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Ancestors of Frances Jean Jones as of 16 February 2000

Generation No. 18

      151936. John Peck, born Abt. 1402 in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England969. He was the son of 303872. Richard Peck and 303873. Margery Haselton. He married 151937. Isobel Lacy.

      151937. Isobel Lacy, born in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England969.
Child of John Peck and Isobel Lacy is:
  75968 i.   Richard Peck, born Abt. 1428 in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England; died in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England; married Joan Harrington.

      153088. Peter AtteWode, born Abt. 1360 in Sanderstead, England969. He was the son of 306176. Peter AtteWode and 306177. Laurencia. He married 153089. Petronilla.

      153089. Petronilla, born Abt. 1364 in Sanderstead, England969.
Child of Peter AtteWode and Petronilla is:
  76544 i.   John AtteWode, born Abt. 1400 in Sanderstead, England; died Aft. 1459 in England; married Isabella.

      154888. Richard Kingsmill, born Abt. 1415 in Of Barkham, England969. He was the son of 309776. William Kingsmill.
Child of Richard Kingsmill is:
  77444 i.   Richard Kingsmill, born Abt. 1440 in Of Barkham, England; died May 1511; married Alice.

      154892. Sir William Gifford969, born Abt. 1482 in Of, Itchell, Hampshire, England970. He married 154893. Eleanor Paulet.

      154893. Eleanor Paulet971, born Abt. 1479 in Of, Itchell, Hampshire, England972.
Child of William Gifford and Eleanor Paulet is:
  77446 i.   John Gifford, born Abt. 1502 in Of Itchell, Hampshire, England; married Joan Brydges Abt. 1520 in Of Newbury, Berkshire, England.

      154894. Henry Brugge973, born Abt. 1464 in Of, Cubberley, Gloucestershire, England974. He married 154895. Miss Hungerford Abt. 1498 in Of, Newbury, Gloucestershire, England974.

      154895. Miss Hungerford975, born Abt. 1468 in Of Newbury, Berkshire, England976.

More About Henry Brugge and Miss Hungerford:
Marriage: Abt. 1498, Of, Newbury, Gloucestershire, England977
Child of Henry Brugge and Miss Hungerford is:
  77447 i.   Joan Brydges, born Abt. 1503 in Of Newbury, Berkshire, England; married John Gifford Abt. 1520 in Of Newbury, Berkshire, England.

      158464. Edward Brocket, born Abt. 1425 in Of Brocket Hall, England978; died July 25, 1488978. He was the son of 316928. Thomas Brocket and 316929. Elizabeth Ashe. He married 158465. Elizabeth Thwaytes Abt. 1445 in Of Brocket Hall, England978.

      158465. Elizabeth Thwaytes, born Abt. 1428 in Of Brocket Hall, England978.

More About Edward Brocket and Elizabeth Thwaytes:
Marriage: Abt. 1445, Of Brocket Hall, England978
Child of Edward Brocket and Elizabeth Thwaytes is:
  79232 i.   John Brocket, born Bet. 1449 - 1460 in Of Brocket Hall, England; died Aft. 1507; married Lucy Pulter Abt. 1474 in Of Hitchin, England.

      158466. John Pulter, born Abt. 1427978; died Abt. 1487978. He married 158467. Alice Lindesay.

      158467. Alice Lindesay, born Abt. 1431978.
Child of John Pulter and Alice Lindesay is:
  79233 i.   Lucy Pulter, born Abt. 1453 in Of Hitchin, England; married John Brocket Abt. 1474 in Of Hitchin, England.

      158472. Ralph Benstede, born Abt. 1401978. He was the son of 316944. Edmund Benstede.
Child of Ralph Benstede is:
  79236 i.   John Benstede, born 1430; died July 20, 1471.

      162688. Sir John Harington, born Abt. 1446 in Exton, Rutland, England978. He married 162689. Catherine Culpepper.

      162689. Catherine Culpepper, born Abt. 1450978.
Child of John Harington and Catherine Culpepper is:
  81344 i.   John Harington, born Bet. 1465 - 1474 in Exton, Rutland, England; died 1501; married Alice Southill Abt. 1498 in Exton, Rutland, England.

      162690. Henry Southill, born Abt. 1448978.
Child of Henry Southill is:
  81345 i.   Alice Southill, married John Harington Abt. 1498 in Exton, Rutland, England.

      162692. William Moton, born Abt. 1448 in Of Peckleton, Leicestershire, England; died Abt. February 13, 1481/82. He was the son of 325384. Robert Moton and 325385. Elizabeth Mulsho.

More About William Moton:
Occupation: Sheriff
Child of William Moton is:
  81346 i.   Robert Moton, born Abt. 1477 in Of Peckleton, Leicestershire, England; died 1499 in Peckleton, Leicestershire, England.

      162696. Sir Robert Markham, born 1447 in Cotham, Nottingham, England979; died 1496979. He was the son of 325392. Sir Robert Markham and 325393. Elizabeth Burdon. He married 162697. Joan Daubeny.

      162697. Joan Daubeny, born Abt. 1450 in Houghton, Norfolk, England979. She was the daughter of 325394. Sir Giles Daubeny and 325395. Mary Leeke.
Child of Robert Markham and Joan Daubeny is:
  81348 i.   Sir John Markham, born 1472 in Cotham, Nottinghamshire, England; died 1536; married Alicia Skipwith.

      162698. William Skipwith980, born Abt. 1451 in Allerton, Nottingham, England. He married 162699. Agnes Constable.

      162699. Agnes Constable980, born Abt. 1455 in Of Allerton, Nottingham, England.
Child of William Skipwith and Agnes Constable is:
  81349 i.   Alicia Skipwith, born 1476 in Allerton, Nottingham, England; married Sir John Markham.

      162704. Thomas Rogers, born 1462 in Of Bradford, England. He was the son of 325408. Thomas Rogers. He married 162705. Catherine Courtenay February 1482/83.

      162705. Catherine Courtenay, born Abt. 1438 in Powderham, Devon, England981; died January 12, 1514/15 in Shillingford, Devon, England981. She was the daughter of 325410. Sir Philip Courtenay and 325411. Elizabeth Hungerford.

More About Thomas Rogers and Catherine Courtenay:
Marriage: February 1482/83
Child of Thomas Rogers and Catherine Courtenay is:
  81352 i.   George Rogers, born Abt. 1475 in Luppitt, Devonshire, England; married Elizabeth.

      162722. Edward Poynings, born Abt. 1465 in Of Poynings, England982; died 1523982. He was the son of 325444. ... Poynings and 325445. Elizabeth Paston.
Child of Edward Poynings is:
  81361 i.   Joan Poynings, born Abt. 1490 in Poynings, Sussex, England; died Aft. November 07, 1553; married Baron Thomas Clinton May 04, 1510 in Poynings, Surrey, England.

      162724. Baron Edward Stourton, born Abt. 1460983; died December 13, 1535 in Stourton, Wiltshire, England984. He was the son of 325448. Baron William Stourton and 325449. Margaret Chidiocke. He married 162725. Agnes Fauntleroy.

      162725. Agnes Fauntleroy, born Abt. 1467 in Marsh, Devonshire, England984; died Bef. June 01, 1541984. She was the daughter of 325450. John Fauntleroy and 325451. Joan Walsh.
Child of Edward Stourton and Agnes Fauntleroy is:
  81362 i.   Baron William Stourton, born 1484 in Stourton, Wiltshire, England; died September 16, 1548 in Newhaven, Dorsetshire, England; married Elizabeth Dudley Abt. 1516 in England.

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