easley, S.C., Pub by Hoitt Press, Greenville, SC

  ii.   ISREAL PICKENS (Source: (1) Pickens.FBC.FTW, Date of Import: Dec 25, 1999., (2) Pickens. Family Genealogy.GED.FTW, Date of Import: 30 Apr 2000.), b. Abt. 1676 (Source: (1) Pickens.FBC.FTW., (2) Pickens. Family Genealogy.GED.FTW.).
  iii.   ANDREW4 PICKENS (Source: (1) Pickens.FBC.FTW, Date of Import: Dec 25, 1999., (2) Pickens. Family Genealogy.GED.FTW, Date of Import: 30 Apr 2000., (3) Walkup America Book.FTW, Date of Import: 4 May 2000.), b. 1662 (Source: Walkup America Book.FTW.).
  iv.   JOHN PICKENS, b. 1663.
  v.   ROBERT PICKENS, b. 1664.
  vi.   ISRAEL PICKENS, b. 1665.
3. vii.   THOMAS PICKENS, b. 1670.
  viii.   NANCY ANNA PICKENS, b. 1671, Drumquin in Tyrone Co. Ireland; m. ROBERT DAVIS, Drumquin, Tyrone Co. Ireland (Source: Posted on Pickens GenForum by Wm. M. Davis 8-19-1998,, "I have a 1932 (genealogy) written by a Robert Lemuel Davis that has an serious relationship with the Pickens in migrating to US. Beginning with (1) Robert Davis b. 1680: m. Ann Pickens in Tyrone CO., Ireland. The Pickens were Huguenots from Normandy France to Holland and from there through England to Ireland was the way by which thousands of those Hugeunots fled during the 16th & 17th centuries while the reigious persecution were going on in France.They came from (Drumquin) in Tyrone Co., Ireland. The Davis & Pickens came to American in 1736 landing at Paxton near Phils. Pa. Remained there till 1741. The 4 families, Robert Davis, Robert Pickens, John and Andrew Pickens; all removed to the Waxhaw section in the Carolinas."); b. 1680, Ireland.
  Notes for ROBERT DAVIS:
The Davis and Pickens came to America in 1736 landing at Paxton, near Phila. PA remain there till 1741. The 4 families, Robert Davis, Robert Pickens, John and Andrew Pickens, all removed to the Wax haw section in the Carolina's.DIRECT LINE OF: Harriett Jackson;

!NOTE: "FILE: Enc #___" refers to personal record system of Terry McLean.

UPDATE: 1998-10-08
SPOUSE: William Davis; ; post on PICKENS GenForum (; ; ; ; SOURCE: family history written 1932 by Robert Lemuel DAVIS; copy of the GenForum message in possession of Terry McLean, Anaheim CA; FILE: Enc #P-342.

UPDATE: 1994-04-17
!SPOUSE: E. M. Sharp, PICKENS FAMILIES OF THE SOUTH; p. 9 (Memphis TN 1963)

!SPOUSE: E. M. Sharp, THE DAVIS FAMILY: WITH CROCKETT AND PICKENS CONNECTIONS; ; author, p. 1; SOURCE: from research done by Mr. D. L. McWhortero of Bethel NC, found in the Archives of the State of North Carolina and Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina; copy in possession of Terry McLean, Anaheim CA.

!DEATH: Will dated 4 May 1770; Will book C; p.g 12; 1770; Mecklenburg Co. NC

----------- TIME LINE:

NOTE: I think there is a good chance many of the references to Robert DAVIS in the following actually refer to the son, Robert - tmc.

1735 - rec'd 400 a. in South Garden, "among the mountains of the Branches of Hardware River in VA" (ref: Sharp/McWhorter. Source: Kegley's VIRGINIA FRONTIER) at the time that was in Goochland Co, and is located in what became the extreme southern end of Augusta Co. The same year he rec'd an additional 400a in the same location. This section is actually in the Branches of James and Roanoke Rivers.
1746 - Robert DAVIS rec'd grant of 300 a. on the West side of the Blue Ridge.
1746, 20 Aug - report re: road from top of Marsh Mountain to William KINGs and then to the court house. Robert DAVIS, Overseer, and those to be under him are: Andrew PICKENS, Samuel KINCAID, James YOUNG, Robert MCCLELLAN, Hugh YOUNG, James CLARK, and others... (ref: Sharp/McWhorter. Source: Chalkley, CHRONICLES OF THE SCOTCH IRISH SETTLEMENT IN VIRGINIA; Vol I)
1746, 22 Nov - James DAVIS rec'd grant of 626 a., part of a larger grant of 8,100a. on Catawba River. (ref: Kegley, as above)
1748 - Clerk's fee book in Augusta Co., VA shows that Robert DAVIS is 'not found'
1751, 1 Oct - Robert DAVIS applying for 600a. of land grants in NC Others applying same time: William DAVIS, 300a.; Robert CALDWELL, 600a.; Andrew PICKENS, 800a. (ref: Sharp/McWhorter. Source: NC Colonial Records; Vol 4; p. 1250-51) Sharp notes: NC had a law granting land only to people who came into the colony to live on the land. Applications, however, were received in advance of the actual removal. Robert DAVIS stated in 1753 that he planned to leave Augusta Co, VA. It was abt that time or the next year that he arrived in NC. The land, when granted was in the then constitued county of Anson, which included most of western NC.
1752, 21 May - Robert BRATTON, guardian of Archibald CROCKETT, against Robert DAVIS and Margaret RAMSEY for detaining part of the orphan's estate (ref: Chalkley, as above; Vol I, p. 51)
1753, 19 May - Robert DAVIS, an executor of Robert CROCKETT, is about to leave the colony and begs to be released. John RAMSEY who married Robert CROCKETT's widow is summoned. (ref: Chalkley, as above; Vol I; p. 59)
1755 - Robert in Anson Co. NC Militia. Listed among others: Captain - Andrew PICKENS; Lt. - Robert RAMSEY; Ensign - John CROCKETT; Sgts - Thomas WRIGHT, William BEARD, William KING; Corporal - Alexander CROCKETT; Archibald CROCKETT, Andrew NUTT, George DAVIS, John DAVIS, John PICKENS, John LINN, Joseph PICKENS, Moses DAVIS, Robert DAVIS, Robert CROCKETT, Robert MCCLELLAND, Robert CALDWELL, Robert MONTGOMERY, William DAVIS, William PICKENS, and others.
1756, 4 Apr - Robert RAMSEY deed to John DAVIS, and Moses DAVIS, all of Anson ... on Waxhaw Creek. Witnesses: John CROCKETT, Repentance TOWNSEND, Archibald CROCKETT (ref: Sharp/McWhorter. Source: Anson Microfilm) Sharp notes: 17 years later John and Moses DAVIS of Abbeville SC sold the same tract of land to Robert DAVIS of Mecklenburg Co., NC. Repentance TOWNSEND was living in Abbeville SC in 1790 census.
1756, 24 Apr - William BEARD of Anson, sold to Robert DAVIS for 30 pounds Virginia Currency, 300 acres on Waxhaw Creek, April 24, 1756. Witnesses: John CROCKETT, Robert RAMSEY, Repentance TOWNSEND
Same date: Robert DAVIS deeded part of this land 'for natural love and affection for Alexander CROCKETT, 202 acres' (ref: Sharp/McWhorter. Source: MCBEES ABSTRACTS OF ANSON RECORDS; p. 216)
1757, 28 Mar - John PICKENS of Craven Dist. SC deed to Robert MCCLENNACHAN, Esq. ... 500a. on Waxhaw of Catawba. Witnesses: Andrew PICKENS, Archibald CROCKETT, William DAVIS (ref: Sharp/McWhorter. Source: Anson Co. records) Sharp notes: this was a year after death of Capt. Andrew PICKENS, the ref. is to the future Gen. Andrew PICKENS. John PICKENS was his uncle, whose wife was Eleanor.
1760, 28 Oct - buyers at sale of estate of James MCCORKLE, Anson Co NC nclude: James MCCORKLE, Robert DAVIS, William DAVIS, John CROCKETT, James BARNETT, Hugh MONTGOMERY, James GAMBLE,John LINN, Samuel THOMPSON, Andrew PICKENS, John COFFEE, Thomas DAVIS, Moses DAVIS (ref: Sharp/McWhorter. Source: Anson Co. NC records)


Posted on PICKENS GenForum by Wm. M. Davis on August 19, 1998 at 18:43:03:
In Reply to: Pickens database posted by Terry Pickens McLean on March 07, 1998 at 16:30:40. [FILE: Enc #P-342]
"I have a 1932 geneology written by a Robert Lemuel DAVIS that has an serious relationship with the PICKENS in migrating to US.
'Beginning with (1) Robert DAVIS b. 1680: m. Anna PICKENS in Tyrone Co. Ireland... [The PICKENS] came from (Drumquin) in Tyrone Co. Ireland. The DAVIS & PICKENS came to America in 1736 landing at Paxton near Phila. Pa. Remained there till 1741. The 4 families, Robert DAVIS, Robert PICKENS, John and Andrew PICKENS; all removed to the Waxhaw section in the Carolinas."
[another section records] ..."In 1761 Andrew PICKENS, Jr. made up a company of militia to put the Cherokee Indians down. This Andrew was the s. of the elder Andrew and first cousin to the DAVIS boys. Five of the DAVIS brothers joined his company that time. George, Wm., Robert, John and Moses..."

Letter dated 8 Mar 1994 from Lynne Ramsuar, included information sent to her by Idus Davis (Enc #P-104):
Davis Land Grants in Anson County.
Anson County was organized from Bladen in 1749 and immediately began to attract settlers. Among them were several members of the DAVIS family from Lancaster Co. PA.
1751, October 4th - Robert DAVIS entered a crown grant of 640 acres on east
side of the Catawba River. Raleigh-Anson Co. file 101.
1751, October 4th - William DAVIS applied for a grant of 300 acres on south
side of Waxhaw Creek. File 80, Raleigh Land Grant Of.
1753, April 9 - Robert DAVIS received a crown grant of 465 acres on northwest
side of Waxhaw creek. Raleigh - File - 764, book 10, p. 359 1754, May 17 - William DAVIS was granted 640 acres on south side of Catawba

THE DAVIS FAMILY: WITH CROCKETT AND PICKENS CONNECTIONS, compiled by E. M. Sharp, from research done by Mr. D. L. McWhortero of Bethel NC in the Archives of the State of North Carolina and Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina;
p. 1. "...Tradition has always affirmed that [the immigrant PICKENS brothers] had some sisters, whose names were not later remebered, nor who they married. After long search and study of both facts and traditions it seems fairly well established that two of the sisters were: Anne PICKENS who married Robert DAVIS and Lucy PICKENS who married first Matthew GALASPY, and second, John KERR.
Traditions in the DAVIS family affirm that they are connected with the PICKENS family. Also in the PICKENS family this same tradition prevails.
It is known that there were several later PICKENS-DAVIS marriages, but the traditions state that there was a still earlier connection and that Anne PICKENS, an older sister of the PICKENS brothers was the wife of Robert DAVIS...
It will be developed in the following paragraphs that Robert DAVIS was one of the earliest settlers on the Virginia frontier, and that he went to the Waxhaw Settlements in NC and SC, among the earliest pioneers, probably with the Rev. Alexander CRAIGHEAD congregation who fled from the extreme frontier of Virginia in the Calfpasture area after the defeat of Gen. BRADDOCK. Robert DAVIS died in 1770 and his will is probated in Mecklenburg Co., NC. The original will and settlement papers are in the Archives of NC at Raleigh.
"...Through the aid of Mr. Davis L. McWhorter, of Bethel NC... who has [a] professional [research] attitude and technique, we have the following facts.
"Robert DAVIS died in Mecklenburg Co. NC and his will is on record in Book C, page 12. His will was signed on May 4, 1770, and was probated some months later.
"Executors: Son, George DAVIS, and son, Robert DAVIS, and wife, not named. Children named: George DAVIS, Robert DAVIS, James DAVIS, William DAVIS, Moses DAVIS, Catherine DAVIS who married Robert CALDWELL. (ts note: number 6, Catherine DAVIS is crossed out [but later written in again])
Tradition states that Robert DAVIS was born in North Ireland, where he was married to Anne PICKENS. Some of their children were born in Ireland, and they are said to have come to America around 1735 or a bit earlier...
[follows some extracts from Kegley's VIRGINIA FRONTIER; Chalkley CHRONICLES OF THE SCOTCH-IRISH SETTLEMENT IN VIRGINIA; and various VA and NC records showing accounts of movements of Robert DAVIS]
p. 6. "Known Children of Robert and Anne PICKENS DAVIS: William DAVIS, b ca 1730; Margaret DAVIS, md. Robert CROCKETT? (by tradition); John DAVIS (not named in father's will, but other evidence proves him); Robert DAVIS; Moses DAVIS; George DAVIS; Catherine DAVIS md. Robert CALDWELL (again, this is crossed out, but then hand written 'Catherine - md. Robert CALDWELL); James DAVIS...."

Prodigy post dated 8/15/96 To: Peggy Mitchell (YBER27A) From; Harriett Jackson (VXAY22A) [FILE: Enc #P-239]
"... William Margaret Pike...[their daughter], Anne Pickens m. Robert Davis. [their son] James Davis b. 1746/47) m. Rebecca Pickens..."

  More About ROBERT DAVIS:
: Abt. 1680

4. ix.   WILLIAM HENRY PICKENS, b. Abt. 1670, La Rochelle, France/Ireland?; d. 1750, Montgomery or Lancaster CO., Bucks, PA?.

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