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Descendants of Peter Cook

       97. William4 Cook (Samuel3, Peter2, Peter1). He married Susanna Cutler 1802.

       Children of William Cook and Susanna Cutler are:

  319 i.   Anna5 Cook.

  320 ii.   Massey Cook.

  321 iii.   Kersey Cook.

  322 iv.   Allen Cook.

  323 v.   Mercy Cook. She married Mark Haines.

  324 vi.   Franklin Cook.

  325 vii.   Clarkson Cook.

  326 viii.   Ruth Anna Cook. She married Warrick Coates.

  327 ix.   Reuben Cook.

  328 x.   Julia Ann Cook. She married Joshua Brown.

  329 xi.   John Cook.
       98. Samuel M.4 Cook (Samuel3, Peter2, Peter1). He married Sarah Garretson.

       Children of Samuel Cook and Sarah Garretson are:

  330 i.   Edwin M.5 Cook.

  331 ii.   Cornelius Cook.

  332 iii.   Elisha Cook.

  333 iv.   Ruth Anna Cook.

  334 v.   William Cook.

  335 vi.   Hannah Jane Cook.

  336 vii.   Joseph Cook.
       99. Ruth4 Cook (Samuel3, Peter2, Peter1). She married Isaac Pyle.

       Children of Ruth Cook and Isaac Pyle are:

  337 i.   Samuel5 Pyle.

  338 ii.   Eli Pyle.

  339 iii.   Isaac Pyle.

  340 iv.   Ruth Pyle.

  341 v.   Elisha Pyle.
       103. Henry4 Cook (Jesse3, Peter2, Peter1). He married Mary Way.

       Children of Henry Cook and Mary Way are:

  342 i.   Sarah5 Cook.

  343 ii.   Mary Cook.

  344 iii.   Jesse Cook.

  345 iv.   Josiah Cook.

  346 v.   Henry Cook.

  347 vi.   Jane Cook. She married William H. Wright.
       104. Isaac4 Cook (Jesse3, Peter2, Peter1). He married Sydney Evans.

       Children of Isaac Cook and Sydney Evans are:

  348 i.   David E.5 Cook.

  349 ii.   Jesse Cook.

  350 iii.   Samuel K. Cook.

  351 iv.   Sarah Cook. She married Benjamin Wierman.

  352 v.   John W. Cook.

  353 vi.   William W. Cook.

  354 vii.   Thomas E. Cook.

  355 viii.   Sydney Cook.

  356 ix.   Eliza Ann Cook.

  357 x.   Mary Ann Cook.
       105. Samuel4 Cook (Jesse3, Peter2, Peter1). He married Jane Hicks.

       Children of Samuel Cook and Jane Hicks are:

  358 i.   James5 Cook.

  359 ii.   Jesse W. Cook.

  360 iii.   Maria Jane Cook. She married Joseph Kent.

  361 iv.   Mary Ann Cook. She married Cyrus Griest.

  362 v.   Samuel H. Cook.

  363 vi.   George W. Cook.
       107. Mary4 Cook (Jesse3, Peter2, Peter1). She married Zachariah Reed.

       Children of Mary Cook and Zachariah Reed are:

  364 i.   Henry C.5 Reed.

  365 ii.   George W. Reed.

  366 iii.   Ann Reed.

  367 iv.   Samuel Reed.

  368 v.   Sarah Reed.

  369 vi.   Jesse C. Reed.

  370 vii.   Maria Reed. She married James McElwee.
       110. John4 Cook (Jesse3, Peter2, Peter1). He married Hannah Walker 1806.

       Children of John Cook and Hannah Walker are:

  371 i.   Ann5 Cook. She married Daniel Garrison.

  372 ii.   Hezekiah Cook.

  373 iii.   Walker Cook.

  374 iv.   Mary Cook.

  375 v.   John Cook.

  376 vi.   Hannah Cook.

  377 vii.   Leah W. Cook.
       112. Mary4 Wilson (Diana3 Cook, Isaac2, Peter1) was born December 18, 1760, and died June 18, 1843. She married Samuel Spray 1788.

       Children of Mary Wilson and Samuel Spray are:

  378 i.   Jesse5 Spray. He married Mary Cook November 18, 1819.

  379 ii.   Dinah Spray.

  380 iii.   John Spray.

  381 iv.   James Spray.

  382 v.   Samuel Spray.

  383 vi.   Mary Spray. She married Reason Reagan.
       113. Jehu4 Wilson (Diana3 Cook, Isaac2, Peter1) was born January 1, 1763. He married Sarah Hawkins December 2, 1790.

       Children of Jehu Wilson and Sarah Hawkins are:

  384 i.   Betty5 Wilson. She married John Kinley.

  385 ii.   Dinah Wilson. She married Reason Reagan.

  386 iii.   John Wilson.

  387 iv.   Isaac Wilson.

  388 v.   Seth Wilson.

  389 vi.   Amos Wilson.

  390 vii.   Ruth Wilson. She married Wiley Reagan.

  391 viii.   Gideon Wilson.
       115. Phebe4 Wilson (Diana3 Cook, Isaac2, Peter1) was born February 18, 1769, and died March 27, 1867. She married Amos Hawkins December 6, 1791, son of Isaac Hawkins and Margaret Unknown.

       Children of Phebe Wilson and Amos Hawkins are:

  392 i.   Jonathan5 Hawkins.

  393 ii.   Mary Hawkins. She married Charles Mills.

  394 iii.   Margaret Hawkins.

  395 iv.   Christopher Hawkins.

  396 v.   Ruth Hawkins. She married William Compton.
       116. Esther4 Wilson (Diana3 Cook, Isaac2, Peter1) was born September 9, 1771, and died September 13, 1795. She married John Furnas.

       Child of Esther Wilson and John Furnas is:

  397 i.   Christopher5 Furnas.
       117. Sarah4 Wilson (Diana3 Cook, Isaac2, Peter1) was born May 10, 1773 in Cane Creek, SC, and died March 26, 1871. She married James Hawkins June 7, 1792, son of James Hawkins and Martha Hollowell.

       Children of Sarah Wilson and James Hawkins are:

+ 398 i.   Ruth5 Hawkins, born March 14, 1793 in Cane Creek MM, SC; died February 17, 1863 in Warren Co, OH.

  399 ii.   Dinah Hawkins, born November 22, 1795 in Cane Creek, SC. She married William Mills , Jr..

  400 iii.   Jehu Hawkins, born October 30, 1796 in Cane Creek, SC. He married Susannah Brook.

  401 iv.   Benjamin Hawkins Hawkins, born April 1, 1808. He married Phoney Morgan.

  402 v.   James Hawkins, born June 1, 1810 in Clinton County, OH. He married Patty Patience Compton.

  403 vi.   Amos Hawkins, born May 23, 1813 in Clinton County, OH. He married Massey Spray.
       118. Christopher4 Wilson (Diana3 Cook, Isaac2, Peter1) was born August 15, 1775. He married Mary Cox December 25, 1800.

       Children of Christopher Wilson and Mary Cox are:

  404 i.   John5 Wilson.

  405 ii.   Thomas Wilson.

  406 iii.   Hannah Wilson. She married David Burnett.

  407 iv.   Tamar Wilson. She married Samuel Compton.

  408 v.   Eli Wilson.

  409 vi.   James Wilson.

  410 vii.   Charles Wilson.

  411 viii.   Dinah Wilson.

  412 ix.   Martha Wilson.

  413 x.   Jehu Wilson.

  414 xi.   Seth Wilson.

  415 xii.   Huldah Wilson.
       119. Hannah4 Wilson (Diana3 Cook, Isaac2, Peter1) was born July 28, 1778, and died February 17, 1864. She married Robert Furnas February 11, 1796.

       Children of Hannah Wilson and Robert Furnas are:

  416 i.   Mary5 Furnas.

  417 ii.   Esther Furnas. She married (1) Daniel Mills. She married (2) Jesse Conner. She married (3) Jesse Kenworthy.

  418 iii.   John Furnas.

  419 iv.   Seth Furnas.

  420 v.   Joseph Furnas.

  421 vi.   Isaac Furnas.

  422 vii.   Dinah Furnas. She married Robert Millhouse.

  423 viii.   Robert Furnas.

  424 ix.   Rebecca Furnas. She married Samuel Starbuch.

  425 x.   Hannah Furnas. She married Abner Mills.

  426 xi.   Sarah Furnas. She married Clark Ferguson.
       129. Mary4 Cook (Eli3, Isaac2, Peter1) was born July 29, 1779 in Newberry MM, Newberry Co, SC, and died March 11, 1850 in Carroll Co, IN. She married James Patty, son of Jesse Patty and Delilah Doss.

Notes for Mary Cook:
Mary is listed in the Indiana Mortality schedule for 1850 as having died of a cold.

Notes for James Patty:
James inherited one fifth of his father's plantation from his father Jesse Patty in 1795. He was not to receive it until the death of his mother, Delilah.

Land records contain his name 1793 - 1806 in Newberry County, SC. They bought land on May 27, 1816 in Butler Co, OH from Eli Cook. James bought land in Carroll County, IN on March 12, 1836 in Section 11 of township 23.

More About James Patty:
Buried: 1844, Ball Hill Cemetery, Democrat Twp, Carroll Co, IN

       Children of Mary Cook and James Patty are:

  427 i.   Delilah5 Patty.

  428 ii.   Isaac Patty.

  429 iii.   James Patty.

  430 iv.   John Patty.

  431 v.   Robert Patty.

  432 vi.   Jesse Patty.

  433 vii.   Eli Patty.

  434 viii.   Mary Patty.

  435 ix.   Charles Patty.

  436 x.   Phebe Patty.

  437 xi.   Nathan Patty.
       136. Levi4 Cook (Amos3, Isaac2, Peter1) was born November 16, 1776 in Bush River MM, Newberry Co, SC. He married Ann Frazier December 27, 1799 in Cane Creek MM, SC.

       Children of Levi Cook and Ann Frazier are:

  438 i.   Betty5 Cook. She married James Hiatt.

  439 ii.   Isaac Cook.

+ 440 iii.   John Cook.
       137. Mary4 Cook (Amos3, Isaac2, Peter1) was born May 11, 1779 in Bush River MM, Newberry Co, SC. She married Isaac Hawkins March 25, 1802 in Cane Creek MM, SC.

       Children of Mary Cook and Isaac Hawkins are:

  441 i.   Elizabeth5 Hawkins. She married John Burnett.

  442 ii.   Margaret Hawkins. She married Nathan Jones.

  443 iii.   Abraham Hawkins.

  444 iv.   Sarah Hawkins. She married Ruben Garretson.

  445 v.   Patty Hawkins.

  446 vi.   Ruth Hawkins. She married Henry Steddom.

  447 vii.   Isaac Hawkins.

  448 viii.   Seth Hawkins.

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