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Descendants of Adam Neill

Generation No. 2

      2. James2 Niell (Adam1 Neill) was born 1775, and died December 21, 1818 in NC. He married Martha Hair Crawford.

Notes for James Niell:
James Neal born 1775 is the eldest of the children of Adam Neal and his first wife. James married Martha Hair Crawford, the daughter of James Crawford and Martha Hair. It appears that James owned land in both NC and SC. James owned a mill and may have been a tanner as well as a farmer. After James death his widow resided in York County, SC until her death in 1846. James died 12/21/1818 and is buried at Long Creek Presbyterian Church near Kings Mountain. His wife Martha is buried at Bethany Presbyterian Church in York County, SC. Many of the descendants of James and Martha resided in SC and GA.

Children of James Niell and Martha Crawford are:
  16 i.   Mary E.3 Neill, born Abt. 1800; died July 19, 1832. She married John Hays.
  17 ii.   James Crawford Neill, born Abt. 1801.
+ 18 iii.   Adam Neill, born August 1802; died March 02, 1879.
+ 19 iv.   Arthur Hair Niell, born December 05, 1807; died June 26, 1865.
  20 v.   Martha Hair Neill, born January 24, 1813 in York Co., SC; died March 17, 1868. She married William B. Pursley February 25, 1833 in York Co., SC.
  21 vi.   Anne Catherine Neill, born Abt. 1816.

      3. John2 Niell (Adam1 Neill) was born 1777, and died June 23, 1854 in Gaston Co., NC. He married Mary Ann Ferguson Abt. 1796.

Notes for John Niell:
John Neal, born 1777 is the second child born to Adam Neal and wife. John married Mary Ann Ferguson around 1796. She was the daughter of Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. John and Mary Ann were members of Long Creek Presbyterian Church. John Neal was a farmer on the Muddy Fork of Buffalo Creek. John died in 1854 and is buried at Long Creek Presbyterian Church. Mary Ann removed to York County, SC with her daughter-in-law, Barbara Neal Barber, the wife of George Barber, and widow of Green Berry Neal. Mary Ann died after 1860 and is buried near the present day town of Kings Mountain.

Children of John Niell and Mary Ferguson are:
  22 i.   Andrew Ferguson3 Niell, born Abt. 1797; died April 29, 1834. He married Barbara Smith.
  23 ii.   James Beatty Neill, born Abt. 1800. He married Elizabeth Costner.
+ 24 iii.   Mary Ann (Polly) Neill, born November 30, 1801 in Lincoln Co., NC; died May 21, 1834 in Rhea Co. TN.
  25 iv.   Elizabeth Ann Neill, born 1806; died Bef. 1848. She married George Barber.
  26 v.   William Thomas Neill, born 1807; died Bef. 1860. He married Jane Crow.
  27 vi.   John Neill, born Abt. 1814. He married (1) Susan Hullet. He married (2) Susan Mauney Abt. 1835.
  28 vii.   Robert Neill, born Abt. 1815. He married Anna.
+ 29 viii.   Green Berry Niell, born Abt. 1816; died March 10, 1845.

      4. Adam2 Neill, Jr. (Adam1) was born 1779, and died 1839. He married (1) <Unnamed>. He married (2) Sarah Oates March 31, 1830 in Lincoln Co., NC.

Notes for Adam Neill, Jr.:

Adam Neal Jr. born 1779. Adam Neal, Jr. was married two times. The name of his first wife is unknown. Adam is not listed separately on the 1810 census for Lincoln County. He may have been living at home with his father in 1810 . The 1820 census of Lincoln County, NC lists Adam (26 to 45) and wife (26 to 45) and three females (0 to 10). The 1830 census lists Adam and 2 males 0-5, 2 females 0-5, 2 females 5-10. Adam is listed as 50 to 60 and his second wife as 20 to 30. Adam's first wife died before the 1830 census and Adam Neal remarried to Sarah Oates, the daughter of John Oates. They were married in March of 1830. Between 1837 and the census of 1840, Adam Neal, Jr. removed his family to Murray County, Georgia. In 1836 Adam and Sarah Neal had a son Adam who died. Adam was born December of 1830 died in 1836 and is buried at Laboratory Methodist Church, Lincolnton, NC. Adam Neal was a member of the Murray County Rangers in 1838 along with John Oates and William S. Oates. Adam Neal died in 1839. He was laid to rest with his son Adam (who died 1836) at Laboratory Methodist Church. The will of Adam Neal, Jr. which was probated in 1840 in Murray County, GA, listed the following children:
a. James Ervin Neal born between 1830 and 1835. No further information.
b. John Oates Neal born between 1835 and 1840. No further information.
c. Mary Jane Neal born between 1835 and 1840. No further information.

These three children were born to Adam by his second wife, Sarah Oates, after their marriage in 1830. Three daughters were born between the 1810 and 1820 census. One daughter may have been Lucinda Neal born around 1818 and who married Daniel Black in Lincoln County March 24, 1837. There may have been another daughter born in 1811 named Barbara who married an unknown Mauney. Four other unknown daughters were born between 1820 and 1830. Two unknown sons were also born between 1825 and 1830. Evidently Adam Jr.'s first unknown wife died during the birth of one of these children.
Sarah Oats Neal is mentioned in the will of her father, John Oats, in 1849. Evidently ten years after the death of Adam Neal, she has not remarried. Adam Neal, Jr. 1779-1839 was buried in close proximity to Moses Moore at Laboratory Methodist Church in Lincolnton, NC. These are the oldest graves at this location. NOTE: It is not known if a church existed at this location in 1839 or if this was a Moore family cemetery. Perhaps Adam Neal, Jr. is buried here because of some type of relationship with Moses Moore.

Children of Adam Neill and Sarah Oates are:
  30 i.   Adam3 Neill, born December 1830; died 1836.
+ 31 ii.   James Irvin Neill, born Abt. 1832 in GA; died 1868 in AR.
  32 iii.   John Oates Neill, born Abt. 1833.
  33 iv.   Mary Jane Neill, born Abt. 1835.

      5. Alexander2 Neal (Adam1 Neill) was born Abt. 1781, and died Abt. 1813. He married Margaret Woods January 03, 1808.

Notes for Alexander Neal:
Alexander Neal born about 1781 is the fourth son of Adam. Not much is known about Alexander. He was married to Margaret Woods, the daughter of John and Sarah Woods. He apparently died young around 1813. Alexander's in-laws are buried at Long Creek Presbyterian Church. It is probable that Alexander and his wife Margaret were members there also. Surety on the marriage bond for Alexander Neal was his uncle James Beatty. They were married January 3, 1808.

Alexander Neal and Margaret Woods lived on land adjoining Long Creek Presbyterian Church. However according to the estate papers for Alexander Neal he was buried in York, South Carolina. Alexander Neal's estate was settled in April of 1823.

Notes for Margaret Woods:

After Alexander Neal died, Margaret Woods Neal remarried to Drury Arrowood around 1816. They had the following children:
c. William Arrowood born 1817 married Mary Froneberger
d. Franklin Arrowood born around 1819 married Angelina Whitesides
e. Sarah Arrowood born around 1821 married James McNair
f. Elizabeth "Betsy" Arrowood born around 1823 married Harley Huffstetler
g. Margaret "Peggy" Arrowood born around 1825 married Mr. Love

Children of Alexander Neal and Margaret Woods are:
  34 i.   John Woods3 Neal, born June 15, 1809; died March 04, 1893 in Gaston Co., NC. He married Mary Gillian/Gilliam.
  35 ii.   Mary Ann (Polly) Neal, born 1812. She married Lawson Mauney.

      6. William2 Neill (Adam1) was born Abt. 1783, and died Abt. 1816. He married (1) <Unnamed> 1803. He married (2) Mary Dilworth Winters July 04, 1815.

Notes for William Neill:
William Neal was born around 1783. Not much is known about William Neal. He too died young and was married two times. His first wife is unknown and is dead by 1815, they were married around 1803. William Neal died around 1816. Court records dated January of 1817 provide us with the names of William Neal's and his unknown first wife's children:
a. John Neal born around 1804 bound out in 1817 to uncle James Eaker.
b. Mary Neal born around 1806 bound out in 1817 to uncle James Neal.
c. Thomas Neal born around 1808 bound out in 1817 to uncle Robert Neal.
Nothing more is known of Mary and John. William Neal married the widow Mary Dilworth Winters who had been married to ship's captain Edward Winters in Ireland.

Notes for Mary Dilworth Winters:

William was Mary's second husband. her first husband was Edward Winters.
Edward Winters and Mary Dilworth had one child;
Mary Winters born around 1811. Married Thomas Dickson.
Edward Winters died in 1811 and is buried near Kings Mountain, NC. On July 4, 1815 in Lincoln County, North Carolina, Mary Dilworth Winters marries William Neal. James Beatty uncle to William, was surety on the marriage bond. William and Mary had one child;
e. William D. Neal born in 1816. Married Nancy Dickson. No further information.
After the death of William Neal, Mary Dilworth Winters Neal married John Dickson in 1817 by which she has three children;
f. Martha Isabell Dickson born around 1818 married Mr. Hardin.
g. Clarissa Dickson born around 1820 married John M. Harmon.
h. Margaret Dickson born around 1822. Died before 1857. Not married.

John Dickson was a Revolutionary War veteran who received a pension for his service. He died in 1840. His widow, Mary Dilworth Winters Neal Dickson applied for a pension May 03, 1854 which she was granted until her death September 09, 1857. The administrator of Mary's estate was William Wray.

Children of William Neill and are:
  36 i.   John3 Neill, born Abt. 1804.
  37 ii.   Mary Neill, born Abt. 1806.
+ 38 iii.   Thomas Neal, born Abt. 1808 in North Carolina; died Abt. October 08, 1851 in Stoddard County, Missouri.
Child of William Neill and Mary Winters is:
  39 i.   William D.3 Neill, born 1816. He married Nancy Dickson.

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